Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/13/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/13/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by
Juanita and Chit-Chat Haven

In Bo’s hospital room, Hope lies down next to an unconscious Bo and pleads with him to make it. She prays that she doesn’t lose him.

In Ava’s room, Eddie comes in and tells Ava that he’s been looking into it, and he doesn’t think the woman she suspects is Patch’s wife. Ava huffs and brandishes the picture of Hope hugging Steve outside the pub. This the bitch that stole Patch from her. Eddie shakes his head. He doesn’t think so.

At their apartment, Kayla and Steve lie in bed and kiss. Kayla thanks him for talking her into coming home. She really needed it, and it helped put things in perspective. She kisses him and says that she needs to get back to the hospital. Steve asks her not to fight with anymore when she needs a break. Sometimes she needs to catch her breath. She chuckles. Steve didn’t do a good job helping her do that. They kiss.

In the lab, Daniel asks about blood matches. Lexie says they have three potential matches. Daniel asks about tissue matches. Lexie is working on it. Daniel explodes. It isn’t as if they have a month or two to work on this! They have to hurry! Lexie huffs. Bo is one of her best friends. To Daniel, he is just another check mark in his book of achievements. Daniel says he would have already walked away if that were true. The odds are stacked against him. Lexie apologizes. Daniel says they just need to work together to save Bo’s life. Lexie goes back to work and presently asks Daniel to come take a look at something. He peers through a microscope.

Kayla buttons Steve’s shirt and he says he’s going to go back down to the hospital. He just feels so helpless down there. Kayla says she does too, but Steve knows she is actually helping. He knows that she’s going to save Bo’s life. She says she’s going to try.

Daniel asks if Lexie has run a polymerase check. Lexie does so and says they’re the same. Daniel grins. They are locked on. This is excellent news.

Bo wakes up and Hope strokes his hair and tells him to take it easy. Belle and Shawn come in. Shawn hugs Bo and tells him to hang in there. Bo smiles. That’s the plan. Belle hugs him too and he asks her to be sure to always look out for Shawn, no matter what. He loves her an awful lot. Belle says she will, and Bo will be, too. Hope agrees. There are many things marked on the calendar for them. Shawn agrees. He has to teach Claire to skip rocks.

Kayla rushes into the lab and asks what they’ve found. Lexie says they have a matching blood type and a tissue sample with the same leukocyte antigens. Daniel asks about a tissue type on the donor and Lexie says she hasn’t checked yet. Daniel explodes. Kayla defends Lexie. This isn’t her area of expertise. Daniel says he needs someone who knows about cross-checking. Bo is in pretty deep water, here. Lexie tells him to stick to the PAR while they check haplotype numbers. Daniel nods. that’s a good idea. Because they’re getting close.

Ava argues with Eddie. He says he and George checked it out, but she doesn’t think they’d know two people in love if they bit them on the butt. She gestures wildly at the picture. Look at the way Patch is holding her! That’s the way he used to hold Ava, too. She never wanted him to let go. Someday he’ll hold her like that again. Eddie nods and rolls his eyes.

Steve comes to see Bo and asks how he is. Bo jokes about never feeling better, then asks to speak with Steve alone. Belle and Shawn says goodbye, and Hope warns Steve not to let Bo talk about leaving them. She heads out. Steve asks Bo what’s going on.

Shawn, Belle and Hope all talk about Bo outside. Shawn asks what the doctors say, and Hope says they have all been reticent, even Kayla. Daniel just keep reminding them how experimental the procedure is. Belle knows that Bo will pull through this. Hope frets.

Bo says he and Steve have been friends a long time, and he needs a favor. Steve says he would do anything for him. Bo says he needs this favor for Hope, because her limits are about to be tested. This procedure is experimental, and there’s a good chance it won’t be successful. Steve shakes his head. The doctors don’t know Bo like Steve does. Bo sighs That may be, but either way, if he doesn’t make it, he wants Steve to look out for Hope and the kids. He knows Hope will get through this, because she is strong. He wants Steve to be there for her. Steve agrees, but he still thinks Bo is jumping the gun. This isn’t a done deal. Bo nods. He’s got that right.

Eddie shakes his head. He still thinks Ava has the wrong girl. Ava knows that that has to be her. Look at the smug expression on her face. No, Patch certainly married her. Eddie sifts through the other photos. He thinks Ava wants the blonde one. She changes the subject and asks what happened with the plane in Ireland. It wasn’t supposed to crash. Eddie says they did it right. It’s just didn’t break until too late. Besides, she should have just talked to Patch at the airport instead of trying to stall him. Ava huffs. She can’t just confront him with a lot of people around. She has to get him alone, and sweet talk him like she used to. Eddie doesn’t know Patch like she does. He can’t be forced into doing things he doesn’t want to do. But to set the mood and gets things just right, she has to get him away from his wife.

Steve comes out and Hope asks him what Bo said. Steve says Bo’s just worried about her. He wants him to lend her a shoulder during all of this. Hope hugs him and cries. She thanks him.

Ava rails on Eddie. How dare he tell her who Patch’s wife is? She knows better than anyone what his type is, and that blonde isn’t it. Besides, Eddie is incompetent anyway. He says he isn’t helping her anymore. She stomps her feet. He works for her! He says he works for her father. He helped her because he cares about her. Heck, he took care of her when she was little. He was as angry as anyone when Patch broke her heart, but he didn’t want to see him killed. Ava screams. He nearly killed him! He tells her to forget it. He felt sorry for her after she got messed up in the head, but not anymore. He leaves. Ava shrieks. She isn’t messed up in the head!

Lexie and Kayla yell at Daniel that they’ve got the percentage points. He comes over and praises them. As soon as he finishes the body scan, they’ll be set. Lexie and Kayla celebrate.

Steve tells Shawn that Bo wants to see him alone. Shawn goes inside and asks what’s up. Bo tells him that his mom and Chelsea are both strong women, and he’s sure that both Claire and Ciara will be handfuls in and of themselves. Shaw wonders why Bo is telling him all of this. Bo sighs. He needs Shawn to be strong for all of them. Shawn knows Bo will make it through this and be there, too. He won’t be the man of the family for a long time yet. Bo sighs. It may be sooner than Shawn thinks. So will he be there for his mom?

Hope wants to know why Bo wanted to see Shawn alone. Steve isn’t sure. Belle worries that Bo thinks he might not make it. Steve isn’t sure that’s true. Hope huffs. She finds that hard to believe. He was in Bo’s room for a long time. She wants to know what they were really talking about.

Shawn says he will always be there for Hope, but he also believes that Bo is going to walk out of here on his own. Bo isn’t so sure, but Shawn is. He thinks Bo is too strong to just give up on his family, plus, Shawn knows he doesn’t want to keep him and Belle from fulfilling their dreams. Bo is confused. Shawn says that they are planning to take a trip around the world as soon as he gets better, but they can’t do that if he doesn’t. Bo grins.

Hope freaks out on Steve. Belle soothes her. Shawn is a Horton and a Brady. That’s a powerful combination. He can handle his dad. Steve agrees. Hope needs to let them talk.

Bo asks if he is going to guilt him out of dying. Shawn says he will do whatever it takes. How does Bo think it makes him feel to hear Bo preparing him to become the man of the family? It’s like he’s giving up, and that’s so selfish. He knows Bo is a selfless guy. He has to think of Chelsea, and Ciara, and Caroline. She lost her husband .How will she handle losing her son? Bo sighs. It isn’t as if he wants to die. Shawn tells him not to then. He needs to fight. Bo apologizes. There are just some fights you can’t win.

Belle goes off to get tea. Hope huffs. She and Steve both know what Bo and Shawn are talking about. Steve is stern. Whatever they’re talking about is between a father and a son.

George comes in and asks Ava what she did to Eddie. He just walked by, saying he quit. Ava is all innocence. She has no idea. But she needs to talk to him about doing her a favor. George flatly refuses. Her father is his boss, so that means no newspapers, computers, or sneaking out behind his back. He slams the door. Ava sulks.

Daniel peers at a computer and calls Kayla and Lexie over. She asks about a match. Daniel hits a button and waits. Kayla gasps. Daniel claps. He wants to get them prepped and into surgery immediately.

Shawn throws a fit. He knows Bo is giving up, and that just isn’t the man he knows. Bo takes his hand and cries. He’s sorry, but he’s exhausted. It has taken every ounce of energy he has just to tell Shawn what he had to say. Shawn tells him not to say anymore. He needs to save his strength and get some rest. He knows the doctors will find a way to help Bo. He just has to hold on. Bo promises to try. They hug. Shawn leaves and Hope jumps all over him. What did they talk about? Shawn fidgets. He just told Bo that everyone loved him and he had to fight. Hope presses him. Steve stops her. Shawn doesn’t want to talk about that, just like he didn’t. He just thinks that rationally, Bo has to make arrangements. Hope whirls on him in shock.

George comes back and Ava greets him enthusiastically. She really didn’t mean to hurt Eddie’s feelings,. They just had a little tiff. She’s glad George isn’t mad at her, because now they can get back to work. He frowns. He just came to tell her that it’s time for her therapy session. She huffs. He tells her he’ll go get “him” and leaves.

Daniel tells Lexie and Kayla that they’ll need two surgical teams and gives instructions on doctors, anesthesiologists, and prep teams. He really doesn’t need Lexie and Kayla breathing down his neck as family. Kayla huffs. She wants to be with Bo, as long as Lexie approves. She says she does and says she’ll help with the donor. Daniel nods and tells them to get moving. Lexie asks Kayla to tell Bo and Hope. Daniel coughs. He hates to put a crimp in things, but is their donor still here?

Hope freaks. Bo is making arrangements? Like he’s going to die? Shawn tries to calm her. She knows Bo is just trying to cover his bases. That’s how he works. Steve knows Hope is Bo’s first priority. Hope whirls around fiercely. Then he should be working on getting well. Shawn tells Hope that he tried to make it about him. He even told Bo that he and Belle could sail around the world with Claire if he didn’t get well. Nothing worked. Hope hugs Shawn. She thanks him, but her husband needs some straightening out. She rushes into Bo’s room and yells at him about making arrangements. He’s alive, and he’s going to stay that way. He sighs. He just wants her to be prepared.

Lexie thinks the donor is in the waiting room. Daniel needs them to find out and find the person if not. There are several things that need to be done before they can get ready for surgery. He needs Lexie to check the donor for peritoneal adhesions. Lexie agrees. Daniel gets serious. He does not want to be caught off guard.

Hope tells Bo that this is a fight, and he’s the first person she would bet on in any contest. She knows a lot of people are praying for him, so God has to be listening, but Bo has to do his part, too. Bo smiles and nods. She’s right. In fact, he feels better already. Hope tells Bo not to give up. He needs to trust the doctors, but he also needs to fight back.

Shawn tells Steve that Bo just wants things in order. Shawn snaps. Bo isn’t going to die. Steve didn’t say that. Belle wants to focus on giving Bo hope. Shawn says he tried. He even tried guilt. Hope’s tough love isn’t working, either. There must be something else they can do. Steve comes into Bo’s room and asks Hope how Bo is. Bo lies unconscious. Steve comforts Hope.

A therapist comes in to see Ava. She says she’d rather talk than hear him blather on and on about her. He asks how she is and she says she’s fine. She doesn’t need him anymore. He says he’s getting paid by the hour, but nice try. He asks about her dreams, but she say she doesn’t dream. He asks about her day. She huffs. No one ever believes anything she says, and he says he trusts her. She laughs. He always talks about how she can’t differentiate between fantasy and reality. So if that’s true, why would he trust her? He needs to take his theories about her fantasy world and get the hell out of here.

Lexie and Daniel talk about the surgery. He reminds her that it’s experimental. Bo has a slim chance, and the donor only has a better than average chance. Lexie encourages him. All they needed was a chance. She knows this will work.

Kayla rushes up to Shawn and Belle and asks to speak to Shawn alone. She tells him that she doesn’t want everyone to know this quite yet, but they found a compatible donor. Shawn asks who it is.


Daniel tells Lexie, “I can’t believe you can’t find the donor.” She replies, “They’ll be found.” He wonders, “And if they’re not?”

Kate tells Chelsea, “He’s not dead yet, Chelsea.” She replies, “No, but he will be, thanks to me.”

Shawn asks Kayla, Lexie, and Daniel, “What’s with all the secrecy? Why don’t you just tell me who the donor is?” They stare. Shawn freaks, “Oh my God, it’s me, isn’t it?”

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