Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/12/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/12/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In Bo’s hospital room, Kayla comes in and awakens a sleeping Hope. Hope goes over to Bo and kisses him. She asks Kayla how he is. She slightly shakes her head. Hope asks if there’s news on a donor.

In a lab, Lexie and Daniel work. Lexie drops a sheaf of papers and curses. Daniel comes over to help and she snaps at him. He sighs. He thinks they need to chill out and take a break. Lexie glares furiously. They don’t have time for that now, thanks to him. He could have suggested the procedure much earlier. Daniel isn’t sure it could have made a difference. Lexie knows Bo won’t die. Daniel scoffs. She’s a doctor, and she needs to be honest with herself. If whatever is affecting Bo’s pancreas doesn’t kill him first, this procedure just might.

At Chez Rouge, Marlena speaks with a man named Miles about fundraising for a charity event and a new wing for the hospital. She spots John come in, and apologizes for becoming distracted. Miles turns around and gapes. He can’t believe it. John is really alive.

Outside Bo’s room, Stephanie hands Steve a coffee and he asks about Bo. She tells him that she spoke with Kayla earlier, and it doesn’t look good. He asks for news on any donors. She says there isn’t any yet, but she’s sure they’ll come up with something. Steve sighs and walks off, looking for something. Stephanie asks if he is looking for her guard. She ditched him earlier. Steve whirls around, “What?”

Nick comes to the docks to talk to Max. He sees max working and is glad he got off s light with thee sentence. Max sighs. It may be charity and all, but this isn’t his dream job be any stretch. Nick asks if they’re good. After the other day with the notebook, it kind of seemed like Max wanted to ruin his career. Max glares. Why would he want to do that? Because Nick actually has a career and something going for him? Nick says that isn’t what he meant. All work has value and dignity. He apologizes. Max shakes his head and walks off.

Kayla checks Bo’s heart rate and he jokes about it going up from kissing Hope. Chelsea comes in and Kayla tells her she can stay a moment. Chelsea asks how Bo is. She says she’s worried about him. He tells her not to be worried, and she promises to come back after class. She hugs him and leaves. He tells Hope that he’s glad he got to spend time with Chelsea yesterday. And with everyone else. He needed to say goodbye. She sighs. It sounds like he wants to give up, and that is unacceptable.

Daniel reminds Lexie how experimental this procedure is. She says she knows. It could kill Bo, and even the donor, provided they even find one that’s compatible. She slams a stack of papers down and curses. He asks if she has known Bo long. She says they have had their problems, but they’ve worked them out. She sobs. Daniel comforts her and tells her to breathe. Lexie stops crying and thanks him. She just can’t imagine her life without Bo in it. Her life or Abe’s. Abe comes up to the open door and stares.

Nick asks if Max is jealous of him. Max sighs. Why not ? Nick has got a lot going for him. Nick reminds him that he was a racecar driver. He’s a chick magnet. Max sighs,. The key word there is “was.” He was a racecar drive. Now he--Max stops and walks off and shakes his head. He is glad to help his parents out. And it’s just temporary, right? Nick gets it. It isn’t part of his ten year plan. Max frowns. He doesn’t even have one of those.

Steve huffs. The guard was there to protect her! His phone rings. He smiles and tells the guard that Stephanie is with him. And he’s fired. He hangs up. Stephanie says he didn’t have to fire the guy. She doesn’t need protection. She can take care of herself. He just needs to worry about her mom. Steve promises Stephanie that he will never let anything happen to Kayla.

John smirks at Miles. So this is the doctor that signed his death certificate? Marlena tells John that they aren’t sure what happened. Stefano was able to bring her husband back. John smiles, “Not quite.” Miles apologizes profusely. He checked and double checked. He followed procedure. Marlena soothes him No one here is blaming him. John tells her to speak for herself. Miles says that he has to go and Marlena thanks him for meeting her. He offers John his hand, but John refuses to shake it. Miles walks off, cowed. John introduces Marlena to Paul Hollingsworth. He’s been meeting with him about some of the DiMera business. Marlena asks if that was what John was speaking to Victor about at the hospital. John smiles cryptically and says perhaps. She wants to know what he is up to. He invites her to breakfast so she can find out.

Abe asks about Bo. Lexie tells him that he is stable, but that won’t last long at this rate. He asks about potential donors. Daniel says they are still mixing and matching, looking for the perfect one. Daniel heads down to the cafeteria. Be tells Lexie that he thinks she needs a break. She needs to rest her eyes. Lexie says she can’t. Abe sighs. He knows she thinks she needs to prove something since she just came back to work, but she has to take it easy. Lexie huffs. It isn’t about that at all. She has to work to help Bo, and she can’t stop until she has.

Steve tells Stephanie that he’ll give her a break on the guard, but she has to expect check-up calls every five minutes. She thanks him and he asks about Max. She tells him that she was on her way to see him. He tells her to tell him to keep his nose clean and they hug. She tells him to keep her informed about Bo and she leaves. Steve makes a call and says he needs another guard for his daughter. He had to fire the other one. Do they have someone that can stay on her or what? He listens, thanks them and hangs up. He sighs. He’s sorry, but he can’t take any chances.

Marlena, Paul, and John sit down. John tells Marlena he must conduct some business. He tells Hollingsworth that he heard sometimes shipments are lost or even delayed. Paul admits that is true, for one reason r another. John asks if he ever delayed a ship on purpose. Paul says of course not. Anyway, he hates to cut this meeting short, but he has another appointment. He slaps John on the back and leaves. Marlena accuses John of trying to get Paul to delay Victor’s shipments and send his own through quickly. John is insulted. Marlena tells him to get over it. Why is he doing this to Victor? He was like a father to him. He loved Isabella. After she died, they named their daughter after her. John doesn’t remember that, and anyway, he’s just trying to expand operations, just like any good businessman. Doesn’t she want him to be a good businessman?

Kayla and Hope encourage Bo. They insist a donor will be found. Bo doesn’t want anyone putting their life on the line for him. Hope says they want to. Kayla begs him to let them help him. He sighs. He wants to be there for them, and he doesn’t want to let anyone down. Hope says he has never let anyone down, and she knows he isn’t going to start now.

Nick thinks Max has a right to do a little soul searching after what happened in the last year--starting with the airline fiasco. Nick guesses Jeremy is the black sheep of the family. But one good thing came out of it. Max smiles wanly. Yeah, Stephanie. Max says he needs to get back to work. He doesn’t need Nick hanging around trying to cheer him up. Chelsea and Stephanie come up and greet the boys. Max beams.

Kayla tells Bo that there’s no change in his vitals, and says she’s going to check in with Lexie and Daniel. She leaves. Bo thinks Hope looks serious. She says she was reminding herself not to take anything for granted,. Bo doesn’t know what he would do if she were lying here. Hope thinks he would say everything was going to be ok--which it is.

Steve hugs Kayla. She looks tired. He is ordering her to take the rest of the day off as the executive officer in charge of her and the baby’s health. She says she can’t. Steve shakes his head and jokes. Is she going to disobey a direct order?

Marlena accuses John of trying to undermine his competitors, but John claims he doesn’t even know how to do that. Marlena tells him not to play the dumb card. He tells people that he’s an empty robot, but she knows he is smarter than he lets on. Frankly, his behavior scares the heck out of her. John huffs. Well, he doesn’t know her, and sometimes she scares the heck out of him too. Marlena doesn’t think he wants to remember. John says he doesn’t know how; he can’t be someone he isn’t. This is the new John Black. Maybe she should just pretend her husband died. She says she can’t do that. Can’t he understand? John says no. She hopes he will try and rethink everything. She leaves. John shrugs, “Can’t win ‘em all.” Across the room, Marlena makes a call. She asks to speak to Phillip, and when he gets on the line, she tells him they need to meet. She needs to tell him about something that may be going on down at the docks.

Abe just wants her to come with him to pick up Theo. He’s been asking about her. Lexie sighs. That isn’t fair. She knows she needs a break, but she can’t quit working until they find a donor for Bo. This could save his life. So she can’t take any breaks. Abe chuckles. This reminds him of all of the times that she argued with him about working too much at the station. Abe offers to bring Theo by after school and she hugs him.

Kayla frets. What if something happens to Bo? Steve sighs. Then they will call her. She won’t be that far away. Daniel comes up and Steve asks his advice. He has a pregnant wife that is working too hard and won’t take a break. Daniel smiles. He and Lexie are handling all of the compatibility testing, and they’ll call her if they find anyone, or if there is a change in Bo’s condition. Steve thanks him. They have her cell number, right? Kayla protests a bit and feels railroaded. Steve leads her off.

Stephanie brings Max some chowder from the pub. She asks what is wrong. Max sighs. She’s in college, has this huge internship, and everything going for her. Stephanie doesn’t get it. He says they are both just busy. She asks if he is breaking up with her. Max thinks she can do better. She tells him not to talk that way. He’s an amazing person. She won’t let him break up with her. Max smiles. She’s the one that’s amazing. He asks if she went by the hospital. She frowns. There’s no change. Max huffs. He was hoping for good news, but his family just can’t catch a break. She apologizes. Her parents could use good news, too. He asks what’s wrong with them. Stephanie explains that her mom is going through a high-risk pregnancy, and her dad has something going on, too, but she can’t talk about it. Chelsea interrupts and asks if anyone wants coffee. Stephanie says that she will go, and it’s her treat. She leaves. Nick calls Chelsea over, saying there is a problem with one of her calculations. Max takes a notebook out of Nick’s bag and frowns.

Steve shows Kayla the meal he has ordered for them. He kisses her. She tells him to keep them coming. She has to get back to the hospital soon. Steve sighs. She needs to rest. The baby is the most important thing. Kayla agrees. It’s a miracle, just like Steve coming back to her. She hopes that Bo and Hope get a miracle, too. Steve swears that he isn’t going anywhere. They kiss and hug.

Nick tells Chelsea that Lexie and Daniel are doing all of the compatibility testing. They should come up with a match soon. Chelsea wishes they would have come up with the idea for the procedure sooner. She tells Nick that she wants to be her dad’s donor, even though she knows how dangerous the operation is.

Bo writhes in pain and Hope comforts him with kisses. He holds her and she makes future plans. They’ll need time for them when he gets out of here. Bo sighs. He knows she doesn’t want to talk about this, but he doesn’t have much time. He can feel it. Whatever happens, he wants her to remember how much he loves her. Hope knows he’ll get better. He has to, because she can’t teach Ciara how to drive. What would she do without him? She cries. He hopes she never has to find out.

John comes up outside a building. Marlena follows him and clears her throat. John groans. He thought he lost her. She knows he is here to meet that customs official, and maybe even offer him a bribe. She wants him to know that if he follows through with it, she’ll call the authorities. John smiles. Her ex? She can knock herself out. Marlena begs him not to cross that line. He doesn’t know what he has left to hold him back. She says he has her. All of her. She steps into his arms and kisses him. John breaks the kiss. He pauses and thinks. He finally walks away. Marlena sighs with relief and follows him.

Kayla thanks Steve for the breakfast and he nibbles her ear. She says she has to get back to the hospital. Steve presses her to stay. She agrees to leave later.

Nick promises to be there for Chelsea no matter what happens. She hugs him.

Hope lies next to Bo and tells him that he can’t leave her. She won’t let him.


Lexie tells Daniel, “Oh! Take a look at this!” Daniel looks through a microscope, “We are locked on.”

Steve asks Kayla, “Are you going to save his life?” Kayla replies, “I’m going to try.”

Ava tells Eddie, “ Come on, look at her. It’s obvious. This is the bitch that stole Patch from me.”

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