Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/11/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/11/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Marlena brings a grumbling John to the hospital. He wants to know why he has to be there. Marlena says Bo’s pancreas is failing. John is a close friend, and also Bo’s cousin. John says he keeps forgetting about the Brady part. She huffs. Maybe because he is so focused on becoming all DiMera.

Steve and Stephanie show up at the hospital and ask a nurse if there’s been any change in Bo’s condition. She tells them they’ll have to speak with his doctor. Steve sees a man across the room and sends Stephanie ahead to Bo’s room. She stays behind and listens as Steve approaches the man. He asks him what he’s doing here. He’s supposed to be protecting his wife.

In his room, Bo asks Hope if he was able to stump the doctors. She tells him that Lexie and Kayla have an idea on how to help him, but she’d rather they told him the details themselves. She encourages him to drink a little water.

Lexie, Daniel and Kayla leave Bo’s room and Kayla asks him why he never mentioned the living donor transplant. Daniel sighs. Mainly because it hasn’t been that successful. He has lost as many patients as he has saved. Plus, it’s almost as dangerous for the donor as the recipient, so he was hesitant to mention it. Kayla says it may be the only thing that can save Bo’s life. Victor interrupts. In that case, they have to do it.

Max comes to St. Luke’s to find Caroline. She asks if something is wrong, and he says that he just came to pray for Bo. She asks him to join her in saying the rosary.

John shakes his head. It really bothers her that he has control of DiMera’s money, huh? She says it bothers her that he is so excited about it. Now, is he going to come in and see Bo? John says he will in a little while. He’s going to go get some air. He hates hospitals. He heads off, and greets Steve on the way out.

Steve tells the guard he’s paying him to watch Kayla, not drink coffee. The guard explains that’s she’s in her brother’s room. He has it covered. Steve grumbles and tells him to get in there without being seen. The guard heads off. Stephanie comes over and asks if that guy was supposed to be guarding her or her mom.

Caroline asks Max about the pub. He tells her he closed up. He wanted to clean up, but he didn’t have time, so he’ll do it in the morning, or after community service. Caroline tells him not to worry about it. He has really being shouldering a lot of the weight since his father died, and she knows he would be proud of Max.

Bo doesn’t think it’s good that the doctors don’t want to talk in front of them. Hope tries to soothe him, but Bo thinks that if there were any kind of treatment, they’d already be doing it.

Chelsea, Phillip and Shawn overhear the doctors and Victor discussing the procedure and they ask about it. Daniel sighs. He doesn’t want to get everyone’s hopes up about a procedure that just may not be doable. Victor huffs. If anything can help, they have to try it. Daniel asks to speak to Lexie and Kayla in private. Shawn asks for the truth. Daniel says he won’t let their desperation push him into doing something that could just make the situation worse. All three head off. Chelsea wonders if he is as good as everyone says. Shawn fumes about Daniel’s hesitation to do the surgery. Victor soothes him. Daniel is a good doctor. He has to take all factors into consideration. Shawn sulks. And while he does that, his father could die. Phillip thinks they all need to calm down. Everything is being done, that can be done. Shawn sighs and agrees. He apologizes and thanks Victor for bringing Daniel on to consult. Chelsea and Shawn head in to see Bo. Phillip tells Victor that there’s a small matter they need to talk about. Victor says Phillip will have to handle it. He heads off to get some air.

Shawn tells Bo that the doctors are looking for something--He breaks off and fidgets. Bo smiles. He knows--to save his life. Having his family here helps a lot, too. Belle brings Ciara in. She tells Bo that there’s another member of his family that would like to see him.

Steve tells Stephanie that that is her mom’s guard, but she doesn’t need to worry. This is all just precautionary. She sighs. She wishes he could just find this woman. He promises that he will. She asks where her guy is, and Steve explains that she isn’t supposed to see him. But if anyone tries to hurt her, hell be all over them like white on rice.

Daniel tells Lexie and Kayla that he isn’t sure that the procedure is an option. Lexie thinks they need to start looking for donors. Daniel explains that his family will be among the most likely, but there’s a huge risk involved. Two people could die.

Belle takes Ciara over to Bo and he hugs and kisses her. After a short visit, Belle offers to take her back to Alice’s. She tells Shawn to stay with Bo and she leaves. Phillip asks if he can have a moment alone with Bo. Hope is reluctant, but Bo insists. She needs to get some air and stretch her legs. Phillip tells Bo that he wants him to pull through this, so he has to fight like hell. Bo smirks. So they’re going to start acting like brothers now?

Marlena asks Hope if there’s any change. Hope sobs. She thinks Bo is jut trying to be strong for her. She fears that she is losing him. Marlena hugs her.

John smokes a cigar outside. Victor comes out and tells him that he probably shouldn’t be smoking out here. He offers Victor a cigar. They’re hand-rolled Cubans, some of DiMera’s finest. Victor declines. John apologizes for what’s going on with Bo, and tells Victor that he has been going through Stefano’s finances. It seems that he and Victor had a mutually beneficial arrangement. John grins. That’s all about to change. Victor is taken aback. His son is very ill. This is neither the time or the place to discuss business. John scoffs. He just wants to remind Victor that nothing lasts forever. Stefano may have not been interested in what left the ports of Salem, but John is. Victor gets it. John wants to play hard-ball. But why is he giving him a heads-up? John says he is not Stefano. He isn’t duplicitous or manipulative. He just lays it out there for the whole world to see. Victor smirks. Is he supposed to be intimidated? John shrugs. He’s just telling it like it is.

Phillip sighs. He knows they grew up differently. It’s all because Bo was raised by Shawn, and Phillip was raised by their real father. Bo wonders if he is saying all this because he’s dying. Even if he is, all the money and power in the world won’t stop it. Phillip says he is beginning to realize family means more to him than money or power. Bo doesn’t believe him. Phillip knows he’s referring to what happened with Belle. He wants Bo to know that he just acted that way because of how much he loves Belle. He respects Shawn and Bo, and he knows what he did was wrong. Phillip asks him to get well. Then he can tell Phillip when he’s being a jerk. Hope comes in and asks how he is. Phillip leaves. Bo asks about food, and she tells him that they will go have a big meal together when he gets out of here. Bo asks about the doctors. Have they said anything yet? They’d better hurry up.

Steve stares at Kayla’s guard.

Lexie gets huffy. As Chief of Staff, she thinks they should do the procedure. Daniel says he isn’t on staff here. She can’t force him to perform it. Kayla nukes. Is he just going to let her brother die then?

Caroline tells Max that she was praying for Shawn to keep watch over Bo. They just can’t lose him. Max comforts her. They won’t. Stephanie comes in and tells them both about the new procedure the doctors might try. Caroline and Max start to head off to the hospital. Stephanie tells them to go ahead. She’ll catch up. Max stays behind and listens as she prays for God to protect her family.

Daniel just wants to make sure everyone knows the downsides. Kayla assures him that Bo would want to do this. Everyone in the family would willingly donate to save him. Daniel warns them that it isn’t as simple as matching a blood type. Kayla thinks the sooner they get started the better. Lexie nods. So they’re going to do this, then? Daniel sighs. As soon as he gets Bo and Hope’s permission, he’ll agree to do the surgery.

Chelsea and Shawn come back and ask Phillip for news. He tells them he hasn’t heard anything, but he’s optimistic. Dr. Jonas is one of the most respected diagnosticians in the world. Chelsea frets. She hopes he didn’t get here too late. Belle comes back and tells Shawn that both Maggie and Alice want to visit. Shawn worries that his great-grandmother won’t be up for it. Caroline rushes up with Max and Stephanie and asks about Bo. Shawn tells her that Hope is inside with him and she and Max head over. Shawn asks if Stephanie has heard anything from her mom. She says she hasn’t, but she knows all three of the doctors are working hard.

Caroline asks Bo and Hope about the procedure, and Hope says they don’t have any details yet. Max tells them that he’ll do anything he can to help, like do their laundry ,for example. He knows all about the laundromat. it’s a great place to pick up chicks. Bo seems interested. Really? Hope glares. Bo sulks. He guesses he isn’t interested. Hope smiles. No, he isn’t. Caroline asks if he’s in pain. Bo says only when he laughs. Max says he had better go then, and tells Bo to feel better. He heads out.

Daniel agrees to go talk to Bo and Hope. Kayla is certain that they will agree, but Daniel still wants them to be aware of the consequences. Steve comes over and Kayla tells he and Lexie that she will catch up with them later. She tells Steve about the procedure. Steve sighs. He loves Bo like a brother, but she is pregnant. She isn’t thinking of being a donor, is she?

Victor grumps. He and Stefano had a deal. John reminds him that Stefano is in a coma. Victor knows all about that, and also how Stefano turned him into some kind of robot. He certainly isn’t the man Isabella married, or he wouldn’t have behaved the way he did today. If he wants to be a true mogul, he has a lot to learn. John grins. He is a quick learner. Victor glares, “Not quick enough.” He breezes past Marlena, who asks John what happened. He upset him. John shrugs. He guesses he picked the wrong subject. Marlena explains the potential living donor procedure for John. She wants him to come along with her. They might be able to help. John continues smoking. This is a Cuban. It would be a shame to let it go to waste. Marlena snatches it and puts it out. She tells him to relight it later.

Phillip grabs Victor’s arm and asks what happened. Victor frowns. John Black is going to be trouble. As soon as Bo is well, he and Phillip need to form a strategy. Phillip acquiesces.

Daniel and Lexie explain that the procedure may be the only chance Bo has. Daniel has agreed to do the surgery, but he has to get Bo and Hope’s permission first. He asks Shawn to go get Hope. Shawn gets her, saying she needs to sign some forms,, and after she joins the group, Daniel explains the procedure in more detail. The pancreas isn’t self-regenerating, but people can live with partial ones. So Daniel wants to take part of the donor’s pancreas, and attach it to Bo’s. In the best-case scenario, the partial pancreas will take over. Hope asks about the donor. Daniel explains that the person could live in relative health, or there could be serious health issues. They need to know this before they volunteer to be tested. The transplant may be rejected by Bo, and he’ll die anyway. The donor could also die.

Bo wonders why Hope is taking so long with some forms. Caroline says they both know it’s about more than that. Bo wonders if it’s good news or bad.

Daniel tells them that since Bo has so many blood relatives, the chances for finding a match is great. Shawn, Victor, Chelsea, and Max all volunteer to be tested. Daniel says he will only take them if they are in perfect health. There are certain risks he won’t take. Hope asks Lexie if she thinks they should do this. John thinks they should. Victor asks why he cares. John says he doesn’t. He’s the only one that can be objective. Besides, he’ll die if they don’t. Marlena asks him to be more sensitive. John doesn’t understand. There aren’t any other alternatives. When the chips are on the table, you go for broke. He winks at Victor. Right? Shawn thinks they should go for it, too. Hope agrees and heads off to go tell Bo. She tells him about the living donor procedure. Bo flatly refuses. No one is putting their life at risk for him.

Steve tells Kayla that she can’t be tested. Kayla says she isn’t. She just wants to get everything ready for all of the testing they will be doing. Even with so many blood relative, its not a sure thing. Lots of criteria must be met. Steve says he wants to be tested as a potential match, too.

Bo says there must be another way. Hope says there isn’t. Everyone knows the risk involved and they all volunteered to be tested, anyway. She begs him not to give up. Caroline says he won’t give up. Shawn dies so that he could live, and she refuses to lose another member of her family.

While Lexie, Kayla, and Daniel work in the lab, Caroline, Max, Shawn and Belle pray in the chapel. Phillip and Marlena come in. Marlena comforts Belle. Phillip stares off into space. Lexie and Daniel peer through microscopes. The camera pans onto the candles blazing in the chapel. Outside, John holds two fingers in the air and makes a motion. Hope lies down next to Bo.


Marlena tells John, “Your behavior frightens the hell out of me.” John replies, “Well, consider us even. Sometimes you scare the hell out of me, also.”

Daniel tells Lexie, “If whatever is affecting Bo's pancreas doesn't kill him first, this procedure very well might.”

Nick tells Max, “For a minute there, it kind of seemed like you were trying to ruin my career.” Max replies, “Now why would I want to do that?”

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