Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/10/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/10/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the mansion, Rolf tells John that the food is ready. John nods. The guests will be arriving soon. Rolf adds that he has plenty of orange juice for the little one. She’s quite the cutie, eh? John agrees. She’s the only person that doesn’t bug him with a lot of stupid questions. Rolf asks if he can do anything else. John tells him he’s anxious to get this thing over with, so he needs to get the hors d’oeuvres going as soon as the guests arrive. Rolf huffs. He’ll try his best, but he’s a scientist, not Martha Stewart. John doesn’t get it, “Who?” The bell rings. Rolf goes off to answer. John sighs, “Let the games begin.” Rolf brings Marlena, Shawn, Belle, and Claire into the living room. He tells John that his guests have arrived. John smiles. He’s been looking forward to this. Everyone fidgets uncomfortably.

Steve meets a man named Parker at the docks and asks if he was able to dig up any info on Ava. He says no, and Steve urges him to try harder. He says he will, but he’s not putting his life on the line for Steve. Steve chuckles. Has Parker forgotten that he owes him? Stephanie comes up behind them and tells Steve she saw his car. She asks who Parker is.

At the hospital, Kayla asks Lexie for news. She sighs. She’s gone through hundreds of case studies, but she hasn’t found anything to help her brother. Kayla asks about Daniel. Lexie tells her that he prefers to work alone. She just hopes he finds something soon. Kayla thinks they’ll be able to help Bo between the three of them. Lexie wants to make sure Kayla is ok to work. Kayla says she is. Her brother’s life is at stake. She and Lexie get to work.

In his room, Bo tells Hope that he can feel how tense she is. It’s ok, though. They need to start facing facts. This doesn’t look good. He keeps thinking about his sister. Hope says she knows the doctors will find a way to help him. This won’t turn out the same way as it did for Isabella. She begs with him not to give up. Bo says he won’t. But he has something going on inside him. He doesn’t know what, but he’s afraid he doesn’t have much time left.

John tells the group that Rolf will take their coats. Belle thinks it’s weird to be in the mansion. Shawn agrees. He feels like Stefano might pop out at any moment. John says that Stefano is in permanent hibernation and he’s taken control of his estate. He eyes Claire, who’s admiring a statue ion a table. John chuckles. If she breaks it, she buys it. He asks how many pennies she has in her piggy bank. Claire runs over to Belle and John thanks them for switching family dinner night to his place. He knows they’ll find it more comfortable .Marlena says that have brought him a gift. She hands John a bag and he opens it.

Lexie and Kayla haven’t come up with anything yet. Lexie frets. There must be something they’re not seeing. Kayla gasps. She knows a specialist in Zurich. Perhaps he can lend them some insight into what’s going on. They’re going to save Bo’s life. She knows it. Lexie nods, “Damn straight we are.”

Bo winces in pain. Hope wants to call Dr. Jonas, but Bo refuses. All he needs is her love. She smiles. He has always had that. Bo grins. It was pretty questionable at first. She kept picking fights with him. Hope thinks he was the difficult one. She smiles. They both had a lot of growing up to do back then. He winces and gasps in pain. Hope frets. He cant leave her. Bo asks her to just keep talking. Hope says she has been doing some thinking about when they sailed around the world. She talks about dancing on the deck and holding each other under the stars as the camera flashes back to Bo and Hope on the Fancy Face. Back in the present, Bo remembers how wonderful Hope felt in his arms. She took his breath away. She still does. He hopes he made her happy. She smiles. Is he kidding? Of course he did. He thinks they’re lucky to have had so many good memories. Hope insists that they will make more. Bo winces. He isn’t so sure about that.

Parker asks if this is Patch’s daughter. She’s smoking hot. Steve glares. That’s enough. He can go now. Parker grins. He’ll be in touch. He heads off. Steve tells Stephanie that he’s working undercover for the Salem P.D. That sleaze was an informant. She wonders why he called him “Patch.” No one calls him that anymore. He says he’s using it as an alias. Stephanie thinks it’s a bad alias. What’s really going on? Why is he lying to her? Steve claims that he isn’t, but Stephanie doesn’t buy it. He’s been acting strange lately. Was that guy a drug dealer? Steve scoffs. He isn’t on drugs. Stephanie huffs. She knows he is keeping some big secret from her and her mom. Steve says he doesn’t think Kayla can handle it. She has already had complications with the pregnancy. Stephanie can understand him wanting to protect Kayla and the baby, but she is perfectly healthy. She wants to know what is going on.

John sees that they bought him a photo album. Marlena say it’s full pictures of the family. He hands it to her and goes to make a drink. She asks him if he wants to look at it. He says he doesn’t. The pictures don’t mean anything to him. Belle begs him to try. Shawn adds that it can’t hurt to flip through a few pages. How could he say no to a bunch of pictures of Claire? John grins. Shawn fights dirty. John sits down and flips through some old pictures of himself and Marlena. He wants to know what’s wrong with his hair. Belle chuckles. It was the ‘80’s. He places his hand over a picture and shudders. Marlena asks if he remembers something. John says no. That’s why he knew this would be a waste of time. He stomps out and slams the door.

Hope tell Bo that she’s really angry with him. Bo cuts her off, despite her protestations. They have to face the facts that he might not make it. Death will have to drag him off kicking and screaming, but if it does happen, he wants her to know that he doesn’t want her to be alone.

Kayla get off the phone wit the doctor in Zurich who directed her to a website. Lexie says it’s a start and heads off to see how Daniel is doing. Kayla stops her. She has found a new radical procedure with pancreas donors on the site. Lexie isn’t so sure. It would be hard to find a recently deceased match. Kayla tells her they’re using living donors. It’s only been done successfully a few times, but in each case, the patients had full recoveries. Lexie doesn’t get it. The pancreas is not an organ, it’s a gland. You can’t live without it, and it isn’t as if they regenerate. Kayla says its right there in black and white. Not only that, but the first doctor to perform this surgery successfully was none other than Daniel Jonas. Lexie gasps.

Belle goes out into the foyer and asks John to join them. He sighs. He can’t be who they want him to be. Belle sits down next to him on the stairs and nods. She knows. She’s sorry they pushed. John grumbles. They skipped push and went right to shove. Belle doesn’t think he understands. He died and they grieved him. Now he’s back, but they still miss him, because he’s only here physically. John says it isn’t his problem. Belle doesn’t think this is the real John. John huffs. his is the real him. And she’s living in a fantasy world if she thinks that is ever going to change. Belle gets up. Fine. He can go on being the new and improved John. But she thinks he’ll find that the new John is a pretty lonely guy. Claire runs out and ask if she can stay with john, who says it’s fine. Belle walks back into the living room. John smiles at Claire.

Belle tells Shawn and Marlena that it didn’t go well. Marlena sighs She thought the album was a good idea. Belle thinks it frustrated John, because he know they prefer him the way he used to be. Shawn comforts belle. That isn’t their fault. It’s just the way it is. Marlena isn’t so sure. Maybe it is their fault.

Steve tells Stephanie to sit down, and begins his story. He tells her that Parker was a friend from back when he didn’t know who he was. After Stefano brainwashed him, he escaped for a year, and got involved with a crime family. He called Parker because he has info on someone they both knew from that time. Stephanie asks who it was. Steve sighs. He got involved with the boss’s daughter. Eventually he left her, but she recently tracked him down. And she’s not happy that he left her with no explanation. She either wants revenge or wants him back, he isn’t sure which. Either way, he has a guard watching her mother, and he’s putting one on her, too. Stephanie nukes. They need guards? This is unbelievable. They have to tell her mom and they have to tell her right now.

Lexie tells Kayla that she can’t get hold of Daniel. Kayla wonders why he didn’t say anything about this procedure. Maybe they should go ahead and tell Bo and Hope. Lexie wants to wait until they have had a chance to consult with Daniel.

Hope freaks. She doesn’t want anyone else! She could never love anyone but him. Bo grins. If he lives, he’ll hold her to that. Hope tells him no to joke. Bo sighs. If he could beat this thing on determination alone, he would. Hope cries. He has to keep fighting for his family. She won’t let him die. Bo gasps for air. She wins. She tells him that she loves him. He says he loves her, too. She tells him she’s going to call Shawn to tell him how argumentative his father is being. Bo flatlines. Hope yelps and rushes outside. Lexie, Kayla, and a nurse rush inside. Lexie and the nurse go to work on Bo. Kayla ushers Hope outside and comforts her as Lexie applies the defibrillator.

Marlena thinks they need to let John know that they love hi, no matter what. Belle doesn’t think he cares, but Marlena thinks he cares more than he lets on. Belle says she could kill Stefano. Shawn catches sight of Rolf and asks how they can get John’s memories back. Belle pipes up. He did the procedure, so he should be able to reverse it. Rolf shakes his head. It’s permanent, unfortunately. Belle glares. He should be in prison for what he did. Rolf says John was kind enough not to press charges. Shawn thinks he’s lying. Maybe if they strap him down in that lab of his, something might come to mind. Rolf fidgets. He thinks dinner is burning. He runs off to the kitchen. Shawn says he doesn’t trust him. Neither does Marlena.

John tells Claire that her grandma always wants to live in the past instead of the future. She can’t accept that things are different now. But Claire is ok with that, right? She nods. He bets they’re talking about him right now. Maybe she should go spy. She wants to go together ,but John explains that it doesn’t work if they’re both in the room. He asks her to call him John instead of Pop-Pop. She agrees.

Steve refuses to tell Kayla. In fact, he regrets telling Stephanie. She can’t believe he was with some other woman that her mom doesn’t even know about. Steve sighs. He had no memory of his old life when he met Ava. She asks if he loved her, and Steve says no. Stephanie sighs. Her mom is going to be so upset. Steve says she won’t be, because they aren’t going to tell her. Stephanie says they have to. If he doesn’t tell Kayla, she will.

John brings Claire into the living room and tells everyone that Rolf will be out shortly with appetizers. He’s sorry for leaving. Marlena says she’ll bring a pie next time instead of pictures. John smiles. Rolf comes out and sees Belle and Shawn playing chess. He nukes. That belongs to Stefano! John shakes is head. Actually, it belongs to him, as does everything else in the house. Rolf sets the tray down and storms off. Belle thinks he’s creepy. John smiles. Actually, he is kind of strange, isn’t he?

Steve reminds Stephanie that Kayla’s pregnancy is high-risk. He can’t take the chance of telling her. Stephanie thinks she has a right to know. Steve agree, and he’ll tell her, but he wants to get the situation under control first. She asks what he will do. He vows to protect his family. She wants him to promise to be careful. He says he will. He’ll handle this. She wonders how he could get involved with such dangerous people. He sighs and says that he was lost at the time. He did a lot of things he isn’t proud of. Now he’s back where he belongs and nothing means more to him than her, her mom and the baby. He apologizes for getting them into this mess. Can she forgive him?

Lexie works on Bo for a little longer. She comes out and tells Hope and Kayla that he’s back, but he isn’t stable yet. Hope rushes off to see him. Kayla frets. This experimental surgery is their only hope. Time is running out. They have to speak with Daniel. Lexie agrees. It looks like the only option.

Kayla goes into Bo’s room and asks Hope if they can talk. She tells Hope that they’ve been doing research on Bo’s condition and they found an experimental procedure that may work. Hope asks how risky it is. Kayla sighs. It’s the only option at this point. In fact, she thinks it may be the only hope they have for Bo’s survival. She explains that Daniel is one of the few doctors to do the procedure successfully. Hope says she can’t live without Bo. How soon can they do it? Kayla says they have to find a donor first. That might take some time. Hope wants more information. Kayla tells her they’ll know more as soon as they talk to Daniel. She’ll go page him. Until then, Hope can’t give up. Kayla leaves. Hope says she will never give up on Bo.

Stephanie says she forgives Steve; it’s just a lot to take in. She makes sure Steve doesn’t have feelings for Ava. Steve says no. His heart belongs to Kayla. So they’ve agreed not to tell her mom? Stephanie sighs. She hates to keep anything from her, but she agrees that it’s too risky for her and they baby. Steve promises that he will protect their family. He hugs Stephanie.

Shawn checkmates Belle triumphantly. They laugh and argue over whether or not she let him win. Marlena says it’s good to see the two of them enjoying each other. Shawn starts to tell them about their plans, but Belle wants to wait until Bo is well. Shawn agrees and just tells Marlena that they’re going to be embarking on a great adventure. Marlena smiles. She has plans for the future, too. She has been working a lot more and adding new patients. It’s nice to focus on someone else’s problems for a change. Shawn asks about John’s plans. He says he has some, but it’s for him to know--Claire interrupts and finishes, “And you to find out!” She high-fives John and crawls into his lap. He tells them that he has been looking through Stefano’s papers, and it seems he allowed his business interests to slide in the last year. John thinks the most logical place to start re-building the empire is with the shipping lines right here in Salem. He asks Marlena what she thinks. She doesn’t know what to think. Rolf comes in and tells them that dinner is served. John says they can go over the details while they eat. He heads off. Belle mutters that she wants her dad back. Rolf stares at a picture of Stefano and smiles.

Steve asks Stephanie what she thinks about getting out of town for a while. She says there’s no way in hell. She has school, the sorority, and a new internship to think of. Plus, things are going really well with Max right now. He can’t ask her to put that on hold. Besides, she wants to help him protect her mom. Steve agrees, but he is still putting a guard on her. He asks about the snacks she has in a grocery bag, and Stephanie and he sit down to eat some chips and dip.

Lexie tells Hope that they have paged Dr. Jonas. In the meantime, Hope needs to cal all of the family members and get them down here. This could be their last chance to say goodbye to Bo. Hope nods and cries. Lexie hugs her.

Steve and Stephanie start to head back to the house when his phone rings. He tells Stephanie it’s Kayla. They have to get down to the hospital. It’s about Bo.

Shawn’s phone rings, too. Shawn listens briefly and tells Hope that he will be there right away.

Hope lies down next to Bo.


Phillip tells Shawn and Chelsea, “Daniel Jonas will figure it out. He’s one of the best diagnosticians in the world.” Chelsea replies, “I just hope he didn’t get here too late.”

John tells Marlena, “I keep forgetting about the Brady part.” She replies, “Maybe because you’re so focused on becoming all DiMera.”

Kayla accosts Daniel, “Why wouldn’t you at least mention it?” Daniel huffs, “Well, maybe because odds are, it won’t be successful.”

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