Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/7/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/7/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At Chez Rouge, a client tells Kate he’ll keep in touch. He leaves and Chelsea comes over. Kate holds out her hand and tells Chelsea to guess what she’s holding. Chelsea doesn’t get it. Her hand is empty. Kate smiles and shakes her head. It’s what’s in her hand. She’s holding the world.

Down at the docks, Stephanie finds Max working and wonders what’s up. He had to quit bartending at the Cheatin’ Heart just to help at the pub. She knows he’s working crazy hours there, and he’s trying to support his mom. This is too much. What is he thinking? Max sighs. Actually, he was thinking of her.

At the pub, Belle meets Shawn and tells him she dropped Claire and Ciara off at Maggie’s. Why did he want her to get all dressed up? Shawn says it is a surprise, and he and Belle leave as Chloe and Phillip come in. Chloe wonders why they didn’t say hello, and Phillip wonders why they were so dressed up. Chloe accuses him of being infatuated with Belle. He says he has made his peace with both of them. Chloe wishes she could do the same with Brady, but she keeps thinking the worst. She wants to know where he is. Phillip says he does know something about that. Chloe gapes.

Max explains that this is part of his community service. Stephanie hates that he has to do this. Max says it’s ok. It gets him out of the pub, where everything reminds him of his dad. Stephanie sighs. This is all because of her. Max begs her to let it go. He meant that he was thinking of her in a good way. He hugs her. She asks how loading freight is considered volunteer work. Max explains that they’re loading food and medical supplies for a charity. They’re bound for Africa. Stephanie thinks he’s quite the hero. She offers to take over some of his shifts at the pub. She knows Caroline needs the help, anyway. He broke the law for her. This is the least she can do. This is her chance to prove that she cares about him. She needs to put her feelings into actions. Will he let her do that?

Kate explains that the man at her table wants to feature her products in stores across the country. Chelsea smiles. This is great for the company, right? Kate says it’s her company. Her assets were freed, and she bought it. Chelsea can be proud of her. Chelsea says she already is proud. Kate is the best. She sees Daniel across the room. Speaking of the best, there’s someone that she would like Kate to meet.

Shawn leads Belle to the park. She doesn’t understand. Where’s the surprise? Shawn says he has been doing a lot of thinking lately. Belle wonders if that is good or bad. He says it wouldn’t have been so good a couple of months ago, but things are different since they went to Ireland. They both did a lot of growing up, and they realized how much they loved each other. He loves her, and he wants to give her a new beginning. Belle hugs him. She wants that, too. Shawn wants to start fresh. He gets down on one knee and asks her if she will marry him again, right here and right now. Belle beams.

Chelsea calls Daniel over and introduces him to Kate as the man that’s going to save her dad’s life. He chuckles and tells her to back up. Kate is her grandmother? Kate smiles. She was a very young mother. She invites Daniel to join them. She says she has heard wonderful things about him. Daniel smiles. And they’re all true. Chelsea gushes. They are so lucky to have him here. Kate agrees. Victor just went on and on about him. Daniel thinks her name sounds familiar, and she tells him that Phillip is her son with Victor. He thinks they should go get a burger after the problem with Bo is cleared up. Chelsea asks if that means that he is going to stay in Salem.

Max said that what he did for her wasn’t a favor. He was more than happy to hide Ford’s body. He goes off into a tirade about Ford, then apologizes. He just wants her to work through this. Stephanie promises that she is getting the help she needs. He says he has to go back to work, and she promises to come down to the pub later. He warns her not to try to talk him into letting her help out. She has enough on her plate with school and work. He asks if she came down here to tell him something. She says it isn’t important. They kiss and Max walks off.

Chloe snaps at Phillip. He’s known something and he hasn’t told her? Phillip smirks. He doesn’t know anything. He just heard something. He heard something that she said to Brady. He repeats the phrase in German. Chloe sweats. Phillip smiles. She told Brady that she could kill him--right before he mysteriously disappeared. So, did she kill him? She thought he trusted her. He did, but this whole thing makes him wonder. She wonders how he heard it, and he admits to taping her and having it translated. She huffs. It was taken out of context. How many times has Philip said something just as bad to Shawn? And he’s supposed to be his best friend. Chloe says that people you care about make you say crazy things. She doesn’t want people that don’t know her hearing about this and misconstruing what happened. Phillip sighs. Chloe wants to know what he’s going to do now that he knows her deep, dark secret.

Daniel tells them that Salem isn’t his kind of town. He spouts off several surfing terms, which Chelsea translates for Kate. Daniel smiles. She’s good. He says that he plans on seeing this thing with her father through, but after that, he’s leaving. Chelsea says she is grateful to him for helping them. She suggests he live here and take surfing vacations. Daniel shrugs. Maybe. This town has a pier and some water. Daniel says he has to go meet with his colleagues and says goodbye to both of them. Kate doesn’t think he sounds like a doctor. Chelsea stares off dreamily into space. Did she hear what he said? He said she was good.

Phillip says he won’t do a thing, because he still believes her. She’s mad at him for spying. Maybe she should do the same to him. He says he’s an open book, but Chloe doesn’t buy it. She knows the kind of business he and his father run, and it isn’t always legit. He may think he has an eye on her, but she has an eye on him, too. Phillip hopes she finds Brady and they sort all their problems out. She can’t imagine that. She just needs to find him. Phillip wonders if they’ll pick up where they left off, shouting and threatening, or will it be all hugs and kisses?

Stephanie shows up at the pub and tells Caroline that she wants to help out at the pub. Caroline asks about school, and Stephanie tells her it keeps her pretty busy, and she also got an internship working for Anna. Caroline doesn’t understand how Stephanie can help her, intern, and go to class, but Stephanie thinks she can manage. Caroline politely refuses, and asks what Max thought of her new internship. Stephanie sighs. She didn’t tell him yet. He just seemed so down, and she didn’t want to give him so much of her good news when he hasn’t had any in a while. Caroline thinks she ought to tell him. Her success would be good medicine for him. Stephanie wonders here Max is. Caroline explains that he makes a stop everyday before coming here.

At the cemetery, Max brings a bouquet of flowers to his father’s grave. He cries.

Shawn explains that it won’t be official, of course, because they never split up. But they’ll trade rings, and say their vows. All they need is each other and God as their witnesses. Belle smiles. They trade rings and Shawn begins his vows.

Max tells Shawn how much he misses it. His life has been a nightmare since he died. Max just can’t cry or mourn for him, and he doesn’t know why. Shawn was the one man he looked up to. He was messed up when Shawn took him in, but Shawn saw something in him. Max has never known anyone whose heart was as big. Why did he have to leave him? He guesses there was one good thing about his real dad--he never would have met Shawn or learnt how to be a real man. Shawn being his father was meant to be. He also always helped Max get himself out of trouble. He’s in trouble now, but he thinks Shawn would approve of the way he’s handling it. He did it for someone he loved. He’d do anything for her.

Kate doesn’t think Daniel is bad to look at. She thinks Chelsea has a crush on Daniel. She says she’s with Nick. Kate narrows her eyes. She doesn’t find him attractive? Chelsea say she does, of course. Kate rests her case.

Chloe doesn’t know how their reunion will go, and she doesn’t care. She just wants to find Brady. Phillip wants to know why they were so dramatic, but Chloe cuts him off. She cant believe he has the gall to ask her that after his marriage, divorce, and subsequent affair with Belle. And he is crazy if he thinks she’s going to come to him for comfort, even if she and Brady do break it off. He’s still in love with Belle, anyway. Phillip thinks she has a listening problem. He’s over Belle. He wants to move on, and that’s part of the reason he wants to find Brady. He wants Chloe to move on, too. And if she happens to move on with him, that’s ok, too. Chloe smirks and tells him not to hold his breath. Phillip chuckles.

Shawn promises to live in faith and truth with Belle and slips the ring on her finger. She promises to do the same, and slips his ring on his finger. They kiss.

Phillip thinks Chloe just can’t handle a real man. She huffs. He threatens to put her over his knee and spank her. She’s being a brat, and she needs to understand that he’s the boss at his own home. So if she makes any more phone calls, he’ll find out. She tells him to go to hell and stomps out. Phillip says he thinks he’ll stay right here instead. He wants a front row seat for when her life implodes.

Stephanie comes up behind Max as he talks to Shawn’s tombstone. Max talks about how he wishes he was a Brady by blood. Stephanie interrupts him and apologizes. She says that no matter what Max thinks, he was Shawn’s son, and Shawn was his father.

Chelsea changes the subject back to Kate’s company. Kate tells her that all they really need right now is to get an ad campaign going. Then they can be up and running. She tells Chelsea that she’s considering both Anna and Tony DiMera’s firms. Chelsea smiles. She tells Kate about Morgan and Chelsea interning there. The two of them are already competitive. Kate thinks Chelsea’s life is an ongoing novella. Chelsea says she’s trying to stay out of the ensuing drama. The only thing she can concentrate on now is her dad getting better.

Stephanie thinks that Max is still a Brady. He was Max’s dad--maybe not for his entire life, but when it mattered. Max made him so happy. She could tell. He was so proud of him. So, he has to know that Shawn lives on in him and his brothers and sisters. She knows Max can’t be happy right now, but she wants him to be happy for Shawn and proud that he brought Shawn so much joy. She is so sorry that Max has to suffer. Max just wishes he could have saved his dad. Stephanie thinks God had other plans. She knows Shawn is looking down on him, though. One day he’ll wake up and stop grieving. And he’ll want to go out and make his Pop proud. Max thanks her. Stephanie says she smiles when she thinks about the future. She has school, a new internship, but mostly, she has Max.

A waitress brings Kate and Chelsea complimentary wine and says a young man sent it over. Daniel nods from across the room. Kate thinks that he is interested in Chelsea. She insists that she is with Nick. Kate says she is smiling. Chelsea thinks he could have a wife or girlfriend. Kate says there is one way to find out. She gets up. Chelsea yelps, “No!”

Chloe comes back for her coat. She tells Phillip to stop spying on her. He refuses. She huffs. Then she’s going to have to check everything for tape recorders. Phillip ask about cameras. She freaks out, and he admits he doesn’t have cameras. She is starting to hate him. She starts to stomp off, but Phillip says he has one more thing to say.

Shawn wants a fresh start. He wants them to have a perfect marriage. Belle agrees. He thinks they need to do it their way. Belle thinks they’re both adventurous. Shawn wonders how they can stay true to that spirit and have a family. Belle thinks their parents are pretty good examples. Shawn worries about Bo, but he thinks he’s a fighter, and he’ll make it through this Belle pray her parents work things out. Shawn agrees. He reminisces about sailing around the world with his parents. Belle thinks that’s an idea. Shawn doesn’t get it. She thinks the whole thing is good- their family, a boat, and a trip. Shawn beams. He thinks it’s a fantastic idea, too. Shawn promises they will make it a reality as soon as his dad is better.

Kate walks over to Daniel and asks if his wife would be angry about him sending two drinks over to single women. Daniel smiles. She would be mad--if he had a wife. Kate leaves. She sits down with Chelsea, who rages. How could she walk right up and ask him? Kate shrugs. She had to find out. Besides, he isn’t married. Chelsea sulks. He could have a girlfriend. Kate smiles. Girlfriends are fair game. Kate says there is nothing wrong with going after a guy that has both money and promise.

Belle agrees about the sailing thing, but they have to talk to their parents. As soon as Bo is well, they’ll sail off into the sunset. Belle and Shawn kiss.

Phillip apologizes. He has been giving her a rough time, and he’ll back off. She just has to promise to be honest with him. If there is more she’s hiding, she needs to tell him. She can’t forget he’s the only friend she has left in this world. Phillip leaves. Chloe sighs. He wouldn’t be her friend if he knew what really happened before Brady disappeared.

Max shows Stephanie a coin that Shawn had for years. It was an Irish florin and he used to do tricks with it. One day, he gave it to Max and told him to use it when he needed it. Max says it has been in his pocket ever since, and will be until he has someone to pass it down to. He walks off, giving Stephanie a moment alone. She says that Shawn raised a wonderful son. She thinks she is falling in love. She should tell him soon.


Belle tells John, “This isn’t the real you.” He replies, “This is the real me. And you are living in a fantasy world if you think that’s ever going to change.”

Bo tells Hope, “I’m going to fight this thing with everything I’ve got. But something’s going on inside me and I don’t know how much time I’ve got left.”

Kayla tells Lexie, “We’re going to save Bo’s life.” Lexie agrees, “ Damn straight we are.”

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