Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/6/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/6/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by
Juanita and Chit-Chat Haven

Lexie wheels Bo back to his room and compliments him on his cheerfulness. She tells him that Hope and Chelsea will be back soon, and asks how he’s feeling. She knows those tests were rough. Bo admits that his stomach hurts all of the time. Lexie wants to keep him off of too much pain medication, but if it gets too bad, she can give him some. Bo thanks her. He wants her to know that even though everyone is excited about Dr. Jonas, he knows he couldn’t make it through this without her. Lexie thanks him. It means the world to her.

Sami and EJ bring the twins to the pub. Caroline greets them. Johnny fusses and Sami says it’s time for his bottle. Caroline insists on taking them to the back to feed them. She heads off and Sami and EJ sit down and order. Sami asks that they don’t put tomatoes on her plate and EJ asks if she dislikes “to-mah-toes.” Sami corrects his pronunciation. EJ makes a joke about calling the whole thing off, but Sami gets serious. He has a real problem with the government. EJ tells her that he looked over some legal papers this weekend. He thinks he may have everything under control. She hopes so, because otherwise, the government is going to deport him.

Hope finds Chelsea at the docks and says that Stephanie told her she was here. Chelsea says she was just thinking She misses her grandpa. Chelsea sighs. And about her dad--she doesn’t know what she’ll do if he doesn’t make it. Hope says he will make it. They won’t lose him. Chelsea nods. They have Dr. Jonas. Bo will pull through this. Hope hugs her and agrees.

Steve comes into Abe’s office and asks about Ava. Abe says he is expecting a fax on her whereabouts any minute now. Steve asks about the crash, and Abe tells him that the FAA’s final report just came in. He hands the report to Steve and says there’s no way to link this to anyone. Steve groans. That’s no big surprise. He knows Ava did this, but it’s her word against his. Abe says the need solid evidence. Steve nods. They need to find her.

Chelsea cries and apologizes for all of the rotten things she has done. Hope says it is ok. Bo loves her, and all of that is in the past. She needn’t worry. Right now, she needs to be strong for Bo. Chelsea wonders why people don’t appreciate what they have until it’s gone. She just wishes she had told her grandpa she loved him more often. Hope says he knows. He knew that. Chelsea swears she’ll tell Bo that she loves him all the time if he makes it. Hope knows he will. Her father is a fighter. Chelsea nods. Plus, Dr. Jonas seems confident. Hope says she wishes she knew more about him as Daniel strolls up from behind them. Hope worries about putting Bo’s life in the hands of a stranger. Daniel chuckles and reminds her that they met the other day. Now they’re meeting again, so they’re no longer strangers.

Bo thanks Lexie for being there as a friend and a doctor. They’ve both been through a lot. Lexie nods. And they have always made it through. Bo sighs. This may be the toughest jam he has ever been in. Lexie says she won’t lie. This isn’t going to be easy. Bo nods. He’s glad she’s in the foxhole with him. Lexie says he has Dr. Jonas, too. His credentials checked out just fine and he’s word-renowned. Bo still wants her to keep an eye on him. Lexie promises that she will.

EJ chuckles at Sami as she squirts ketchup on her burger. He notes that it is made out of tomatoes. He should have known that if something made no sense, she’d be behind it. Sami asks if he wants some and he tells her they put vinegar on fries in England. Sami thinks that is disgusting. She thinks they need to talk about his impending deportation. A man comes up and asks for Elvis. He’s from immigration. EJ thanks him for coming. The man says he had a hard time tracking EJ down, and EJ says that he was in a safe house. He put a criminal behind bars. His father actually. Mr. Burke isn’t impressed. He wants to have a chat. EJ tries to make a joke and the man grimaces. Is he suppose to be charming? Because charm rolls right off his back. Sami smirks.

Abe promises that they are doing everything they can to locate Ava. Kayla comes in and Steve asks what she’s doing here. She says she knew he was here and needed to talk to him. Steve says she is supposed to be resting. Kayla says that’s just it. She can’t do that anymore. Bo is in the hospital, and he needs her help. It’s frustrating. She wants to go back to work. Steve says she has to stay at home. He thinks it will have a bad effect on the baby if she starts stressing at her job. He would feel better if she stayed home. Kayla wants to know why he is really so insistent about his.

Hope stammers. She didn’t mean to imply that he was incompetent. Daniel insists that he understands completely. He knows this situation is hard on the patient and the family. It’s hard for him too, because he wants to swoop in and save the day, and that isn’t always possible. But he wants Hope to know that he is going to do his very best to save her husband. Hope thanks him. It means so much that he agreed to take this case. He says he knows that Victor and Bo had problems in the past. From seeing him with his own father, he knows businessmen can be subject to using situational ethics. The most important thing is that Victor wants Bo to get well. Hope nods. He tells Hope that she has to trust him. Chelsea says she does. She trusts him completely.

Sami wants to stay for EJ’s interview. She tries to tell Burke that she is EJ’s wife, but he cuts her off. She pretends to go to the kitchen, but lurks around the corner and spies. Burke wants to know if EJ is employed. He makes a joke about being married to Sami and that being a full-time job. Burke isn’t impressed. Lots of marriages are in name only. EJ says they have a child together. Shouldn’t that take care of the visa problem? Burke says that EJ’s problems are just beginning.

Steve tells Kayla that he is just worried about the baby. He asks Abe for his advice. Abe heads out of the office and tells Steve that he’s on his own. Kayla and Steve argue about her staying at home. He asks her to trust him, and she tells him that trust goes both ways. He hears a phone ring and tells Kayla that they’re expecting a fax on a person of interest. He heads out and Kayla makes a call. She tells the person that she has everything all lined up.

At her place, Eddie brings Ava some food on a tray. She whines about wanting to go to a restaurant. He tells her that her father won’t allow it, but he might give her more freedom if she didn’t run away so often. She whines some more. She wants her freedom now! He says it won’t happen after that fiasco in Ireland. She sulks. It’s not her fault. They were just supposed to keep the plane from taking off. She didn’t mean for it to crash. She begs Eddie for a computer. He says no. She pleads, but he refuses. He leaves and she pouts. She’ll figure a way out of there eventually.

Chelsea, Hope, and Daniel show up at Bo’s room, and both doctors discuss test results. Bo complains about being locked up when Hope asks how he’s feeling. Bo asks Lexie if he can at least do some departmental paperwork. Lexie advises against it. Bo sighs. She can call Abe, or he will. It’s her choice.

Ave stares at a picture of Steve and wonders why he left her. She stares a t a picture of Hope and wonders what is so great about Kayla. Ava flashes back to a day she and Steve shared at the beach. He kisses her and they sunbathe. She hopes he never leaves her. She doesn’t know what she would do without him. Steve promises that he isn’t going anywhere. They kiss. Ava come back to the present and frowns. Kayla can’t give him that. She looks at a picture of Steve and laughs, “Sorry honey, but you’re going to lose him.”

Kayla gets off of the phone and Steve wonders who she was talking to. She huffs. She has her own secrets, too. He has a secret, and she doesn’t like it. Steve says she just has to trust him. She says that’s fine. But she is also going back to work. She spoke with the hospital, and there is nothing he can do to stop it.

Burke huffs. The government is clearing out undesirables, and he is a DiMera. That qualifies. EJ says he was disowned. Burke doesn’t buy it. Sami comes over and she backs him up. Burke says the government wants the whole family out, the sooner, the better.

Abe brings paperwork to the hospital and Lexie introduces Abe to Daniel. Hope doesn’t approve of Bo doing any work. Abe agrees, but Bo insisted. Abe brought Bo some cold cases to look at, however. Victor comes in and asks how things are going. Bo says he feels useless. Victor asks about the files and snatches them from Bo when he hears he’s working. Bo reaches for them and doubles over in pain. Lexie orders everyone out. Hope stares through the window as Daniel instructs Bo on his breathing. Lexie administers pain medication.

Burke asks to interview Mrs. Brady--or should he say Mrs. DiMera--next. He needs to ask some questions about their so-called marriage. She says it’s as real as it can gets. She puts an arm around EJ. Burke asks him to leave. He asks if they married for love. Sami evades the question. Why else would two people marry? Besides, they have a child. Burke knows all about that. He also knows about her marriage to Lucas, and her claim that she was forced into sex and marriage with EJ. Sami huffs.

Victor tries to assure Hope that Dr. Jonas will do everything he can. Hope cries. She can’t stand to lose him. Victor says there is no way that he could stand to lose another child, either. Chelsea comes over and hugs Victor. She thanks him for calling Dr. Jonas. She knows he can cure Bo. She vows never to go too long without reminding people she loves them. She hugs Victor. He says he loves her, too.

Kayla tells Steve that she has to do this for Bo. Steve nods. He won’t try to stop her, but he wants her to promise to be careful. She thanks him and they hug. Steve tells her he loves her.

Sami goes off on Burke as the other patrons look at her, startled. He doesn’t even know what it’s like to be in love. Has he ever even been married? Sami thinks he’ll be lucky if he ever finds someone who loves him half as much as EJ loves her. How dare he come in here and ask questions about things he knows nothing about? She tosses her hair. This is her family’s establishment and she wants him out. He agrees, but says he will be back--with an order for her husband to leave the country.

Dr. Jonas shows Lexie some test results. They don’t look good. They have to find a way to stop his pancreas from shutting down. Lexie says they can’t lose Bo, no matter what.

EJ thanks Sami. She was brilliant. Sami smiles. He just mad her mad, that’s all. Besides, this is far from over.

Lexie tells Hope that Bo is resting. Victor says he has to go take care of some business, but he’ll be back soon. After he leaves, Chelsea asks Daniel about Bo. He tells her he just got a little too much excitement back there. She asks if he will die. He tells her he won’t on his watch.

Lexie tells Hope that Bo is too weak to get that overwrought again. Hope cries. Lexie is her dear friend. She has to tell her the truth. How does it look? Lexie tells her it isn’t good. Hope sobs. Later, Lexie is alone near Bo’s room. Abe comes up and asks what’s wrong. She wipes tears away and tells him how much she hated giving Hope bad news. Abe thinks she may be too close to this case, but Lexie says she promises Bo she would stick by his side. Abe hugs her. Lexie cries.

EJ vows to do everything he can to stay in the country. He’ll get a job and prove that his name and the bad connotations are in the past. He just needs to know that he can count on Sami.

Kayla kisses Steve and leaves for the hospital. She promises to call as soon as she gets there. After she leaves, Steve makes a call and asks for a favor. He needs a guard put on his wife. He thinks she may be in danger.

Ava drives a knife into the picture of Hope. If only her daddy would let her out of here, she could fix everything. Eddie comes in to get her tray. Ava sobs. She’s so lonely. He tries to tell her that her father loves her, and she also has him and George. She wails. Even a caged animal is let out every once in a while. Eddie softens. Maybe he can find a way to help her out. She hugs him and thanks him profusely.

Hope stands by Bo’s bed and says she knows Bo can beat this thing. He’s a fighter. He has to fight. She hugs him. Chelsea and Daniel watch through the window. She sighs. They’re so in love after all these years. She hopes one day she gets to experience that. Daniel stares.


Chelsea tells Kate, “We don’t even know if he has a girlfriend or he could be married or something.” Kate smiles, “There’s nothing wrong with going after a guy who has both money and promise.”

Shawn kneels and asks Belle, “Will you marry me all over again? Right here and right now?”

Phillip asks Chloe, “Did you kill Brady?”

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