Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/5/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/5/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the Brady pub, Caroline cleans up after the wake. She hears someone come in and grumpily says they aren’t open yet. A sheepish Victor was hoping for a cup of coffee. Caroline smiles. She thinks she can manage that.

Max comes to a café to meet Nick and asks what’s up. Nick wants to talk about his grant project. Max asks what it was about again. Nick reminds him it’s about using alternative fuel sources. Max fidgets. It seems like a worthy cause, and it’s clearly important to him. Nick glares. Then why is he trying to screw it up?

Chelsea, Morgan, and Stephanie take a jog. They stop to rest and Chelsea says she thinks she ought to be at the hospital with her dad. Morgan and Stephanie both think the exercise is good for her. Stephanie just knows that the doctors will figure out what’s wrong with her dad, and he will be home soon. Chelsea thanks her for being such a good friend. Stephanie reminds her that they aren’t just friends, they’re sisters. Morgan gulps. In a couple of days, they could be at each other’s throats.

Marlena breezes into the DiMera mansion to find John looking through papers. She thinks he ought to start locking his door. She asks about the papers and John tells her about the sealed envelopes sent over from Stefano’s safe-deposit box. She’d never guess how much the man had stuffed away. Marlena doesn’t care, and she wishes that he didn’t either. The bell rings and John asks Marlena to get it. She stares him down, but relents and answers the door. Rolf is standing there.

Caroline tells him she called the hospital first thing this morning to check on Bo. She sighs. She supposes no change is better than a change for the worse. Victor worries about Bo’s pancreas shutting down, but Caroline has faith in the doctors. She asks Victor what brings him here. Victor say he needed someone to talk to, and she was the first person he thought of.

Morgan reminds Stephanie and Chelsea that they are all going after the same thing. Suddenly, all three girls get calls on their phones. They each answer and listen briefly. Stephanie says she’ll see the person then. Morgan insists it isn’t short notice. Chelsea says she will call them back. They all hang up at once. Stephanie guesses that they all got the same call. Chelsea says that she understands what Morgan meant. It’s already starting.

Max huffily declares that he doesn’t know what Nick is talking about. Besides, he needs to get to work. Nick sighs. This research could make a big difference to a lot of people, including what it could do for his career. He really needs the support of his friends. Max says he has his support. Nick looks him up and down coolly. Does he? Morgan saw him ripping a page out of his notebook. Why did he do that?

Tony comes into Anna’s office, and she says she doesn’t have time for any more powwows at the mansion or to be thrown on her desk. She asks him to leave and takes a call. She speaks with a potential client and agrees to have her secretary set up an appointment to meet him. She hangs up and Tony says smugly that he knows who that was. They want to meet with her about their new product line. Anna wonders how he could know that. Tony chuckles. They called him first.

Marlena asks John what’s going on as he greets Rolf. She thinks he ought to be in jail. But John tells her that he refused to press charges. The D.A. had no evidence, so he had to let Rolf go. Rolf minces. He is eternally grateful. Marlena rages. How could John do this after what Rolf has done? She whirls on him angrily and demands to know how he convinced everyone that John was dead. Rolf doesn’t know what she’s talking about. John pouts. He thought she would be proud of him for doing something nice. She asks if he has any regard for her opinion. He says he does. She wonders why he keeps ignoring her advice if that’s so.

Max tells Nick that he needed a piece of paper to write down a phone number. It was one of the pub’s vendors, and it was important. Besides, it just looked like the page had a couple of scribbles on it, anyway. Nick groans. That was the formula for the first series of his experiments. Max says he still has it. He takes the crumpled paper from his jacket pocket and hands it over. Max asks if he has talked to his advisors about the formula. Nick says he can, now that he has it back. He asks Max suspiciously why he is so interested.

Chelsea admits that she had completely forgotten about the internship. Morgan reminds her how important this is for getting a leg up into the business world. Most of these places end up hiring interns full time after graduation. Chelsea sighs. She really thinks she needs to focus on her dad right now, so she’s going to call her advisor and reschedule. She says she’s going to finish her run and then head to the hospital. She jogs off. Stephanie and Morgan compare their interviews for the next two days. Each of them have seven lined up. Morgan thinks they’ll see a lot of the same people since they’re both heading into the advertising business. Stephanie thinks they need to head back to he house to shower and change. She wishes Morgan luck.

Anna huffs. She thinks the person will choose her firm over Tony’s. He wants to stop this silly competition and have her come work for him. Anna asks if they would be equal partners and Tony laughs. She tells him no. He pouts and claims that he’s going crazy without her. Anna says she would be crazy to give in to him. She wants to make her own way in the business, not serve as his window dressing at fancy client meetings. Tony wishes her luck and leaves.

John doesn’t want Marlena to confuse valuing her opinion with letting her tell him what to do. Marlena thinks Rolf is dangerous. There is no telling what Stefano programmed him to do. Rolf says he no longer works for Stefano, so it isn’t an issue. It’s not as if he can issue a paycheck. Marlena tells John that she just came to invite him to a small family supper wit her, Belle, Shawn, and Claire. John frowns. He has a lot on his plate right now. He’ll let her know. She huffs off. John wonders what that was all about. Rolf thinks she is acting that way because she loves him. John wonders if she can cook. Rolf says she can’t. People close to her have told him so, like John. He mumbles in his sleep. They had him down in that lab for weeks recovering from the accident. John wants more information, but Rolf says that most of his ramblings were incoherent. John wonders what he should wear to dinner. Rolf says he is a scientist, not a butler. John scoffs. That’s just it. Rolf has nowhere to go, and no job. He has no way of getting one considering his unsavory connections. So John wants him to be his butler. Rolf laughs quietly and refuses. John glares. Does he have a better offer? Rolf stops laughing and says no. John says he’s hired, on one condition. He has to lose that accent. Rolf is startled. This is the way he talks. John tells him to find another way.

Victor isn’t so sure about burdening Caroline with his troubles, but she thinks it helps one with one’ own problems, too. She wants to help. He tells her that he can’t sleep. He Hasn’t been feeling well, and he has been blowing up at Phillip and the staff for no good reason. He can’t stop thinking of the connection between Isabella’s cancer and Bo’s failing pancreas. He misses his daughter so much. He can’t bear to lose his son the same way.

Morgan meets Tony at his office for her interview. He tells her is impressed with both her academic record and application. They make small talk about her interest in advertising and she asks about her duties. He tells her that she would be taking notes and taking the children of powerful clients out for ice cream and movie dates. She would also learn a lot about the industry from the inside. Morgan asks when she can start, and then apologizes for her presumptuousness. He just wants this job. She has five other interviews, but she’ll cancel them right now if he agrees to hire her. Tony says he would love to--on one condition. He has a little test that she has to pass first.

Stephanie wanders into Anna’s office and tells her that she is here for an interview. Anna sighs. At first she tries to pretend her secretary is at lunch, but she gives up and unloads on Stephanie. She doesn’t have one, actually, and Stephanie shouldn’t want work here. Her boss never comes in, and doesn’t care. She thinks the whole thing will go under unless she can turn it around. Anna doesn’t think Stephanie wants to hear all of this. Stephanie begs her to go on. Anna admits that this is also personal. Tony doesn’t think she can do this, and she has to prove she can. Maybe she really needs to prove it to herself. Stephanie smiles and asks what she can do to help.

Max just thinks Nick might be helped by a little feedback from his advisors. That’s all. Anyway, he has to get back to work. He wishes Nick luck on his “calculazations.”

Tony gives Morgan the details about the client he and Anna are compete gin for and asks her for slug lines. She lists off some, including “best quality, better price” and “you can always get what you want.” Tony nods. He’s impressed. The internship is hers, if she wants it. Tony smiles. He has several interviews today, but he will cancel them. He doesn’t think he’ll find better than her.

Anna doesn’t think Stephanie wants in on the raw deal, but Stephanie wants to hear more about the company. Anna tells her about the potential client from earlier, but she isn’t sure they’ll land them. The concept is selling quality goods at discount prices. A company is interested in selling their product at a major discount retailer. Stephanie suggests a spokesperson, but Anna nixes the idea. It’s too expensive. Stephanie suggests a celebrity look-alike. Anna likes this idea. It can be a campaign showing people that they can live the high life, but at affordable prices. Stephanie is excited about the job. It seems like a challenge. Anna agrees to hire her, and welcomes her aboard the sinking ship.

John flips through Stefano’s papers and Rolf catches sight of the disc. He flashes back to Stefano telling John that all of his memories are on it. He asks John what his duties are. John says he’ll do whatever he tells him to do. He peers at Rolf slyly. She was right, wasn’t she? The old John would have locked Rolf up and thrown away the key, wouldn’t he?

Marlena comes to the pub to find it almost empty, apart from Caroline. She tells Marlena that she is her first customer. Marlena asks about Bo, and Caroline tells her the news. Then she asks about John. Marlena smiles sadly. He isn’t himself, that’s all. Caroline says it may help to throw herself into work. Marlena nods. She plans on getting back to her patients. She hopes to even add new ones. Caroline eyes Victor across the room and thinks.

Nick shows a colleague some of his work on the project. The man nods. This is most impressive. Except there’s one problem. He points something out to Nick.

Chelsea paces the docks. Morgan runs into her and asks why she isn’t at the hospital. Chelsea says her dad had to have more tests, so she left. She asks about Morgan’s interviews, and she tells Chelsea that she got the one she wanted. Morgan says she’ll hang out with Chelsea, but she needs to make a call first. She walks off and calls Anna to cancel her interview. Anna says she was about to call her and cancel, too. She wishes Morgan luck and they hang up. Stephanie comes up and says she got the internship she wanted, too. Tony calls Stephanie and cancels her appointment. She says she already got an internship, so it’s funny that he called just as she was getting ready to cancel. He wishes her luck as well. Stephanie hangs up. She and Morgan grin at each other. Chelsea wonders what’s going on.

John wonders what the old John would have done to Rolf. He shudders to think. He doesn’t miss John at all. He was too much of a goody-two-shoes. John agrees with him. That’s what he hears. He presses Rolf for answers about Stefano’s operations. If they’re gong to get through this, they’re going to have to trust each other. Rolf says he doesn’t have a choice. If he slips, he’s back in Statesville. Rolf wonders if that might happen anyway. What if the old John comes back? John scoffs. Then it’s his lucky day that he isn’t coming back. Rolf eyes the disc nervously and agrees that he is lucky. He agrees to take the job. John wants him to shut down and lock up the laboratory in the basement and bring him the key. Rolf protests. John says he can do it, or fight off his cellmate’s advances. Rolf scoffs. Is he expected to live under constant threats? John say it is up to him. Rolf says he will be right back. John laughs.

Marlena comes over to talk to Victor, who confides that he is worried about Bo. She says everyone is doing all they canto cure him. Victor sighs. Perhaps this whole thing has heightened his fear of his own mortality.

The colleague points out a simple error to Nick that would have thrown off all of his subsequent equations. Nick sighs. How did he miss that? The man soothes him,. In their line of work, people make these simple mistakes all of the time. That’s why it’s imperative to check and re-check your work. A this rate, however, Nick is sure to get the grant. He thanks the man, and he leaves. Max spies on Nick from around the corner and smiles.

Tony’s new male secretary is clearly flustered as he shows Anna in. She swears she has an appointment. Tony tells Ethan that it’s alright. Ethan huffs as he robotically goes through Tony’s appointments for the day. Anan listens, wide-eyed.

Stephanie and Morgan discover that they are working for Anna and Tony DiMera, respectively. Chelsea reminds them that Anna is Tony’s ex-wife. If they are working for rival firms, then that means that they’ll be competing for the same accounts. So Morgan and Stephanie will be rivals, too. They smile at each other. Stephanie shrugs.

Nick grumps as he shuffles through his papers. He calls Max, who is standing outside the café, and asks him again why he took the page from his notebook. Max tells him the same story, and Nick apologizes hurriedly for bothering him and hangs up. Max watches him through the window. Nick mutters to himself that it’s just a coincidence.

Ethan reminds Tony that he has a meeting in fifteen minutes and leaves. Anna tells him things are going better. She’s hiring a new staff. Tony says things are great there, too. He says he loves her, and he wants very much for her to succeed. She thanks him. That means a lot. Tony smiles lovingly. She can have that new account, if she wants it. Anna nukes. She doesn’t want or need his charity. She storms out.

Marlena thinks it is understandable that Bo’s illness would bring Isabella’s death up for Victor all over again. Marlena tells him that closure is a process. Victor says he hasn’t had much luck with it, and Marlena offers her help. He may as well try. She asks him to make an appointment with her secretary for one session. He doesn’t have to come again if he doesn’t want to. Victor smiles and thanks her. He just might do that.

Rolf says the laboratory is locked, and hands John the key. Stefano may have had one too, but he doesn’t know where it is. John tells him to tidy up while he eats and exercises. He’ll see him in an hour and a half. Rolf responds in German. John frowns. He was serious about losing the accent. He heads off. Rolf grabs the disc and hides it in a wall safe behind Stefano’s picture. Rolf sighs. The old John is gone for good, and for his sake, it had better stay that way.


Chelsea bawls to Hope, “What about dad? I don’t know what I’m going to do if he doesn’t make it.” Hope replies, “He’s going to make it.”

Steve asks Abe, “What about the plane crash in Greenland?” Abe replies, “The final report of the FAA just came in.” Steve lunges for it, “And?”

Sami tells EJ, “I hope you have got a way to figure this out. Because otherwise, the government is going to deport you.”

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