Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/4/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/4/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

EJ shows up at Sami’s apartment to find her looking disheveled and barely put together. He comments on her new look and she excuses herself for having two vampire babies who stay up all night. He tells her has good news. He has drawn up the annulment papers. He’s glad his law degree has come to something, anyway. He hands over the papers. All she has to do is sign.

Chelsea feeds some squirrels peanuts in the park. She cries as she explains to them that she’ll be taking over for her grandpa, who fed them often. He’s not around anymore. Chelsea bawls. She puts her fingers up to her nose, and as she moves them away, she smacks a man in the leg. She jumps up and sheepishly smiles.

At the docks, Steve and Kayla take a stroll. He wants to go home, and she wonders why he has been acting so strangely lately. What’s wrong with him? Why doesn’t he want her outside?

At her place, Ava stares at a picture of Hope, “So, you’re in love with Steve. Now I just have to figure out what your name is.” Ava rushes to the door and starts banging. She yells for her daddy to let her out. There’s no answer. She pleads and sulks. He knows he’s going to let her out eventually, anyway. She tries calling for Eddie and George, but no one answers. She sighs and heads back over to the stack of photos. She glares at Hope’s. Now she just has to figure out all there is to know about the wife.

Shawn brings Bo a sailing magazine to look at in his hospital bed. Hope fusses and frets over Bo, and he begs her to stop worrying. She wants him to eat, but he makes a face at the lime jell-o. Hope promises that if he comes home well, she won’t cook for him, They’ll go out for a steak dinner. Bo wishes he could be back on the Fancy Face. Shawn reminisces about the great times they had. Bo smiles They were happy times. Hope can’t believe they are both talking like it’s over, when it isn’t. They have a lot of good times ahead of them. Victor walks in and agrees. In fact, he can guarantee it. Victor explains that he has found a specialist. He’s a diagnostician, an internist, and a surgeon, all rolled into one. Bo sighs. And he flew him here at great expense? Victor chuckles. Not at all. In fact, the man is right here in town.

The man asks Chelsea if she just wiped snot on his pants. She apologizes profusely and asks if she can buy him a new pair or something. Chelsea apologizes. She is having a bad day. She quickly explains the situation with her father and grandfather. He asks if that was the grandfather she told the squirrels about. Chelsea is embarrassed, but he thinks it’s healthy for her to be in touch with her emotions. She can let it al out. He has a whole other pant leg. Chelsea smiles and decline. He smiles back and says he’d do anything for a beautiful woman in distress.

Sami looks over the annulment papers. EJ huffs. She still doesn’t trust him. She says she’ll have Mickey Horton do the same. She isn’t falling for anymore DiMera tricks. EJ reminds her that he was disowned. She fake boo-hoos and tells him sarcastically that she feels very sorry for him. What ever will he do? EJ supposes that he will have to get a job. Sami grins.

Steve stammers and finally admits that he is afraid that Kayla will overexert herself. Kayla groans. Pregnant women are supposed to get exercise. She’s fine. And so is the baby. In fact, they’re going to hear the heartbeat tomorrow, so she can prove it. Steve just has to stop worrying so much. They admire the view for a while, until a man approaches. Steve rushes up to him, but falls back when he doesn’t recognize the man. He quickly passes by. Kayla demands to know if Steve is alright. He changes the subject by pointing out the place they got married at across the water. We flashback to Steve and Kayla’s wedding, and we watch them repeat their vows. We come back to the present. Kayla says it was the happiest day of her life. Steve agrees.

Sami thinks the idea of EJ having a regular job is hilarious, but EJ doesn’t think so. He has a family to support. Sami tells him to lighten up. She isn’t going to be asking for alimony. EJ doesn’t care what she asks for. He wants to be able to support her and her children. It’s important to him. Sami says what’s important for her is getting out of this marriage.

The man hands Chelsea his handkerchief and insists that she keep it. He presses it into her hands and Chelsea smiles awkwardly. His pager goes off and he says he has to go. He tells her to take it easy. She says she will, thanks to him. He hurries off. Chelsea smiles, then frowns, “I will, thanks to you? What the hell was that?”

Victor explains that the doctor is in town for a seminar. After Victor spoke to him, he immediately agreed to extend his visit to take over Bo’s case. Lexie comes in and demands to know who is taking over her case. Chelsea comes in as Victor tells Lexie not to be alarmed. The man just wants to help. He’s an expert on the pancreas. Hope says they’re grateful for any help. The man from the park comes in and Victor introduces him as Dr. Daniel Jonas. Chelsea grins bashfully. Daniel notices her and seems surprised.

Kayla talks about the day she thought Steve died. Steve doesn’t want to talk about it, but she says she pities him. At least she had friends and family to pull her through. Steve had no one. He flashes back to a hotel room and drinking with Ava. They discuss a blackmailing scam, and Steve asks for more info. She thinks the less he knows, the better. If he really wants to earn her daddy’s trust, then he needs to make an honest woman out of her. Steve jokingly wonders if that’s possible. She gets serious. She wants him to join the family--for real. They kiss. Kayla brings him back to the present. Is he bothered by her bringing that up? He says no. He doesn’t want to talk about the past anymore, though.

Ava bangs on the door and shrieks. She says she’ll stop if they give her the list of names of the people on the flight. Someone slips a note under the door and she squeals with joy and thanks Eddie. She goes over the list until she finds Kayla Johnson’s name. She smiles and repeats it. She picks up the picture of Hope and smiles. So her name is Kayla, huh?

EJ tries to get Sami to sign the papers. In the shuffle, the certified letter he received last week falls out unopened. Sami accosts him about it, and he reminds her that his trust funds were cancelled. She thinks it must be about something else and insists he open it. EJ smiles and tells her to sign the papers. He’s sick of having a nagging wife. He opens the letter and his face falls. Sami asks what the matter is. He says his visa has expired. He’s going to get kicked out of the country, even though he has a wife and child here. It’s ridiculous.

Kayla hopes she didn’t upset Steve. He says no. She wants to go to the park. Steve groans. He’s tired. She insists and heads off. Steve follows her, grumbling.

Victor thanks Daniel for coming so quickly. Victor introduces all of them and explains that he is Daniel’s godfather. He was good friends with this father. He sings Daniel’s praises as a world-renowned surgeon. Daniel blushes and begs him to stop. Hope asks if he can help her husband. He agrees to do his best to make sure that Bo is around for a long time. He asks Lexie to bring him up to speed and Lexie fills him in on what they know so far, including the family predisposing for pancreatic problems and his motorcycle accident. Daniel promises to stay until Bo is well. He asks to see his charts, although he may want to order additional tests. For right now, he needs to speak to Bo alone. Everyone heads out, except Lexie, who wants to say something. He holds the door for her and says they can talk later. Lexie heads over to Victor and says that she will have to check Dr. Jonas’ credentials. He seems a bit unconventional. However, if he is as good as Victor claims, she’ll welcome his help. She huffs off. Hope comes over to thank Victor. Victor assures her that the doctor his a genius. She hopes that is enough to save Bo’s life.

Steve reassures Kayla about Bo’s condition in the park. He thinks he will be fine with all of those doctors trying to help him. They sit on a bench and find the peanuts Chelsea left earlier. They feed some eager squirrels. Steve tells the baby that he’ll take it to the park as soon as it’s born to feed squirrels. Steve says she makes him so happy. He just wants to hold on to this beautiful moment and day. He leans over and tells the baby he can’t wait to meet it. Kayla says he loves him and hugs him. Steve flashes back to his meeting with Ava. She tells him she wants him back. He has to suffer for the way she suffered all of those years. Steve comes back to the present and frets.

Sami can’t believe EJ’s news. He sulks. He thought she would be happy to hear the news. Sami says they will figure this out, one way or the other. EJ sighs. Sami gasps with delight. She has an idea. Can’t he just use her and Johnny to get a visa? He thinks it is a great place to start. Sami agrees. It’s the best reason in the world to stay. Now he can put his devious DiMera skills to the test. She beams. She Can’t wait to see him in action.

Chelsea flips through a magazine. Daniel comes up behind her and says hello. Startles, se spills coffee all over his jeans. He huffs. What does she have against these pants? Chelsea apologizes and grabs some napkins. He starts over and introduces himself as Daniel, a doctor. She says she’s Chelsea, an idiot. He laughs and tells her she is too hard on herself. He apologizes for not properly introducing himself in the park. She says it’s ok, but she wants to ask a question. She asks if he is going to be able to make her dad well.

EJ says he will go try to work it out with immigration. Sami reminds him to be crafty. He asks if she will hold on to the annulment papers. She tells him to keep them. EJ doesn’t understand. She has the perfect opportunity to get him out of her life for good, and instead, she chooses to help him. Why is that? She tells him it’s ok. She will sign the annulment papers as soon s the whole thing with his visa is worked out. He promises to let her know what happens and heads out. Sami smiles.

Steve feeds the last of the peanuts to the squirrels and he suggests eh take Kayla home. He has some ideas for the two of them. They canoodle until Steve is startled by an noise. He flips out. Kayla says it was just a squirrel. She wonders what is up with him. He’s been weird all day, and really jumpy. Steve apologizes. He just wants to go home. Kayla agrees.

Ava examines the picture of Hope and remembers seeing her hug Steve outside the pub. The Ava remembers Hope telling her that she loved Steve. She smiles cruelly, “So, you’re Patch’s wife. I got you.”

Hope and No admire some of the locations in the sailing magazine. She wants to go to some of them when he gets well.

Chelsea tells Daniel that he can be honest with her. He can promise her that he will do his best to help her dad. It may not be perfect, but his best is pretty damn good.

Bo tells Hope than any place with her is heaven, even this dumpy hospital .He is glad Victors friend is helping. Bo tells her that he went over his results and how he felt and he seemed like a smart guy. Bo thinks between him and Lexie, everything is covered. Maybe things are finally looking up.


Max tells Nick, “It’s definitely a worthy cause and obviously important to you.” Nick demands, “Why are you trying to screw it up?”

Stephanie tells Chelsea, “We’re more than just friends. We’re sisters.” Morgan tells them, “In a couple of days, we could be at each other’s throats.”

Marlena opens the door of the mansion to find Rolf. She asks, “John?” Rolf says, “Good morning, Mr. Black.” John replies, “Glad you could make it.” Marlena glares, “What’s going on here?”

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