Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/3/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/3/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the pub, Nick tells Stephanie about a project he’s hoping to get grant money for. He’s planning on using science to help people go green. It’s all completely practical, and he’s even set up working prototypes. He just needs the money. Stephanie thinks it’s really cool. Pretty soon, she’ll be able to say she knew him “when.” A peaked Chelsea comes in and ask how Bo is doing. Chelsea grumps. If he was doing well, would she look like this? They press her for answers. Stephanie reminds Chelsea that Bo is her uncle. She’d like to know what’s going on. Chelsea tells them that his pancreas is failing. They don’t know why. Stephanie asks what it means. Chelsea tells her that he could die, and he will if they cant do something about this quick. She bawls. She was so afraid she would lose him in the plane crash, and now--She breaks off and chokes up.

At Victor’s house, Chloe comes downstairs in her pajamas and Phillip offers her coffee. She is surprised he isn’t a work. Phillip says he’s waiting for a call. Chloe pours coffee. She hates to ask them this, after all he has done for her, but she needs a favor. He wonders if he she needs his lawyers. She used the whole team last time. Phillip sighs. He believes her, but it has caused tension between himself and Victor. Victor thinks she had something to do with Brady’s disappearance. Phillip asks about the favor. It can’t be any bigger than anything else he’s done for her. Chloe gulps. It is bigger.

At their apartment, Kayla asks Steve to sit down as her frets about what she might need. She tells him to calm down and stop waiting on her so much. A knock sounds at the door and Steve leaps off the couch. She wonders why he is so jumpy. Steve opens the door a crack and peers out. He claims he isn’t jumpy. He sees Abe and tells Kayla it’s pizza. He steps out into the hallway and shuts the door. Abe tells Steve that they couldn’t find the woman in the local files, so they had to broaden their search to state and national levels. Steve asks what they found.

Chelsea tells Stephanie that she has tried to stay strong for Bo, like Shawn asked. Nick thinks there must be something they can do. Chelsea says they haven’t diagnosed him with anything yet. Max comes in. Stephanie says she tried to call him. Max sighs. His hearing was this morning. Stephanie gasps. She completely forgot with everything going on. She is so sorry. Max tells them he was kind of a jerk to the judge. He told Max how horrible hiding a body was, and Max said he just did it once. Then he called Ford a raping SOB. He almost went to jail, but the lawyer told the judge about his Pop, and he got off with community service. Max says he doesn’t care about going to jail or community service. He just wants his Pop back. Stephanie asks if he wants to talk about it, but he wants to change the subject. She tells him about the internships she and Chelsea thought abut doing, but it’s hard to get excited about anything right now. Nick thinks Chelsea out to take some time off from school, but she thinks it won’t go over well with her professors. Morgan rushes in, gushing about the internship she just applied to. She thinks Chelsea and Stephanie should do the same. Maybe it will help get their minds off of everything that is going on.

Chloe tells Phillip that she is running out of money. She knows Victor doesn’t want her here, but she can’t afford a place of her own or a hotel. Phillip sighs. Things would be a lot easier for him if he didn’t believe her story about Brady. He tells her he will talk to Victor. She can stay here a while longer. Chloe beams and hugs Phillip. He sighs. Why does this feel like the biggest mistake he has ever made? Phillip doesn’t get why she is scared to leave here. He knows that she could scrounge up enough cash for the Salem Inn, so why is she here? She knows Victor is going to want to keep an eye on her. Chloe swears she is being completely open with him. She begs him to be her friend. Phillip agrees as someone knocks on the door. Chloe opens the door to find a delivery of her luggage. Phillip complains about how much she has. She swears she brought the basics. Phillip smiles. No wonder she drove Brady crazy. She says her luggage had nothing to do with that. Like she already told him, love just wasn’t enough. Their problems are none of his business, so he better stop pushing her about it. She huffs off.

Chelsea sighs. If she doesn’t start studying soon, she won’t even pass her classes. Morgan thinks they’re being negative. Chelsea tells Morgan about her dad and Morgan apologizes. Morgan asks about Nick’s grant. He says no. Morgan thinks he’ll get it. He’s a genius. He says it’s complicated. There are a lot of things going on in Chelsea’s life and that affects him, too. Morgan doesn’t think that should affect him getting the money. Morgan apologizes to Chelsea. She knows it’s hard, but she doesn’t want Nick to lose his grant money, does she? Chelsea says no. Morgan asks if she minds if she speaks with Nick alone. Morgan pulls him aside and says she understands his concern for Chelsea, but if he loses this money, it won’t help either of them. He has to focus. Nick sighs. Morgan is right. She smiles sweetly. She’s always right.

Abe tells Steve that Ava has a bit of a record. Steve wants a copy of what they found, but Abe wants to know why. Steve sighs. When Stefano had him captive for all of those years, he was able to escape once. He was gone for about a year. Abe asks if he was involved with Ava. Was it romantic? Kayla comes out and asks Abe if he is moonlighting as a pizza delivery boy.

At her place, Ava flips through pictures of the residents of Salem.

Kayla asks what they are up to, and he tells Kayla they’re talking about the investigation into the sabotage of John’s jet. He asks her to go into the bedroom so they can talk. Kayla agrees and heads off. He and Abe talk in the living room about Ava. Steve says her family was into drugs, gun, extortion, just about everything. Abe nods. They don’t run on his turf, but he knows who they are. Steve sighs. He got mixed up with them back in the day. Ava wanted to marry him. He didn’t know why at the time, but something stopped him. He knew in his heart that she wasn’t the woman he loved. There was someone else out there for him. It turns out he wasn’t wrong. Now Ava has drudged it back up. She’s in Salem.

Max goes over to Morgan and Nick and she explains that they were talking about his grant. Max asks to speak to Morgan alone. He tells her not to pull this after Nick walks off. She huffs and wonders what kind of friend he is to Nick. He reminds her that she is Chelsea’s sorority sister. What kind of friend is she being to her? She shouldn’t try to take Nick away from her when she needs him most. Morgan says she would never do that, but Max thinks she just did.

Phillip overhears Chloe arguing in German with someone on the phone. He walks into the room and she sheepishly hangs up.

Steve tells Abe that she is obsessed with him. He doesn’t know what’s going on, but she isn’t the same girl. Abe wonders if it’s drugs or mental problems. Steve sighs. She has mental problems, alright. He wonders if something happened with her father. He used to keep her on such a short leash, There’s no way he let her out to pursue an old flame. Steve muses. She’s resourceful. Resourceful enough to get people together to sabotage John’s plane. Abe gasps. Ava was behind the crash? Steve nods. She admitted it. Abe tells him he has to report this. Steve says he can’t do that. Abe nukes, but Steve reminds him there’s no proof. She would just deny it, and besides, he was the only one that saw her at the airport. Abe says they can’t let her get away with this. Steve says he won’t. Abe wonders why he feels the need to do this on his own. Steve says that since he is the one she’s after, he has the best opportunity to get close to her. Steve needs to use all of Abe’s resources. They have to find her. Abe wants to know why she was willing to kill everyone on that plane just to get to him. Steve sighs. Like he said, she’s crazy.

Morgan tells max that she isn’t interested in stealing Nick from Chelsea. She just wants him to get his grant money. Stephanie wonders what Max and Morgan are talking about. Chelsea doesn’t care. In fact, she needs to go see her dad. Morgan stops her on the way out and gives her a hug. She’s so sorry about her dad. Chelsea smiles wanly and heads out. Morgan sees her new boyfriend at the bar and walks over to him. Max sits down with Stephanie. She asks about their conversation and he says it wasn’t important. They were just talking about Nick. Stephanie excuses herself for a moment. Max looks through Nick’s notebooks. Morgan catches sight of him ripping one of the pages out and putting it in his pocket. Stephanie comes back and asks what he’s doing with Nick’s stuff.

Abe asks if Ava still loves Steve. He says she is just obsessed. Abe still doesn’t get why she would sabotage the plane instead trying to contact him. Steve tells Abe about the threatening letter she sent to him about Kayla. He’s worried about her. Abe asks about police protection, but Steve doesn’t want to stress her. Abe asks how long she’s been stalking her. Steve isn’t sure, but Ava is dangerous. She is capable of anything.

Phillip asks if Chloe was talking to someone about Brady, but she says no. She is having some more of her things sent from Vienna. She asks if he can help her with the bags, but he says he has more important things to do. She walks off, struggling with her bags. Phillip makes a call and tells the person on the other end that eh needs to see them as soon as possible. He needs their help.

Abe asks if she still wants to kill him. Steve isn’t sure. He asks if she threatened him while they were together. Steve says no. She was pretty sweet, actually. He only left because she was pushing him to marry her. Steve asks if her father or his boys looked for him. Steve says no, he thought she would just get over it. Abe asks about her father. Steve doesn’t think he cared that he left. He never liked him very much. Abe wonders why Ava didn’t just kill him. Steve says that she suffered so she wanted to see him suffer, too. Abe asks what he needs. Steve says just the report for now. Abe thanks him for keeping this under wraps. Abe says all these years around Bo have rubbed off. He heads out.

Ava examines a picture of Steve. She goes through the others, slamming some down on the table and throwing others on the ground. She comes back to Steve’s picture and stares.

Phillip opens the door and thanks the man standing there for showing up so quickly.

Stephanie can’t believe max would want to read Nick’s papers. They’re all chicken scratch. Stephanie hopes Max isn’t jealous. He is special…just in a different way. He laughs. Does she mean special like “bartender in trouble with the law”? Stephanie thinks he is wonderful. He is her knight in shining armor. Max sighs. She might not always feel that way. Someone at the bar yells for a drink and Max tells her that he has to get back to work. it’s his shift. Stephanie takes Nick’s notebooks over to him. As she walks off, Morgan comes over and tells him not to leave those lying around. Nick asks why. Morgan says that she has something to tell him about his friend Max.

Steve brings Kayla popcorn. He tried something new with cheese, but Kayla isn’t crazy about it. He apologizes for not doing it the way they always do. She chuckles ad wondered how he survived without her. Steve gets serious. He doesn’t know. She asks him to sit down and thanks her for being so good to her. What’s with him lately? He says it’s because she’s supposed to be relaxing. Kayla is still suspicious. He hasn’t taking his eyes off of her lately. Does this have something to do with what Abe came to talk about? Steve changes the subject. He just loves her. She hugs him.

Phillip tells the man about Chloe’s conversation with Brady. The man has listened to it on a tape recorder. He tells Phillip that she was speaking with her agent. She told him not to tell anyone that she threatened Brady before he disappeared. She didn’t really mean that she would kill him. It was just a figure of speech. Chloe walks in and asks what is going on.


EJ waves some papers at Sami, “Annulment papers.” Sami replies, “That was fast.” EJ says, “All you need to do is sign them.”

Ava examines a picture of Hope, “You’re in love with Steve. Now I just need to figure out what your name is. “

Hope asks Bo and Shawn, “Stop it, both of you, ok? Because you’re talking like it’s over and it’s not. We have a lot of happy times ahead of us.” Victor walks in and says, “Yes, you do. I can guarantee it.”

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