Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/29/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/29/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Anna and Tony visit Stefano at the institution. Anna takes one look at Stefano and announces that he is creeping her out.

Marlena shows up at the DiMera mansion, wondering what John needs from her. He sips his coffee and mentions that the one-time cook is still hanging around. He tells Marlena that he’s been going through Stefano’s finances. She wants him to give the blood-money back, but John’s says that isn’t going to happen. Anyway, he can’t make heads or tails of the finances. He was wondering if she would help him.

At her apartment, Sami lies in the couch, exhausted. EJ knocks. She tells him that Johnny is sleeping. They’ve both been up since 4am. EJ wonders why he didn’t call. She tells him it’s ok. She really wants to take a nap, though. EJ says he came to talk about last night. She huffs. The only thing she wants to talk about is how quickly they can get that annulment.

In his hospital room, Bo wakes up to find Hope and smiles. He has good news. He made it through the night. She tells him he’s going to keep doing that for the rest of their lives. She kisses him.

Outside his room, Chelsea brings Shawn a cup of coffee. She’s glad Shawn is here. She doesn’t want to go through this alone. Shawn agrees. He’s just sorry that they haven’t been closer. Chelsea asks about any changes in Bo’s condition as Victor comes up behind them. Shawn tells her that there is no change. Bo’s pancreas is shutting down. Victor freaks, “Bo has pancreatic cancer?” Lexie comes over and tells Victor that he doesn’t. There was no sign of any malignant cells in the biopsy. Victor sighs with relief and reminds Lexie of what happened with Isabella. He stops. No sign of cancer is a good thing, right? Chelsea and Shawn eye each other uncomfortably.

Bo asks Hope if she got any rest, and she admits that she slept a little next to him. It was still more comfortable than those beds in Ireland. Bo asks about the test results. Hope says they have them.

Victor demands to know what’s wrong with Bo. Lexie explains that his pancreas is shutting down, but they don’t know why. They have got to find out, and soon.

Bo asks Hope, “So, how long do I have?”

Sami lets EJ in and reminds him that there’s no reason not to go ahead with the annulment, considering Stefano’s condition. EJ agrees. He has just been having fun playing house. She says he has been helpful, but there’s a difference between letting him help and pretending they’re man and wife. He agrees to draw up the paperwork. She says she wants Mickey to do it, but EJ insists he can. Sami doesn’t understand. The twins wail. They both go off to tend to them.

Anna says she feels like Stefano is staring at her. Tony assures her that he can’t see anything. It’s the muscles causing his eyes to stay open. He wonders if Stefano can hear him. Stefano talks inside his mind and says he can. Tony thought he would feel pity or sorrow when he saw Stefano, but he feels nothing. Still, he had to see him. Anna says she is going to wait outside and heads out. Tony wonders if Stefano feels any remorse. Stefano flashes back to brainwashing John. Tony shakes his head. He will probably never knows the extent of all his evil.

Marlena refuses to help John, even though he offers her ten percent. She wouldn’t do it for ten times that. John shakes his head. That’s a hundred percent. That would be foolish of her. The bell rings. John tells Marlena that he is expecting Stefano’s lawyer. Instead, it’s Belle and Claire.

Sami and EJ get the twins back down and she asks again how he can draw up the annulment papers alone. They’re interrupted by a postman, who has a certified letter for EJ.

John asks Belle and Claire why they’re here. He’s pretty busy. Claire asks nicely if they can come in. John agrees. He asks Claire if she will be his assistant today. He sits her in his chair, hands her a pen, and asks her to write down everything she can remember. Belle smiles as Claire scribbles. Both she and Claire wanted to see him today. After Shawn died, it made her think of him and want to see him. John says he is busy. Maybe on Saturday. Belle walks off in a huff. Marlena tells him that he’s being mean. John says he is being honest. Belle tells Claire it’s time to go. She hands John a picture of himself and Claire. Claire wanted him to have it. John thanks her. Claire waves a disc in the air and asks what it is.

Tony wonders about Stefano’s plans for John’s future. Stefano says that he has no future, past, or personality. He will never get those back. He will never learn how.

Bo sulks. This is why he wanted Pop to take the oxygen. Hope swears he won’t die. He had better not start on her when she hasn’t had her beauty sleep? Bo relents. She wins, this time.

Victor asks what kind of incompetent organization they’re running around here. Lexie starts to say they’re doing everything they can, but Victor explodes. He’ll bring in every expert in the world. He will not lose Bo. Caroline walks in and agrees.

Tony doesn’t know what he hopes to accomplish, Perhaps he wanted to make sure Stefano couldn’t hurt anyone anymore. He says goodbye and leaves. Stefano flashes back to showing John the disc with all of his memories on it.

John tells Claire the disc is blank and asks if she wants to go home. She can come back some other time. Belle says they’ll come back on Saturday as the bell rings again. This time, it’s Stefano’s lawyer. He says he has interesting news about Stefano’s estate.

EJ thinks the letter probably has something to do with his trust. He’ll look at it later. Sami asks about the annulment, and EJ tells her that he has a law degree, so he can draw it up with no problems. She wants Mickey to look it over, and he agrees. EJ heads off to get started on the paperwork.

Hope demands that Bo get well. He better not fight her either. She can tell how weak he is and she’d beat him easily. Bo smiles.

Caroline asks Lexie for news, and she fills her in. Caroline sighs. Isn’t there anything that can be done? Lexie says they are doing all they can, and Victor vows that the won’t let their son die. Caroline thanks him, but he isn’t God. Shawn goes aside to Chelsea to try to comfort her, but she knows Bo is dying. Shawn doesn’t want her to talk like that, but she can’t help it. What if they end up losing him, too?

John explains that Stefano’s financial papers are about as clear as mud, and he was hoping the lawyer could shed some light on his holdings. The lawyer explains that Stefano had lawyers all over the world, most of whom had not idea what the others were doing. He was in charge of personal matters here, and was also the executor of Stefano’s estate. His will is deliberately vague, John wants to hear it, but he thinks the other family members should be here. He says he will call them and invites Marlena to stay.

EJ takes a call from John and tells Sami he wants him to come to the mansion. He invites her and she agrees. He leaves so she can change and call a babysitter.

Anna grumps. Why couldn’t Tony just talk to Stefano’s doctor on the phone? Tony says he’s finished, and they don’t see a reason for any change. Anna asks if they can go, then. Tony takes a call from John and tells Anna he has to go to the DiMera mansion. Anna agrees to go with him. She doesn’t want to keep John waiting.

Caroline and Victor come visit Bo. She cautions him to lie back and rest. Bo doesn’t want to waste the little time he has left doing that. Caroline chides him. She better never hear him talk that way again! Bo is sheepish, “Yes, Ma.”

Chelsea whines about how everyone she loves, she loses. The Bensons, then Zach, and Grandpa. Why would her dad be any different? Shawn says he is a fighter. Chelsea cries. She felt like he was finally starting to love her. Shawn says he already does love her. Chelsea wants to keep her dad around. Shawn hugs her.

Claire colors as everyone that John called gathers. He says everyone is here, except Lexie. She’s busy at the hospital. Tony asks why they are there and the lawyer takes over. He explains that they need to go over Stefano’s wishes. EJ objects. He isn’t dead. The lawyer points out that he is incapacitated and unlikely to recover. The problem is that he left no one with power of attorney. The attorney says that it is his decision. He has to appoint who he deems most responsible to run the estate. EJ wants to know who gets that dubious honor. John smiles.

Shawn knows that they have not been close, but Bo needs their support. Now that Chelsea is a Brady she needs to know that being one means never giving up and never giving in. Bo needs them, so she has to stay strong. He won’t get through this without his family.

Bo says he’s n bad shape. Caroline says that may be, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t do anything. Victor doesn’t understand what it could be besides cancer. Hope says he doesn’t drink in excess, and he isn’t diabetic. Lexie adds that it could just be genetic. Lexie thinks that it could have been triggered by Bo’s motorcycle accident. Bo doesn’t’ think it matters, but Lexie thinks finding the cause can help them learn the best course of treatment to pursue. Bo asks how long he has before his pancreas shuts down. Caroline promises that Lexie and the other doctors will stop it from doing so.

The lawyer tells them that he has chosen the person based on Stefano’s will. In his most recent copy, he cut Lexie, Tony, and EJ out. EJ asks about the other trusts. They were to be reinstated. The lawyer tells him Stefano lied. They weren’t. So that only leaves one person to manage everything. EJ huffs as John grins. How could this be? Stefano didn’t even know about John! He wouldn’t want him running his estate. The lawyer apologizes, but John is the only surviving relative that Stefano never objected to. He’s decided in his favor. Anna asks about the amount, and the lawyer mentions tens of millions that he knows about. John smiles. There’s his new jet. Marlena can’t believe he is thinking of keeping the money.

Bo asks if they can beat. Lexie thinks so. Victor asks if he can bring in some other doctors, and Lexie welcomes other input. Shawn and Chelsea come in and offer their encouragement. Chelsea swears they will help him get well. She loves him. He loves her, too.

Marlena tells John that she is disappointed. He suggests that she try lowering her expectations. The lawyer says he will messenger over some documents for John to sigh as well as some sealed envelopes. They probably will give him information on other lawyers and holdings. He leaves. Tony and Anna also head out. John smiles slyly at Anna, who blushes. Sami says she has to go to.. John tells EJ not to be so upset. Stefano would have cut him out eventually anyway. EJ smiles. Maybe his biggest mistake was telling Marlena that John was being held captive. Anyway, John can thank him for that later. He walks out with Sami. Belle and Claire start to head out. Claire says good ye and John kisses her on the cheek. Marlena grimaces. The man she knew never would have taken the money. John smirks. Would he have give it to charity? Burned the house down? Marlena says this isn’t a joke. There must be some way to reach him. John doesn’t think so. He asks her to stay for dinner. She says no and leaves. John sits down and lights a cigar.

Stefano lies in his bed and remembers John’s visit to him. John tells him it will be like he never existed before long. Stefano chuckles inside his mind. He will never know how close he is to finding his true identity and regaining the life he used to lead. This new life will make his family wish he had stayed dead.


Phillip asks Chloe, “What’s this favor? I can’t imagine its any bigger than what I’ve already done for you.” She replies, “It is bigger.”

Stephanie asks Chelsea, “What does that mean?” She replies, “He could die Stephanie…if they can’t do something about it quick

Abe asks Steve, “Why didn’t she just kill you?”

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