Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/28/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/28/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by
Juanita and Chit-Chat Haven

At the pub, the wake is in full swing. Shawn asks Belle if she thinks that they’re supposed to be happy. She thinks his grandpa would want that.

Nearby, Chloe tells Victor and Phillip that she thought this was supposed to be happy. No one here looks very happy. Phillip snorts. She has to wait until after the toasts. Chloe thinks they should toast. Victor tells her the speech comes first.

Across the room, Nick tells Maggie and Chelsea that he thinks Shawn would have loved this. Maggie agrees. He was an Irishman through and through. Maggie explains that the funeral was for mourning. The wake is meant to send him off to heaven with a smile. Chelsea huffs off.

Nearby, Lexie tells Abe that she’s never felt comfortable at these kinds of things. Abe assures her that she’ll feel better once the celebration goes into full swing.

Near the bar, Steve tries to convince Kayla to cheer up a little. Today is meant to celebrate her dad’s life. He would want them to drink, celebrate, and remember the good times. He was a good dude. They need to celebrate that. Kayla nods and smiles

Near the door, EJ confides in Sami that he feels really uncomfortable here. Sami reminds him that he’s a DiMera. He needs to tough it out. She huffs off to a nearby table. EJ groans, “Thanks a lot.”

At a table, Hope worries about Bo. He looks as white as a ghost. He says he’s fine, but Hope insists on taking him back to the hospital. Bo says he’s not going anywhere until after Pop’s toast. Hope reluctantly agrees. She goes over to Steve and tells him what’s going on with Bo. She asks him to stay close in case she needs him. Steve readily agrees.

Ava lurks around outside and stares through the window.

Inside, Caroline tells Roman that she wishes Shawn were here. He should be giving the toast. Max comes up and tells her that this toast is for him. It’s now time to celebrate his life. She thanks him.

Tony comes into his office and compliments the receptionist ion her new dress. She thanks him and tells him about a file being sent up. Tony asks about an account, but she doesn’t know anything. He says he’ll take care of it himself and goes inside his office. The phone rings.

Anna walks into her own office as the phone rings. Her boss wants to know if she’s brought in any new clients yet. She says she just walked in. She needs to clean off her desk. He barks at her to get working on the clients first. He wishes he could tell her they’d fire her if she didn’t, but they can’t, because they’ll be out of business. Anna tells him not to worry. They’re going to blow DiMera Advertising right out of the water.

Back at the pub, Kimberly gets everyone’s attention. She lists Shawn’s good qualities, “He was loving, kind, strong. Oh, diligent. He was respectful, resourceful. He was very, very, very tenacious. And he was also affable. He was outgoing and, God, was he tender. Yeah. He would just -- he would be there for his friends and family whenever they needed him. Well, he could also be bullheaded, obstinate, stubborn, and very, very fiery. I mean, he was Irish.” Roman pipes up and wishes they could do him justice. He really knew how to make a toast. Kayla knows that he would be proud of all of them. Roman joins Kimberly and starts the toast. He says, “Kind family and friends, please join me in rhyme.” Kayla continues, “Come lift up your voices in chorus with mine.” Kimberly continues, “Come drink and be merry, turning grief into cheer.” Abe goes on, “‘Til we stand near him again drawing near.” Bo continues, “Here’s health to his family and one to his lass. We hold up a pint and all share from one glass.” Max continues, “Let us drink and be merry, turning grief to delight.” Marlena goes on, “Til that day when we see him and again hold him tight.” Shawn says his line, “Here’s health to his lass, who he adored without a doubt.” Belle goes next, staring lovingly at Shawn, “Their love and their bond he could not live without.” Chelsea continues, “Never failing his friends, always their to give aid, always leading his family as he knelt and he prayed.“ Bo goes again, “His ship lies in harbor, waiting to sail. I pray for smooth seas and soft winds to prevail.” Everyone recites the last lines in unison, “When we leave here to meet him, either by land or by sea, I will never forget his affection for me. “ Sami cries and fingers her rosary. Roman proposes the toast to Pop. They all toast.

Anna calls her boss and tells him that she called everyone on her contact list. They’re all clients of DiMera Advertising, so she’s going over there during her lunch break to scope out their operations. There’s an audible click on the other end of the line. Anna sighs and hangs up. Even the boss doesn’t want to talk to her. She heads out.

Meanwhile, Tony is on the phone asking someone to hire a few more people for their personnel department. He hangs up and stares longingly at a photo of Anna. None of this seems right without her around. He heads out and tells his secretary that he’s going to take Anna out for a surprise lunch. She shouldn’t expect him back for a couple of hours.

Roman hugs Kimberly, and Caroline thanks her effusively for her beautiful speech. She knows Shawn would have loved it. She cries. She reminds Kimberly that he will always be with her. Kimberly is upset about not being able to say goodbye, but Caroline thinks her goodbye was beautiful. She knows Shawn is looking down on them with pride. They sob and hug.

Hope tells Bo that they should feel blesses to have such a good father. Bo grumbles. Should he feel blessed that he gave his life fir him? Hope thinks so. He knew what he was doing, and he died a hero. Bo chokes. Hope calls Steve. Steve grabs Bo and says he’ll take Bo to the car. On the way out, Bo thanks Kimberly for the toast. She wants to cancel her flight. He says no. If she sticks around, he’ll feel like things are serious. He tells her to get out of here. She says she’ll miss him. Bo thinks they should not let another death be the reason for seeing each other next time. She agrees. Kayla rushes over and Bo tells her to take care of Caroline. Victor stares after Bo with concern as Steve ushers him outside.

Tony shows up at Anna’s with roses. He heads into her office and sits in her chair. He picks some papers up off of her desk and rifles through them. He chuckles.

Anna walks into Tony’s office and admires the furniture in the reception area. She breezes past the empty desk and heads into his office. He sits down and looks ruefully through some of Tony’s papers.

As Hope and Steve help Bo into the car, Bo asks Hope to stay here with his mother. He doesn’t want Caroline worrying about him. Hope wants to go with him, but Bo insists. She agrees after she ascertains that Steve can get Bo to the hospital. She kisses Bo and watches fretfully as Bo gets in the car. Ava pops out from around a corner behind them and takes a photo with her camera.

Kayla asks Caroline if she’d like to come stay with them, but Caroline refuses. She belongs here, even though Shawn is gone. They hug.

At the bar, John asks Chloe if she’s having fun. She doesn’t think you’re supposed to. They’re all just covering their pain. John says he needs to do more of that. He gulps his scotch. Chloe admits that she didn’t know Shawn that well. John didn’t either--he doesn’t know anyone very well. EJ comes over and asks if he can join them.

Kimberly accosts Hope for news on Bo as she comes back in. Hope assures her that Bo will be fine. Steve is just hurrying him over there to get checked out. Hope insists that she not cancel her flight. Hope hugs her. She’s sorry they had to see each other under these circumstances. Kimberly wants her and Bo to come out to L.A. soon, and Hope agrees. Hope catches Lexie’s eye and tells her about Steve taking Bo to the hospital. She pulls her aside and tells her that she’s afraid because Bo didn’t argue with her. Lexie grabs her coat and practically runs out. Shawn comes over and asks about Bo. Hope asks him to stay here wit his grandmother. She takes off after Bo.

Max and Roman take a couple of shots and talk about how much they miss their dad.

Ava stops Hope outside and tells her that she thinks it’s time they met. Hope asks who she is. Ava snorts. Does she love Steve Johnson? Hope seems confused. Ava asks her if she loves him. Hope stares.

Tony finishes a letter to Anna and reads it aloud. He wanted to take her to lunch, but she and her anonymous work force all take breaks at once. He hopes she can tear herself away and join him at DiMera Advertising.

Anna also leaves Tony a note, but his secretary interrupts. Anna thinks she is his latest. Anna is his ex. The secretary isn’t sure she should be here. Anna asks curtly if Tony has given her the birth control talk yet. The girl doesn’t understand. Anna chuckles. She’ll need to be on the pill. There’s no telling how many assistants Tony has gotten pregnant. Anna lost track after five. Anna confides her tale of working under Tony. She thought he wasn’t bad looking, and she needed the job, but Tony gets bored easily. Besides, he fired her after a month, anyway. Anna sobs a little. Then he married her and divorced her.

Bo is back in bed at the hospital. Steve asks how he is and Bo says he feels much better. He just needed to lie down. Steve says he’s going to hang around until everyone else gets here. Bo thinks he needs to go be with Kayla. Steve agrees reluctantly and leaves. He walks out and asks a nurse to take good care of Bo. Steve walks off. The nurse comes in to hook Bo up to the monitors and finds him unconscious. She checks his pulse, announces that he’s in arrest, and yells for Lexie. Lexie comes in shouting for a crash cart. Lexie performs CPR in a panic.

Hope snorts. Yes, she loves Steve. Of course she does. Ava nods and grins. She walks off.

EJ comes up to Kimberly and apologizes for her loss. He introduces himself. Kimberly says she knows who he is. EJ asks her not to judge him based on his family’s actions. Kimberly says she is judging him based on what he did to Sami and the rest of her family. EJ says he knows he has made mistakes, and his is sorry. Kimberly smiles. It takes a real man to admit that. She’ll give him that. She walks off. She goes over to Caroline and says her goodbyes. She offers to live here with Caroline for a while, but she refuses. She loves her, but she needs to go home to her family. They hug, and then Marlena and Kayla hug her. Max wishes she didn’t have to go. Roman agrees. She promises them that she’ll be back soon. She says her plane leaves soon, so she has to go. There are tearful hugs all around.

Anna comes back to her office and finds the flowers and note from Tony. She rips it into shreds.

Tony finds his secretary packing her things into a box. She tells him she is quitting. Tony asks what he did wrong. She whirls on him. When was she going to get he birth control talk? He thought she would have had that talk in sixth grade. She tells him that he’s a pervert and stomps out.

Lexie works frantically on Bo. She gets a pulse and Bo struggles for breath. Lexie instructs the nurse to hook him up to the monitors and start an IV.

Back at her place, Ava takes out some pictures. She kisses one of Steve, and flips past others of Chloe, Phillip, Belle, Shawn, Bo, Kayla, and Claire. Hope’s picture is last. Ava grimaces. So, she loves Patch? That’s a big, big mistake.

Hope sobs by Bo’s bedside. She should have never let her go without her. Shawn and Chelsea rush in and Hope tells them that Bo went into cardiac arrest. Thank God he’s stable now, though. Shawn and Chelsea demand answers. Aren’t the test results back? What’s wrong with him? Lexie comes in, “Yes, we have.”

Back at the pub, Steve wants to talk about that favor with Abe. He tells Abe that he needs him to check on a woman named Ava Pitali. Abe asks why. Steve says it’s a favor, and that’s all. Abe agrees. But just this once.

Caroline can’t believe Victor is at a loss for words. Victor smiles. He’s sorry, of course. He never stopped caring for her or Shawn. Caroline sighs. Back then, she had a hard choice to make. She was in love with both of them, but her home was with Shawn. Victor understands, and they did get something wonderful out of it, Bo. Victor smiles. Shawn gave his life for their son. He was more Shawn’s son.

Max takes his turn at giving a speech. Pop always seemed to have an answer for all of his questions. And he didn’t make them up, he told the God’s honest truth. He made Max feel special. He can’t top Kimberly’s speech. But he wants to toast the man who took him in and raised him, with an Irish toast of his own. Max recites a poem, “Cruel death. The young leaves droop in anguish. The evening's breeze will restore. The morning sunrise mocks my anguish. Time for him won't blossom nevermore.” He ends by toasting Shawn.

Tony bursts into Anna’s office and slams the door. She smiles. Well, maybe she went a little too far. Tony grabs her and kisses her.

The group at the pub makes merry and recites Irish poems and jokes. Belle starts out with a poem, “All heaven's wishes at your command. God and his angels, they're close at hand. Friends and family, their love doesn't part. Great Irish blessings to you we impart.” Roman tries a joke, “Okay, some say your glass is half full. Some say your glass is half empty. The Irish say, “Are you gonna drink that?"“ Everyone laughs. Phillip tries his hand, “May the lord hold you in his hand, but never clench his fist too hard.” EJ says there are a few he can’t repeat, but he thinks he knows one he can. He puts on an Irish accent, “So, now, if you drink, right, sure enough you're gonna get drunk. And if you're drunk, well, eventually, sure you're gonna fall asleep. And if you're asleep, I can tell you right now, you cannot commit a sin. And if you can't commit a sin, you're going straight to heaven. So, let's get drunk and go to heaven.” Everyone laughs uproariously. Nick tries one, “An Irishman is never too drunk as long as he can hold onto a blade of grass and not fall off the edge of the world.” Victor goes next, “Fathers, hold your children's hand for just a little while, but hold their hearts forever.” Lastly, Caroline has a phrase for them, “Let the sound of Irish music and the lilt of Irish laughter fill your hearts with gold and gladness that will last for ever after.”

Lexie tells them that Bo’s pancreas is shutting down. It’s only doing it little by little, but if it goes down completely, he’ll die. Hope cries.


Marlena tells John, “Give all the money away. It’s blood money.” John replies, “Mmm, that’s not going to happen. Anyway, I was wondering if you would help me.”

Sami tells EJ, “Listen, EJ, the only thing I want to talk to you about is how quickly we can get that annulment.”

Victor asks Lexie, “Damn it Lexie, what’s happening with Bo?” She replies, “We don’t know.”

Tony tells Stefano, “I wonder if we’ll ever know the true extent of all your evil.”

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