Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/27/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/27/08


Written By Jenni
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At St. Luke‘s, Roman lights a candle. Shawn’s casket and a photo of him are nearby. Marlena comes in and Roman explains that he wanted some time alone with Pop. He asks her to stay and she compliments the picture/ He smiles sadly. Caroline chose it. He tells her that they all have to prepare for this as their parents get older, but it’s still hard. Roman walks over to the casket and weeps. He tells Shawn how much he will miss him. Marlena comes up behind him with tears in her eyes. She hugs him. John comes and sees them. He squints.

At the hospital, Chelsea, Belle and Shawn come to Bo’s room. Shawn has brought Bo’s suit for the funeral. Chelsea hugs Bo as Lexie comes in to give him the green light. He can leave, but he has to promise to take it easy. Hope asks to speak to Lexie outside. She asks how Bo is doing and Lexie says his vitals are the same. Hope sighs. She needs Lexie to be honest with her. Is she going to lose her husband?

The camera pans to the “closed” sign at the pub. Caroline comes downstairs. Max, Stephanie, Steve, and Kayla are waiting on her. Kayla urges her to eat something, and Stephanie heads off to make oatmeal. Caroline tells them that she spoke with Frankie. He couldn’t make it, but he promised to come home soon. Max adds that he felt badly about not being here. Steve tries to soothe her. They’re all her for her. Caroline weeps. She doesn’t know if she can make it through the day. Kayla tells her they’re all going to be here for her. Kimberly walks in and agrees. Now Caroline is going to have the love and support of her family. Caroline smiles. They all greet Kimberly and talk about how long it’s been. She congratulates them on baby # 2 and asks about baby # 1. Stephanie comes over and Kimberly gushes about how much she’s grown. She asks about Jeannie and Andrew. Kimberly tells her that they’re in England with their dad. All three of them wanted to come, but they couldn’t get a flight out in time. Max asks if the ISA knows anything about who tampered with the plane. Kimberly says they still don’t know anything yet. Caroline tells Max not to focus on that today. Steve agrees. He needs to think about the good times. Kimberly asks if Bo is going to make it. Kayla sighs. He’s weak, but he’s still going to make it. She just hopes he can handle it.

Lexie doesn’t want to speculate on Bo’s chances until they have a diagnosis. They’ll have some information soon. Hope sighs. She just wants information. She feels so helpless. Lexie thinks having Hope around is helping in his recovery. Lexie would rather have him here, but it’s his father’s funeral. She needs to let him go. Plus, she’ll be on hand in case of an emergency. Hope thanks her and sighs heavily. Bo just has to be ok.

Marlena asks why John is here. He tells her that Shawn was his uncle. He asks Roman if that would make them cousins. Roman agrees that that’s so. He tells them they can go back to cuddling now. Marlena gasps. She detects jealousy. John scoffs. He just thinks they’re a little close for a divorced couple. Roman explains that he and Marlena always remained close. Marlena agrees. In fact, the three of them were very good friends. John laughs, “Yeah right.” Roman says they’re serious. He and John had their problems at first but they worked them out. They’re good. John says that in that case, he owes Roman a hug. John embraces him. Marlena beams.

Chloe and Phillip come to the church to find Sami and EJ waiting near the door to the nave. Sami asks about Brady. Chloe says they haven’t heard anything yet. Sami smirks. Maybe they would have found him if Chloe had come forward when she should have. Chloe huffs. Since when does she care about Brady? EJ introduces himself to Chloe. Sami says she’s a world-famous opera singer. Hasn’t he heard of her. Phillip thinks EJ has been too busy ruining other people’s lives. EJ greets Phillip. He hopes he’s well. Phillip asks Sami if she has talked to Lucas lately, or is she too occupied since he went to prison. Roman comes out and Sami tells him that she talked to Lucas, and he sends his condolences. Phillip apologizes for Roman’s loss and he and Chloe head inside. Sami tells him she spoke with Will, Austin, Carrie, and Eric. None of them were able to come. Roman smiles. They’ll have plenty of family here today, including cousin John. Sami sighs. He is different. Roman nods. Oh, yeah.

Max says they had all better get going. Besides, they can’t all fit in one car. Kimberly says she has a rental, and offers to take Caroline to the church. Victor walks in. Actually, he was hoping to do that. Kimberly tells everyone else to go ahead. She’ll make sure Caroline gets to the church. Everyone leaves save Kimberly, Caroline, and Victor. Kimberly asks why Victor is here. He says he just wants to help, but Kimberly can’t believe that. He has been such a source of pain to the family, that his timing is a bit odd. He says a lot has changed since she left. He regrets what he did to Shawn and Caroline. But he made amends and they forgave him. Kimberly says that may be so, but it still isn’t appropriate. Caroline shushes her and tells her to go on to the church. She’ll meet her there. Kimberly asks Victor not to take advantage of her vulnerability. Victor says he cares for her. He would never hurt her. Kimberly says he’ll answer to her, if he does. She leaves. Victor tells Caroline that they raised some feisty children. He’s glad she has so many people around to protect her.

Bo and Roman talk about how much they will miss Shawn. Bo says he still asked Shawn for advice. Roman tells Bo that he can come to him now. Bo laughs. He’ll keep it in mind. Bo smiles. Pop always had a funny joke or story for everyone. Roman says he can come to him for that, too. Bo grimaces. His jokes aren’t funny. They argue about whether or not Roman is funny until Hope interrupts. She hugs Roman and tells Bo that she was checking on Ciara. She asks what they were arguing about. Bo says they was just missing Pop.

Stephanie, Max, Kayla, Belle, and Shawn all run into each other outside the church. Kayla tells Shawn that Kimberly is bringing Caroline over, and Stephanie asks Belle about Chelsea. Belle thinks she’s looking for Nick around here somewhere. Steve comes up and ushers them all inside. He looks around furtively. Ava watches him from behind a bush. He catches sight of her and gives chase as she rushes off. He loses her as Abe and Lexie approach the church. Lexie asks if he is alright. Steve breathlessly tells her his ribs hurt. He just took a pill, so he’ll be fine. He asks Abe if he can pencil in a little one-on-one time. Nothing’s wrong, but he wants to ask a favor. Abe agrees and they both go inside. Steve glances around him desperately.

Caroline tells Victor that he doesn’t think its appropriate for her to go to her husband’s funeral with Victor. He reminds her that they all used to be great friends. He doesn’t think Shawn would mind if he escorted her. Caroline knows that. She actually wants to walk. Victor doesn’t want her to be alone, but she says she won’t be. Shawn will be with her. This will be their last walk together. She leaves.

Maggie comes up to Marlena and Sami at the church and she asks about John. Marlena admits that he is pretty strange. Maggie sighs. So he doesn’t remember her at all? Marlena sighs. No, and he doesn’t care either. Sami says all he seems to care about these days are the DiMera fortune and their power. Marlena says she glimpses signs fo himself at times, but they are just too fleeting to reach.

Kimberly greets Roman and asks Bo how he’s feeling. Bo sighs. Who told her? He accuses Kayla. Kayla huffs. Why does everyone accuse her of being a blabbermouth? Steve chuckles. She is kind of a chatterbox. Roman admits that he spilled the beans. Bo says he’s fine. He’s faking for attention. Kayla asks about Caroline and Kimberly admits that she left her with Victor. She insisted. Kimberly goes over to the casket. Roman comes over and holds her hand. Kayla comes over and holds his hand, and finally, Bo joins them so that they span the coffin, all holding hands. Steve and Hope comfort one another.

Nick rushes over to Chelsea and hugs her. He says he is there for her. Stephanie says she and Max , are too. Nick apologizes to Max for his loss and they all head inside.

EJ tells Sami how amazing her family is. He can really see that they all care for one another. Sami smiles. They may not get along all the time, but at the end of the day, they are all still family. EJ says that Shawn did a good job, unlike his own father. EJ hopes he can raise his children as well as Shawn did. Sami says she has to go check in with Doug and Julie and make sure the twins are ok. Victor comes in and sits behind Phillip, who thought he was brining Mrs. Brady. Victor says there was a change of plans. Just as Roman notices that his mom isn’t with Victor, Caroline comes in. EJ is in he back of the church, so she sees him and greets him first. She thanks him for coming. He says he would never let her down. A promise is a promise. He escorts her to her seat as Sami looks on. She sits down between Bo and Roman and waits for the service to begin.

Roman begins his eulogy. Roman promises to make it short and sweet. He knows Shawn would want them back at the pub, drinking pints in his honor. His father taught him about three things; one of which was hard work. Shawn worked hard, and he was so happy when he was finally able to open the pub. Roman has John Black to thank for that. He put up the money for it. The second thing his Pop taught him was honesty. The third was love. He and Roman’s mom were an example. They had some rough spots, but they always worked it out. Perhaps Shawn is gone physically, but his spirit will live on and on through his entire family. Roman smiles heavenward. The last thing he wanted to say was, “Thank you, Pop.”

Kimberly says she was sorry she wasn’t around more often these year. She breaks down. She just loves and misses him so much. Kayla goes next and reminisces about fishing with her dad. One of the last trips they took was right before her wedding to Steve. We flash back to Shawn telling Kayla that he didn’t like Steve at first, but now he can happily toast them at their wedding. He thinks Steve would make a fine husband. Back in the present, Kayla bawls. He gave her the strength to be the person she is today. She walks over to the casket an tells Shawn that she loves him and will miss him. Bo goes after Kayla. Shawn wasn’t his biological father, but he was in every other way. He never gave up on him, no matter how much he messed up. Even after he found out they went related, he treated Bo like one of his own. He had a generous heart full of love. We flash back to Shawn toasting Bo. He tells Bo that he may not be his son, but he loves him just the same, no matter what he does. Bo smiles back in the present. Shawn was a hero. He lived and died as one. Bo grimaces in pain and Hope stand up, concerned he says he is fine and goes over to the casket. He whispers fiercely, “I’ll never forget what you did for me--what you gave.”

Chloe sings a hymn as the family members each leave a little something on he casket before they head out. Hope leaves a rose, Steve; a harmonica, Shawn and Belle; a flask, Maggie; a rosary and Lexie and Abe, another rose. Marlena and Sami leave a book. Sami falls on her knees in front of Roman and embraces him. Victor leaves a framed picture. Caroline and the rest of Shawn’s children are left last. They all weep. Caroline flashes back to Shawn asking her to marry him again a few years ago. She heads over to the casket, “May the earth rest easy over you; so easy that your soul is up and off, and on its way to God.” She bawls.


Anna yells into her phone, “DiMera advertising? Well, DiMera advertising stinks!”

Roman proposes a toast, “To Pop.“ The rest of the crowd toasts, “To Pop! To Shawn!”

Hope tells Steve, “Steve, we’ve got to get him to the hospital right away.” Steve grabs Bo and says, “I’ll go get the car. I’ll bring him out.” Hope tries not to panic, “Ok.”

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