Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/26/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/26/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Outside the pub, Sami and Belle walk up to find a sign announcing that the pub is closed due to a death in the family. Sami sobs a little. She can’t believe that she isn’t going to walk in there and see Shawn anymore. He was so warm and funny. He just made the place come alive. It’s never going to be the same. Belle agrees. Their family will never be the same either. They walk in to find Shawn, Roman, and Caroline meeting with Father Jansen. Caroline tells the girls that she has been making funeral arrangements. Shawn asks Belle if he talked to Hope, and she tells him that she’s at the hospital. Bo had to be taken down for more testing. Caroline says that she’s usually the babysitter. Where are all of the babies? Belle smiles and tells her that Claire and Ciara are with Maggie at Alice’s house. Caroline asks about the twins. Right on cue, EJ comes in pushing a double stroller and juggling a few bags.

At their apartment, Steve tries to get Kayla to go back to bed. She insists that Lexie wouldn’t have released her if he baby was in any danger. She changes the subject and questions him about his ribs. Steve grumps. He’s fine. Kayla says the baby is, too. Steve pushes. Kayla agrees to lie down for one hour, but then she’s going jogging. Steve flips and Kayla kisses him, saying she was kidding. Kayla heads into the bedroom. Steve take out his phone and makes a call. He asks someone when they can meet him, then says he will be right there. On the way out, he bumps into Stephanie and startles her. She immediately wants to know what’s wrong. Did something happen to her mom or the baby? Steve fidgets and smiles. He says no.

Marlena walks into the DiMera mansion to find John doing paperwork. He tells her that he has been going through Stefano’s papers, and so far, everything seems legitimate. Maybe he just hasn’t gotten to the good stuff yet. Marlena wonders why he called her over here to tell her that. John tells her that he wants to see Stefano. Can she arrange that? Marlena gapes. The she tells him that Stefano is in a catatonic state. She isn’t sure what John hopes to gain by visiting him. John reminds her that Stefano is family, whether he likes it or not. Marlena wonders how Stefano might react to the news that John is Colleen’s son by Santo. John says he wants to be the one to tell him. Besides, it could be fun.

Caroline tells Sami that she could have dropped the twins by Alice’s, but Sami thinks they have their hands full. EJ pipes up and adds that he appreciates any time he can spend with the twins. Father Jansen wants to speak with Roman and Caroline about the eulogy, but Roman tells him that he would like to do it. He’d also like to have some of the other family members speak at the funeral, too. Jansen agrees and tells Caroline that they can finish up if this is too hard. She bursts into tears. She should know better than anyone what Shawn would want. Sami pulls Belle aside and asks if she and Shawn are back together. Belle nods and smiles. Sami is glad. It must be easier to go through this ordeal with each other to rely on. Belle asks Sami how she is handling all of this without Lucas.

At her place, Ava pulls out a picture of herself and Steve. She smiles.

Steve tells Stephanie that her mom is taking a nap. Stephanie asks what his problem is. He’s clearly upset about something. Steve admits that his ribs have been killing him, but he didn’t want Kayla to know. He was just rushing out to run a quick errand. Stephanie doesn’t buy it, and she brushes past him. Maybe Kayla can get the truth out of him. Steve stops her. He just needs to handle something. It’s no big deal. Stephanie huffs. She really wishes he would tell her what is going on. Steve groans. Stephanie warns him. He always acts before he thinks. He needs to be careful. Steve says he isn’t having this conversation right now. Kayla trips out of the bedroom and asks what they’re talking about. Steve wants to know why she’s out of bed. She says he’s hungry, and he offers to make her tea and toast, but Stephanie wants to go get her some chips and onion dip. She knows all about her mom’s cravings. It’s either that, or peanut butter. Stephanie heads off to the store, and Kayla heads back to the bedroom. Steve makes a call and asks if the person can still meet him. He heads out.

EJ stands outside the pub and shivers. Caroline comes over and tells him that she knows exactly how he feels.

Marlena tells John that she doesn’t want to see Stefano, and he’s ok by that. He just wants her to get him in somehow. Marlena refuses. He can’t go see Stefano alone. They have no idea how he might react. John nods. It could stir up something in his subconscious. Doesn’t she find that interesting? Marlena sighs. Anything that may help recover his memory is worth trying. Even confronting Stefano. John beams and grabs his coat. As they start to head out, the doorbell rings. They open it to find Abe, who tells them that he has unfinished business with John--police business. As far as the Salem P.D. is concerned, he was never released from protective custody. John rolls his eyes. They were just leaving. Abe puts his hand up and stops John. He was being held for questioning. John says he has no memory, so he can’t answer them anyway. Abe still thinks he’s dangerous. Marlena glares. John is not Stefano’s soldier any longer. John looks at her admiringly. She’s prettier when she’s angry. Abe hopes she is right, but he doesn’t really want to take the chance that she isn’t. John protests. Abe reminds him that he can hold him on nothing for seventy-two hours. Marlena says there must be some way to prove that John isn’t dangerous. John says he can prove it. He just needs to make a phone call. He heads off.

Roman asks how Shawn is holding up. Shawn says it’s rough. His grandpa is dead, and his dad might-- Roman cuts him off. Bo isn’t going anywhere. Shawn sighs. He just misses his grandpa. He keeps expecting him to head up the stairs with a keg. Roman thinks that he and Shawn ought to do a little of that themselves. They can try to get the place ready for the wake.

EJ seems confused. Caroline is grieving. Why would she care what he is feeling? Caroline knows that look. It’s that look that says he’s made mistakes, and wants to fix them, but he doesn’t know how. Caroline has been there, too. She’s made her share of mistakes, the worst of which was betraying her husband. She was forgiven a long time ago, but she feels that she should also try to help EJ, if she can. EJ isn’t sure that she can. Caroline sighs. She can tell that he cares for Sami, and she believes that he is trying to be a better man. EJ nods and admits that this is so. She tells him not to dwell on the mistakes. Something good can come from them. After all, look at her affair with Victor. Bo came out of that. Even her worst mistake had good results. She asks EJ to come to Shawn’s funeral. It has brought her family closer together, and who knows, perhaps some good might come out of it for EJ, too. He promises to come.

Stephanie comes back from the store and greets Kayla, who tells her that Steve isn’t there. Stephanie muses. That errand must have been pretty important to leave her here alone. Kayla rummages through the bag Stephanie brought and they agree to go watch TV in the bedroom.

Ava makes a call and tells the person on the other end that she needs their help. Her daddy found out she went to see Patch, and now he won’t let her out. She needs the person to find out everything they can about Patch. He’s back in Salem now.

Steve comes back with his own paper bag and listens through the bedroom door as Stephanie and Kayla chat and giggle. He hides his gun in his coat pocket and makes a call. He tells the person that the info they gave him didn’t lead back to Ava. He pauses, then says that he isn’t crazy. She’s back in town. She got to him and people died because of her. He has to find her and stop her before she tries it again and hurts someone else.

Caroline and EJ head back into the pub, and Sami asks if she can do anything. Caroline says no. She has Shawn, Belle and Roman to help her if she needs it. Sami just needs to go home and take care of her babies. Sami hugs her and says she’ll see her tomorrow. Sami and EJ leave with the twins in tow. Caroline sets everyone to work. She wants Shawn to have the best sendoff an Irishman ever had. She sends Shawn off to stock the bar, and Roman off to check that all of the plates and glasses are clean. She and Belle will plan the menu.

Ava tells the person that her daddy is generous with money. It’s just other things that she keeps from him. She needs information on Patch. She wants to know where he’s been since he left her, and also everything about that bitch he married who’s carrying his child.

Steve wants records on where Ava is living or has been living. Steve pauses. He knows all about her old man and how protective he is. Maybe he hasn’t realized how crazy she is. He tells the person to keep digging. He needs to find her. He listens and tell the person not to take this the wrong way, but Ava and him are two people from his past that he would prefer not to think about. It was no accident when he disappeared from their little circle of friends so long ago. He has a new life now, and he can’t let his past touch his family again.

Lexie shows up at the DiMera mansion, to Abe’s surprise. She asks John why he called her here. He wants her to tell Abe that he doesn’t need to go back to the hospital. Lexie tells Abe that John is in perfect health. Marlena agrees. She can attest to that. Abe says this isn’t about his physical condition. John smiles. Abe thinks he’s a mindless, crazed, robotic killer. Marlena knows that John isn’t a danger to anyone. Abe huffs. He doesn’t understand why the two of them are defending John. John smiles. Abe doesn’t like him, huh? Abe smiles sadly. John Black never had a better friend than Abe. But this man is not John Black. Lexie doesn’t think John is any more like Stefano than she is. Abe agrees not to fight them on this, but he warns John that he will be watching him. John tells him to do whatever he wants--outside his house. He tells Marlena he’s ready and walks off. She apologizes to Abe and follows John. Abe sighs. So is he.

Shawn and Belle tells Caroline that the food is all ready. They’ll pick it up on their way back from the hospital. Roman asks Caroline what she and EJ were talking about. She says she told EJ not to be so hard on himself. Roman wonders if the son of Stefano could really change. Caroline says everyone can. They just need someone or something to make them want to do it.

Steve hangs up and flashes back to Ava’s note as Stephanie and Kayla exit the bedroom. He tells Kayla that he got her some salsa to go with the chips, but Stephanie says she already got it along with the onion dip. She can predict all of her mom’s cravings. Kayla kisses Steve. He grins. He bets Stephanie didn’t predict that one. He chides Kayla for not resting for an hour, as promised. She huffs. It felt like two. Him being difficult isn’t helping her relax. Steve pleads with her to at least sit down. Kayla agrees and he kisses her. Stephanie can tell they want to be alone. She starts to leave and Steve freaks. She can’t leave. She asks why not.

Marlena and John walk into Stefano’s room. His eyes are open, and he appears to stare at them. They stare back.

Stephanie asks if this has something to do with what they were talking about earlier. Steve covers quickly and tells Kayla they were talking about taking care of her. Stephanie says she really has some stuff to take care of at the Theta house. Steve asks if she is going straight there. He just wants to know where she’s going to be. Stephanie sighs. She is glad they are into each other, and she loves them, but they’re embarrassing. She leaves. Kayla and Steve kiss and canoodle.

Ava tells the person that if they don’t help her, she’ll tell her daddy all about the other times they did help. And they know how angry her daddy gets at being betrayed. It’s this simple. No one walks away from her. Patch did, so now he’s going to have to pay.

At her apartment, Sami sorts through baby clothes. EJ says he thinks Caroline believes in him. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have said the things she did. Sami huffs. Caroline is grieving and confused. Sami weeps. She can’t believe Shawn is gone. She doesn’t even know the last thing she said. It was probably stupid. She cant believe another member f their family is gone. She wails. EJ hugs her. She hugs back, and presses her face into his chest. She looks up into his eyes and moves away slowly. She heads for the bathroom, turns as if to say something, then changes her mind and shuts the door behind her.

John gazes at Stefano and chuckles. He thought he had it all figured out, but his ego was his undoing. He calls Stefano a smug SOB. He made the biggest mistake. The two people he brought together were the last people on earth that should have come together. He leans down and whispers that Colleen Brady is his mother. She and Santo had a bastard kid, and it was him. Stefano thinks, “No! That is impossible!” John tells him the plan almost worked. He was pretty close to cutting her throat, but something stopped him. Stefano thinks that he still owns John. A part of him always will. John goes on. Stefano is really going to hate this, but Colleen died happy, with all of her family around her. Stefano’s family deserted him and condemned him to this for the rest of his life. Now John will enjoy his old life. He’s going back to Stefano’s house. He’ll drink his booze, smoke his cigars, eat his food, and sleep in his bed. Before long, it will be like Stefano never existed. He tells “Blondie” that he’s ready to go and they leave. Stefano rages inside his mind, “Damn you John! Damn you and your whore of a mother!”


Kimberly tells Caroline, “Let me drive you to the church, alright?” Victor walks in and says, “Actually, I was hoping to do that.”

John tells Roman, “Well, in that case, I owe you a hug.” He embraces Roman. Marlena beams.

Hope tells Lexie, “I need for you to tell me the truth. Am I going to lose my husband?”

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