Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/25/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/25/08


Written By Jenni
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Roman visits with Bo in his hospital room. Bo asks about Hope, and Roman tells him that she’s at home, resting. Roman came by to let him know that the NTSB is going to want to talk to him about the plane, but Roman has been holding them off. He’d like to talk to Bo about himself if he’s up to it. Bo tells him to fire away. Roman just wants to know what happened. Bo tells him the radios went out and the pilots passed out. Steve and John did their best to get them landed safely after that. Roman sighs. Bo knows what they say about landings. Bo nods. Any landing you can walk away from is a good one. Roman’s voice breaks. But Pop didn’t walk away from it at all. He was a good man. Bo agrees. He was the best.

Steve moans and awakens to find Kayla by his bedside. She asks how he is, but he wants to know how both she and “the little peanut” are doing first. Kayla grins. Both she and the baby are just fine. Steve says he feels great. He’s ready to up in the ring and face his next opponent. He suggests that Kayla head back to her room. The sooner she gets rested up, the sooner they can leave. Kayla asks him if he’ll be good. Steve smiles. Is he ever anything but? She chuckles and leaves. Steve hunts around for the threatening note. He picks it up and stares.

At the sorority house, the sisters gather to discuss Chelsea’s confession to the death of Ford Decker. Slone reminds her that they took a vow not to say anything. Ashley agrees. She may be off the hook with the cops, but she isn’t off the hook with them. Stephanie stands up for Chelsea. She was the one that felt the most responsible for Ford’s death. The guilt ate away at her. Cordy huffs. That’s why they all covered for Chelsea. They were all scared, but Chelsea showed that she didn’t trust them. Morgan says that Chelsea also showed a lot of courage. She had the most to lose by confessing, but she did it anyway. Morgan admires that, and so do the rest of the sisters. They’ve decided that Chelsea can remain a Theta sister. Morgan hugs Chelsea.

Shawn and Belle bring Claire to Bo’s room and ask if they can visit. Bo agrees. Caroline follows Belle and Shawn into his room. Roman and Bo both fidget uncomfortably at the sight of their mother.

Kayla and Steve arrive home and he helps her over to the couch, despite her protests that she should be helping him. Steve pulls her down next to him and demands that they snuggle. Kayla cuddles up to him and reminds him that he was trying to tell her something before he fell asleep last night. What was it? Steve claims not to remember. He chides Kayla for not lying down. She needs to go to bed. Kayla refuses, and Steve does some bargaining. If she’ll agree to lie down on the couch, he’ll go get them something to eat. Kayla readily agrees and Steve heads out. He tells her he loves her.

Bo greets Caroline and says he wishes that Pop were here. Caroline wants to talk about him, so Belle takes Claire off for a walk. Bo sighs. His dad died because of him. Bo tells Caroline about the oxygen running out. Shawn insisted that he had led a good, long life, and when Bo passed out, he handed over his mask and refused to take any more oxygen. Shawn Douglas interrupts and adds that his grandfather died so that his family could live. Caroline sighs. Shawn would have done anything for his children. She knows Bo would have done the same for his son, and Shawn would do the same for Claire. It’s just part of being a good father. Bo sighs. He’s sick. He could be dying. What if his Pop did all of this for nothing? Lexie strides in and gapes. He did not do it for nothing!

Steve wanders through an alley as the mysterious woman follows him. He whirls around, grabs her by the throat, and backs her up against the wall. It’s her! She was in Ireland, too. She nods. She hoped he saw her at the airport. She and Steve struggle, and a man comes out of nowhere and hits Steve over the head. He collapses on the ground and moans. What does she want? She sneers. He never said goodbye. Perhaps she should start calling him “Steve” instead of “Patch,” since that’s his real name. Steve struggles to his feet. If that’s all she wants, then fine. He breathes heavily, “Goodbye, Ava.” She whines. He said he loved her. He said he wanted her to have his baby. Steve apologizes. He just isn’t that person anymore. Ava grins. Then it looks like the new Steve will just have to pay for Patch’s mistakes. She says she wants him back, but first he has to suffer for the years of torment he put her through. Steve grunts. So she had her people screw with the plane, huh? She nods. She admits that they got carried away, but he didn’t die, so she’s glad. Steve glares. Other people did die, though. What’s the matter with her? Is she that crazy? Ava smiles. It’s not like her to get out of the house much, she knows that. But she did get to Ireland, and she got out today, too. Steve thinks she’s sick. Ava invites him to come with her as her partner moves in on Steve. He and Steve struggle, and Steve comes out victorious, but battered. He moves off and warns Ava to keep away from his family. She huffs. This is not over.

Chelsea thanks the sisters and sighs. Now life can get back to normal. Slone disagrees. Now they have to figure out what they want to do once they get out of school. She hands them a paper and explains that it’s a list of available internships in Salem. The girls look over the paper. Chelsea says she’s found something.

Lexie swears that Bo won’t die on her watch. Bo wonders what will happen if his illness is terminal. Lexie tells him that it’s too soon to jump to conclusions. She asks for a word alone with Bo. The rest of the group gets up to leave. Caroline tells Bo not to feel badly. She’s proud of his father, and he died a hero. Roman offers some words of consolation. Bo is strong, and bull-headed. Does he have Bo’s word that he’ll make it through this? Bo says he can give his word, but what if he’s wrong? Roman chuckles. Then he’ll have to go to heaven and kick the hell out of him. Shawn also encourages Bo. His father died so hat he could live. He knows that his grandpa knew what he was doing. Bo has to have faith in that, too. Bo sighs and nods.

Stephanie and Chelsea look up an internship for the news station as Max comes in. Stephanie apologizes for what happened to his dad. Chelsea stammers uncomfortably. She’s really not good at this kind of thing, so she’s going to go check on her dad. Chelsea heads off as Stephanie soothes Max. He tells her his last words to his dad were that he was too busy to talk. Stephanie knows that his dad knew he loved him. He knew it even as he took his last breath. They hug. Morgan watches them.

Steve brings Kayla some burgers and fries. Overhead, something thuds loudly. Steve winces. What the hell was that? Kayla says she thinks their neighbors upstairs are taking salsa lessons. She asks about Steve’s ribs. He tells her ruefully that his pain prescription ran out. He needs to refill it. Kayla offers to do it, but Steve refuses. He heads out, locking the door behind him. Kayla muses, “Expecting trouble?”

Bo and Caroline talk about Shawn, Sr. Caroline knows hoe much he loved Bo. It broke his heart when Bo ran off to join the Merchant Marine. And when he found out Victor was Bo’s father, it only made him realize how strong their father/son bond was. She thought Shawn would never forgive her, but he did. He was so generous and hard-working. Bo and Caroline reminisce about the time Shawn told Bo the truth about Santa Claus. Caroline tells Bo it was a sad day for Shawn. He finally knew that his kids were all grown up. Bo nods. Being a good father was always so important to him, and he was there for Bo, even at the end. Caroline says that he is there for Bo now, too. He’s still there for all of his children. Bo tells her he’s there for her, too. Bo sobs. Caroline hugs him.

Morgan hugs Max and tells him how sorry she is. She doesn’t know how he is handling this so well. Max wishes he had been there, too, sharing his father’s mask. Morgan shakes her head. Then Max might have died. Max thinks that may have been for the best. His father was a far better man than he could ever be. Stephanie thinks he is amazing, and he has a lot of years ahead of him to become an even better man. She adds that she and Morgan are there for him, no matter what. Max sniffles and apologizes for being such a wuss. They tell him that he’s acting normally, and Stephanie tells them that she has to go check on her parents. She gives Max a parting kiss and leaves.

Kayla cleans up the burger wrappers and catches a glimpse of a photograph of her parents. She bawls. Her dad was the best father a girl could ask for. Steve says that her dad went out on his own terms--and saved his family. Steve would do the same thing for Kayla and Stephanie. A loud thud echoes from upstairs. Steve jumps and admits that he still has some adrenaline left over from the plane crash. Kayla tells him that he doesn’t have to worry anymore. They’re home now, and they’re safe. She goes to lie down in the bedroom and Steve promises to join her shortly. After she heads off, he locks the chain on the door and pulls a gun out.

Morgan tells Max that she knows Stephanie loves and trusts him, but she wouldn’t let him out of her sight if she were Stephanie. Max smiles. She’s a good girl. He has always liked her. Morgan sighs. She knows he doesn’t love her, and she’s ok with that. She understands, and she’s ready to move on as friends. Max hugs her. He’s glad. He doesn’t want to lose her as a friend.

Lexie explains to Bo that he’s going to have to have several tests run, so it may take a little while to get the results. He asks about the worst-case scenario, but Lexie refuses to talk about that. He doesn’t need to get ahead of himself. Lexie does promise to be completely honest with him after she gets some results back. Bo makes her promise to tell him the results before she tells the rest of his family. Bo thanks her as a nurse wheels him off.

The lock and chain rattle. Steve sneaks up to the door with the gun and waits. Stephanie unlocks the door and grumbles about the chain. This place is harder to get into than a safe. Steve hides the gun behind his back and lets her in. They make small talk about his injuries, and he tells her that her mom wants to see her. Stephanie heads off for the bedroom. Steve puts the chain back into place, hides the gun in the couch cushions, and sits down to wait.


Belle asks Sami, "How are you handing all this without Lucas?" EJ juggles a bag full of baby supplies and rolls his eyes.

Stephanie tells Steve, "Papa, I really wish you'd tell me what's going on."

Abe tells Marlena, "John and I have unfinished business. Police business."

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