Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/22/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/22/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At her apartment, Anna lies on the couch relaxing in a robe, and wearing a facial mask. Tony knocks and she reluctantly answers. He gasps and tells her that her face is green. She huffs. It’s beauty mask. Tony chuckles. That’s quite a misnomer. She asks what he wants. He needs her to get dressed and come with him right away. It’s a matter of life and death.

In his car, Sami asks EJ to slow down. He wonders why John and Marlena wanted them to meet them at the mansion. Sami is just worried about getting there alive. EJ wonders jokingly why he married such a nag. Sami says the marriage of convenience isn’t exactly convenient anymore. So it’s a good thing they’re getting this annulment. He clearly wants it as much as she does. EJ smiles somewhat ruefully and says yes.

John and Marlena walk in to the sitting room of the DiMera mansion and John marvels at how large it is. Marlena says it gives her the creeps while John wonders what it’s worth. She gasps. It was bought with blood money. John says Stefano had good taste, at least, It doesn’t bother him how the money was gotten. He tells her that if she wants to help, she can look for bank records. He wants to know how much his big brother was raking in. John rifles through a nearby drawer. Marlena can’t believe he’s talking like this--like a DiMera.

Lexie comes into Kayla’s hospital room and stops to compliment a bouquet. Kayla tells her that Adrienne sent them. Lexie asks about Stephanie and Kayla says she sent her home. Lexie asks how Kayla is and she says she’s ok physically, but she isn’t doing well emotionally. All of the stuff with Bo being sick and her Pop dying is getting to her. And then the baby worries her, too. She was so excited when she found out she was pregnant and now she’s overwhelmed with worry. Lexie asks her to relax. The spotting and cramping stopped, and both her and the baby are fine. Kayla wishes Steve could be there. He was such a hero on the plane.

Roman comes into Steve’s hospital room and finds him wandering around. Roman coaxes him back into bed. He’s been through a lot. Roman wanted to talk to him about the crash--if he’s up to it. Steve says he is. Roman asks him to tell him everything he knows. Steve says that someone sabotaged the plane. Someone wanted it to crash, and Steve is going to make sure that person burns in hell.

Anna asks Tony if he’s in trouble. He says that’s it--kind of. He wants to come in and explain, but she stops him. She’s not speaking to him. Doesn’t he remember? Tony insists that it’s important, so she relents. Tony reminds her about Stefano being in a coma. He was transferred to an institution. Anna doesn’t get why he’s here. Tony says there is more. Marlena has called him and asked him to come to the mansion. He’s afraid that Stefano recovered. If Stefano is alive and angry with him, he wants the woman he loves by his side. Anna huffs. What does he think she is, a human shield? He needs to stop wasting her time and leave. Tony admits that he was looking for an excuse to spend time with her. He misses her so and is going crazy without her. He begs her to come with him to the mansion. Anna sighs and finally agrees.

EJ asks if Johnny and Allie can come stay with him every once in a while. Sami doesn’t answer. EJ asks if she’s listening, and she says no and apologizes. She can’t believe her whole family was in a plane crash and her grandfather died. It’s like her whole family is still under attack. EJ sighs. At least they know his father isn’t involved. He still hasn’t recovered from that stroke. Sami asks if it was hard to abandon him. EJ says it’s best for everyone this way, but he’d be lying if he didn’t admit some small part of him hopes he’s been called to the mansion to hear news of Stefano’s recovery. Sami gapes. Sami says there’s no way that’s possible. John wouldn’t be talking about moving in if Stefano was recovering. EJ says that’s true--unless he is still under Stefano’s control. Sami gasps and tells him to stop driving so slow. They have to get there as soon as they can!

John fingers a chess piece and tells Marlena that he is a DiMera. She insists that he is much more a Brady than a DiMera. John is tired of beer and Irish pubs. He uncorks a glass liquor bottle and tells her that he’s ready to appreciate the finer things in life. Marlena tells him that he has had money for years. He never cared about it before. John grunts. He just didn’t know how to put it to good use. Look at this place. It’s amazing. Times have changed. His highness has been knocked off his throne and it’s John’s turn. Maybe they ought to talk to his bastard half-brother and figure out if the old man is expected to recover. Marlena gapes.

Steve recaps the plane’s failures for Roman. Someone sabotaged the electronics. The control panel’s wires were fried. Someone attached an explosive to it. The pilots were drugged, too. Roman usually expects Stefano to be behind these things, but he is in a coma. Roman wonders if everyone was supposed to be killed. Maybe there was simply a single target. Steve wonders who would have been crazy enough to do such a thing. Steve flashes back to the mysterious woman he chased at the airport. He sighs. That person would have to be pretty damn crazy.

Lexie apologizes about Shawn, and Kayla says she is sorry about Stefano, too. She knows it must be hard not having him there. Lexie thanks her for understanding, especially after all of the horrible things Stefano has done. Kayla smiles. She may not care for Stefano, but she cares for Lexie very much. She congratulates her on her appointment to chief of staff. Lexie chuckles. As her boss, she’s ordering her to rest. Lexie leaves. As she walks off, a woman approaches the nurses station and asks for Steve Johnson’s room.

Roman says they don’t have any solid leads, but they’re going to keep looking. Roman says he has to leave, but he’ll call if he hears anything. Steve says he was sorry about his Pop. He was a real hero on the plane, and Roman would be proud. Roman thanks him. It means a lot. He tells Steve to get some sleep and leaves. Steve bangs his fists on the bed and wails. He’s the one she wanted! He breaks a vase near the bed and yowls with pain. A nurse rushes in and he begs her to help him. The woman from the airport stands outside and smiles.

Anna, Tony, EJ and Sami show up at the DiMera mansion at the same time. They walk into the wafting strains of opera. A man sits by the fire with a glass of brandy. Sami gasps. OMG! He’s back! EJ approaches the chair. Marlena rushes up and shuts the music off. Sami asks when Stefano recovered. Marlena doesn’t know what she’s talking about. John gets out of the chair and admits the music was annoying him. Anna gapes. Sami says they thought he was Stefano. EJ asks why they are there. Marlena says it’s a long story. It starts with Colleen Brady, who faked her death and left the country. She was pregnant with Santo’s child. It was a boy. Tony asks if they know where he is. John says he’s right here. Anna laughs. Where? John says he is the bastard love child of Santo and Colleen. Sami gasps, “What?” Anna can’t believe it. He’s a Brady. Tony shakes his head. He’s a DiMera. John pours a drink and Tony says that means they aren’t half brothers. John doesn’t get it. Tony apologizes. He forgot John lost his memory. He introduces himself and Anna. John remarks on their last name, and Tony adds that they are DiMeras in name only. He was able to escape Stefano’s cursed genetics. EJ asks Marlena if Stefano knew. Marlena says he didn’t. he had no idea that sending John to kill Colleen would only reunite mother and child. Sami turns to John. She can’t believe that he is Stefano’s half-brother. Lexie walks in just in time to catch the last. She gapes. What did Sami say? Anna tells her that John is Santo and Colleen’s child. Lexie can’t believe it. They’ve been friends all these years, and he was her uncle the whole time? John says they can reconstruct the family tree later. Right now, he wants to look into Stefano’s estate, Does she have the number of his lawyer? EJ asks what he wants. John thinks he is entitled to his share of the estate. With Stefano out of commission, that gives him just about everything. EJ snaps. John says he just wants what’s entitled to him. He deserves a little compensation after everything that has been done to him. He offers Lexie and EJ a drink. They should celebrate with their uncle. He smiles.

The woman tries to go into Steve’s room, but a nurse shuts the door as he struggles with the other nurse. Steve insists on finding Kayla. The nurse threatens him with a shot. He thrashes. She threatens to tell Kayla how uncooperative he’s being. Steve relents and takes the tranquilizer. The nurse tells him to get some rest and leaves. Outside, as the woman listens and pretends to look at a magazine, the nurse marvels to another that Steve and Kayla didn’t both have permanent damage from the crash. The other nurse tells her that Kayla is also pregnant. It’s so exciting. The woman from the airport glares. She approaches the male nurse and tells him that she meant to ask for Steve Johnson’s wife’s room. He points her in the right direction and she heads over. Another nurse stops her and insists that visiting hours are over. She glares and huffs off.

Tony pulls Lexie, EJ, and Marlena aside into the foyer. EJ fumes. Who does John think he is? Why is he interested in the DiMera fortune all of a sudden? Marlena sighs. She hoped the trip to Ireland would bring the old John back, but that just wasn’t so. She saw glimpses of him, but this man is still a stranger to her.

Sami tries to convince Jon that Marlena doesn’t care about material possessions. John says he likes the way he is. doesn’t Anna? She smiles. Well, they do have a lot more in common now. Sami stomps on her foot. Anna yelps. Anna hobbles over to the couch. John assists her. And people say he is rude. He glares at Sami. John tenderly massages her foot. Anna smiles. He does have strong hands. John grins and massages. Anna giggles. Tony and Marlena come back in and Tony asks what the hell’s going on.

Later, John does paperwork and Marlena comes in and says she’s glad everyone left, although they can be fun. She says she is heading home and asks if he is coming. John says he is home. There is no reason to let this magnificent place go to waste. She can stay, too. Marlena says no. She isn’t comfortable here. She vows not to give up on John. He shrugs. Good to know. Marlena leaves, albeit reluctantly.

Steve moans thickly. He mumbles that he has to find her, as a nurse comes in with a note for him. He reads it and gasps. She’s here! The camera pans in on the note, which reads, “That bitch will never have your baby.” Steve gasps and trembles.

Back at her apartment, Anna tells Tony that John was just massaging her foot. Tony is just jealous. Tony denies it. He just doesn’t think she should be flirting with Marlena’s brain-damaged husband. Anna huffs. He was flirting with her. Tony grabs her and pulls her to him. Of course he was. Why wouldn’t he? She’s magnificent and enchanting. He kisses her. Tony asks if he can stay the night. Anna says no. Tomorrow is her first day of work. Remember, she told him about her interview. Tony asks what she going to be doing. She says she’s an executive at an advertising agency. Tony gasps. She smiles. That’s right. She is working for his competition. As of right now, the two of them are rivals.

Back in EJ’s car, Sami sighs. She can’t believe John is a DiMera. EJ says “Brady” at the same time. She huffs. He says that like it’s a bad thing. He laughs. She said DiMera like it was a bad thing, too. Sami doesn’t see how John being Stefano’s brother could be a good thing. EJ hopes it might turn the family around, but Sami worries the DiMera curse might just infect John and turn him bad, too. EJ laughs. Like him? Look at Tony and Lexie. Sami huffs. They have both had their moments. Sami is just worried about Marlena. She loves John. She could get hurt or even destroyed if she lets her love for him blind her to what he has become.

Steve moans for Kayla and tries to get out of bed. He makes it to the front of the bed and collapses on the ground. Kayla walks in and gasps. She helps him up. She snuck out to come see him. Is that what he was doing, too? He asks if she and the baby are ok. She says they are and coaxes him back into bed. He says he has to tell her something. She asks what’s wrong. Steve mumbles and falls asleep.

Tony tells Anna he would have given her a job. Anna thinks he sees her as an airhead. He doesn’t respect her, or treat her like an equal. He proved that when he decided to settle down in Salem without even asking her. Tony thought she liked living here. Anna huffs. That isn’t the point. He just thinks that she is going to follow him around like some love-sick puppy. He can’t earn her adoration by patting her on the head and tossing her a treat from time to time. It’s patronizing! Tony asks if she means to prove she’s a force to be reckoned with by working for the competition. Anna beams. That’s exactly right. Tony thinks it’s ludicrous. He bought the best ad agency. He has years of experience. She can go ahead and do what she needs to do, but she is setting herself up for failure. She thinks it is time for him to leave. He groans. She is so frustrating. But he still loves her. She doesn’t have to prove anything. Anna doesn’t think she has his respect. Tony thinks he must be doing something wrong. He wishes her goodnight and leaves. They both stand near the door, though on opposite sides, and stare off into space wistfully.

EJ asks Sami if he thinks John is a danger to Marlena. Sami says John doesn’t care how difficult it is for her mom right now. EJ asks if it’s as difficult as being married to him. Sami snaps. He can’t compare their relationship to her mom and John’s. She really loves him. EJ sighs. She doesn’t love him? Sami grumps. She doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. They’re just going to get the annulment and be finished with it. EJ agrees. Sami stares out the window.

John handles some objects d’art and walks over to Stefano’s portrait. He laughs. It looks like he is finally getting what he deserves, and so is Stefano. Thanks for setting him up in such fine accommodations. He toasts Stefano.

Steve tries to tell Kayla something, but he can’t stay awake. She tells him to have sweet dreams and kisses him. The note from the mysterious woman lies on the floor nearby.


Ashley tells Chelsea as Morgan looks on, “You know you might be off the hook with the cops, Chelsea, but you’re not off the hook with us.”

Bo tells Caroline, “I’m sick. What if Pop did this for nothing?” Lexie walks in, “He did not do it for nothing!”

Steve confronts the mysterious woman, “You!” He backs her up against a wall and chokes her.

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