Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/21/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/21/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by
Juanita and Chit-Chat Haven

At the hospital, Caroline frets. Why haven’t they heard from the yet? Roman explains that they cleared as much red tape as they could, but the still have to get through customs. Sami rushes in with EJ and asks where Marlena and Belle are. Roman assures her that they’re on their way. Lexie adds that EMTs were on site as well. They wouldn’t have cleared anyone to fly back if they were seriously injured. Shawn, Claire and Belle come in and Caroline greets them enthusiastically. Shawn tells them the others are right behind him. Caroline can’t wait to see the rest of her family. Max, Chelsea, and Stephanie all wait impatiently. A man wheels in two bodies covered with sheets. Lexie asks who they are. Caroline gasps.

Shawn tells them it’s the pilots. A nurse from Belle’s class offers to take Claire for a checkup, but Shawn says she had one in Greenland. Instead, Belle suggests they get some ice cream together from the cafeteria. She takes Claire and heads off. Lexie asks that the bodies be taken to the morgue. Roman asks Shawn what happened to the pilots. He tells him, Abe and Victor that they died when the plane started losing oxygen. Whatever happened, it wasn’t an accident. The pilots were drugged, and the controls were tampered with. Phillip and Chloe come in and Victor rushes to embrace Phillip. Kate comes over and hugs him, too. He tells them that he broke his leg--luckily, it was his prosthetic leg. Stephanie and Caroline talk about how glad they are that Shawn saw Colleen before she died. Belle overhears them and looks around desperately for Shawn. Caroline frets about his state of mind after Colleen’s death as the group from the crash looks at each other uncomfortably. Shawn tells Caroline that he needs to talk to her. Sami interrupts and yells for Marlena as she comes through the door. Marlena refrains from a hug and tells Sami about her shoulder. John was able to fix it. In fact, both he and Steve landed the plane. If it weren’t for them, they’d all be dead. Abe wants to hear all the details. John glowers. All he knows is that someone owes him a jet. Marlena walks over to Caroline and apologizes. Caroline doesn’t understand and Shawn tries to interrupt her, but she barrels on. As soon as Shawn gets here, they’ll all go back to the pub for a hot breakfast. Chelsea and Stephanie get antsy waiting for their parents. Kayla comes in and she and Stephanie have a tearful hug. Steve is wheeled in on a stretcher and he explains his cracked ribs as Stephanie kisses his cheek. Caroline hugs Kayla and she says she’s sorry. She cries. Caroline doesn’t understand why people keep saying that. Bo is wheeled in next. Caroline cries out. What happened? Is this what they didn’t want her to know? Bo lies on the stretcher, unconscious.

Hope tells everyone that Bo wasn’t hurt in the crash. Lexie directs someone to take Bo to a cubicle. Steve is heading towards another and Lexie urges Kayla to go get checked out too. Kayla bawls. She needs to talk to her mom. Lexie says she’ll handle talking to her about Bo. Kayla sobs. Hope hugs Caroline and mouths to Kayla that it’s ok. She can go. Kayla looks at Hope tearfully and nods. She heads off to get examined. Caroline asks Hope what’s wrong with Bo. Hope isn’t sure, but he is very sick. Lexie assures them all that Bo will have extensive testing done now that he is back. Hope passes Caroline off to Marlena, who agrees. Hope rushes off in tears. Marlena tells Caroline that even though they don’t know what’s wrong now, they’ll find out soon. Shawn tells Caroline that he has to tell her something. Marlena agrees. Hope rushes off in tears. They cant keep it from her any longer. Caroline doesn’t want to hear any more news until Shawn gets here. She stomps over t the door and gasps. Why didn’t he get off the plane with the rest of them? A paramedic wheels in another body covered with a sheet. Caroline screams, “NO!” She cries and moans as Belle and Marlena comfort her.

Caroline and Sami both sob. Caroline walks over to the body. Roman asks Shawn if that is his father. Shawn says he is so sorry. He wanted to say something earlier, but everyone kept interrupting. Caroline asks if it was his heart. Shawn says no. Belle says it was, in a way. Caroline doesn’t understand. Phillip tells her that he died a hero. Max walks over in tears. He asks Shawn to tell them what happened. Shawn explains that Bo, Hope and Kayla were there. Shawn, Sr. didn’t want him or Belle to know what was going on. When the masks fell from lack oxygen, Bo refuses his mask. When he passed out, Hope and Shawn forced it on him. Shawn knew that there wasn’t enough for everyone, so he refused the mask so Bo could have it. He died so that his family could live. Caroline wants to see him, but Roman tearfully begs her not to look. She says she has to, so Lexie comes over and uncovers his face. Sami sobs as EJ holds her. Roman and Caroline cry and hug.

Steve is bandaged and standing in a cubicle. The nurse tells him to be careful because of his ribs, and the camera pans to the next cubicle, where Kayla lies talking to a doctor. Steve listens as Kayla tells the doctor about her spotting and cramping. Does she think she’ll lose the baby?

Bo grumps about being hooked up to so many machines. Lexie comes in and tells Bo that Caroline knows about Shawn. Bo wants to see her, but Hope and Lexie convince him to stay in bed. Caroline is n good hands. Lexie asks about Bo’s symptoms. Bo says he feels nausea, back pain, and aches. It reminds him of his sister, Isabella and her pancreatic cancer. Lexie tells him not to jump to conclusions. Hope grips his had encouragingly. She won’t lose him. Bo agrees. Damn right she’s not.

Stephanie catches Steve spying and he tells her that her mom is pregnant. He’s worried about the baby. He didn’t want her to find out this way, but he overheard the doctor and freaked. Stephanie grumps. She freaked when she thought her parents were dead. Are they both going to be ok? He sasy they both will be fine. He asks Stephanie if she wants a brother or a sister. Stpoehnaie doesn’t care. She’s just glad they’re home. She dives in for a hug and Steve tells her to watch the ribs.

Caroline cries. Victors tries to soothe her, but she pushes him away. Maggie comes in and Caroline falls into her arms, weeping. It just isn’t right. They should have had many more years together. She can’t let him go. We pan to Sami weeping, then Chelsea and Max, crying quietly and comforting each other. John stares off into the distance. Marlena tells him that he thought Caroline was his mother, for a time. Can’t he find it in his heart to offer her some words of comfort? John walks over to Caroline and explains that he doesn’t remember thinking that her and this man were his parents. For what it’s worth, from what he saw, he only wishes Shawn was his father. Caroline thanks him. It means a lot. John walks off and Marlena beams. Roman wants to take Caroline to a hotel, but she refuses. She’s not leaving here until she knows her family is alright. Lexie assures her that no one is in danger. Maggie tells her she has to leave. Maggie will stay with her, but she has to process this. Caroline nods. She has a lot of arrangements to make. Maggie tells her she needs time to grieve. Caroline nods blankly and kisses Shawn’s forehead. She tells him goodbye tearfully. Maggie leads her away. Victor starts to follow, but Kate stops him. Lexie covers Shawn’s face. Everyone cries as he’s wheeled off to the morgue.

Chelsea asks Bo and Hope what’s wrong, but they don’t know. She wonders how long he has been sick. Bo tells her that they found out something was wrong when he had his physical a couple of weeks ago. Bo thinks he’s fine. He just needs a backrub. Hope promises one if he gets a clean bill of health. Chelsea thinks it’s a lot worse than they’re telling her.

Steve tells Stephanie that he wants to see Kayla, but she thinks he needs to wait until Lexie examines him. She’ll go check on her mom instead, and she’ll report back. She kisses him and heads off. Stephanie congratulates Kayla on the baby. She makes Kayla promise not to take an more trips. She does and they hug.

Sami and Marlena hug. Sami can’t believe he’s really gone. Marlena thinks Stefano may have had something to do with it. EJ says he doesn’t know if he did. Marlena believes him, because he broke with Stefano and gave John back to her. That gets very high marks in her book. Marlena wants Sami to go home to the babies, but she says she is waiting until Marlena is examined. EJ convinces Sami to at least get some breakfast with him. Lexie tells Shawn and Belle that she wants them to be examined, as well as Claire for a second time. They head off, and Phillip says he had better head down to the prosthetics department. Chloe goes with him, but Victor stops them. He wants to have a word with Chloe about his grandson Brady. Chloe insists that she’s said everything she knows. She loves Brady, and wants him found. Phillip defends Chloe. Victor nukes. He has contacts all over the world, and no one knows anything. Someone is holding him somewhere. Whoever did this will pay. Chloe insists she doesn’t now anything. She huffs off. Phillip sighs and heads off after her. Kate comes over and asks Victor if Chloe has her sights set on Phillip. Victor isn’t sure. Kate knows what Chloe is after. Victor’s money. Victor sighs. He tells John that they’re talking about his son. Doesn’t he even care? John shrugs. He doesn’t remember him. But he is curious. Its not that easy to just disappear. It was Victor’s daughter he was married to? Victor says she loved him very much, John nods. So does Blondie and maybe a few others. Victor tells John that they put their differences aside after he married Isabella. He was an admirable man, John stiffens. Does that mean he can’t be again? Victor says that’s up to him. He walks off and John grins.

Steve asks a nurse if he can leave, but she says he has to stay overnight. Steve grumbles. She says Kayla is, too. He asks if he can see her. She tells him to be patient. Steve frets. He is a patient.

Max tells Roman he’s going to the pub to be with Caroline. Roman offers to go with him, and Abe says he’s going back to the office. He’ll keep them posted. Abe tells Lexie that he loves her and leaves. Lexie tells John that he needs to be examined. John refuses. Lexie insists, and John accuses her of being out for a cheap thrill. Marlena comes over and Lexie tells her what’s going on. John says that only Marlena can examine him. If he shows him hers, he’ll show her his. Marlena agrees and leads him off.

Chelsea asks Bo if they’ll cure him after they figure out what’s wrong. Bo hopes so. Chelsea says they have to. Victor comes in and greets Bo. He apologizes about Shawn. He was very special. Bo nods. He couldn’t ask for a better father. He’s going to miss him. But his mom will miss him the mos. Victor tells Bo that Maggie took Caroline to the pub. She’s in good hands. Bo thanks him Victor adds that he’ll do anything he can to help. Bo just has to ask.

Steve comes into Kayla’s room and greets her and Stephanie. He says he is doing better. He makes Kayla promise to be careful and not take any chances. Kayla promises. Stephanie says that she and Steve already decided she couldn’t get out of bed for the next eight months Steve agrees. They’ll get plenty of carryout menus so they can eat in. Stephanie cries. Steve asks what’s wrong. Stephanie says he’s sad about grandpa Shawn, but she’s also so happy. They’re going to have a baby! All three of them hug.

Belle, Shawn, and Phillip meet back up in the lobby and Belle and Shawn says they’re going home. They checked out fine. Phillip is, too. He just put in an order for a new titanium appendage. Shawn and Belle agree that they have a lot to be thankful for, even if Shawn did die. They kiss. Kate asks Phillip if he is ready. He asks Chloe if she will be ok. She isn’t sure. She doesn’t think everything that has happened has really sunk in yet. Phillip wants her to come home with him. She says no, but Phillip insists. She accepts and thanks him. They head off. Kate smiles muses.

John grumps. He knew he was fine. Marlena says she agrees now that she has examined him. Sami comes over and asks if they go to the pub. Marlena says they will in a little while. Sami asks if she can hear the story about Colleen. Marlena says she’ll tell her later. She and EJ seem to be getting along. Sami tells Marlena that he really helped out with the twins. Can they give John and Marlena ride somewhere? John says no. He doesn’t know where he wants to go yet. Marlena wants him to go home with her. John said he actually wants to go to the DiMera mansion. He has every right to live there. Sami doesn’t get it. Marlena tells her that a lot happened in Ireland that she needs to know. In the meantime, she’ll pull the car around.

Lexie tells Bo they’re ready to conduct some tests. He’ll also be kept under observation in a special room. Bo makes sure Hope will be around when he gets back. Victor vows to bring in as many specialists as it takes. Bo thanks him and they wheel him out. Hope puts her arm around Chelsea and they both fret.


Tony asks Anna, “Why don’t I stay the night?” She pushes him away, “You can’t.”

Lexie asks John, “You’re actually my uncle?” John smiles.

Steve gasps, “Oh my gosh, she’s here?” The camera pans in on a note reading, “That bitch will never have your baby.”

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