Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/20/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/20/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In the cabin of the wrecked plane, Steve reaches out for Kayla. She asks him to lie back. He apologizes about what happened to her dad. He was a great man. Kayla sobs quietly and agrees. Steve stokes her arm and tells her to go ahead and cry for him. Kayla weeps. It’s not just for him.

In their tent, Marlena tells John she thought that was a dream. He wonders if she means the kiss or the crash landing. She meant the kiss. He says that was no dream, and it made him forget all about the crash landing. Marlena asks if he remembers kissing her before. He’s not sure. He thinks they should try again. She says she would do anything to get his memory back. He wants to take her up on that.

In their tent, Shawn asks Belle why she’s awake. She tells him she’s freezing and he pulls her closer. She was pretty warm last night, though, right? She says she was. Shawn admitted that it did get pretty hot. He said he got pretty inspired. She thinks he was just cold. Shawn thinks he needs to get cold more often.

In their tent, Chloe and Phillip wake up, seemingly nude. Phillip thinks Chloe looks pretty. She can’t believe it after a plane crash and a night in the freezing cold. Phillip asks if it was weird for her--sleeping with him naked. She says no. He’s an incredible man, but they should put their clothes on. She’s married. Phillip is glad he stopped it where he did, then. But he wanted to go further. Chloe admits that she did, too. Phillip sighs. He went thought the same thing once already, and he didn’t want them to do anything they might regret later on. Chloe thinks they need to put their clothes on. It’s a little warmer, now anyway, and it‘s morning. Phillip smiles.

In the cabin of the plane, Hope tells Bo that they’re going to be rescued. He just needs to rest and save his strength. Claire wakes up on Bo’s lap and looks around. Bo remains asleep.

Kayla says she is crying for Stephanie and her mom, too. She just doesn’t know how Caroline will take this. Never mind Frankie, Max, Roman, and Kimberly. Steve knows they’re all going to be upset. They need to grieve. He was a good husband and father, and they were all lucky to have him. Kayla gets Steve to lie back. She’ll hold him instead. Kayla bawls. Steve soothes.

Phillip agrees about putting on their clothes. He’s just comfortable, and yet uncomfortable. Chloe offers to get dressed first. He can cover his eyes, and then she’ll leave and let him get dressed. Phillip thinks she’ll peek. Chloe admits that’s true. Phillip vetoes her plan. Chloe swears she won’t peek, but he better not either. Phillip agrees and she gets dressed. She’s still embarrassed. Hopefully whatever happens in Greenland stays in Greenland. She thinks that’s where thy are. Phillip says that’s what he thinks, too. He rolls his eyes towards her, turns away and grins.

Belle tells Shawn that what happened with Phillip was stupid. Can he ever forgive her? Shawn was just thinking about that. He loves her. She isn’t sure that’s enough. He says he was confused, but he never stopped loving her. He was angry. She thinks he has every right to be. He tells her they’re a family, and that’s meant to be. Who knows? Maybe there will be another one. Belle thinks that’s wonderful. They kiss.

Marlena says she would do anything to have him back, but she wants the real John Black, not Stefano’s creation. John wants to try to bring him back. Marlena smile. There’s nothing she wants more. John says he’s cold, and Marlena finds a blanket to throw over them both. She lies down. John leans over her and unbuttons her blouse. She tells him that they share a special love. It’s just that he’s not really here. John says he may not be in mind, but his body is here. She wants his mind, too. John tells her to take it one step at a time. He kisses her neck. Marlena arches her back and moans.

At the station, Roman questions someone on the phone about the plane. He repeats that they went down somewhere in Greenland. He thanks the person and hangs up. Victor and Caroline walk in and he asks what’s going on. Roman repeats the conversation. They were a few hundred miles from an airstrip. The plane never turned towards it. It flew straight and then just dropped out of sight. Victor wants to coordinate his own search now that it’s daylight. Roman says no. The people in charge of the search are on top of things. Max and Stephanie come in as Roman and Victor argue. Stephanie is afraid search and rescue won’t find them in time. Roman tells Victor to give it twelve hours. If they aren’t found by then, Roman will assist in the search with Victor himself. Lexie and Abe came in and tell everyone that Kate and Chelsea are still at church, where they feel they can both be the most help. Roman thinks they all should go back, but Caroline says she’s said all she has to say to God. She tells Max and Stephanie to go back, and they reluctantly agree.

At St. Luke’s, Chelsea tells Kate that this is all her fault. Death follows her everywhere. It’s true. Zach and Ford are two examples. They’re both dead because of her. Nick comes in and comforts her. She Can’t assume anyone has died in the plane crash. It isn’t her fault. Chelsea wails. What will she do without her dad? Nick thinks they be ok. He has a gut feeling. Kate thinks they need to wait before jumping to conclusions. Kate agrees to call Billie. And Chelsea still has her. Nick chimes in. And him, too.

Hope reminds Bo that he is a father and a husband. He can’t dare give up. Bo nods his head slightly. She tells him he has to fight for them. She hugs him.

Steve says it feels good to have Kayla near him. She promises to stay by him until help comes. Steve says he can make it. A few cracked ribs won’t kill him. Kayla says they wont as long as he’s careful. They just have to get him to a hospital. She’s mainly worried about Bo. Kayla gasps. Steve asks if everything is ok. Kayla says she is fine. Her baby will survive, which is more than she can say for her pop. Her mom will be devastated. And Bo is so sick. He’s going to need treatment. She doesn’t need test results to tell her that-- she can see it in his eyes. He’s in bad shape.

Narlena asks John if he remembers anything. John says no, but he;s sure he will the second time around. He’s just getting warmed up. She says no. He asks if she’ll be back a second time. She says no. She enjoyed it because she thought she was making love to her husband. John promises to try harder. She says no, not until he knows who she is. He knows who she is. Now she needs to take off her clothes and lie down. They need to keep warm. She tells him to keep himself warm. She has patients to see. She buttons her shirt and leaves. John sighs.

Shawn and Belle cuddle and kiss. She says she missed him. This feels so right. Shawn thinks they’re meant to be together. Belle agrees. He asks if she means always? She nods. She had faith, even when it looked like they wouldn’t make it. She cant believe that Claire, Colleen, and a plane crash all contributed to them getting back together. Belle says she has learned so much. Family is what is really important. She wants to spend the rest of her life with him, if he can truly forgive her. He says he held onto anger longer than he wanted to. He loves her, and if she keeps doing what she did last night they can work something out. Shawn chuckles and they kiss.

Chloe buttons her shirt and Phillip asks if she’s warm enough. She says she is fine. Despite the strangeness going on, She wants to thank him. She needed someone to be strong for her, and someone to feel safe with. Phillip is her friend, and he was there for her. Phillip says he always will be. She asks if what happened stays in Greenland. Phillip agrees. They’re going g to try to find her husband.

Hope knows Bo is going to fight this. He’ll use their love and strength. She trusts in him to do that. She clutches him and begs him not to die on her.

Max, Stephanie, Nick and Chelsea share a pew. Chelsea asks what time it is in Greenland. Nick says it’s about 7am, and Chelsea thinks they’ll be sending the planes back out soon. Stephanie feels like a jerk after what she put her parents through. Now all she can do is wait. Chelsea sobs. When was the last time she told her dad she loved him? Max thinks they know how much they all love them. He assures Stephanie and Chelsea that their parents aren’t disappointed in them. Max wasn’t the greatest, and his Pop always loved him. Chelsea’s phone rings. She gets off and ruefully tells them all that no one has heard anything.

Roman and Abe talk on phones and ask questions about older wreckage and latitude and longitude. Victor and Caroline head out of the office, along with Lexie. Victor assures Caroline that Bo will be fine. Caroline agrees. He’s a born leader. He’ll come through. Victor is proud to have him as his son. Caroline finds that hard to believe. Lately, she sure has seen a different side of Victor. It’s been a long time. Victor chuckles. He has always had an affinity for beauty. Because of her and her beauty, they have a son. She raised him well. She smiles. Bo is special. His inner strength surprises him sometimes. He would do anything for his family. Victor wouldn’t be surprised to see Bo waltz in here now, whistling, and carrying the whole gang on his back.

Hope cries and begs Bo to be strong for the family--and for her, too. She shivers andbegs him not to give up on her as Marlena comes over. Hope tells her she thought Bo was alright, but now she can’t get him to come around. Marlena shouts at Bo, but he doesn’t respond. Marlena tells her they jut have to bide their time until help comes. Hope frets. What if it doesn’t. Marlena promises that it will. John knows the radar was on when they went down. They just have to give it a little time. Marlena tells her that the cold is slowing down his heartbeat, and the cells attacking his body. It may actually be helping. Shawn and Belle come over and Shawn asks about his dad. Hope says he isn’t doing well. Shawn wants to help. He hands over some blankets, but Marlena wants to keep him cool. Marlena tells Hope that she has to get some rest. If they have to do anything physical, she won’t be of any help. Hope is sorry, but she cant sleep. Marlena understands. She promises to come back later. Marlena, Belle, and Shawn leave. Shawn asks Marlena if Bo will die. Steve and Kayla walk over and Marlena admonishes him for being out and about. Kayla says she said the same thing, but he won’t listen. Kayla hopes he will listen to reason. Marlena asks to speak to Kayla, and she leaves Steve with Shaw and Belle. Kayla tells Marlena that she has been cramping and spotting. Marlena wants her to get off her feet. Marlena is going to take a look at the gash on her face. Steve comes over and asks if Kayla is ok. She says she’s just dizzy. Shawn asks Marlena about Bo. Marlena admits that he isn’t doing well. Steve tells Shawn not to worry. They’ll get him the help he needs. Belle nods. They just need to get rescued. Chloe and Phillip come over and Phillip says he knows planes are looking for them. Hope comes out as John comes over with a box of airline meals. He passes them out. Chloe and Hope pass on the frozen food. Marlena tells John that Bo needs a hospital. John offers to shoot another flare as soon as a plane gets near. Phillip comforts Hope. They’ll be found soon. He knows it. She prays he’s right. John apologizes about Shawn’s grandpa. They hear a helicopter. They have about ten seconds to find some flares. Shawn scrambles and hands them over. John fires the flare gun. Shawn asks if they’ll see it.

Kate shows at the station and asks for news. Victor tells Caroline and Kate that the can’t wait any longer. He has to get a plane ready. Abe motions to the others and hangs up the phone. They found the wreckage. Someone fired a flare. The group breathes with relief.

Chelsea’s phone rings and Kate gives her the news. Chelsea hangs up and tells the others that they’re alive. They all smile. Chelsea and Stephanie sob gratefully.

The group cheers as the helicopter hovers overhead. Hope leans next to Bo. She smiles and kisses him. Claire grins.


Shawn starts to tell Caroline, “Grandma.” She cuts him off, “I know, I know, I know. When Shawn gets here, we’re all going to go back to the pub, and have a good, hot breakfast.”

Abe tells John, “Well, we want to hear all the details.“ John replies, “All I know is someone owes me a check.”

Caroline shrieks, “What’s wrong with Bo?” She rushes over to Bo and cries, “Is it what you didn’t want me to know?”

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