Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/19/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/19/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the crash site, Bo comes to as Marlena shocks him with the defibrillators. He gasps and chokes. Hope and Shawn assure him that they’re alright. He asks about his Pop. Hope gapes. He doesn’t remember. Bo stares at her wildly. She says she’s so sorry, and tells him that Shawn gave up his oxygen back before the plane crashed. Shawn says he’s sorry, too. Bo cries, “No!”

Nearby, Kayla doubles over in pain, but tries to assure Steve that she’s alright. Steve pulls her over to him and she agrees to rest her head in his lap. Steve cries out that they need some help. Kayla moans.

Nearby, Chloe and Phillip continue to struggle with the wreckage pinning Phillip’s prosthetic. Phillip says they should go help the others. Chloe tells him that she’ll go help and heads off. Phillip grunts and strains to free his legs.

Bo heads back to the wrecked cabin to see Shawn. He uncovers his head and bawls.

In Abe’s office, Chelsea asks Abe if John’s plane crashed as Lexie, Roman, Stephanie, and Max look on. Abe says that all the FAA knows is that the plane disappeared from radar. Stephanie doesn’t think they should jump to conclusions. Maybe everything is alright. Roman agrees, but Max doesn’t seem to. He asks if the location of the crash site is known. Abe shakes his head. Not yet.

Back at the crash site, John instructs Claire to cover her ears as he shoots off another flare. Claire exclaims, “Wow!” Belle comes back and picks Claire up. She asks John if he thinks anyone will see the flares. He hopes, so, or they’ll have t build an igloo. Claire pipes up, “Just like the Eskimos.” Belle chuckles uncomfortably. Surely they can do better than that. There must be something in the plane. John hopes so. Right now, all they have is a cold dark night, and it’s along way until morning.

Steve tries to comfort Kayla, but he struggles to breathe. Chloe rushes over and asks if she can help. Kayla asks her to find Marlena and bring her over and Chloe rushes off to do so. Steve holds Kayla and they try to soothe one another.

Phillip has managed to extricate himself from the wreckage and puts his prosthetic back on. He hobbles off.

At the station, Stephanie tells Max that they’ll find the plane. Max says they have to. His dad, brother, and sister--half of his family-- is on that plane. Stephanie hugs him. Chelsea comes over and reminds them that Abe said the plane was last spotted over Greenland. They probably just landed there. Max huffs. She knows they didn’t land. Chelsea nukes. Fine! They crashed! Is that what he wants to hear? Stephanie asks them not to take their anger out on each other. Max says he’s just frustrated. He stomps off to call Caroline with an update.

Back in Abe’s office, Roman goes to call the FAA for any updated information. Lexie tells Abe how awful the whole thing is. Some of their best friends are on that plane. Abe promises they’ll make it. They’re some of the strongest people he knows. Lexie hugs him and sighs. Some are stronger than others, though.

In the wreck of the cabin, Marlena comforts Bo as Hope and Shawn look on. Chloe comes over and tells her that Kayla and Steve need her help. Marlena agrees to go right away.

Phillip hobbles over to Steve and Kayla and suggests that he and Kayla try to get Steve back into the cabin with the others. He may be warmer there. John and Shawn also come over to help. They roll Steve onto a blanket, and the three of them pick him up and haul him off, as Kayla warns them to be careful of his broken ribs.

Roman tells Abe and Lexie that there’s no new information. The search planes are still out, but they don’t have much hope of finding anything until sun up tomorrow. Lexie thinks it may be too late by then. Roman agrees. He wishes he could just get on a plane and go find them himself. He picks something off of the desk and chucks it across the room. Lexie excuses herself. Abe says he knows ho Roman feels. Those people out there are like family to him, and he knows how frustrated and afraid Roman is. But he has to remember exactly who is out there. Those people are survivors, and in the case of Bo, Hope, and John, they’re trained for it. Roman sighs. The John Black factor is what worries him the most.

Marlena examines Steve and confirms Kayla’s suspicion about the broken ribs. She’s most worried about his heart rate. It’s elevated, and she doesn’t hear any air coming from his right lung. It’s most likely punctured. Fortunately, she has something to give him for the pain. Kayla groans. Marlena wants to take a look at her, too. After what happened to Bo, she can help with this, too. Kayla asks what’s wrong, and Marlena tells her they had trouble reviving Bo after the crash. He’s fine now. Kayla tells them she has to go see him and she heads off.

Caroline tells Abe and Max that she made Shawn take his St. Christopher medal with him on the trip. Roman thinks Shawn is probably protecting everyone else right now. Max agrees. He’s probably organizing people to build shelters and find food. Caroline smiles. She just hopes he was able to make peace with Colleen. Roman is sure Shawn will have some long stories to tell them when he gets home.

Abe tells Kate and Victor that the FAA thinks John’s plane crashed. They’re not sure exactly where it went down, but it’s equally likely that it was over open water or over Greenland. Kate turns to Stefano and nukes. Stefano DiMera is going after the Bradys and their son is caught in the crossfire! She thought Phillip as taking the Titan jet, anyhow. Victor reminds her he had it brought back to complete that little favor for Chelsea. Kate asks what’s being done, and Abe tells her about the search planes. They should hear something soon.

Shawn kneels on the ground and cries quietly. Belle comes over and hugs him, and he apologizes for crying instead of taking care of them. She soothes him. He has every right to be upset. His grandfather just died, and they were involved in a horrific plane crash. Besides, it’s nice to see one of the Brady men show a little emotion. Shawn says he just misses him. Belle knows. The Brady pub will never be the same. Shawn reminisces about good times at the Brady pub. They have to make sure that they bring his grandpa back to Salem. That’s where he would want to be. Belle tells him to try to remember the good times. He still has those. Shawn nods. He’s going to make sure Claire has good memories of his grandpa, too. He also wants her to grow up with two parents that love each other. Belle sniffles. They do, don’t they? Shawn smiles. Yeah, they do. More than ever.

Inside a tent, Chloe and Phillip discuss their luck in finding several pop-up tent in the survival kit. Chloe frets about Brady. She just wishes she knew something. She fears she’ll never hear from him again. Phillip promises her that they’ll find him.

Claire doesn’t want to sleep with Shawn and Belle. Grandpa Bo needs her. Shawn explains that he doesn’t feel well and needs to be left alone. Hope comes over and swoops Clair up in her arms. She wants Claire to come sleep with them. It will make Bo very happy. Belle thanks Hope very much for being so nice to them and checking on them. She knows Bo barely survived that plane crash. She gushes. Hope is such a strong woman. Hope cocks and eyebrow and smiles. So is Belle. She just doesn’t realize it yet.

Maggie rushes into the station and hugs Caroline. She tried to call Doug and Julie, but they’re traveling, and she couldn’t reach them. Caroline sobs and thanks her for coming. Roman comes out and tells them the he just got off the phone with NORAD. They’re calling the search off for the night on account of the fog and dark. They don’t want to risk losing those planes, too. They’ll start searching again at first light tomorrow. They won’t know anything until then. Max and Stephanie’s faces fall. Maggie clutches a gasping Caroline.

John stumbles a bit and polishes off another mini bottle. He heads for a tent. Marlena comes up and says that she doesn’t think any of them should be alone tonight. It’s just not safe. John asks if she wants protection from lion, tigers, and polar bears. Marlena was thinking of hypothermia, actually. John says he can keep her warm. She says she has to be up and down all night checking on the others. John plans on getting a good night’s sleep. Marlena wonders how he can do that after all they’ve been through. John says it’s been a long day. Tomorrow doesn’t look much different. Claire rushes up. She came to kiss John goodnight. She calls him Pop Pop, and John asks her to call him by his first name. She obliges and then hugs him. Next she hugs Marlena .Claire runs off, and Marlena remarks on how good John is with her. He shrugs. She’s a kid. What’s not to like? He goes inside the tent. Marlena stares.

Victor wants Abe to assure him that everything possible is being done to find their families. Abe nods. The FAA, NORAD, and Homeland Security have all assured him that everything that can be done for the night has been done. Victor wants to get more searchers out there. Caroline says that she knows something they can do.

Marlena comes over to Bo and Hope and asks how they’re doing. Hope whispers. She keeps checking to make sure he’s breathing. Marlena tells her to get some sleep. Bo will make it through the night. Marlena goes off to check on the others. Hope whispers that Brady made her a lot of promises, one of which was that they’d grow old together. She plans to hold him to that one.

In the cabin, Kayla cradles Steve, who asks if they’re really going to have a baby. She smiles and says yes. Marlena comes over and asks how they’re doing. Steve says never better, and Marlena thinks he must be back to his old self. Steve asks Marlena to check Kayla too. Kayla admits she has been cramping, but she knows they just have to wait. And maybe pray a little bit.

Shawn says that all of this seems like a dream--Claire’s kidnapping, the trip to Ireland, the plane crash. He wants to wake up tomorrow and have everyone be fine. Belle wishes that could be so. She also wants them to be happy. Doesn’t he think they deserve to try again? Shawn says yes. Belle smiles.

Marlena contemplates a sleeping John and then lies down beside him. She lies awake, facing away from John. He opens his eyes.

Victor and Kate enter St. Luke’s and sit down. Victor says that he still finds church comforting. His mother was very devout and she tried to instill those values in him. Kate sighs. Austin and Billie are gone, and Lucas is in prison. Phillip is all she has left. What will she do if she losses him?

Bo wakes up gasping and Hope comforts him. He’s fine. He just needs to go back to sleep. He wonders if she is getting any rest. She shakes her head. Bo tells her he had a dream about Pop. They were fishing, like they used to when he was a kid. A storm came in, so they started hauling in the nets. All of a sudden, his Pop was gone. A wave was coming in, and it was almost on top of him and he still couldn’t find his Pop. Bo chokes back a sob. He was a good father. He’s going to miss him. Bo cries. Hope does, too. She knows he will. They all will. She’s glad he admitted he was sick. She knows he was trying to protect her. He better never do it again. They’ll always be there for each other. Bo nods. For better or for worse. They kiss.

The group from the police station fills the pews at the church. Maggie crosses herself. Caroline kneels and prays. Roman lights a candle and crosses himself. Lexie and Abe follow suit.

Kayla complains of the cold and Steve offers her his blanket. He promises that they’re going to make it. The sun will be up soon, and he knows a rescue team is hunting for them .They’ll find them. Kayla cries. She wants to go home and se Stephanie. She thinks shell make a great big sister. Steve nods. Shell be a built in babysitter, too. Steve thinks she’ll be beautiful, just like when she was pregnant with Stephanie. This time he’s going to be there for all of it. The first words, steps, first days of schools, and dates. Everything. Kayla smiles. They have to get through this--for Stephanie and the new baby. Steve kisses her.

John tries to “spoon” with Marlena, and she stiffens. John tells her to relax. They have to keep warm somehow. Marlena agrees, and John gropes her. She sits up and yells. That’s not keeping warm! He shrugs. She can suit herself, then. She gasps in pain. He asks about her shoulder. Maybe he can take a look at it. She reluctantly agrees and pulls off her coat.

Caroline leads the group in the Lord’s Prayer.

Chloe lies down next to Phillip. She asks if he would rather have Belle here. He says she will always be a part of his life, but she has chosen Shawn and he accepts that. Chloe snuggles up to him and shivers. Phillip says they need too feed off of each other’s body warmth. She says she’s trying to do that. Phillip, of course, wants to get naked. It’s the only way to prevent hypothermia. Chloe relents. She guesses they have to do what they have to do. Phillip starts pulling his shirt off. Chloe just hopes this works. She pulls her shirt off and gets under the blanket with Phillip. They pretty much make out right away.

Belle and Shawn snuggle and talk about how much they have to be grateful for. She wants them to be a family again. She doesn’t want to end up like her aunt Colleen, all alone. Shawn doesn’t want to, either. They kiss.

Everyone prays quietly at the church. The camera pans to Bo and Hope, and then back to Stephanie and Max, who both kneel at the altar. Hope straighten Bo’s blanket, lays her head on his shoulder, and smiles faintly. Chelsea wipes a tear away and Victor puts an arm around her. Kate takes her turn lighting a candle. Caroline prays silently over her rosary. Roman puts his hand over hers.

Shawn and Belle lie in their tent and begin to make love. Chloe and Phillip kiss. John smiles as he unbuttons Marlena’s blouse. She grabs his face and they kiss.


Phillip asks Chloe, “So, was it weird for you?” She replies, “No. You’re an incredible man.”

Marlena tells John, “I would do anything to get your memory back.” John smiles, “I think I’ll take you up on that.”

Shawn asks Belle, “So, were you warm last night?” Belle grins, “I was.” Shawn chuckles, “It did get pretty hot, didn’t it?” They kiss.

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