Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/18/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/18/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Lexie brings coffee into Abe’s office as he argues with someone on the phone about the whereabouts of John Black’s plane. He gestures wildly and tells them not to put him on hold, but it’s too late. Chelsea overhears and walks away in tears. Stephanie and Max rush up and ask for her news, but there isn’t any. Max say he took Caroline home to wait on the news. Stephanie wails. Why haven’t they heard anything yet? Their family just has to be ok. Chelsea doesn’t have a good feeling about this. Roman strides in and the group follows him into Abe’s office. Roman tells Abe that his contact at the FAA could only confirm that the plane is no longer in range of radar. They’re hoping it may be a technical glitch, but rescue planes are on the way to Greenland, where the plane was last detected.

In Greenland, the camera pans over the crash site. Wreckage and people are scattered over the ice and snow. The camera pans in on John, who sits up with a start. He takes out a flashlight and surveys the scene. He finds Steve sprawled across a piece of the wing and shines the light in his eyes. Steve doesn’t respond, so John walks off. He finds the remains of the cabin, where most of the passengers are still in their seats. Blood trickles from Bo’s mouth. Kayla is slumped over Shawn Sr.’s lap. Chloe and Phillip were thrown from the cabin and both lie in the snow nearby. Lastly, John finds Marlena, lying in the snow near the wreckage. John heads back over to Steve and kneels beside him. He thumps his eye patch and grumbles. He saved his life once already. Does he really have to do it again? John checks his pulse and finds one. He tells Steve that this is his lucky day. He walks around and wonders if he landed at the North Pole. John calls out for Santa. He’d really like a brand new shiny jet. A moan comes from the cabin. John walks over to find Belle and Shawn, who have both woken up. Belle calls out for Claire. Claire is next to Belle, under a blanket. She asks Belle to take it off of her. Belle asks if she hurt, and when she says no, Belle unfastens her seatbelt and holds her. Claire says she wants juice. John chuckles. She sure cuts right to the chase. John tells her wants juice, too, just grow-up juice. Belle asks if everyone else is alright, but John doesn’t know. He called out for them. Maybe they’re still mad because he landed the plane so hard. But, he’s glad his “Dink” is ok. Belle winces as she touches her head and reminds him he called her “Tink.” John sighs, “Whatever.” Belle and Shawn agree to split up and look for Marlena, Bo, and Hope. John protests at being left alone with Claire. Claire smiles.

Belle finds Chloe first and gets her to wakeup. Belle gives Chloe a bandage for the nasty cut on her face. Chloe doesn’t think she’s hurt otherwise. Chloe and Belle go over to Phillip, who isn’t responding. Chloe starts slapping his face and he groans and sits up. He asks where Claire is and belle tells him she’s with John. She leaves to go find Marlena.

Claire asks John if he’s found any juice. John says no. She asks if they’re going home, but John thinks this might be their new home. She asks if she’s lived in an igloo before. She says no. John thinks they’d better start building one.

Chelsea frets outside Abe’s office. Maybe they shut them out because they don’t want them to know what’s going on. Max fumes. Roman has always treated him like some little kid his parents brought in off the street. Stephanie knows Roman cares, he just shows it differently. Max worries about his dad, and Stephanie tries to soothe him. Kayla is a doctor. She wouldn’t have allowed Shawn to go if she didn’t think he could handle the trip. Max grumps. Well, he needs to come back soon. His mom is not handling his absence well. Inside Abe’s office, Roman asks Abe what he thinks. Abe isn’t sure what to think. Roman sighs. He didn’t want to say this in front of the kids, but he’d feel a hell of a lot better about things if John Black weren’t on that plane.

Marlena calls out for Belle, and she rushes over. After making sure Claire is alright, Marlena tells Belle to go help the others. She’ll be along shortly. Belle rushes off. Marlena attempts to stand and cries out in pain. She falls on the ground and moans.

Shawn finds Hope and gets her to wake up. She comes to and groggily asks him to check on Bo. Shawn announces that Bo has a pulse, but it’s weak. Hope thanks God. Kayla moans. Hope tells Shawn to check on her and Hope goes over to help Bo. Kayla sees Shawn, Sr. first and cradles her head in her arms. She cries, “Oh, Pop,” over and over. She covers his head with a blanket and weeps. Shawn Douglas asks if she’s ok. Shawn’s eyes fill with tears as he realizes his grandfather is dead. He asks if the impact killed him. Hope sobs. No, he gave his life to save all of theirs. Kayla explains that Shawn gave up his oxygen so they could all have more. She knew he was a hero, and his actions today proved that. Shawn puts his arms around his grandfather and cries.

John walks over to Claire and tells her he found them both some juice. For her, there’s a juice box, and for him, there’s a mini bottle of liquor. He hands the box to Claire and proposes a toast to himself. He managed to get them down here in one piece. Well, the jet didn’t quite make it down that way, but the rest of them did. John downs the contents of the bottle. He gives Claire some advice. First, she should never let other kids play with her toys. They’ll break them every time, just like his pilots jammed the controls in the plane. Secondly ,she needs to learn to relax. All these adults are bent out of shape over this crash, but look at them. They’re kicking back and doing some juice. Kayla rushes over and asks about Steve. John jerks a thumb over his shoulder and tells Kayla he’s over there somewhere. Kayla rushes off and John drinks some more. He winks at Claire. They have the right idea.

Shawn covers Shawn Sr.’s head as Belle rushes up. She asks if his grandpa is gone, and he nods sorrowfully. Belle rushes to hug him. Belle asks about Bo. Hope pipes up. He’s unconscious, but alive. Shawn asks Belle to go get Claire. If she sees any firewood, she should collect that, too. They’ll need it. She heads off as Hope and Shawn tend to Bo.

Chloe and Phillip attempt to get to their feet as she remarks on their miraculous survival. Phillip tells her not to break out the bottle of champagne. He looks ruefully at his lap, which is covered with a piece of the plane. He thinks his leg is crushed. Chloe freaks. Phillip tells her to relax. He meant his prosthetic leg. It’s stuck under the wreckage. They struggle to move it, but are unsuccessful Phillip chuckles. At least it wasn’t his one good leg. Phillip tells her not to worry as they fail at moving the wreckage a second time. He’ll figure out how to get out of this.

John finds Marlena standing and shivering. She tells him that she dislocated her shoulder, and she’s in a hideous amount of pain. John says it’s good that she’s a doctor, but she says she needs his help. She cant fix it on her own. She needs him to yank her shoulder and rotate it to pop the bone back into place. John thinks that will hurt. Marlena agrees. She might even scream, but John has to keep going until it’s fixed. John works on her shoulder as Marlena first yelps, and then shrieks with pain.

Kayla tends to an unconscious Steve and pleads with him to wake up. She’s carrying his baby. She wanted to wait to tell him, but now she can’t. She cannot do this alone. She needs him. He has to wake up. Kayla buries her head in her hands and sobs. Steve stirs.

Roman gets off the phone and announces that no one yet knows where John’s plane is. Chelsea asks if they think Stefano had anything to do with this. Abe wonders why she thinks that. Chelsea says every time something bad happens, he’s behind it. Lexie says he’s in a coma, but Max thinks he could have planned this before. Maybe someone else is carrying out his wishes--someone like Lexie’s brother EJ. Lexie sighs. EJ turned Stefano I when he kidnapped John. He thinks he has changed. Max isn’t so sure. He thinks she’s being blind to the fact that her family is evil. Lexie yelps, “Max!” He leaves to go get some air.

Kayla sobs. Steve stirs and tells her not to cry. When she realizes that he’s alive and awake, she throws her arms around him and smothers him with kisses. She asks how he is and he complains of chest pain. Kayla tells him that she’s pretty sure he’s broken some ribs. Steve tells her he heard a rumor that she was pregnant. Is it true? She nods. They did it. Steve smiles and chuckles.

Marlena tells John that he still hasn’t gotten it. He needs to try again. He’ll know when he’s fixed it. He should hear or feel it pop back into place again. John jerks Marlena’s arm. She yelps, then breathes with relief. She thanks him for helping her. John had a feeling she liked it when she hurt him. Maybe that’s why she sticks around. Marlena glares. She sticks around because she loves him. He shouldn’t forget that.

Max apologizes to Lexie for what happened earlier. He had no right to take it out on her. His biological father was abusive, and sometimes he fears that he’ll turn out like him. Lexie confesses that she has had the same problem. She even let her father talk her into doing some pretty despicable things. In the end, she stayed true to the morals her aunt and uncle instilled in her, and she thinks Max will do the same. Max says he owes so much to his parents. Lexie hugs him and promises that they’re going to find his dad and everyone else and bring them home safely.

Chelsea tells Stephanie that she feels like she should be doing something. Maybe she should call her mom. Stephanie thinks they should wait for more information. Roman seems to have things under control. Chelsea tells Stephanie that the last time she saw her dad, he was trying to get her to tell the truth about Ford. He said he loved her, but that he was disappointed. Chelsea chokes back her sobs. Stephanie tells her not to think like that. Max walks over and asks if they’re ok. Stephanie tells him that Chelsea was thinking about her dad. Max promises that their family will be home soon.

Shawn and Hope lie Bo down near the cabin and cover him with a blanket. Shawn wonders why he won; wake up. He’s breathing just fine. Hope tells Shawn that his dad is very sick. Hope herself only found out right before the plane went down. The doctors aren’t sure what’s wrong, but he was going to be admitted to the hospital as soon as they arrived home. She doesn’t know if that has something to do with why he’s still unconscious. Shawn shouts at Bo to wake up. Shawn shakes him. He leans down and tells Hope that Bo isn’t breathing anymore. Shawn begins CPR. Hope bawls. She starts chest compressions and begs Bo to fight.

Chloe and Phillip struggle with the rubble covering Phillip’s legs. He apologizes for laughing. Sometimes humor is the best way to get through these situations. They try to move the wreckage again, but fail. Phillip thinks hell have to detach his prosthetic so that he can help her lift. Will that weird her out? Chloe says no.

John asks Kayla how Steve is doing. She says he is cold and asks John to bring back some blankets, along with Marlena’s medical bag. She’d like to examine Steve. John nods and heads off.

Marlena comes over as Shawn and Hope continue to work on Bo. Marlena encourages them to continue with CPR as she hunkers down to help.

Max asks how Stephanie is holding up. She feels like she could fall apart any second. Max holds her as she cries. She thought she was getting a fresh start. Her parents were happy, and getting ready to have a baby. Everyone was back on track. And then, once again, something terrible happens. It’s like they’re cursed. Max soothes her and she says she’s glad he’s here. They kiss.

John brings Kayla Marlena’s bag and she thanks him. Steve tells John it was a nice landing. John smiles. He couldn’t have done it without his wing man. John walks off. Steve complains that Kayla is doing too much. She’s pregnant. He should be helping her. Kayla reminds him that she’s a doctor, so he just needs to be quiet and let her do her job. The baby is fine. She asks Steve to take his coat off so she can have a look at his chest. He cracks a joke and starts to comply, but groans in pain and wheezes for air. Kayla fears he may have punctured a lung. When she leans over to assist him, she doubles over in pain herself.

Hope announces that the CPR isn’t working. Marlena tells Hope to open his shirt. She’ll be right back. Marlena comes back with an automated defibrillator from the plane. She shocks Bo and he jumps. Hope clasps her hands and prays.

Stephanie tells Max that she isn’t letting her parents travel anywhere without her again. Lexie, Chelsea and Roman come back in time for all of them to see Abe get off the phone. Abe comes out and tells them that the FAA thinks that John’s plane went down. Everyone gapes.

Bo is shocked again. Marlena asks if Bo suffered any trauma before the crash. Hope fills Marlena in on Bo’s illness. Bo gets a third shock and Hope begs him to come back to her. Bo takes a big whooping breath. Hope cries and hugs him. Marlena beams.

Phillip takes a look at his prosthetic leg. Chloe asks if he can fix it. Phillip thinks he can, but he won’t be running any marathons soon. Chloe feigns disappointment. So no piggy back ride as a reward for helping him? Phillip says helping the helpless is its own reward. Chloe scoffs. Philip has never been helpless. He smiles.

John swigs liquor from another mini bottle. Belle walks over and asks him to watch Claire for a minute. For some reason, she likes him. John says he is busy, but Belle insists. She has to go check on the others. She heads off despite John’s protests. He pulls Claire into his lap. H hands Claire a juice box he was saving for a screwdriver. He guesses that he can drink his vodka straight. She gulps the juice. John remarks on how much she likes it. She giggles, “That’s a fact.” John shakes his head confusedly. He asks hat the do next. She suggests they go home, and John thinks that’s a fine idea. He tells her to cover her ears and shoots off a flare from a gun. Claire oohs and ahs. It’s so pretty!

Kayla assures Steve that she just had a little cramp. She tells him all they can do for him is help manage the pain. She has to look for some meds, because if he keeps taking such shallow breaths, he might get pneumonia. Kayla groans and doubles over again.


Abe tells Lexie, “They’re some of the strongest people I’ve ever known.” Lexie replies, “Some are stronger than others.”

Steve cries, “We need some help over here!”

Phillip tells Chloe, “We need to help the others.” Chloe says, “I’ll go.”

Stephanie tells Max, “They’re going to find them.” Max replies, “They have to. Half my family is on that plane.”

Belle asks John, “You think anyone is going to see those?” John replies, “I hope so. Otherwise we’re going to have to build an igloo. Right, Claire?”

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