Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/15/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/15/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Roman walks into Abe’s office to find Lexie, Abe, Chelsea and Stephanie. They all look worried. Roman suspects Decker, but Chelsea says it’s about the group coming back from Ireland. Abe says they’ve lost radio contact. Roman asks if they’re still visible on radar. Abe nods. They’re on the same course and going the same speed. Abe thinks there’s a bigger problem. The pilots didn’t adjust their controls when they were supposed to, and now they’re way off course. They could run out of fuel in less than an hour.

On John’s plane, we pan to red numbers reading just under thirty minutes. In the cockpit, Steve complains of the cold. John recaps their situation. They have less than a half hour of oxygen and less than an hour’s worth of fuel. The good news is that the crash won’t kill them. At this rate, they’ll have suffocated long before then. Steve nukes. He’s tired of John’s crap! Their family and friends are back they’re and they’re not just going to give up! John says it isn’t in his vocabulary. They have to try to dump the fuel again before the air runs out. They have to get control of the plane again. Steve asks if he can do that/ John isn’t sure that matters. He asks about the pilots, and Steve says they didn’t make it. John sighs and wonders who did this.

Back in the cabin, the plane pitches and rolls. Chloe and Phillip notice that they’re low on oxygen. Shawn yells out that he and Belle have three working ones near them. Belle panics. Claire is freezing and Belle can’t seem to keep her warm. Kayla wonders if John and Steve are having any luck. Marlena thinks they would have heard by now if they had. She tells Kayla they have a little under an hour’s worth of oxygen. Shawn asks Hope if Bo is ok. Hope says he’ll be fine. Shawn, Sr. looks on and lowers his mask. Hope urges him to put it back on. Shawn stares. Shawn says no. Bo needs to live, and so does she. Hope pleads with him. She can’t be held responsible for letting him die. Shawn says his mind is made up. Hope wants to go get Kayla. She has the right to know what he’s going to do. Shawn relents, and Hope staggers over to Kayla. She asks her to come over. Kayla heads over and falls into a seat as the plane lurches again. She asks Hope how long he’s been out. Hope tells her that Bo is refusing the oxygen. He says he probably won’t live anyway. Not only that, but his father wants to do the same thing. He wants them to let him die.

Caroline comes in with Max and asks what’s going on. Roman tells her that Abe is on the phone right now. They’re trying to track the plane down. They don’t have all the facts yet, so they need to stay calm. Stephanie thanks Max for coming as a peaked Chelsea stares off into space. She can’t believe this is happening. Max thinks they need to stay calm until they get all of the facts. Abe hangs up and tells them they still don’t know anything new. Caroline thinks everything sounds all right--their radio is just out--but Roman tells her about the fuel potentially running out. There’s no safe place for them to land. However, Roman knows that John, Bo, and Steve won’t sit around doing nothing. Abe frets. He just wish he knew what was going on. It could be a mechanical problem--and it could be something worse.

Chloe’s eyes shut and Phillip shakes her. She has to stay awake and keep breathing. Belle cries out for Marlena. Claire is so cold, and she doesn’t know what to do. Marlena grabs her hand and soothes her. Shawn asks about his mom, dad, and grandpa, whom he can’t see. Marlena promises him that they’ll be fine. For now, he has to stay clam and keep quiet. Talking just wastes their oxygen. Belle tells Marlena that she loves her. Marlena grips her hand and tells her that she loves her, too.

Kayla and Hope insist that they won’t let Shawn do this, but he insists. Kayla tells him that she’s pregnant. He thinks it’s wonderful news. She begs him to consider that. She wants her child to know him. Shawn wishes that could be so, but that child is going to lose everyone, and its chance at life, if they don’t let him go. Kayla argues, but Shawn insists. It’s his time, and he’s got a lot of people waiting on him up there. Kayla sobs. He asks her to tell Caroline one thing-- he’ll miss her most of all. Kayla vows to put the mask on his face once he passes out. Shawn says no. She has to let him go before the devil knows he’s left. She knows this is right. Shawn closes his eyes. The plane lurches, throwing Hope from her seat. Kayla wails, “POP!”

Steve tells John that there has to be something they can do. John nods. They either have to regain control or dump the fuel. Steve thinks they’ll drop pretty fast if they go that route. John nods. But they’ll have a little time to regain control of the instruments, and they won’t suffocate. Steve goes to work on the two control panels above their heads.

Kayla checks Shawn Sr.’s pulse and wails. Hope cries. She can’t believe he’s really gone. She covers his face with a blanket. Kayla asks if they should tell the others. Hope shakes her head. Not yet. We flash to Chloe, Phillip, and Marlena’s panicked faces. Belle announces that it’s getting harder to breathe. She bawls. What are they going to do? Marlena says they’ll continue to pray and conserve oxygen. Hope frets and stares at Bo, who’s unconscious, but now has a face mask of his own. Hope turns to Kayla, her eyes full of tears. Is what Bo has--is he going to die? She begs for the truth. Before Kayla can answer, the plane shakes and the lights flicker. Someone sobs quietly.

Steve opens the control panel to find sticks of dynamite. He groans. It looks like it’s all hooked up to some kind of small explosive. He asks Bo if he knows which wires control the fuel dump and control panel. John isn’t sure, but it must be one another. He hopes Steve finds the flight controls first, though.

Abe and Roman try to get some answers on their phones as max tries unsuccessfully to call some of the people on the plane. Roman hangs up and tells them that no terrorist activity is suspected, so they all need to keep their cool. This could still be a radio problem. Abe hangs up his phone and tells the group that a Greenland airport is tracking them. Caroline ask how long they’ve got until they run out of fuel. Abe says they haven’t got long. Max chews his lip. Stephanie and Chelsea pale.

Steve works frantically at the control panel as the clock counts backward from fifteen seconds. John urges him to hurry. He’s got to repair one of those wires ASAP. As the clock ticks down to zero, John yells, “NOW!”

Chloe runs out of air and starts gasping. Phillip follows suit. Chloe cries. She doesn’t want to die. Neither does Phillip. Shawn and Belle also run out of air. Marlena does as well. Belle panics and gasps for air. She calls out for Claire. Marlena tells her everything will be fine. Claire won’t feel a thing. She’ll just stay asleep. Belle’s face crumples. She can’t take this. Marlena sobs. Shawn struggles to stay conscious, but fails. Both he and Belle relax and slip into unconsciousness. Marlena calls out for John, and he, too, passes out. Hope and Kayla’s air runs out shortly after. Hope wraps her arms around Bo and tells him she loves him. Kayla hugs Shawn, Sr. and cries.

Just as Steve works on the last wire, he passes out. John rips off his mask, and finds the portable tank he had earlier. He sucks the last few breaths of air out of it and splices the last two wires together.

Back in the cabin, every passenger is unconscious.

Stephanie thinks that something is definitely wrong up there, and it’s not just the radio. Abe and Roman try to convince everyone not to panic before they know all of the facts, but Chelsea isn’t buying it. No one will tell them anything. Abe soothes them. The ISA, Homeland Security, and NORAD are all working on this. As soon as they know something, they’ll contact them. All they can do is wait. Caroline cries and stares out of the window, “And pray.”

The passengers on the plane remain unconscious as John struggles with the wiring. The fuels tanks drain and the plane plummets. The lights flicker in the cabin and Belle slumps forward as the plane dives. Steve wakes up in the cockpit as John struggles to gain control of the plane. John says he needs help. They managed to dump the fuel, but now they have no controls. He needs Steve’s help. Steve and John work frantically on the wires as the plane drops. As the altitude drops, Phillip wakes up with a gasp. Hope does, too. John and Steve find the right wires and John says they have it. He instructs Steve to pull back on the steering. Inside the cabin, Hope gasps. Phillip stares. John and Steve pull back on the plane’s throttle will all of their might. Phillip looks up in awe as the plane rights itself. John tells Steve they’ve regained some control. Marlena wakes up with a start and looks at Claire, who’s still breathing. She calls out for Belle and Shawn. Belle reaches out for Claire. Marlena tells her that John has control of the plane again. Marlena cradles Claire. Thank God they made it. Phillip soothes Chloe as she awakens with a gasp. Bo wakes up choking, and Hope hold him. She calls out for Kayla, who’s still out of it. John starts to tell Steve about their landing plan, when Marlena calls form the cabin on one of the plane; phones. John tells her they’re under ten thousand feet, so everyone should be able to breathe. She asks if they can land. John says yes, but it’s sooner and harder than everyone’s going to like. She smiles with rapture. She loves him. John tells her that’s good to know and hangs up. Marlena tells everyone that they’re about to attempt an emergency landing, so everyone needs to buckle up and brace themselves.

Chelsea wonders if a hijacker could be after John or Phillip’s money. Stephanie nods. She heard Chloe was in trouble with the European police, too. Abe says there’s no evidence of foul play as of yet. Caroline reminds them that the plane is almost out of fuel. Chelsea and Stephanie freak out. Lexie tells everyone it’s too soon to start thinking the worst. Max grumps. Roman knows there’s something really wrong hear. Roman snaps. He knows that, and if they could do anything else, they would. Max apologizes. Lexie asks if they can call anyone else. Roman says no. Abe suggests they all go back to the pub. They all refuse. The phone rings. Abe answers and is put on hold. He tells the group that he’s getting patched through to someone else. There’s been a change in the plane’s status.

Chloe panics. They’re going down too fast, aren’t they? Phillip consoles her. At least they’re still alive. Claire cries as Belle tries to soothe her. Shawn wants to go up front to check on things, but Belle grabs him. She needs him here. Kayla buckles her seatbelt. In the cockpit, John struggles to keep control of the plane. Back in the cabin, the plane lurches violently. Several people shriek. Bo and Hope grab onto one another. Bo notices the blanket over Shawn Sr.’s face and struggles to get out of his seat. What’s wrong with his Pop? Bo pulls the blanket off and shakes his father. Hope says she’s sorry. Bo gapes. Kayla sobs.

Abe tells the group that the plane just dropped off of the radar. Stephanie’s eyes fill with tears. Chelsea asks what that means. Caroline chokes back tears. Did they crash?

John struggles with the plane as Steve spots land outside. John tells him to keep the nose up. He asks if Steve is a betting man. Steve says only when the odds are in his favor. John smiles strangely and tells him to forget it.

Bo begs Shawn to wake up. Kayla explains that he gave his oxygen up so that they could all live. Bo sobs and yells. No, it was supposed to be him. Hope cries. Kayla tells Bo that he died a hero. A sobbing Bo sits back down next to Hope and she holds him as he cries. Bo wants to go up front, but Hope begs him to stay with her. He agrees .Kayla whispers that she loves Steve.

Steve prays that God cushions the blow a bit when they land. John looks at him like he has two heads.

Abe doesn’t know that they crashed. They just know that they disappeared from the radar. Abe tells someone on the phone that he wants updates ASAP. Everyone else looks on desperately. Caroline pulls out her rosary and begins to pray.

Belle and Shawn say they love each other. Chloe cries out for God to help them as the plane continues its nosedive. Bo and Hope say they love each other, too. Kayla stares.

John tells Steve to keep the nose up as he pokes around the controls. They have no landing gear. Steve groans.

Roman tells the group that NORAD is sending planes to the projected crash site. Stephanie sighs defeatedly. They’ve crashed, then. Lexie tells them not to panic. Max soothes a sobbing Caroline. Stephanie sighs, “Please let them be ok.”

John instructs Steve to pull back as hard as he can. Shawn calls across the aisle to Bo and Hope and tells them he loves them. They love him, too. Marlena and Belle do the same, and then Belle and Shawn. Phillip shouts, “This is it!” John grabs Steve and says, “This is it.” everyone screams as the cabin is plunged into darkness. The plane dives sharply. Everyone screams.


Stephanie asks, “So our family has disappeared and no one knows where they are?”

Chelsea asks, “You guys think that Stefano DiMera was behind this?”

Max tells Lexie, “Your family is evil.” She yelps, “ Max!”

Abe tells Roman and Chelsea, “That was the FFA. John’s plane is down.”

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