Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/14/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/14/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by
Juanita and Chit-Chat Haven

Lexie shows up at Abe’s office and asks if he’s heard from Bo and Hope. He tells her he has, and that Colleen Brady died. Lexie is glad she was able to spend her last moments surrounded by family. Abe hopes that this, in conjunction with Stefano’s coma, will end the feud for good between the families. Lexie nods. She ask when they’re returning. Abe isn’t sure exactly, but sometime tonight. Lexie asks if he can get an ETA from air traffic control. Abe says he can, but he can tell something is worrying her. Does she want to tell him what it is? Lexie flashes back to reviewing the test results, and telling someone at the hospital that she’s trying to get an additional sample.

On the plane, John paces in the cabin. Chloe nukes. How can he calmly tell them that they’re all going to die? Phillip thinks there must be something he can do. John nods. That’s probably so, but it hasn’t come to him yet. He sighs. The worst part about all of this is that this jet is worth millions. It looks like it’s going to be a total loss. Marlena shivers under a blanket. She knows John cares about all of them and wants to save them. Bo frets. They have two hours of fuel, but only 90 minutes of oxygen. John advises them to use their masks sparingly and take slow, even breaths. Kayla announces that her mask doesn’t work. Shawn, Sr. say his does, but Phillip’s, Bo’s, and Hope’s masks are useless. John tells them flatly that it looks like not all of them will make it. They have two hours of fuel, and an hour and a half’s worth of oxygen. They can do the math.

Shawn offers to share his mask with Bo and Hope, and Steve says that he and Kayla can share his. Phillip tells everyone to stay calm. Steve advises they all hold their breath as long as possible between hits of oxygen. Bo heads off to look for portable oxygen tanks at the back of the plane. Bo stumbles getting up and Hope helps him sit back down. He says he’s just dizzy. He needs some air. John tells them that sharing the masks isn’t the answer. They just don’t have enough oxygen. Chloe freaks. How will they decide who doesn’t get air? Will they draw straws? Belle scoffs. Shawn refuses to sit around and watch his loved ones suffocate. Steve suggests all of the masks go to Claire and the women. Kayla and Hope disagree. Marlena insists they all share, and Shawn agrees. John says they can do anything they want but he’s not sharing his mask. He’s the only one left who can fly this bird.

Abe questions Lexie about Bo and Hope, ands she explains that they’ll be going straight to the hospital from the airport. As far as she knows, though, Bo hasn’t told Hope anything .Things were just to hectic after they found Colleen. Abe sighs and thanks god they’re on their way back. Lexie just hopes it isn’t too late. Chelsea and Stephanie come in and Chelsea asks, “Too late for what?”

Marlena says they all understand. Bo has confidence that John can get them out of this mess. Hope agrees. He’s done it many times before. John sighs. It looks like he has a reputation to maintain. Marlena is hopeful. He clearly remembers a lot about how to fly. John scowls. He’s not a mechanic. He has no clue what’s wrong. Marlena asks him to try. Steve chimes in. He has some experience with cars. He’d be happy to give it a shot. Bo wants to help, but stumbles again getting up, and Hope urges him to stay seated. John heads off to check the tail section for damage. Both Shawn and Phillip offer to help Steve, but he tells them to stay here with the women. Kayla frets. She doesn’t want him to go. Steve tells her to relax. He kisses her and heads off for the cockpit. Kayla flashes back to calling Steve to tell him about her “window” and then the news from Lexie that she’s pregnant. Kayla comes back to the present and frets. Chloe hyperventilates nearby. Phillip tries to soothe her, but she isn’t having it. John said they were all going to die. She’s scared and freezing. Shawn and Belle share a mask and hope the pure oxygen will help keep Claire asleep. Shawn, Sr. urges Bo to keep his mask a little longer. Bo insists he take it back and complains of stomach pain. Kayla asks Marlena how this could have happened. Marlena isn’t sure, but she promises they’ll get through this. Kayla sighs. She probably should have told Steve. Marlena asks what she should have told him. Kayla tells Marlena that she’s pregnant.

Inside the cockpit, Steve dons an oxygen mask and works on the instrument panel. He throws it off and mutters.

Abe asks Chelsea and Stephanie what brings them down here. They explain that their parents are coming home, but non of them are answering their phones. They wanted to know if Abe knew what time they were arriving. Abe goes over to call air traffic control. Chelsea thinks Lexie looks worried. Is something wrong? Lexie says no. Abe gets off the phone and tells them the plane left Ireland a few hours ago. They’re slated to arrive later this evening. Chelsea and Stephanie are glad everyone is coming home. Chelsea cant wait to hear all about Colleen.

Steve gasps for air and fumbles for his mask. He passes out.

Kayla explains to Marlena that she wanted to surprise Steve with the news when they got home. Marlena urges her to keep her mask on. She can’t deprive the fetus of oxygen. Marlena asks her to try praying. Belle calls out for her. Marlena checks her watch. They still have about an hour of oxygen. That will be enough time for the men to figure out how to get the plane back under control. John comes back and sits down next to Kayla. He laughs and admits that he doesn’t know what he’s looking at back there. Shawn tries to give Belle the mask, but she insists on sharing. Chloe doesn’t understand. Don’t planes have backups for these kinds of emergencies? Phillip says yes. Whoever sabotaged this plane knew what they were doing. John closes his eyes. Kayla nukes. John says he’s thinking. But Kayla thinks he needs to get up and go help her husband. If she were trying to save a patient’s life, she wouldn’t be sitting around. John grumps. He needs people to stop telling him what to do and how to do it. He gets up and heads into the cockpit.

John finds Steve unconscious and checks his pulse. He takes his fingers away from Steve’s neck and stares.

Bo and Hope try to give the mask to Shawn, Sr., but he refuses. With one less person using it, the oxygen will last longer. Bo thinks that’s crazy talk. Shawn thinks he has had a full life. He made his peace with his sister, and maybe it’s time to make his peace with God, too. Hope refuses to let him give up. He relents and accepts the air. Bo frets. He;s right. With three people sharing, the oxygen is going to run out fast. Hope says no one is giving up the air. Red numbers pop up on the screen, indicating that they have an hour left until the plane crashes. Bo tells Hope that he has something to tell her.

John pulls off his mask and puts it over Steve’s mouth and nose. He urges him to breathe or die. He doesn’t have time to play nurse maid.

Phillip hands Chloe the mask and tells her he’s going to the cockpit to try to help. He’ll share oxygen with Steve or John. Chloe snorts. Does he really want to count on John to share? Phillip says he has to do something, he can’t just sit here. Chloe begs him not to go. If something were to happen, she could never forgive herself. Phillip agrees, but if they need him, he has to go. Chloe agrees. Nearby, Shawn tells Belle he feels the same way Phillip does. Belle shivers. She feels the same way Chloe does. She and Claire need Shawn. He can’t leave. Shawn agrees to stay. Bo tells Hope that he’s sick. He meant to tell her before, but he couldn’t. Shawn, Sr. asks what’s going on. Bo tells them that the doctors think he has cancer. Hope puts the mask over her face, breathes deeply, and sobs. This was the secret he was keeping. Bo nods. He wanted to wait for a definitive prognosis, but it doesn’t matter now. Hope thinks it does matter. He should have told her the moment he knew. She cries. Shawn asks how bad it is. Bo sighs. Even if he does make it back to Salem, he might die. He hands the mask over to Shawn. They need to hang onto the oxygen. Shawn refuses. Bo thinks they both need to let him go. Hope bawls. She tells them that they’re going to pray, and go on like they have been. Neither one of them is going to refuse the oxygen again. She pleads with Bo not to give up.

Kayla frets about John and Steve. What if John is programmed to commit suicide since his mission failed? Marlena doesn’t think that’s so, but Kayla worries. What if he doesn’t give a damn if he dies? What if he doesn’t care if any of them die?

John takes the mask off of Steve’s face and wonders how long a person can go without breathing. This may be an interesting way to find out. He inhales. Steve lies unconscious.

Abe tells Chelsea how glad he is that the whole Ford Decker debacle is over. Chelsea and Stephanie agree. Lexie asks about Billie, and Chelsea tells her she’s settled in London and seems pretty happy. Abe offers to call the girls when the plane is closer, and they start to leave. Abe takes a call and calls them back in. Air traffic control has him on hold.

John pulls a pair of pliers out of a toolkit and goes to work on the valve that‘s malfunctioning on Steve‘s mask. He looks over, tells Steve to relax, and that he’s working on it. He places the mask over Steve’s mouth. He chuckles and tells Steve not to hold his breath.

Chloe asks Phillip how much time they have. Phillip tells her they have about a half hour of air. Shawn panics. They now have fifteen minutes of flying left after they run out of oxygen. He has to go up there and help. Belle refuses and Shawn relents. Chloe asks Phillip if he knows who did this. He and his father have been pretty relentless in business. Phillip thinks they could be after here, too. Kayla wants to go after Steve, but Marlena refuses. She’ll do it herself. Bo gets up. He can’t take any more of this. He has to go see what is going on. The plane lurches violently and the cabin is plunged into darkness. The group shrieks.

John twists the valve as he holds the mask over Steve’s face. He hears a faint hissing, tests the mask and nods. He places it over Steve’s face. Steve doesn’t respond. John sighs. He better not have wasted his time on a dead man. He pumps Steve’s chest.

Bo is unconscious. Shawn and Hope lift him back into his seat. Phillip helps Marlena to her feet. Marlena looks at her mask ruefully. She broke the tube. Kayla tells Phillip that he an take his seat; she’ll share with Marlena. Marlena tries to refuse, but Kayla insists. Hope asks Shawn to go back to Belle and Claire. She’ll take care of Bo. Shawn, Sr. hands Hope the mask and she puts it over Bo’s mouth. She tries to had it back, but Shawn refuses to take any more. There’s not enough for all three of them. They have to let him go.

John pumps Steve’s chest and tells him he has sixty seconds to snap out of this, or he’s on his own. He smacks Steve’s face lightly and yells at him to snap out if it.

Phillip muses. Whoever did this was a professional. Shawn tells Belle that Claire has to have oxygen, no matter what. They have to start preparing for the worst. Kayla shivers and passes her mask to Marlena. Bo does the same for Hope. He tries to give it to Shawn, Sr. He tells him if he doesn’t take it, hell hold him down and make him. Shawn says he can be stubborn if he wants; he’s old. Bo tells him that he’s sick and dying, so he wins. He glances apologetically at Hope. He didn’t want to say it before, but its true, he’s dying. Shawn refuses to let Bo sacrifice himself. Bo promises the two of them will survive. They’re going to make it through this.

Abe gets off the phone and tells them that the pilot didn’t check in when he was supposed to, and the tower can’t make radio contact. Chelsea, Stephanie, and Lexie stare.

Steve rasps and takes in a giant, hitching breath. John encourages him. Steve coughs and chokes. John sits next t him and say he has good and bad news. The good news is that he’s breathing again. The bad news is that it won’t be for much longer.

Belle and Shawn share a mask and belle flashes back to Shawn and her talking about their marriage in Ireland. Belle comes back to the present and tells Shawn that she’s never loved anyone the way she loves him. Chloe gasps. There’s a chance she might never see Brady or her parents again. Phillip tries to soothe her, but she doesn’t buy it. Phillip hands her the mask and tells her to keep breathing.

Kayla thinks they could still fix this. Marlena agrees. Kayla sighs. She should have told Steve about the baby before they left. Marlena knows she can tell Steve later. Right now, he has to help John up front. She ahs faith because John came back to her. After that, anything could happen. Marlena thinks Kayla will have a wonderful story to tell her child someday about what happened on this plane.

Bo hands Hope the mask and holds it over her face. He’s dying. It’s only right that she be the one to survive. Shawn, Sr. agrees. It’s time for him to join his sister. Hope cries. She begs him to take the mask. Bo shakes his head. He tells her he loves her and closes his eyes. Hope puts the mask over his mouth and sobs. She tries to hands it so Shawn, but he refuses. He’s ready to go. He can die happy knowing he helped save his son. He begs Hope to let him do this.


Hope asks Kayla, “Kay, is what Bo has... is he going to die?"

Abe says, "The plane just went off radar." Caroline cries, "Dear God!"

John yells, "This is it!" Steve screams, along with all of the other passengers.

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