Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/13/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/13/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

On John Black’s plane, the pilot dumps the fuel. The tactic doesn’t work, and John asks Steve to tell everyone the news. Steve goes out and explains that the radio and instruments are on the fritz. The group tailspins into a panic. Steve tells them that John is flying the plane. The two pilots next to him are just as experienced, and they’re doing everything they can to make sure they land safely. Bo asks if they can land. Steve isn’t sure. The pilots think it’s best to stay straight and steady for now. Phillip asks what he can do, and Steve tells him to get more blankets. It’s going to get a hell of a lot colder in here. John comes out and Marlena demands to know the truth. Can they make it?

Sami comes into the safe house and flops on the couch as EJ gushes about the twins and Tony and Anna’s visit. He notices that Sami seems upset, so he asks if she wants to talk about what happened with Lucas. Sami doesn’t want to talk about it, but EJ thinks it would make her feel better. Sami relents and tells him that she saw Lucas and said goodbye. She won’t see him again except behind glass for the next six or seven years. EJ says he understands. Sami thinks he must be filled with joy at the prospect. EJ sighs. He hates to see her this upset. It truly makes him unhappy. Sami says that Lucas is hers, Will’s and Allie’s life. EJ hates to say this, but Lucas is the one that threw all of that away. Sami knows that, but that doesn’t make it easier. EJ asks if she still loves him. Sami looks at him as if he has two heads and says yes.

At the sorority house, Max and Stephanie walk into her room, and she thanks Max for a wonderful day. She’s sorry if she spaced out a little. She just really misses her parents. Max nods. He misses his Pop, too, but they’ll all be home soon.

Belle takes Claire off for cookies as John tells them all what’s going on. Every instrument on the plane has systematically failed. They’re losing cabin pressure as well, which is clear from the cold air. Marlena wants to know if they are going to crash. John cocks an eyebrow. Not on his watch.

Sami isn’t sure how long she can take this. EJ reminds her that Roman and Abe are supposed to let them know when they can leave. Sami grumps. What are they waiting for? Stefano is in a coma. She misses her family. EJ suggests a game and they argue over who is he better gin rummy player. Abe interrupts them by ringing the bell. Sami hugs him and he tells her she’s sprung. The coast is clear. Sami asks if that means they can stop worrying about Stefano. Abe wouldn’t say that. He doesn’t trust him even when he’s in a coma. Abe tells them to get packed up, and then they can leave. Sami thanks him, and Abe thinks it’s nice to see her happy again. He’s so sorry for what happened with Lucas. Sami thanks him again and he leaves. Sami and EJ dance around each other uncomfortably as they prepare to leave.

Max reminds Stephanie that he saved her life earlier from a motorcycle gang. Stephanie laughs. Does he mean the old woman in the electric chair? She must be a member of Hell’s Grannies. Max thinks she was pretty dangerous. She ran over a couple of clerks in that thing. Stephanie sighs. She guesses she’’ have to be his slave until the debt is repaid. Max says he just wants her to be his friend. Stephanie says they are friends. He’s already proved that over and over. He’s actually more than just a friend. She kisses him. Max isn’t sure they should do this. Stephanie doesn’t get it. Max wants to make sure she’s alright first.

John tells them he isn’t sure yet what they should do, but he’s working on it. At this point, they can’t descend. The controls aren’t allowing it. They also tried to dump fuel, but it didn’t work. Steve grumps. He was against that plan. John says it doesn’t matter. Now they’re stuck. They can’t ascend, descend, or turn. So, they’re going to keep going at the same pace and lose more cabin pressure all the while. John has no clue what to do, yet he’s optimistic. Phillip doesn’t see how. John smiles. Maybe that’s the way he was programmed. Everyone exchanges uncomfortable glances. John assures them that he’ll think of something. Bo asks how long they have. John says he can keep them in the air another two hours or so, but the real problem is that they might all freeze to death. Chloe cries. Phillip soothes her. Bo sighs. Not a lot of oxygen at this altitude. John agrees. Chloe hyperventilates as Bo and Hope cling to one another.

EJ and Sami chat about the twins as they pack. Their hands touch and Sami jumps. EJ asks if he said something wrong. Did he touch a nerve? Sami says that she just wants to get home. This place is starting to get to her. EJ doesn’t get it. This place is great. Sami doesn’t get it. Isn’t he happy to be going home? EJ says he is, but he’d be lying if he said a part of him didn’t like their arrangement. It’s been nice having his son under the same roof. Sami says he can see Johnny whenever he wants. As long as he calls first, and it’s a reasonable time, she won’t mind. EJ thanks her and says he has a favor to ask. As long as he’s taking Johnny out sometimes to the park or the zoo, he’d really like to spend some time with Allie, too.

Bo asks if they can cut the engines. John says no. It’s all tied into the electronics. Phillip suggests they dump all of the fuel. John says he tried. Phillip doesn’t get it. The fuel has nothing to do with the electronics. John smiles. Therein lies the mystery. Shawn tells him to figure something else out. John says ok and heads back to the cockpit. Marlena tells them all to bundle up and asks Shawn to go get Belle and Claire.

In the cockpit, John finds the pilots slumped over the controls. He shakes his head. This is one hell of a time for a siesta.

EJ knows Sami doesn’t want him to spend a lot of time with Allie, but he would like to see her every once in a while. Sami doesn’t want him to bond with her, but EJ points out that Lucas won’t be around to tuck her in or take her to school. Sami huffs. Those are the kinds of things parents do, and EJ is not her parent. EJ sighs. He knows, but Allie does need a male figure in her life. Sami considers. Well, he has been great with the kids, and Allie does like him. EJ asks if that’s a yes. Sami makes a commiserating gesture, and EJ thanks her profusely. He tries to hug her but she rushes off. He apologizes for his forwardness. Sami says it’s no big deal. He asks why she seems so upset and preoccupied, then. She says she actually does have something to tell him.

Max tells Stephanie that he wants to kiss her, but he just isn’t sure the timing is right. He wants to snuggle, but he doesn’t want to get all hot and heavy when she isn’t ready. She thanks him. Max says he just wants to protect her. He is here for her, but he thinks she’ll be more comfortable when her parents get home.

Kayla cries quietly and Steve asks if she was thinking about Stephanie. He was, too. Steve promises that they will walk away from this. John comes out and asks to see Marlena in the cockpit. She follows him and gasps when she sees the unconscious pilots. What happened here? John isn’t sure, but they haven’t been like this for very long. Marlena asks John a few more questions and rules out hypothermia or lack of oxygen as the culprits. She tells John she’ll be back and heads off. John sits in the pilot’s seat and tells the plane to surprise him and do something different. Marlena comes back with her bag and examines both men’s eyes with her penlight. She asks if they had anything to drink. John tells her they both had water. John asks if she thinks they were drugged. Marlena says it sure looks that way. Marlena has no idea what put them out or how long they’ll be out. Thank God John is alright. It looks like he’ll be the one to land the plane for them. John asks if she can give them something to help, but Marlena admits she cant. She doesn’t know what dosage they were give, or what drug, so if she guesses wrong, they could both die. John sighs. Well, he may have to land this bird, but one of her friends out there is going to help him. He heads back out of the cockpit.

Sami tells EJ about her mom and John going to Ireland and finding Colleen. She died, but they did talk to her. Apparently, Marlena thinks Colleen and Santo were reunited. EJ asks if she thinks it’s true. Sami looks up at him and drops her bag. The DVD falls out and Sami tells him that Lucas made for Allie. She goes to put it into the player. She sits Allie on her lap. Lucas sits by a fire and tells Allie how much he loves her. He explains that he made a mistake that he has to pay for, but he wants her to know how much he loves her. Sami sobs. They love him, too. EJ comes into the room and watches the DVD.

Marlena tells John she gave the pilots a drug to stabilize them, but that’s all she can do at this point. But it’s ok. They still have him. John says he talks a good game, but he really has no clue what his next move is. Marlena thinks he has handled himself very well so far. But she just doesn’t understand who did this and why. The pilots are drugged and the equipment has been tampered with. John agrees that someone doesn’t like them. He breaks off and closes his eyes. He does math in the air with his finger. John thinks he figured out a way to land the plane.

Max throws popcorn at Stephanie and tries to aim for her mouth. She takes a turn and does just as badly. He wrestles her onto the bed and she fends him off. Max sits up uncomfortably. He apologizes. He knows she’s going to have that response. It will go away aver time, but he doesn’t want to rush things. Stephanie says she really would kiss him if he would let her. Stephanie starts picking popcorn off of the floor and Max helps. She hopes they can start kissing again soon.

Bo leaves Hope to go check on Shawn, Sr. Belle tells Shawn that Claire is asleep, hopefully dreaming of someplace warm. Chloe shivers uncontrollably and Phillip comforts her. She says she doesn’t want to land in the ocean or on a glacier, either. She’s cold. Phillip think the pilots will get them down safely. Marlena comes out and tells them that John may have found a way to land the plane. Steve asks if the others agree. Marlena explains that the pilots were drugged, and the plane was sabotaged. This was no accident. Everyone frets.

Sami tells EJ they were just watching Lucas’ DVD. EJ knows he and Lucas don’t get along, but he’s sorry to see her this way. He knows she’s tough, but she’ll get through this. He knows her and he feels like he might understand her--at least a little. He knows she doesn’t want to hear this, but his feelings for her have grown in the time they’ve spent together. She’s sorry he feels that way, but appreciates that he as acted like a gentleman. EJ says he always will act that way for her. Later, EJ oversees things as some men move boxes out. Sami thinks that’s the last of everything. EJ is a little disappointed to be leaving. This is the only time he’s experienced a real family. Sami thinks he’ll have that someday.

Chloe wonders who could have done this. Marlena tells them that John is working on it. Hope asks if he can land it. Phillip says he doesn’t have flying experience, but he may be able to lend a hand. Marlena says that at this point, they have a bigger worry. The plane is decompressing. They have some air in the remaining oxygen masks. Right on cue, the masks fall from the ceiling and everyone gasps. John comes out and tells them he hasn’t found a way to land yet. As far as he can tell, they’ll be up here until they run out of fuel. Chloe ask what happen then. John says they’ll join Santo and Colleen in the great hereafter. Hope sobs. Chloe continues to hyperventilate.


Kayla tells Marlena, “Maybe I should have told Steve.” Marlena asks, “Told him what?” Kayla replies, “That I’m pregnant.”

Abe tells Lexie, “Thank God they’re on their way back here.” Lexie replies, “I hope it’s not too late.” Chelsea and Stephanie walk in. Chelsea asks, “Too late for what?”

Kayla looks at her oxygen mask and yells, “Mine doesn’t work.” Phillip yells, “Mine isn’t either.” Bo says, “Mine’s not working.” John says evenly, “Then we’re not all going to make it.”

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