Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/12/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/12/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

On John Black’s jet, Shawn buckles Claire into her seat as she asks if they hit something. Belle soothes her. There’s nothing up here for them to hit. Claire frets. What about the clouds? Shawn and Belle stare blankly at one another.

Nearby, Hope frets. Was that normal? Bo thinks it was just a little turbulence, but Bo disagrees.

Across the aisle, Kayla asks Shawn, Sr. if he’s ok. Shawn says he’s fine. It was just a little bump. Steve fidgets.

Near the front of the plane, Phillip tries to calm a panicking Chloe. She already hates to fly, and this is making it worse. Phillip soothes her and tells her that everything is fine. Phillip promises it won’t happen again, but Chloe is skeptical. Phillip vows to eat his words if she feels another bump as hard as that one.

Nearby, Marlena suggests that John go talk to the pilot. John grunts. It’s just converging masses of air that creates turbulence. It’s especially likely when they’re flying against the jet stream. Marlena smiles. He can remember that, but not her? John doesn’t know. He’s not sure why he would know anything about air masses anyhow. Marlena tells him he was a pilot.

At the park, Victor plucks a tulip and examines it. Caroline comes up behind him and greets him. He shows her how nice the flower is and explains that the tulips in the park rarely do well, but it doesn’t appear to be from lack of nutrients in the soil. Caroline had no idea he knew so much about flowers. He must have a soft spot. Victor smiles. He has always had one when it comes to family. Caroline nods. She knows he has always felt that way about their son, Bo. Victor says Bo is a good man. Caroline says there is good in him too. Victor shakes his head. Bo’s the way he is because of Shawn and Caroline, not him. Caroline knows Shawn is a good father, but Victor is Bo’s blood. Nothing can change that. Victor asks about Shawn. Caroline fills him in on Colleen’s reappearance and death. Despite their reunion, she thinks Shawn sounded troubled on the phone.

The plane rocks violently. Kayla reaches out for Shawn. He laughs. This is no worse than riding a horse. Steve’s eye widens. Maybe a bucking horse.

In the cockpit, the co-pilot complains that the controls are “mushy.” The pilot doesn’t think that sounds right at this speed and he takes over as John enters the cockpit. John asks if the can descend. The passengers are a nervous lot. The pilot tells him he doesn’t think the weather is causing this. John cocks an eyebrow. Is he insinuating that John’s aircraft is malfunctioning?

Chloe fidgets. Phillip asks if everything is alright. Chloe snaps. She’s fine. Phillip wonders if it’s really the flight that’s bothering her, or if it’s Brady. Chloe sighs and admits that it’s both. Phillip tells her that John’s pilots have been with him for five years, so he isn’t worried about the plane. As for Brady, sure, he’s worried, too, but he knows in his heart that Brady is out there somewhere, and he’s alive. Chloe thanks him.

Belle tells Claire that everything will be fine. Her daddy told her that everything would get smoother and it did. Claire smiles sweetly and thanks Shawn. Belle smiles. Claire’s daddy can do anything. Claire agrees and Shawn takes her hand.

Steve suggests Shawn try to get some rest. Kayla agrees. It’s already been a strange trip. First Steve rushes of the plane with a lame excuse, and now this turbulence is frightening her. Steve grabs her hand and apologizes for all that has happened.

Marlena comes and sits next to Bo and Hope. She explains that John suggesting to the pilots that they adjust their course to avid the turbulence. Hope sighs with relief. It sounds like everything will be alright. Hope asks if Bo is alright. She explains to Marlena that their mattress at the B & B left much to be desired. She brightly suggest a massage. Marlena thinks Bo needs a doctor. He’s looking pretty pale. Bo says he’s just stressed. Hope excuses herself and Bo explains that eh has to talk to Hope, but it isn’t good news. Marlena thinks she might be able to help.

Roman meets Kate at the park. She cries and he hands her a handkerchief. Roman tells her that Lucas didn’t have to plead guilty. He must have just thought it was the right thing to do. Roman admires it. Kate is angry at him. Roman wishes he could do something. Kate thinks he can. She begs him to do something--anything. He must be able to.

Bo tells Marlena he just has some things to sort out, but he and Hope has a bumpy road ahead. They’ll need her expertise soon enough, but right now he’s like to keep this to himself.

Hope chats with Claire. Belle thinks Marlena and Bo must be talking about something serious. Hope excuses herself and heads over to Kayla. She wants to know what is going on. Enough with the secrets.

Marlena frets. John has been gone awhile. How long does it take to ask the pilot to change course? Bo isn’t sure. He worries.

The pilot thinks there may be something wrong with the plane. The instruments aren’t responding up to par. The plane is getting harder to fly. John smiles and says he’s sure they’ll do their best. After all, his family is back there.

Chloe wonders how Phillip can be sure that Brady will be ok. Phillip says it’s for the same reason he knows Chloe is innocent in all of it. Chloe thinks that he’s in the minority on that one. Phillip usually is, but he’s also usually right. Anyway, what matters is getting him back. If he has to fly around the world to get him back, he will.

Belle and Shawn soothe Claire. Belle tells her planes like these are meant to bounce. They’ll be fine, and she’s sure the worst is over. Belle looks to Shawn for validation.

John asks the pilot why the controls aren’t responding. He isn’t sure ,but he promises to do his best to keep John and his family safe.

Kayla and Steve exchange glances. Hope tells them to wipe those looks off of their faces and tell her what’s going on. Bo is clearly worried sick about something. Steve asks what Bo said. Hope says he told her to trust him. Kayla thinks that is good advice. Besides, everything will be fine. Hope gets up in a huff. She sure hopes so. She walks off. Steve wonders why Kayla told Hope that everything will be ok. She doesn’t know that. Kayla sighs. She said that because she hopes it’s true, that’s all.

Victor offers Caroline the flower as Chelsea comes up. Caroline explains that they ran into each other taking walks. Chelsea is glad. Now she can ask them some questions. For starters, how did they end up having her dad? Carolina gapes. Chelsea urges them both to tell her. Would they rather she hear the troy from someone else?

John takes over the controls and agrees that there is minimal response. They need to land. The pilot explains the have clearance to land in Iceland, but they’re still pretty far out. John says he’ll just have to keep it steady. He isn’t going swimming in February. The co-pilot says they’re pretty close to another landing strip.. John tells him to call ahead and let them know they’re coming in. The co-pilot performs a radio check, but it’s dead. John grunts. That’s just perfect.

Hope sits back down and asks Bo and Marlena why they seem so worried. They tells her that John is having a long conference with the pilots.

Chloe asks Phillip how many times he has been in love. Phillip says the same amount as her. She says she loves Brady. He says he also loved Belle. Chloe smiles. Loved? Phillip nods. He doesn’t want to talk about that. She reminds him that they were a couple for a while. So again, how many times has he been in love? Phillip persists. As many times as she has.

Shawn and Belle talk about how beautiful Claire is and how lucky they are to have her. Shawn says she has Belle’s smile. Belle asks if that is a good thing. Shawn smiles. It’s a beautiful thing.

John and the pilots discuss their next move. John verifies that the controls are all electronic. He tells the pilot to take back over. He’s going to try something.

Roman says there is nothing he can do. Kate doesn’t buy it. Roman says that Lucas made a decision, and he has to live with it. He was already sentenced. Kate huffs. Not even for Sami? Roman says he would do anything for her, but he cannot do anything. Kate complains about EJ. He is still around, and besides, he deserved it. Roman says he tried to tells Lucas the consequences of confessing, but he did it anyway. Kate wonders what he knows about having people ripped away from him. Roman knows plenty. Kate scoffs. Oh, Marlena. Roman gets serious. He Didn’t just mean Marlena.

John tells them he’s going to try to find something to communicate with. Hopefully it won’t end up being a smoke signal. John goes out and asks Marlena for her cell phone. He doesn’t have one. Bo asks if it will interfere with the radios. John smiles. He sincerely doubts that. John goes back into the cockpit, but can’t get a signal. The pilot doesn’t think he’ll get one unless someone has a satellite phone. John sighs. Now he has to go arouse suspicion by asking everyone if they have a signal.

Victor chuckles. He doesn’t like to be strong-armed into giving out information. Chelsea grins. She knows he will, because he loves her. Victor thinks she’s a piece of work. Caroline smiles. That’s the Kirakis blood in her. Caroline says they aren’t proud of what happened. It shouldn’t have happened at all. Chelsea say that then Bo wouldn’t be here. Caroline sighs. She guesses that is so. Victor says that’s so, but they never regretted the result of that, which was their son. Caroline gives Chelsea the rundown on their affair. They were once in love, but he left town. Eventually, he did come home, but she was married by then. Her husband was on a business trip, and she felt like he didn’t care about her. She was so unhappy, and Victor waltzed in. They had a moment of indiscretion. She kept it a secret so that Shawn wouldn’t be hurt. Victor said his heart was broken, by the agreed to go back to Greece. She didn’t know she was pregnant until after Victor left. She kept the secret until Bo was an adult. Chelsea asks how he found out. The camera flashes back to the scene as Caroline tells the story. Bo was investigating Victor, and was going to shoot him, when Caroline screamed out that he couldn’t shoot, because Victor was his father. Chelsea asks if he was mad. Caroline said he didn’t believe it at first, and then he was furious. Chelsea asks about Shawn. Caroline admits that he was very upset. Shawn and Victor have both been fathers to Bo in their own way. Chelsea wonders why he didn’t leave her. Caroline says he loved her. Victor says he was a forgiving and honorable man.

Shawn dreams restlessly about Caroline. Kayla assures him that they will be home soon. John comes out and asks if anyone has a signal. There’s a little problem with the radio. Everything is fine other than that. No one has a signal. John shrugs it off and makes a joke. No big deal. The pilot comes out and quietly tells John that they are losing cabin pressure. Belle stares.

Steve asks Kayla if he heard right. Are they losing cabin pressure? Chloe freaks. Are they going to crash? John says no. The worst that could happen is that they may get cold. He suggests they all put their cats on. Belle shivers. Bo tells Hope not to worry. She says she won’t. She has him.

The pilot tells John that he thinks a hole may be in the fuselage. John nods. If a piece broke off, hot could have knocked out the electronics. John takes over the co-pilots seat. This is really going to put a crimp in his cocktail hour.

Roman apologizes to a furious Kate and promises to call the warden. Maybe he can make things a little easier on Lucas. Kate groans. There are gangs in there. Lucas is going to get chewed up and spit out. Roman thinks Lucas is tougher than she thinks. Kate apologizes. She just feels so helpless. Roman says he cares about her, he likes Lucas, but why in the hell did he have to shoot EJ? At any rate, he’s sure that he can at least get him into a minimum security facility. Kate is sure she’s partly to blame since she always bails her kids out. She’s really sorry for taking it out on him.

Chloe huddles up to Phillip and asks how long it will be. Phillip says at least three hours, but they’ll probably land as soon as possible.

Claire says she’s cold. Shawn tells Belle he thinks they’ll land at the nearest airport.

Bo says he’ll take any excuse to cuddle with Hope. She frets. The coldness is bad sign. Bo agrees. Hope thinks there is something terribly wrong with this plane. Bo thinks the pilots will get them to an airport.

Steve goes to see what’s going on. The pilots agree that the electronics and controls have been knocked out. The co-pilot thanks goodness they still have their gauges, just as they go out. John sighs he just had to say it, huh? He suggests they cut fuel to one of the engines. The pilot agrees it might help and does so, but nothing happens, even when he tries the other engine. Has he any other ideas? John scoffs. Besides jumping?

Phillip comforts Chloe as Belle and Shawn do the same with Claire. She is cold, so they try to encourage her wit ha story about the beach from last summer. Bo and Hope exchanges kisses.

John wants to dump the fuel. Steve thinks they’ll crash. Jon agrees it’s likely. Steve gapes. Then they’ll all die. John shrugs. Hopefully not all of them. Steve begs him not to do it. John orders the pilot to dump the fuel. The pilot complies, but nothing happens. John asks Steve to go tell everyone the “good” news. They’ll be up here for awhile, and it’s going to get a hell of a lot colder.

Steve goes out and tells everyone that they have no radio, controls or instruments, and they’re losing cabin pressure. Bo tells Hope they’ll be fine as everyone else panics.


Max tells Stephanie, “You know I’m here for you and all, but I think you’ll be more comfortable when your parents get home.”

Abe tells Sami, “You’re sprung. The coast is clear.” Sami asks, “So, we don’t have to worry about Stefano anymore?” Abe replies, “You’ll always have to worry about Stefano.

Marlena asks John, “John, tell us the truth. Can we make it?”

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