Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/11/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/11/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

A guard bring Lucas into a visitation room. Sami comes in and Lucas expresses surprise that she decided to show up. Sami tells him that she had to see him. He’s going to be going away for a long time, after all. Lucas agrees. Sami asks if it’s going to be years. Lucas nods. Eight to ten. Sami sighs. That’s a really long time. Lucas asks where Allie is.

At the safe house, EJ holds Allie and Johnny as he sits on the couch. He tells Johnny that if doesn’t throw up on him anymore, he’ll take him to the zoo when he’s three. Johnny fusses and EJ puts him in his crib. Johnny wails. EJ puts Allie down and picks Johnny up. He promises him a pony if he’ll stop crying. Johnny stops and Allie starts in. EJ sighs. A knock sounds at the door. EJ tells the twins that reinforcements are here. Instead, Tony walks in. EJ rolls his eyes. Now the babies will have the upper hand.

On John’s plane, Shawn hesitates about leaving Colleen so soon. Hope tells him that even though Colleen is gone, she’ll always be with him--she’ll be with all of them. Belle, Shawn, and Claire come in and sit down. Phillip and Chloe arrive and put their bags in the overhead compartments. Chloe sighs. She really thought she would find her husband on this trip. Phillip swears that they will find him. Chloe huffs. She doesn’t want to talk about this right now. Steve and Kayla come in and take their seats. Kayla heads off to the bathroom. Hope thanks Steve for helping with Claire. He’s a real rock. Steve isn’t so sure. Hope smiles. Ok, he’s a pebble. Steve sees the woman from earlier outside and makes a break for the door, almost running over John and Marlena. Kayla comes back and asks where’s he’s going. John picks up the phone and tells the pilot to take off. Kayla tells him to wait. Steve isn’t on the plane. Marlena wonders why he would rush off like that. John tells her it’s alright. The tower is delaying them for a little while, anyway. Kayla heads off to find Steve. Marlena and John sit down and she asks if he’s alright. John grunts. Why wouldn’t he be? Marlena knows he has been through an emotional trial. John doesn’t do sad. Marlena says everyone does. He was sent to kill his mother, after all. John reminds her that he didn’t kill her, but she died anyway. Marlena says there’s no blood on his hands. She died peacefully. He should be feeling something. John says he feels like it’s over. She died peacefully, and he didn’t have to hurt her. It’s a win-win. Marlena thinks he should be sad because he never got to know Colleen. She loved him very much. Marlena noticed that he was lingering after they scattered the ashes. Why? He thought he saw Santo and Colleen, but he was probably hallucinating. Marlena says she’s going to check on Shawn and heads off. John sighs.

Lucas can’t believe that Sami didn’t bring Allie again. Sami tells him how sick Allie is. She still has a fever and a cough. She feels really bad for her. Lucas sighs. He would have liked to see Johnny, too, but EJ wouldn’t like that. Sami says she knows how devastated he is to have to miss out on so much of their lives. Lucas says he knows it’s his own fault. He shot her husband, and now he has to pay. Sami says he didn’t have to. His lawyer could have done something. Sami doesn’t understand. Why is he doing this. Lucas says it’s because of her.

Tony compliments EJ on his vomit-covered shirt. Tony pours himself a drink and watches as EJ plays with Johnny. He tells him this is better than reality television. EJ assk what brings him here. Tony just wondered how he was handling things. He tries to get Tony to hold Johnny, but he refuses. Tony scowls. Dirty diapers, midnight feedings--that just isn’t for him. Johnny wails. EJ tells Tony he’s supposed to be getting help soon. A knock sounds at the door and Anna breezes in with her arms full of packages. Tony sighs.

Outside Steve races after the mysterious woman. Kayla catches up and asks what’s going on.

Back on the plane, Marlena tells Bo, Hope, and Shawn, Sr. that she thinks Santo and Colleen’s love story may have ended happily. She tells them what John saw. She doesn’t think he was hallucinating. John walks over and tells them that all he saw was green everywhere. He goes to call the pilot. Marlena tells them she got a sense that Colleen was at peace after they scattered her ashes. Shawn tells her that that’s a nice thing to say. John hangs up he phone and tells the group that they’re cleared for takeoff.

Steve apologizes to Kayla. She wonders why he ran off the plane like that. Steve fidgets. They’ll talk about it later. They’d better get back before they get left behind. Steve walks off and Kayla rushes after him.

Lucas tells Sami that he shot EJ for himself, but he did it because of her. Sami fumes. She said she had everything under control. Lucas shrugs. Fine. He admits that he didn’t trust her. Sami rages. She did what she did to get Stefano to back off, and what Lucas did made everything worse. Lucas huffs. He’s sorry, but he was worried about what EJ might do. He’s not exactly a nice guy. Sami agrees. She just doesn’t understand why he confessed. Its like he wants to be separated from her an their family. Lucas reminds her that she said she hated him. Every time she does something like that, he feels like he has to do something stupid to win her back. At least now, he can’t do anything stupid. He’s locked up. Sami think that’s stupid. Lucas nods. It’s all because he loves her. He always has and he always will.

Anna huffs. What is Tony doing here? He asks her the same question. She says she brought gifts for the twins. It’s clear he didn’t come for that reason. Tony says he doesn’t need a reason to visit his brother. EJ hands Johnny off to Anna, and Tony makes a face. Do babies throw up eve when they aren’t sick? Anna reminds him that Carrie threw up on him a time or two. Tony says he was trying to block the memory. EJ and Anna soothe a shrieking Johnny.

Steve and Kayla come back inside the plane and Bo asks why Steve rushed off like that. Steve tells them he left his phone in the terminal. Kayla is suspicious. He never loses his phone. Why did he really leave?

Lucas tells Sami that the main reason he confessed was that he wanted to show Will and Allie that you have to take responsibility for your own actions. In this case, he has to pay dearly. Sami hugs him and cries. She loves him so much. Marlena calls and Sami takes it apologetically. Marlena fills her in on Colleen’s death, and her feeling that she and Santo reunited. Sami isn’t sure that’s a good thing. Marlena think love denied is never right, but maybe it can be after death. She wishes Sami could have been there. Marlena says she has to go. Sami hangs up and stares at Lucas.

Steve swears to Kayla that he just forgot his phone. He stares out the window. Outside, we zoom in on the mysterious woman.

Lucas asks if it’s true that Sami will never stop loving him. Sami swears that it’s true, and Luca tells her it means a lot to hear her say that. It makes his time in here a little more bearable. He vows to do everything he can to get released early. He tells Sami that since he confessed, he’s on a “model inmate” program. If the jails get overcrowded, he’ll be one of the first to be released. Sami cries. She can’t imagine Lucas being in jail. He says it will be alright. He’s in a minimum security facility, so he won’t have a hatchet murderer for a bunkmate. Sami cries harder. She can’t stand the thought of him locked up, period. Lucas takes her hand. He knows this will be hard for her, so he won’t ask her to wait for him. He just wants Sami to promise that she will always love him. Sami gapes. He kisses her hand.

The plane is in the air and Marlena asks John what’s out the window. He says nothing. She says he said the same thing over Ireland. He nods. There was nothing out there then, either.

Nearby, Kayla presses Steve for answers as to why he ran off. He snaps. It was just about the phone. Kayla doesn’t think so. Something else is bothering him.

Across the aisle, Bo muses. Hope asks what’s wrong. He says he has something he has to tell her. He doesn’t know all he facts himself yet, so he can’t be too specific with her. Hope wants to know what’s going on. He tells her that Kayla didn’t come to Ireland solely to bring Pop. Hope nods encouragingly. Bo hems and haws, and finally tells her that she’ll just have to trust him. He’ll tell her what’s going on when the time is right. She asks if he doesn’t trust her. Bo assures her that he does, but he wants to take care of this. Hope says she can’t let this go. It sounds serious. Bo says she just has to trust him. Hope isn’t sure. She’ll think about it, but if she decides that she needs to know, then he has to promise to tell her. Bo gulps.

Anna and EJ hold the twins as Tony pours another drink. EJ asks if he would like to hold one of the babies, but Tony laughs and declines, as much as it pains him to do so. Anna and EJ put the sleeping twins in their crib and he thanks her for her help. Anna asks about Sami, and EJ says she’s at the jail, saying goodbye to Lucas. Anna wonders if he’s ok with that. EJ says it’s a bit awkward. Sami still loves him. Tony tells EJ not to worry. Lucas is out of the picture. She’ll forget about him soon enough. Anna scoffs. Does he mean the way he forgot about her? Tony chuckles and fidgets.

Sami tells Lucas that she’ll always love him, and he’ll always be a part of her. No one can take that away. He has forgiven her for every stupid thing she ahs ever done, so now it’s her turn to forgive him. She could never stop loving him. She just worries that that isn’t enough to get him through this. Lucas tells her not to worry about him. It’s time to just trust. Sami smiles. They both could use that lesson. Lucas really just wants her to move on with her life. He doesn’t have the right to try and hold on to her from behind bars. Sami tells him not to talk like that. She sobs. She promises--Lucas cuts her off and tells her not to promise anything. He just needs to tell her one thing. She has to make sure she doesn’t trust EJ. Lucas asks her to be careful around him, and not to be near him unless it’s necessary.

Bo offers to go get snacks. Hope thinks he’s stalling, and besides, she hasn’t felt like eating in days. Bo tells her that isn’t healthy. She has to keep her strength up. Hope says she can take care of herself, but agrees to drop the subject for now. She’s tired.

Phillip tells Chloe that he’s sure his father will find Brady. He has people all over the world. Chloe thanks him, but she still can’t stop worrying. Phillip wonders what happens when Brady does come back. Things were pretty rocky between them in Austria. Does she see divorce in the future? Chloe isn’t sure. She grabs Phillip’s hand.

A suspicious Kayla presses Steve for answers. Steve avoids the question and suggests they check on Shawn, Sr. Kayla asks if he will be alright. Shawn isn’t sure. He thought she was dead for so long. Steve thinks their last few moments together were the most important. He was able to be there for her when she passed. Shawn fights back tears. Steve think it was almost as if she could let go once she saw her brother again.

Sami sobs and clutches at Lucas. A guard comes in and says time is up. Lucas hands Sami a DVD. He made it for Allie. It’s a bunch of messages from him for her on her birthday. He made ten. Hopefully she only has to use eight or so. Sami wails. She can’t do this without him. Lucas wishes he could have made her a DVD, too. She is the most beautiful woman in the world, and he wants to tell her than everyday. He vows to never stop loving her. The guard clears his throat and Sami reluctantly tears herself away. Outside, she puts her hand to the glass and Lucas puts his over hers.

Anna huffs. Is that the way things are for him? Out of sight, out of mind? Is that how he saw her? Tony chuckles and says no, but she did always have a tendency to over dramatize. Anna snorts. He hasn’t seen anything yet! She grabs her coat and storms out. EJ laughs as Tony tolls his eyes.

The group chats and laughs as turbulence suddenly rocks the plane violently. Everyone buckles up in a panic. Belle soothes Claire. John holds his drink and looks around calmly, “Uh-oh.”


Chelsea asks Victor and Caroline, “So, how did you guys end up having my dad?”

Bo tells Marlena, “There’s something I have to talk to Hope about. It’s not good news.” Marlena replies, “What is it, Bo? Maybe I can help.”

The pilot tells John, “We’ll do our best to keep your family safe.”

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