Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/8/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/8/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the safe house, Sami throws aside a newspaper screaming of Lucas’ confession. She gets up and searches for Allie in a panic. She finally finds her with a dozing EJ. Sami grabs her and stares at EJ. Her expression softens.

In a park, Max runs into Chelsea. They talk about how they both run here all the time. Max is surprised he’s never run into her before. Chelsea wants to go for a walk and talk. Max agrees. Chelsea and Max turn the corner to find Stephanie and Nick with balloons, a cake, and a banner that says, “Happy Birthday, Max.” Max grins as they all yell, “Surprise!”

At St. Obbin’s, Kayla calls Lexie and apologizes for cutting her off last night. Lexie asks if she has told Steve about her pregnancy. Kayla says she hasn’t. She kind of wanted to wait until they got home and she could arrange a romantic dinner for two. Lexie gushes. She is just so excited for them. Kayla says she is thrilled. Lexie eyes Bo’s folder and sighs. At least she was able to give good news to one of her friends.

Outside, Steve and Bo go for a walk and Bo tells Steve he was able to catch up with Lexie yesterday. Not knowing what’s wrong is killing him. Steve frets. Lexie wouldn’t have sent them here if she wasn’t concerned. He’ll feel a lot better once they can get Bo back and fix whatever is wrong with him. Bo tells Steve to be positive. No one is penning a eulogy yet. Bo totters and nearly falls. Steve catches him. Steve sits him on a bench nearby.

In their room, John flicks a lighter and Marlena asks him to stop. He sullenly continues as Belle, Shawn Douglas, and Shawn, Sr. enter. Marlena tells them that Colleen left a letter leaving details as to her final wishes. John rolls his eyes. Who cares? She’s dead. It isn’t as if she’ll know if they don’t follow them. Marlena glares and pulls him aside. How can he be so cold? John sighs. He just met this woman. He spent more time bonding with the cabbie that brought them. He snatches his lighter away. Why don’t they just let him burn it and then they can all head home? Marlena gasps.

Sami wakes EJ up and he tells her that Allie fell asleep about five minutes before he did. He ran the bath, and the steam seemed to help with her croup, just like Lexie said. Sami thanks him for helping out. She was just exhausted last night. EJ says she doesn’t have to thank him. He’s just doing what any parent would do for their kids.

Lexie tells Kayla that she can’t help but think of her patient over there. Kayla says they are trying to get a flight back today. As soon as they arrive, they’ll get to the hospital. Lexie thanks her and they hang up. Hope comes over to Kayla and tells her that she thinks she, Steve, and Bo are keeping something from her.

Bo insists that he’s fine. Steve thinks he needs to talk to Hope, but Bo refuses. They’ve already been through that. He doesn’t want to worry her unnecessarily. Bo asks Steve not to say anything yet. He just wants to have a good flight home. Steve agrees.

John groans. He hopes the old woman kept it short and sweet. Belle admonishes him. She was family, even if they didn’t know her. She’s sure Shawn could tell John some great stories about his mother. Marlena says this isn’t the John she knows. He loved and cared for his family. John grunts. He’s not that man anymore. How many times does he have to say it? He walks off. Belle tells Marlena not to let John get to her. Marlena says they have business to attend to, anyway. Colleen’s ashes will be arriving soon, so that they can start her service. Shawn and Shawn, Sr. go off to read Colleen’s letter, and Belle offers to stay with Marlena and help her pack. John says he has to go, too. Marlena asks him not to be long. She wants him to be a part of the memorial. John rolls his eyes, “Whatever.” He leaves.

Sami puts Allie in her crib and tells EJ to get some rest so he can help her pack later. EJ seems confused. What for? Sami reminds him Stefano is in a coma. That means they can go home. EJ isn’t so sure. Just because Stefano is out of commission doesn’t mean he doesn’t have men out there somewhere, just waiting to complete his instructions. Sami huffs. They can’t stay here forever. EJ knows that. He just wants to wait until Abe gives them the ok. Sami agrees reluctantly. She still thinks it’s stupid, though. EJ huffs. He isn’t taking any chances when it comes to their kids. Sami gapes.

Hope noticed that the three of them got very quiet when she came in yesterday. She got the feeling they were hiding something. Kayla looks up from her menu and asks Hope if this is some kind of cop thing. Steve and Bo come back and Hope asks Bo what they were talking about. He fidgets. Shawn Douglas comes over and tells them that they all need to meet outside in half an hour. Colleen has made arrangements for her final interment. Shawn is upstairs. He needed a little time. Bo says he’ll be ok. He has his family, including a new nephew in John. Shawn isn’t sure how much comfort that is. John storms in and stares them all down. He asks them what the hell they’re all looking at.

Stephanie judges as Max, Chelsea, and Nick have a snowball fight. At the end, she decides Max got the least hits, so he wins. Nick thinks Stephanie is biased, and Chelsea jokingly accuses Max of cheating. They all go sit down at a picnic table and Chelsea says she’s glad they all get to hang out like this. Max throws snow at Stephanie. She attacks him and they struggle. Chelsea tells Nick that Max won’t go easy on her just because she’s a girl.

Sami appreciates all that he has done for Allie, but sometimes she feels the need to remind him that Lucas is her father. EJ says he knows that. He can’t just push her out of his heart because he doesn’t share the same DNA. Being a good father involved changing their diapers and staying up all night with him. He’s sorry, but that is what Lucas gave up when he took matters into his own hands and shot him. EH gets up in a huff. The girl needs some kind of father figure.

Out in the woods, everyone gathers. Marlena tells them that they’re ready to begin now. She holds an urn with Colleen’s ashes. She asks Shawn to say a few words, but he says he can’t manage. Kayla hugs him and tells him that his sister knew he loved her. Shawn sobs. Marlena asks John to speak. He says he’ll pass. She asks him to at least hold the urn. John wonders why he’s pressuring her. Marlena is firm. Colleen was his mother. He doesn’t have to like this, but he has to show her respect. John tells her that he he’ll be happy to hold the can of dust as long as it gets her off of his back. Bo says he’ll say a few words, and then they’ll scatter her ashes as she requested. John wants to get on with it.

Chelsea proposes a hot chocolate toast to a fun-filled and jail-free year. They all toast. Stephanie proposes another to her friends. If it hadn’t been for them, she would be an emotional mess. Chelsea toasts to no messes, emotional or otherwise. They all drink.

Sami sits by the window and cries. EJ apologizes for upsetting her. Sami says it’s ok. What he said was the truth. The worst part is that the person that suffers the most is Allie. Who knows how old she’ll be when he finally get out of prison? Lucas will be like a stranger to her. Sami’s own father was gone for a long time, and it was a confusing mess. She doesn’t want that for Allie. EJ understands, but he is still himself, and Lucas is Lucas. That’s what’s different about this situation. There will plenty of love to go around for Allie. Sami thinks he’s pretty smart for a DiMera. Suddenly she breaks down. What will Allie do without her dad? What will Sami do without Lucas. EJ soothes her.

Bo says they all got to see the real Colleen through her letters to Santo. She loved her church, her family, and of course, Santo. Their love was one that surpasses time and space. Marlena stares at John. Bo says they had a deep connection. It’s sad that they couldn’t be happy in this lifetime. Hopefully they’ll find it in the next. That kind of love is rare, and if you find it, you should hold on to it. Sometimes life can throw a curveball at you. He pulls Hope to him. Shawn and Belle glance at each other. Bo says that in the end, true love survives all. Marlena glances at John, her eyes filled with tears. Kayla hugs Shawn, Sr.

EJ tells Sami that everything will be alright. Sami will be enough to make up for two parents. EJ gushes as Sami sips tea. Allie has all of Sami’s best and worst qualities. She’ll definitely be able to take care of herself. He knows that Sami will love her with all of her heart. Everything will be fine. And if things really go wrong, she can always give him a call. He’ll be right over. Sami smiles. She didn’t think it possible, but EJ actually said the right thing. Sami takes a call from Lucas, who is frantic. His sentencing is today, and she isn’t there. Sami freaks and rushes upstairs. She has to get over there right away.

Max opens gifts. Stephanie says hers is a gag kind of gift. Max opens it to find a stuffed pony. Stephanie tells him that she thinks every knight in shining armor deserves a horse. Max grins. He loves the gift.

John hands Shawn, Sr. the open urn and he scatters a handful of ashes. He passes the urn around, and everyone present scatters a handful. As they do so, the camera flashes back to scenes from Santo and Colleen’s love affair, including their first meeting, picnic, and the night they made love. John scatters the last of hr ashes, and everyone heads off, except John. He blows the remaining ashes off of his fingers and sighs.

Back at St. Obbin’s, Marlena tells the group that their jet will be ready to take everyone home in about an hour. Phillip thanks John. John grunts. It wasn’t his idea. Kayla heads upstairs to help Shawn, Sr. pack. Chloe heads up to pack her things. Phillip picks up Claire and heads to the bar. Shawn tells Belle that he is glad that his dad is a Kiriakis, and not a Brady. Belle never even thought of that. They would be related. Wow, this makes her more of a Brady than Shawn is! Shawn smiles and takes her hand. They’ll figure everything out when they get home. Marlena comes over and asks where John went. Belle isn’t sure. Marlena goes over to the window in a panic and peers outside.

Stephanie finishes cleaning up after the party, and Max thanks her again for the surprise. It’s the best birthday he’s ever had. Stephanie tells him she has another present for him. She leans in and kisses him.

Kayla and Steve hunt around for her cell phone. Kayla heads into the kitchen to look. A woman approaches outside and peers in the window. Steve sees her. She runs off and he gives chase.

John strolls in the woods and stops dead with surprise as the ghosts of Colleen and Santo approach each other and join hands.

Sami rushes downstairs and EJ’s helps her on with her coat. She whirls around and they stare into each other’s eyes. Their figures merge with the ghosts of Colleen and Santo. The ghosts kiss and disappear. John smiles.


Phillip asks Chloe, “What happens when he does come back? Do you see divorce in the future?”

Tony tells Anna, “You do have a tendency to over-dramatize.” Anna snaps, “You haven’t seen anything yet.”

Lucas tells Sami, “I don’t expect you to wait for me. I just want you to promise that you’ll always love me.”

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