Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/7/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/7/08


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At St. Obbin’s in Ireland, Chloe and Phillip discuss Colleen’s shocking revelation. Chloe shakes her head. It’s a cruel irony that the Bradys found Colleen just to lose her again so suddenly. Phillip agrees. This is going to hit them all very hard.

Upstairs, Colleen lies in bed as Shawn, Sr. wails. There must be something they can do. Kayla urges Colleen to let them check her into a hospital, but she refuses. She has had cancer for years. She did everything she could to keep her family safe, and she’s glad she was able to see them all one last time—especially her beloved brother.

Chloe asks Phillip if he is upset that Belle and Shawn asked Steve to watch Claire instead of him. Phillip says no, but he thinks she would have been more comfortable with him. Phillip takes a call from Lexie. She says she needs to speak with Bo or Kayla, but she can’t reach either of them. Phillip tells her they’re dealing with a family situation. Shawn Sr.’s sister, Colleen, is dying. Lexie is confused. She thought she committed suicide. Phillip explains that she faked her death and has been hiding out from the DiMeras. Lexie sighs and says what she called about is very important. Phillip agrees to go get Bo and Kayla. Can she tell him what this is about?

Shawn, Sr. doesn’t think God could be cruel enough to snatch her away from him now. Colleen says it’s fate that is cruel, not God. John doesn’t see the difference, but Colleen explains that we all must reap what we sow. John smirks. So, she’s pretty much damned for being a liar and betraying her sacred vows, right? Shawn rages. He doesn’t care who John is, he can’t talk to Colleen that way! Bo tries to soothe him and tells John he is put of line. John just doesn’t understand. She faked her death and lied to the man she supposedly loved. Was she not about to become a nun when she conceived her bastard son, which would be himself? Shawn nukes. He told John to shut up! Colleen tells him John has every right to hate her. John says he doesn’t care enough to hate her. He just wishes he had killed her when he had the chance. Hope begs him to stop. He is upsetting everyone. John rages. Colleen is the deceitful manipulative one. She gets a pass from everyone just because she’s dying? Marlena says she deserves forgiveness because she wants it. She’s sorry for the things she has done. John grumps. He doesn’t see that she has earned it at all. Colleen swears that she loved Santo very much. That’s why she let him go. Marlena muses. She knows that kind of love. Colleen nods. And she is sure Marlena’s pain is as bad as hers was when she had to leave Santo. John grumbles. How dare she compare him to that SOB? Colleen smiles. She knows John is nothing like Santo, but she hopes one day he might be.

Phillip promises Lexie that he will have Kayla call her as soon as possible. Phillip thinks Lexie sounded tense. Chloe thinks the news about Colleen was probably a little shocking. Phillip nods. He also forgot that Lexie was a DiMera, so Santo was her grandfather. Chloe gasps. That makes her John’s niece. Phillip thinks it was best not to tell her. John needs to do that himself.

Marlena wonders why Colleen wants John to be like Santo. Colleen shakes her head. When she looks at John, she sees a man consumed by bitterness and hatred. Belle jumps in. Her father is loving and wonderful. Stefano did this to him. John grunts. Yeah, he;s honest and trustworthy. A real boy scout. Shawn, Sr. nukes. This woman is dying. If John wants to make a mockery of it, then he needs to leave. Colleen tries to explain her situation with Santo to John, but he doesn’t want to hear it. Stefano blamed the Bradys for what she did, and tormented them for years. Colleen sighs. She feels sorry for Stefano. Maybe he would have been alright if he had loved the way Santo did. Colleen thinks John could be more like Santo. She knows his kindness is deep down inside somewhere. John grunts. He isn’t that man, and he isn’t sure that he wants to be. Shawn jumps in. Why must he be so cruel? Colleen says it’s because John is terrified. He’s afraid that who he is now is who he’ll be forever. And if she were him, that would scare the living hell out of her.

Lexie calls for more test results and asks the person on the other end if they’re sure the ones they’ve run are accurate. The person on the other end squawks and Lexie sighs. She realizes this could be fatal. She is doing everything she can to get the person back to the States for further tests. She thanks the person on the other end and hangs up.

Chloe says she is glad that Colleen has her family with her. Phillip agrees. He saw people dying alone on the battlefield. He felt that way when he was shot. He felt no comfort or acceptance, just panic and fear. Chloe thinks that may be because it wasn’t his time. Maybe when death is meant for you, you accept it calmly. Phillip hopes so. He really wants to believe that Colleen is at peace now.

John thinks dying should be a frightening enough prospect for Colleen. She says she isn’t afraid. John shrugs. Must be the meds she’s on. Shawn, Sr. nukes. Colleen asks Belle to come over and bring her handsome husband. She tells Belle that she is the future of the family. She never wants them to forget who she is or where she comes from. Shawn Douglas swears they won’t let her down. Colleen motions to Bo. She knows he doesn’t have the Brady blood in his veins, but he does have their spirit. She heard he was quite a rebel, just like her Shawn. Colleen smiles and tells Hope to stand by her man. She knows they’ll have a long and happy life together. She asks them to take care of Shawn for her. Kayla wishes there were something she could do. Colleen smiles. She knows Kayla can’t help that. She’s a healer. Colleen beckons to Marlena. She knows that she is the tower of strength for the family. Marlena vows to keep the family together. Colleen thanks her and asks for some time alone with her brother and son. Belle, Shawn, Hope, Kayla, Bo and Marlena all hug Colleen and tell her goodbye. As Belle leaves, she hands John the medallion and asks him to give it to Sami. She would really appreciate it. John chucks it in the garbage after she leaves and pulls Marlena aside. How much time has the old woman got left?

Phillip gets off the phone with Steve and Chloe asks why he didn’t tell him about Lexie’s call. Phillip huffs. If the call was about the hospital, he couldn’t help anyway. Chloe thinks he still should have told him. Phillip snaps. If she wanted Steve, she would have called him. Chloe huffs. Phillip apologizes. He is just on edge because of what’s going on upstairs.

Belle and Hope talk about Colleen out in the hallway. Belle thinks she is a really strong woman. Hope agrees. She seems so different from the lovesick girl who wrote those letters so may years ago. Kayla wishes Stephanie could have met her. Hope sighs. Sami is the one that should really be here. Shawn suggests they all go downstairs, but Bo wants to be close by for his father’s sake. Bo says it’s important that they be here for him, just like he is there for Colleen on her deathbed.

Inside her room, Colleen moans and calls out for Shawn. Marlena digs the medallion out the wastebasket. John rolls his eyes and groans. Shawn, Sr. begs for Colleen’s forgiveness. He should have never told her the truth about Santo. Colleen says she is the one that needs forgiveness. Shawn sobs and begs her not to leave him. Colleen asks him to remember her as she used to be, not as she is now. They both say that they love each other and she asks to hold her son one last time.

Phillip rehashes Brady’s disappearance. He just doesn’t understand where he could be. Brady doesn’t have enemies, and no ransom has been demanded. He doesn’t think Stefano is behind it, but someone powerful is. Chloe doesn’t know who would want to hurt him. Phillip sighs. They just had to figure out who had the most to gain from his disappearance.

Marlena asks everyone to come back inside Colleen’s room. It won’t be long now. Colleen begs John to hold her one last time. She tells him she has to rest now. She closes her eyes and falls back on the pillow. Shawn, Sr. kisses her forehead and sobs. Bo covers her over with the sheet.

Downstairs, Shawn, Sr. can’t believe that Colleen is really gone. Hope and Bo soothe him. Phillip tells Belle that Steve took Claire out for ice cream. She offers to go make tea, but Chloe goes instead. She thinks Shawn and Belle need some time alone. Phillip heads off to give Kayla Lexie’s message. Belle tells Shawn that Chloe is right. They need each other right now, but she isn’t sure if they’re back together or not. Phillip apologizes for Shawn, Hope, and Bo’s loss and pulls Kayla aside to tell her Lexie called. She said it was urgent. Kayla thanks him.

John stands at the foot of Colleen’s bed. Marlena asks how he feels. John doesn’t feel anything. Marlena says he should be feeling grief and loss. John says he does feel something—he feels he wants to get the hell out of here and get back on their jet. They start to leave. John stops. Marlena asks what’s going on. John says nothing, but Marlena thinks he must be remembering something.

Shawn asks Belle if she thinks they can make it work this time. He says he isn’t angry anymore. He and Phillip have made their peace, but he isn’t sure that he can just forget everything that has happened. Belle takes his hand and says that’s all she can ask. Phillip watches.

Kayla and Lexie chat. Kayla fills Lexie in on the bad news about Colleen. Lexie apologizes and tells Kayla she has more bad news. The blood work is showing that this could be worse than any of them expected. They have to runs more tests. Kayla promises to get Bo and Hope back as soon as possible. Lexie admonishes her for not telling Hope anything yet. She needs to know so she can deal with this, too. Kayla promises to let her know soon. Lexie has other news as well. She knows this may not be the best time, but Kayla’s own test results came back. She’s pregnant. Kayla beams.

Marlena tells john they should go and she leaves. John reminds behind. He closes the door, kisses Colleen on the forehead and whispers, “Goodbye, Mom.” One tear rolls down his cheek.


Hope tells Kayla, "I get the feeling that you and Steve and Bo are keeping something from me. You want to tell me what it is?"

Bo tells Steve, "I keep thinking about Hope... what she's going to go through." Steve replies, "Maybe you should tell her." Bo huffs, "No!”

Sami and EJ stare at each other. They both move in closer and closer.

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