Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/6/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/6/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Max and Stephanie congratulate Chelsea on Victor’s intercession on her behalf. Max asks if Roman said anything about him. Chelsea tells him Victor seems to think it will just end up being a slap on the wrist. Nick thinks that everyone now knows that this was an accident. They can all move on. Stephanie is glad that Chelsea’s problems with the law are finally over. Morgan walks over and says that may be true, but her problems with her sorority sisters aren’t.

In Ireland, at St. Obbin’s, Chloe turns down an offer from an opera company. It was simply for an understudy’s role. Phillip thinks she’s afraid the Austrian police still suspect her. Chloe pouts. Phillip said he believed her. Phillip tells her that doesn’t matter--what does is her ability to prove what she’s saying.

Steve, Kayla, Hope, Bo, and Marlena come back to St. Obbin’s, defeated. Belle tells them that she and Shawn have not been able to find John either. Belle asks what’s going on with her dad. Marlena explains that he tried to kill Colleen. He stopped himself. There was something there even more powerful than Stefano’s mission. Kayla wonders what that could be. Marlena tells them to brace themselves. It’s shocking and unexpected.

Nearby, John examines the knife. An owl hoots in the background.

Morgan heard Chelsea is in the clear, and she’s glad. Nick jumps to Chelsea’s defense. Morgan says this isn’t about Ford. Chelsea vowed to keep his death a secret, like all the rest of them. Stephanie doesn’t understand the problem. Everything turned out alright. Morgan shakes her head. Chelsea broke their vow, so the sisters have to decide the consequences.

Chloe is tired of having to defend her innocence to Phillip, who quickly reminds her of how many lies she has told. Was the one about her career bottoming out true? She admits she wasn’t a complete failure, but it isn’t as if the Met is calling, either. Phillip asks if she will go back to Brady. Chloe isn’t sure. They both still love each other. She knows that. Phillip tells her that isn’t always enough. She tells him she hopes things work out for him romantically. He hopes so for her, too.

Marlena fills them in on John knocking her out and going after Colleen. The she surprised them both by puling out the medallion from the picture she found in John’s coat. Belle asks if that means Colleen is her grandmother. Marlena nods. That’s why John ran out. But she’s still worried about him. He wasn’t able to complete his mission, and she fears that will make him into a walking time bomb. Bo, Steve, Shawn, and Phillip rush out to look for John.

The owl hoots and John flashes back to Colleen telling him she is his mother. He screams, “STOP IT,” and moves the knife around his face and throat. He stops the blade in between his eyes.

Stephanie can’t believe Morgan is thinking of tossing Chelsea out after all she has done for them and the sorority. Morgan huffs. They need to deal with the betrayal of their trust. Nick jumps in and says Chelsea saved their butts twice. Morgan insists the whole dumb idea was Chelsea’s to begin with. Max tells her to calm down and takes her aside to talk to her. Stephanie wonders why Morgan is doing this. Chelsea thinks it may not be Morgan. There are other girls involved. Nick gets it. Maybe they think if they get rid of Chelsea, they won’t have to be reminded of what happened to Ford. Chelsea nods.

Chloe can’t believe her ears. So John is a Brady and a DiMera? Hope wonders if Marlena thinks he will hurt himself. Marlena hopes not, but she has no way of knowing what Stefano has programmed him to do if he fails at his mission. Belle feels sorry for Colleen. Someone should be with her. Kayla offers to go, but Belle says she will. After all, she’s her granddaughter. Belle heads upstairs. Marlena frets. She worries that John may resist them. Kayla offers to call and check on them.

John hold the knife to his throat. Bo runs him and tells him to drop the knife. John doesn’t think so. He failed in his mission. There is nothing left to live for. Bo scoffs. Sure there all is. All this proves is that he isn’t Stefano’s mindless pawn. He tries to get the knife, but John whirls on him and attacks. He wrestles Bo to the ground and sticks the knife in his face.

Max tells Morgan that Adrienne left this place for him to run until she decides to sell it. Morgan thinks it’s great. She likes the place. Max asks her why she is being so hard on Chelsea. Morgan tells him it’s not her. She’s just the messenger. She has no choice but to face the others. Max sighs. Will Morgan vote to oust her or keep her in? Morgan smiles. He knows which way she’ll vote. She would never want to do anything to make him disappointed in her.

Chelsea notices Max and Morgan laughing and asks Stephanie if it bothers her. She sighs. It shouldn’t, but it does. Nick says it doesn’t mean anything. He’s doing it for Chelsea. Stephanie knows, but it’s the fact that he can influence Morgan that bugs her.

Belle goes to see Colleen and brings Claire. Colleen gushes over her granddaughter and great-granddaughter. Belle explains to Colleen that John didn’t know what he was doing earlier. He was under Stefano’s control. Colleen knows that. She tells Belle how happy she is to see all of them. Belle asks if she is coming back to Salem with them. Colleen shakes her head. Her home is here.

When Marlena explains that Stefano is Brady’s uncle, Chloe wonders if Stefano could have known, thusly explaining Brady’s disappearance. Marlena tells her Colleen didn’t think he knew, and Marlena believes her. Chloe goes to the kitchen to get tea. Hope remembers that Shawn, Sr. doesn’t know about any of this and offers to go tell him. When she stands, she almost falls over. She tells Kayla she just got a little dizzy and she heads upstairs.

Bo insists that he isn’t the enemy. John relents and lets Bo up. John tells Bo to kill him. He’s a failure. Bo refuses. He can’t. Why does John have to punish himself for failing? John sighs. He just wants peace. He doesn’t remember anything about his life, but when he found out Colleen was his mother, he chose not to kill her. Bo explains that he may not remember Belle and Marlena, but they love him, and want him back. Even if he doesn’t know them, it’s better to be with them than living a life on the run. John asks if he’s free. Bo nods. He can’t stop him. The choice to stay or go is his alone.

Bo brings John back to the pub and ask Kayla to call Steve to tell the others to come back. He tells Marlena John tried to kill himself. John asks for a drink and lights a cigar. Kayla calls Steve and tells him the news. Steve asks about Bo and Hope. They need to get home for those tests right away. Kayla agrees. Steve sighs. He can’t even imagine telling Hope. She’ll take it hard. How do you tell someone they’re dying? Shawn walks up and asks who’s; dying. Steve stammers. It’s one of Kayla’s patients. Phillip asks who. Steve says he can’t say, It’s confidential. Shawn sighs. He cant believe John is Santo and Colleen child Steve just hopes the Brady in him is stronger than the DiMera.

Colleen offers Belle the medallion from the picture. It always reminded her of her heritage, and that she should never give up. Belle thanks her and says she loves it. Hope brings Shawn, Sr. in, and Colleen asks for some time alone with him. Belle and Hope leave. She asks him if he hates her for all of the secrets she has kept. Shawn says he could never hate her. He just wants to make up for time lost. She’ll be coming with them back to Salem, right?

Max and Morgan come back and Morgan tells the girls it’s just up the sisters She is on Chelsea’s side, but it’s not up to her completely. Stephanie rolls her eyes,. How big of Morgan. Chelsea says it’s ok. They can have their little meeting. They can decide whatever they want. She really doesn’t care.

Marlena asks if John was really going to kill himself. Bo nods. He tried to kill him, too, but couldn’t. John nods. He heard he’s filthy rich. The DiMeras are, too. There’s got to be a way to get his hands on some of that money, too.

Hope comes downstairs and hugs Bo, She is glad he is ok after his ordeal. He kisses her and she asks what’s that for. He starts to explain, but she cuts him off as Shawn comes in. She needs to speak with him.

Steve tells Kayla she needs to talk to Hope soon. They have to get back him for those tests.

Hope asks Shawn how he’s feeling. He tells her he’s ecstatic Claire is back as Hope winces in pain. Shawn seems concerned. She tells him that her and his father’s backs hurt. Maybe it’s the mattresses, but neither of them slept well. She asks if there is any hope of Shawn and Belle getting back together, now that Claire is back safely.

Shawn tells Colleen that he called Caroline, and she’d be happy for her to stay with them. Colleen shakes her head. She’s not leaving here ever again. That’s why she’s glad he’s here for the end--the end of her life. She’s dying. Shawn gapes.

Stephanie glares at Morgan. She could have stopped this if she wanted too. Morgan shrugs. Majority rules. Sororities are a democracy. She tells Max she’ll take that soda he offered and walks off.

Outside, Nick tells Chelsea that she doesn’t need those girls, anyway. Chelsea sighs. At first she thought the whole thing was stupid, but now she really cares about those girls. She doesn’t know what she’ll do if they kick her out. It was the first place she felt accepted.

Shawn tells Hope that he and Belle have a lot to talk about and work through before they could consider getting back together. Hope thinks the real question is if he wants to have a future with Belle or not. Shawn sighs. He doesn’t know what he wants, but he does remember what Colleen said. Who knows what could have been if John had been raised by Santo and Colleen. Things could be so different for the Bradys and DiMeras. Belle interrupts and asks if this is a private conversation.

Bo thinks he has plenty of other reasons to live besides money. John grunts. He wants another. Bo doesn’t think he needs one, but John disagrees. It’s not every day that you almost kill your own mother.

Shawn gapes. Colleen can’t be dying. It can’t be true. Colleen says it is. Shawn tells her that her niece is a doctor. They can help her. She refuses. She’s seen all of the doctors she’s ever going to see. All she wants now is her family one last time.

Max brings Morgan a soda and tells her they’re on the house as long as she helps Chelsea. Morgan smirks. Is this a bribe? Max says no. She knows it’s the right thing to do. Morgan says this isn’t personal, and shell let him know how it turns out. Max says he’s sure Chelsea will tell him. Morgan leaves. Stephanie walks over to Max and asks if he thinks Morgan is trying to cause trouble. Max says no. She is probably just trying to be true to her friends. The sisters are probably in an uproar over what Chelsea did. Stephanie grumps. If Chelsea goes, then she goes, too. And Morgan is out of her friendship circle, too. She has her own code. Max wants to know why she is being so hard on Morgan. Is she jealous? He senses it. Actually, he kind of likes it. Morgan leaves and Chelsea glares at her. Nick doesn’t think the girls will kick her out, but if they do, he‘ll still be here. Chelsea hopes not, and she’s glad Nick is here. She couldn’t bear to lose anyone else.

Bo leaves the table, and Marlena tells John that she wants to hypnotize him. John scowls. He doesn’t want to. Marlena tells him she’ll have him arrested for assaulting her if he doesn’t agree. She demands to know if he knows what he wants. He says no. She smiles triumphantly. That’s why she needs him.

Belle shows Hope and Shawn the medallion Colleen gave her. Bo comes over and complains about his back. Hope chimes in. Her back is killing her, too, and he didn’t even get in a fight like Bo did. Steve tells Kayla they have to talk to Bo and Hope. They walk over and ask belle and Shawn to excuse them. Steve says they need to talk to both of them. Shawn, Sr. comes downstairs and tells them that Colleen wants to see everyone up in her room. John puffs his cigar. It’s just a ploy to get everyone’s attention. Shawn says it is important. They all head upstairs.


John tells Colleen, “You're pretty much damned for being a liar and betraying your sacred vows to god, aren’t you?” Shawn interrupts, “Do you have to be so cruel? “

Chloe tells Phillip, “This new John is scary.”

Colleen tells John, “Who you are now is what you're going to be forever. That would scare the living hell out of me.”

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