Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/5/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/5/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At St. Obbin’s in Ireland, John tells Colleen that he was sent there to kill her, and that’s what he plans on doing. Colleen tells him God has other plans for her. He’s condemning himself. John scoffs. To hell? She says hell will be a walk in the park compared to what he will face if he cuts her throat.

Nearby, Shawn covers Claire over and flashes back to her kidnapping. He remembers Belle going in the water, chasing after Rob, and then his heartfelt speech by Belle’s side. He promises Belle they will get Claire back. Shawn comes back to the present and smiles.

Downstairs, Steve explains to Bo that he and Kayla came here for another reason besides Shawn’s reunion with Colleen. The preliminary report came back on the physical Bo took, and it was troubling. They don’t know what’s going on, so they’ll need run more tests. They came because Kayla didn’t want to blurt this out over the phone. Steve nods. Bo is going to have to get back right away. Hope comes downstairs and asks what they were talking about. Bo grimaces.

At Victor’s mansion, Victor tries to reassure Chelsea, Kate and Billie that Crawford will no longer be a threat to them. He offered him a proposition, which he accepted. A dubious Chelsea wants to know what he offered. Billie tells her he doesn’t want to know. Victor agrees. Roman comes in waving a piece of paper. Billie asks if it is the autopsy report. Roman nods. The coroner says Ford died from falling down the stairs.

Colleen tries to convince John that he doesn’t really want to do this. This is Stefano’s hatred, not his. John says he has to do this to find peace. Colleen disagrees. If he kills her, he will never find peace.

Belle comes in and Shawn flashes back to her telling him they need to talk, and him putting it off. He remembers Steve and Kayla showing up with his grandfather. His sighs. Belle asks what’s bothering him. He says there’s something off about Steve and Kayla showing up so suddenly. Belle thinks he is being paranoid. Claire is fine. They both need to relax and turn their brains off for a while. Shawn isn’t so sure. He thinks something is wrong.

Kayla tells Hope they were talking about Colleen and all of her surprises. She and hope gush over Claire’s return and Shawn and Colleen’s reunion. Steve tells them he wants to see a little of the countryside. Bo says he wants to stay and catch up with his sister. Hope agrees to go and they both leave. Bo looks desperately at Kayla.

Chelsea asks Roman if this means she is off the hook. Roman isn’t sure, but Victor explains that he took care of Crawford. The bell rings and Victor goes to let Crawford in. He explains that he wanted him to see the results of the autopsy. Roman tells Crawford what he told them all earlier. Crawford nods. He accepts that. An incredulous Billie wonders why he is changing his mind. Crawford shrugs. It’s the right thing to do. He cant bring Fords back anyhow. Kate breaks in. She thought she lost two of her children. She knows what he is going through. He scoffs. If they didn’t really die, then she doesn’t have any idea what it is like. Victor asks to speak to Crawford privately. He takes him out into the foyer and tells him that he had a child that died, Isabella. Chelsea is also one of his grandchildren. He can’t control how Crawford feels around her, but he can control how he acts around her. He acted very inappropriately before. Crawford meekly agrees to apologize and Victor asks him to meet him in his study in a few moments. He has a phone call to make.

Marlena wakes up and calls out to John. He tells her she can close her eyes, or watch this if she wishes. Either way, she better stay seated. Marlena begs him not to do this. He has a choice, and she knows he isn’t a killer. John says he has done this before, and he’ll do it again. Marlena screams and makes a grab for John’s legs.

Bo asks Kayla for specifics. She tells him his tests came back showing elevated levels of bilirubin and high levels of alkaline phosphatase. Bo asks what that means. Kayla says it’s alarming, but they’ll have to run more tests. Bo freaks. Is it life-threatening? Kayla just isn’t sure yet. Bo sighs. He hasn’t even noticed any symptoms. Kayla tells him not to worry. They’ll figure out what’s going on and how to beat it.

Outside, Hope wants to know what’s wrong with Bo. Steve hems and haws. He tells her that Bo has been through a lot in the past few days. They found Claire, saw Colleen, and he’s also probably worried about his dad. Hope isn’t so sure. Steve tells her that when Bo found out that Victor was his dad, he had a hard time, and Hope turned to him for advice then. She agrees he gave her good advice. Steve says he has some to offer right now ,She needs to give Bo his space.

Phillip tells Victor over the phone that they have found Claire. Shawn, Sr.’s sister, Colleen, had her. Victor asks about Brady. Phillip tells him that Colleen said he disappeared after she took him in Austria. Phillip believes her. Victor tells him that he’s going to send someone over to speak with her.

Belle tells Shawn that Kayla is probably just freaked out about her dad finding his sister. Claire wakes up and tells them she had a good dream. Belle smiles. She did, too, and she didn’t even go to sleep. Shawn beams. He feels like he is dreaming, with them all here together. He picks Claire up and hugs her.

Phillip tells Stefano that Colleen had nothing to gain by keeping Brady. Apparently, she was trying to keep him safe from Stefano, who kidnapped John to make him do some kind of mission. Victor swears. That DiMera is a demented son of a bitch. He’s sorry he introduced John and Stefano so many years ago. Victor thinks Colleen must have some kind of messianic complex. Phillip agrees, but she wasn’t trying to do any harm. Victor agrees to trust Phillip on this, and Phillip promises to dig a little bit more. Victor ask when he’ll be returning. He needs the plane. Phillip tells him he’ll send it back right away and get a ticket home. Victor asks him to dig deep and they hang up.

Victor calls Bo and gives him the update on Chelsea. Crawford Decker is no longer an issue. He thought about it, and then decided he didn’t want to pursue the matter. Bo doesn’t think that sounds right. Victor explains that the autopsy showed that Ford fell down the stairs, and the police are accepting Chelsea and the others’ version of events. Bo smiles. It’s amazing how things work out when he gets involved. He thanks Victor for whatever he did that he doesn’t want to know about. Victor tells him that he can’t come back to the states n the plane. He’s lending it to Crawford after the funeral. Bo thanks him for the news and hangs up. He tells Kayla that Crawford is dropping the charges. Chelsea and Stephanie are in the clear. Kayla hugs him.

Colleen asks for one last word before she dies. She tells him that if he kills her, he’d be killing his own mother. John doesn’t believe her. Stalling won’t work. Colleen says she can prove it. Marlena agrees. She pulls out the picture of John on his mother’s lap. She found it in his coat pocket from the night of the accident. Colleen smiles and nods. That’s John sitting on her lap.

Hope and Bo come inside and Bo gives them the news about Chelsea and Stephanie. Steve can’t believe it. He hugs Kayla. Hope is suspicious, but Bo tells her it came from a very reliable source.

Kate thanks Roman profusely. Roman tells her not to thank him. There just wasn’t enough evidence to prove anything. Crawford comes in and interrupts. Billie huffs. She is sorry for what happened to his son, but that doesn’t give him the right to take it out on Chelsea. Crawford agrees. He came to say that he is sorry. Chelsea says she is sorry, too.

Colleen shows John and Marlena the medallion from the picture. Marlena says it’s the same one in the picture. John thinks Colleen knew he was coming. Colleen tells him that when he walked through the door, she saw the hard eyes of Stefano, not the eyes of the boy she knew. Marlena explains that Stefano is comatose. He can’t hurt John or anyone else ever again. John sighs and relaxes. He’s good with that. Marlena turns to Colleen and asks how it is that she is John’s mother.

Victor asks Crawford to go into his study. Roman says he has to leave. Victor tells Chelsea that she is an amazing young woman. She is a credit to Billie’s parenting skills. Billie sighs. Maybe she can put that on her résumé. She tells him she’s finished at the university. Victor says anyone would take her. Billie isn’t so sure. Victor would like to offer her a job. He needs a head of security for his London office. Billie says she spent time there as head of ISA. Victor nods. Would she be interested? Billie asks if it’s ok with Chelsea. She agrees as long as she can come visit. Billie thanks Victor profusely and accepts his offer. Chelsea smiles and tells Victor that he’s ok as far as grandfathers go.

Kayla thinks Bo and Hope should go home and be with Chelsea. Bo agrees. They found Claire, and he meant his aunt. He thinks they’ve checked off the top priorities. Hope sighs. No kidding.

Colleen tells John and Marlena that she pretended to jump off the cliff so that Santo would never find her. She named John Ryan and fled to Argentina. She was taken in by a convent, and gave birth to John there. After a while, she had to leave, because John couldn’t grow up there as a boy. The sisters gave her a little money, but that soon ran out, and she took him to an orphanage. She mended socks and things for the head of the orphanage and she was allowed to see John on Sundays. She found work as a seamstress, and things were looking up, but then she fell ill. After months in the hospital, she came to fetch John, but he was gone. She became confused and outraged, and they threw her in the streets. She never stopped looking for him. A few months ago, she finally learned that a family called the Alamains had adopted him. There’s no telling what they would have done if they learned he was a brother to Stefano. John asks if that means Santo is shi father. Colleen nods. She has only been with one man. Marlena shakes her head. This just seems impossible. It’s just so ironic that Stefano sent John to kill her. Maybe it was fate. Colleen thinks it was God. John approaches and brandishes the knife. Colleen tells him that if he kills her, hell be killing a part of himself. John rushes out of the room. Marlena calls out after him.

Kayla asks if she can call the airlines for them. Bo says he’ll take care of it. Hope laughs. She really is trying o get rid of them, huh? Kayla smiles and says yes. Shawn comes outside and Bo tells him they’re heading home. Shawn asks what’s wrong. Marlena rushes out and tells them that John has run off.


Morgan tells Chelsea, "We need to deal with the betrayal of our trust."

Marlena tells Kayla, Hope, and Bo, "This mission was what he lived for. It was his whole existence. I'm afraid he just might be a walking time bomb."

John strokes his cheek with the blade of the knife and holds it to his own throat.

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