Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/4/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/4/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the safe house, EJ holds a wailing Allie and lets Lexie in. He explains that Allie is running a fever and has been awake all night. Lexie examines her and tells EJ it was good he called. Fevers in children this young can be dangerous. She asks about Johnny and EJ says he is fine. Lexie wonders where Sami is. EJ says she had to go out for a while.

At the police station, Sami meets Lucas in a room and he asks where Allie is. She explains that she is sick. EJ has her, and Lexie is coming to have a look at her. Lucas grumbles. He doesn’t want EJ anywhere near his daughter. Sami sighs. She didn’t have a choice. Lucas made this meeting seem urgent. Lucas just Wants to make sure Sami will bring Allie to visit him in jail sometimes. Sami tells him not to have such a defeatist attitude. His lawyers will figure out a way to get him out of this. Lucas shakes his head sadly. He’s going to be put away, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it.

In New Ross, Ireland, Chloe and Phillip roam the streets as Chloe whines about Brady. She was sure that Colleen would have him, just as she had Claire. Phillip wonders if Chloe really wants Brady back, or is she just worried she’ll be charged wit this disappearance. Chloe huffs. She asks Phillip if all the bonding with Shawn was sincere, or is he just conning him so he can take his wife and child? Phillip suggests they keep walking.

At the bed and breakfast, Belle tells Shawn she can’t believe they found Claire safe and sound. Shawn agrees. Losing a kid makes you realize what’s important. He knows they have a lot to talk about, but right now he just wants to focus on his great-aunt Colleen. Steve and Kayla come in with Shawn, Sr. Belle, Shawn, and Claire all greet him. He’s pleased to see that Claire has been found. Steve grins at Kayla. Pop is in for one hell of a surprise today. Kayla agrees. It’s too bad that’s not the only reason they’re here.

Upstairs, Bo sits on a bed and groans about his back pain. Hope thinks it may the bed, because her back hurts, too. Bo is glad Steve and Kayla are brining his dad, but he’s surprised they were able to persuade him to come. Bo wonders how he will react to learning that his sister is still alive. Hope thinks he’ll be shocked and ecstatic. Bo thinks he will be just as confused as they all are.

In another room, John slips a knife into his boot as Marlena sleeps. He starts to sneak out. Marlena sits up and asks where he thinks he’s going.

Lexie tells EJ that Allie is fine, other than the fact that she has croup. He needs to get moisture into her lungs, so he’ll need to use steam. The best thing to do is let the shower run and stand in the bathroom, but he can use a vaporizer overnight. EJ frets. Lexie tells him to calm down. The baby will be fine as long as he follows her instructions. EJ tells her he just loves Allie so much. As much as he loves Johnny. Lexie sighs. He is putting himself in a vulnerable position. She only knows too well how it feels to love a child you have no claim to. EJ sighs. Who else is supposed to raise her? Her father is in jail, and Samantha can’t do this on her own. EJ refuses to abandon them. Lexie sighs. Sami and Lucas love each other. She knows he doesn’t want to, but he has to accept that.

Sami tells Lucas that he can get away with this. All of the evidence they have on him is circumstantial. Lucas stops her. He’s not looking for legal loopholes or a way out. It’s too late. He pled guilty to the attempted murder of EJ DiMera. Sami gapes.

Chloe wonders if Shawn really believes Phillip, or if he thinks he’s is up to something. Phillip sighs and swears he isn’t up to anything. He meant what he said to Shawn. He made a fool of himself chasing after Belle and he’s through. Chloe asks what he will do if they break up permanently. Phillip says they won’t. Chloe smiles, “We’ll see.” Phillip says he refuses to invest in that kind of “maybe” anymore. Chloe grins viciously, “Like I said, we’ll see.”

Steve tells Shawn, Sr. that they have a huge surprise for him. Kayla tells him he can’t have it until he naps for at least an hour. Shawn agrees to rest, but only for an hour. Belle and Shawn take him upstairs. Steve asks Kayla if she thinks they should have told him about Colleen instead of shocking him this way. Kayla thinks the surprise will bring joy. She knows her father is tormented by memories of this country. She hopes this trip will help erase some of those painful memories.

Hope tries to imagine Shawn’s reaction to seeing his sister, whom he thought was dead for so many years. Bo scowls. He can’t understand why Colleen faked her death and put her family through so much grief. Hope thinks they can’t know what she was going through. She just did what she thought was best at the time. Bo disagrees. She should have just confronted Santo instead of lying to the church and her family. Hope sighs. Loves makes people act irrationally. Bo grumps. She didn’t help anyone by her decision. She hurt Pop and his family, and resigned both herself and Santo to a life of regret and sorrow. Hope reminds him that Santo is the one really at fault here. He was the one that made false promises. Bo scoffs. Of course he did. He’s a damned DiMera.

Marlena asks John where he thinks he’s going. John says he’s going to get breakfast as a woman enters behind him with a tray. Marlena tips her and she leaves. John grunts. He Didn’t know this place had room service. Marlena tells him she made special arrangements with the manager. John doesn’t think he trusts him. She smiles. She doesn’t. They’ll eat, then go see Colleen and get the rest of her story. Afterwards, they can go home. Marlena heads off to the bathroom. John pours coffee and grimaces, “Whatever you have to do, Blondie. I’m not going anywhere until I have completed my mission.”

Phillip swears that he is over Belle and moving on, but Chloe doesn’t buy it. She says he will have to show her he means that. Phillip doesn’t feel he has to prove anything to her, but while they on the topic, shell have to show him that she had nothing to do with Brady’s disappearance. Chloe sulks. She isn’t sure if she can. Phillip tells her he had men on retainer looking for Claire. He’ll keep them on to continue searching for Brady. Brady is his nephew, after all. He won’t stop until he finds him. Shawn and Belle come out with Claire. Phillip asks how Claire is doing. Shawn takes her off so Belle can talk to them. She tells Phillip and Chloe that Claire seems to be fine. She was scared at first, and missed them, but Colleen and Crystal just told her she was on vacation and would see her parents again soon. Belle plans to keep a close eye on her behavior fro the next few weeks. Belle asks Chloe what she thinks of what Colleen said about Brady. Chloe thinks Colleen would have told them if she knew more. Shawn comes over and tells them about his grandfather coming into town to see Colleen. Phillip says it sounds like a family thing, so he and Chloe are going to make themselves scarce. Shawn agrees to call them later if they feel like getting dinner together. Shawn, Belle, and Claire go off for a walk. Chloe tells Phillip she thinks that was awkward.

John and Marlena eat. She tells him she thinks Colleen may say something that will trigger his memory. John doesn’t see how. He examines his spoon carefully. Marlena tells him to put it down. John asks her if she thinks he’ll use it as a weapon. What will he do, spoon someone to death? Marlena isn’t sure what he is capable of doing, but she doesn’t want to take any chances. John sighs. He already said he wouldn’t hurt anyone, especially that helpless old woman. He drops the spoon and gets up in a huff.

Bo and Hope come downstairs and greet Steve and Kayla at the bar. Bo thinks he dad is in for one hell of a shock. Hope frets about how he will react. Kayla thinks it will be alright as long as they are all there to support him. Hope and Bo fill them in on what Colleen said about taking Claire. Steve tells them he has news about Stefano. He appears to have had a stroke, and he’s catatonic. Lexie, EJ, and Tony have put him into long-term care. Bo says they can celebrate later. Right now they have to focus on Pop. He’s in for one hell of a reunion.

EJ says he knows that Samantha still loves Lucas, and furthermore, he also knows that she will never love him. But they still share a child together. Allie is still somewhat his responsibility as well. What is he supposed to do, walk away? Sami trusted him alone with her daughter. That says something. Lexie sighs. Their history together should show that Sami doesn’t truly trust him. EJ says he is working on that. Besides, none of it even matters, because Lucas isn’t here. When Samantha comes home to her children, EJ will be waiting for her, not Lucas.

Lucas tells Sami there won’t be a trial. She urges him to change his plea. Lucas says no. She was right. He did this because he was jealous and insecure. He didn’t trust their love. He admits that he has no remorse for EJ, but he is sorry for what he did to Sami and their family. Sami glares.

John stares out the window. Marlena asks if he’d like to take a walk. John tells her he just wants to see the old woman and get it over with. A knock interrupts them. A woman comes in and tells them that Colleen is asking that everyone come to her room. Marlena seems confused. Did she say why? The woman says no.

Bo, Hope, Marlena, John, Steve, Kayla, and Shawn, Sr. gather outside Colleen’s room. Bo asks him if he’s ready for his surprise. They take him into Colleen’s room, where Belle, Shawn, and Claire are waiting. Colleen turns and sees Shawn, Sr. Tears well in her eyes, “Shawny, me boy!” Shawn is startled into recognition. He gasps and sobs, “Leeny!” They hug tearfully as Bo and Kayla look on, delighted. She tells Shawn that she didn’t die that night. She just wanted everyone to think so. Bo asks his dad to sit down as Colleen finishes her story. She is sorry that she did this to him. She wants him to know that she thought of him everyday. Can he forgive her? An overwhelmed Shawn tells her that he already has. He grasps her hands. He thanks God for bringing her back to him. Shawn sobs. Everyone looks on rapturously, with the exception of John, who rolls his eyes and looks bored. Kayla says she thinks Shawn will have to visit more later. Right now, he needs more rest. Shawn Douglas agrees to take his grandfather to bed. He agrees to leave reluctantly. Bo introduces Steve and Kayla to Colleen. Colleen nods. She also knows about Roman and Kimberly. She cries and thanks them for bringing Shawny to see her. Bo glowers. She should have told him the truth when he was still a little boy. She agrees. She is sorry for what she did, but she did always keep watch on them from afar. She only tried to take them when she feared danger. Marlena reminds her that not all of them affected are Bradys. Colleen tells them they’re an enemy of Stefano’s, so she considers them an ally. Kayla tells her about Stefano’s condition. Colleen hopes this is truly the end of the hostilities. She has tried to keep them all safe from Stefano, although she admits she has failed before. Marlena stares at John.

Lexie tells EJ that he needs to stop thinking about what is going on between Sami and Lucas and concentrate on the twins. Lexie’s pager goes off and EJ goes upstairs while she calls the hospital. She tells the person on the other end that she can’t get another blood sample right now. The patient is out of the country. They need to run a few more tests with what they have left.

Sami tells Lucas he can’t go to prison. His little girl needs him. He has to change his plea. Lucas refuses. He wishes a lot of things were different. His wishes Sami hadn’t appointed herself savior of the family, he wishes EJ hadn’t gotten her pregnant--hell, he wishes he were a better shot. He thought they were really going to make it this time. He knows now that he has no right to ask her to wait on him. He doesn’t want her to. Sami gasps.

Colleen understands why they are all so angry with her, but they must understand that she wanted no harm to come to Claire. Bo says they all make mistakes. Colleen cuts him off. And she has paid for hers. She has spent the last several decades alone, with no family to embrace on holidays. John thinks it’s her own fault. Colleen scoffs. She never said she was lily-white. What about him? Has life treated him well? She says she senses a lot of pain in him. She does hope he finds his son. Colleen says she has had a trying morning and she needs to rest. Kayla promises to bring Shawn back by later. She, Bo, Hope, and Steve leave. Marlena says she and John would like to ask a few more questions before they leave. John smiles. He’d actually like a word with Colleen alone. Marlena says there’s no way she’s leaving him alone with her. John grins.

Lexie tells EJ she has to go, but tells him to call if he or Sami has any questions about what to do for Allie. EJ asks her if she thinks they did the right thing for their father. Lexie thinks so. It’s hard to believe that he is actually gone. He asks if she is having second thoughts. She says no, but it was the hardest decision she has ever had to make. EJ hugs her and tells her they did the right thing. Now everyone has to move on with their lives.

Steve, Kayla, Bo and Hope go downstairs. Steve complains about being hungry and goes behind the bar to check the taps. Kayla thinks someone should check on Shawn, Sr. and asks Hope if she will go do it. Hope asks if Kayla is trying to get rid of her. Kayla fidgets.

John can’t believe Marlena doesn’t trust him. Marlena folds her arms. She is not leaving him alone with Colleen. He asks to speak to Marlena outside. He grabs her shoulder and leads her to the door. As they approach it, John grabs the back of Marlena’s head and slams it into the door. She goes down like a sack of rocks. Colleen gasps. John turns to her and smiles.

Lucas tells Sami he’ll get ten to twenty years, depending on the judge. Sami gets up and slams the chair into the floor in frustration. How is this happening? Lucas sighs. It isn’t as if he just forgot to pay a few parking tickets. This is serious. Anyway, he didn’t have her come down there so that they could fight. He wanted to say goodbye and hold her in his arms one last time. He hugs her as Sami bawls. Can she promise that she’ll never stop loving him? Sami sobs. She tells him that he is her one and only love. She’ll never feel for anyone what she feels for him. Lucas kisses her passionately. He asks her to tell Allie how much he loves and how often he thinks of her. Sami promises. She cradles his face in her hands. Lucas shrugs her off and asks her to go. Sami wails and turns to go. Tears fill Lucas’ eyes.

EJ comes downstairs to find a beaming Lexie. He asks what’s up. She tells him this has been a strange week for her. First their father goes into a coma, then she finds out that someone she loves is very ill. Finally, she has good news to report. EJ asks what it is. Lexie tells him that Kayla is pregnant.

Hoe tells Kayla she’s kidding and heads upstairs to check on Shawn. Bo thanks them again for bringing their father here. Kayla tells him there is another reason they came. She asks him to sit down and tells him she has news, but she didn’t want to tell him in front of Hope. Hopefully he can figure out a way to tell her himself. Bo grows alarmed. Tell her what? Steve sighs, “It’s not good, man.”

Marlena is slumped against Colleen’s door, unconscious. John takes the knife from his boot and approaches Colleen. If she makes a sound, anyone who walks through that door will die right alongside her. Colleen asks why he is doing this. John brandishes the knife.


Chelsea asks Roman, “There's no way I could have killed Ford, right?” Roman replies, “Decker's looking for somebody to blame.”

Belle asks Shawn, “Is something bothering you?” Shawn replies, “Steve and Kayla. Them just showing up like this. Something's off.”

Colleen tells John, “One last word before I die, and I'm quite prepared to do that.”

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