Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/1/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/1/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At St. Obbin’s, Shawn, Belle, Chloe, Phillip, Hope, Bo, John, and Marlena all gape at Colleen. They exclaim that it can’t be her. She died over fifty years ago. Colleen insists that she is who she says she is.

At the pub, Chelsea, Nick, Max and Stephanie all discuss Crawford Decker. Chelsea thanks Max for coming forward and giving up the location of the body. Max says it is no problem. Crawford said he would drop the murder charges, so it was no big deal. Chelsea frets. Crawford said he would drop them against her, not Max. She fears that Crawford just wants to look for someone to blame. They all rehash the details of Ford’s death. Stephanie says she doesn’t trust Crawford. He strides into the pub and tells them he came from the morgue. He was sickened by Ford’s remains, and he has had a change of heart.

At the safe house, Sami soothes a wailing Allie. Lucas calls from jail. Sami goes off on him for not being around to help with their sick daughter. He did something stupid for her. Does he know how that makes her feel? It makes her feel like hating him, that’s what? EJ steps into the room just as Sami yells the last. Lucas sighs.

Colleen tries to convince the suspicious group that she is really Colleen Brady. She tells them she may have added a wrinkle or two, but her eyes are just the same as before. She heard their Samantha looks just like her, which really pleases her. Marlena tells her about the letters. Colleen agrees that her love with Santo was deep and strong. Later, she made it look like she committed suicide because she was a disgrace to her convent. She ran and hid and he returned to his wife. She heard that Stefano bore the brunt of Santo’s pain, and blamed her. John stares.

The kids all freak and follow Crawford to the bar. Max rages. He promised to drop the charges if they gave up the body. Stephanie glares. He knows there isn’t enough evidence to prosecute Chelsea without his influence. Crawford takes a shot from the corner of the bar and chokes it back. That may be, but he can make Chelsea’s life hell. Crawford moans about Ford and his future. Max nukes. He had a future full of victims, and that’s all. Crawford says there’s no proof his son committed those acts, but there is proof that he is dead. He accuses the girls of luring his son to their house. Chelsea snorts. Ford came over because he was arrogant like his father and thought no one could touch him. Crawford know she touched him. She pushes him down the stairs. He’s going to have the dean press full charges against her. May she rot in hell. Chelsea sobs as Crawford storms out. Nick comforts her.

Sami is angry that she has to contemplate a life without the man she loves. Lucas asks if she still loves him. She says she does, but she still wants to kill him. She notices EJ in the room and says she has to go take care of their family. She hangs up and snaps at EJ. How long has he been eavesdropping? EJ tells her he lives there too, for however long that is. Sami asks what he means. EJ tells her their situation has changed--dramatically.

Marlena tells her that Stefano blames her for ruining his father’s life. Colleen thinks it was a huge waste. By faking her death, she gave Santo his life back. Bo asks Shawn what he thinks. Shawn isn’t sure what to believe. Chloe and Belle both believe her. Phillip thinks it would be easy for her to lie. Bo wonders if she stole Colleen’s identity. Colleen rages. This was the name she was born with, and she’ll carry it to her very last breath!

Chelsea frets as Nick tries to comfort her. Billie and Kate rush in and Billie hugs a wailing Chelsea. She is tired of having to defend herself for something she didn’t do! Billie knows she didn’t do anything wrong, and deep down, Crawford knows that, too. Kate tells her not to be afraid. Crawford is the one that should be afraid. In fact, she knows exactly what to do. Kate, Billie, and Chelsea leave. Max wonders what’s going on.

A guard brings Lucas into Abe and Roman’s office. Lucas tells them that he wants to confess. He shot EJ in the back. He wanted to kill him. Abe gapes. Does he realize what he is saying? Lucas does. He doesn’t want a trial. He just wants to serve his time.

Hope asks what Colleen did after she faked her death, and she tells them that she moved to another part of Ireland and got work as a seamstress. Eventually the threat of discovery became too great, so she moved. Belle asks if she married. Colleen says no. Santo was the love of her life. She did well making clothes, and handled her money well, so she was recently able to hire help to track down her relatives. That’s when she found out about Stefano and the Bradys. Colleen frets. Perhaps if she hadn’t left Santo, Stefano could have become an amiable man. Bo doubts it. He’s evil. Colleen says she still did something wrong. It’s why most of them are here, and she is sorry. She calls Crystal. Crystal walks in and beckons to Claire, who stands in the doorway and smiles.

EJ tells Sami that his father isn’t a threat anymore. Sami scoffs. He wouldn’t be a threat if he were dead, and that’s about it. In fact, he’s faked his death so many times he probably has his own drawer at the morgue. EJ tells her he isn’t exactly dead.

Billie, Kate, and Chelsea show up at Victor’s mansion. He apologizes for having been gone o long looking for Brady. Kate, Chelsea, and Billie tell Victor about Ford trying to rep Chelsea and falling. Chelsea is being charged with murder because of the boy’s father. Victor smiles. They can’t have bad things happening to Chelsea. She can consider the matter taken care of. Chelsea is dumbfounded. Just like that? Victor nods. Kate smiles.

Lucas tells Roman and Abe that he is just trying to do the right thing. Abe thinks there is more to it. Lucas admits that he spoke with Sami. Something she said really hit home. He didn’t trust her to protect their family, and now he is paying the consequences. He’s behind bars. Abe and Roman aren’t sure. It may not be a life sentence, but it’s no picnic. Lucas squares his shoulders. Maybe the judge will be lenient, or maybe he’ll get time off for good behavior. That’s all he has to hope for.

Nick leaves the pub as Stephanie frets about Max’s involvement. He hid Ford’s body. The police could still charge him. Max knows that helping her was the right thing to do. He grabs her hands.

Belle and Shawn have a tearful reunion with Claire as Bo, Hope, Chloe, Phillip, and Marlena look on. Colleen stands farther away and beams. John stares her down and palms the knife that he hid in his sleeve earlier. Marlena walks over and tells him that Claire is his granddaughter. John glares at Colleen, “How nice.” Bo rushes up and says she is in trouble. How could she try to kidnap a little girl and her mother?

Victor makes a phone call and tells Chelsea everything is taken care of. Chelsea is incredulous. Victor tells her all it took was one phone call. Kate thinks they should leave it at that. The less they know, the better. Billie thanks Victor profusely. He says it was nothing. He would do anything to protect his granddaughter. Chelsea asks for another favor. Her ex helped move the body to protect her. Can Victor help Max, too? Victor isn’t sure. He doesn’t know if can count on Bo, his only “in” at the Salem P.D. He promises to keep an eye on things, but he doesn’t think Max would get more than a slap on the wrist.

Bo lays into Colleen. She defends herself by saying Stefano was out of control. Hope jumps in. They all know he’s a sociopath, but that doesn’t give her the right to take Claire. Hope wonders if they would have ever seen her again if they hadn’t come looking. Colleen says they would have, of course. Bo says they have to press charges. Colleen retorts that that isn’t up to him. Bo says he won’t look the other way. Colleen says she felt the same way when she was protecting her relations--when she was protecting Brady Black, that is. Chloe and Marlena gape.

Stephanie admits to Max that he is always around when she needs him. She thanks him. Billie and Chelsea rush in and Billie tells them that Victor made one phone call and got Chelsea off the hook. They all think it’s great, except a sullen Chelsea. She explains that Victor couldn’t help Max. He will still have to talk to the police.

EJ tells Sami that Stefano is catatonic. They thought that he had a stroke at first, but the tests aren’t supporting that. Lexie could do more tests, but she may not. Sami asks why. EJ sighs. She knows what his father is capable of. Now, he won’t be able to hurt anyone. They will most likely send him to a sanitarium upstate, where he’ll live out the rest of his days. He regrets following in his father’s footsteps. She says he cant go back and change the past. He just wants to be therefore her and the kids. He comforts Allie and tells Sami that he supposed they can leave any time they wish. Sami takes a call from Lucas. He asks her to come and visit him and bring Allie. He wants to say goodbye.

Victor lets Crawford in. He tells him there has been a misunderstanding about Chelsea Brady.

Chloe asks Colleen about Brady. She tells her that Crystal and Rob nabbed him in Austria, but he escaped before they could get him back here. She has no clue where he is. Colleen wonders if Chloe knows where he is. She says she doesn’t. She huffs off and Phillip follows. Marlena tells John that Brady was his son. He says that’s too bad. Bo asks Colleen why she did this. She says she had to kidnap Brady and Claire for safekeeping. That’s all she was concerned about. John stares out the window. He pulls the knife again. Marlena notices him staring at Colleen and walks over. Chloe cries outside in the hallway. Phillip tries to comfort her, but she walks off. John goes and sits near a dozing Colleen. Marlena watches suspiciously.


Lucas tells Sami, “It’s over. I plead guilty to the attempted murder of EJ DiMera.”

Bo tells Steve and Kayla, “Right now we got to make sure that Pop sees his sister. He’s in for one hell of a reunion.”

John tells Marlena, “I’ve told you that I’m not going to hurt anyone. Especially not that helpless woman.”

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