Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/31/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/31/08


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At the pub, Tony tries to talk with Anna, but she says she is too busy. She has a job interview. Tony chuckles as Anna fumes. She knows he doesn’t take her seriously, but he is going to.

At their safe house, EJ bounces Johnny as Sami puts Allie in her crib. Sami takes a call and tells the person she understands. Sami gets off the phone and tells EJ that Lucas’ lawyers called to notify her that his trial date starts tomorrow. They expect her to testify. EJ asks her if she agreed to it. Sami says no, but she could be subpoenaed if she doesn’t show. EJ apologizes. He knows how hard this is. Sami rolls her eyes, “Just don’t.” She walks off.

In his hospital bed, Stefano lies there as Lexie begs him to talk to her. Roman comes in and asks her to take a break, but Lexie refuses. She just keeps thinking that Stefano can somehow hear her. She tell him there was no cause for the stroke. All of the tests came back negative for toxins. Lexie has a feeling he’s trying to talk to her, but can’t. She knows he has cause horrible pain, but he is still her father. She has to try to help him, if she can. Roman convinces her to take a break. Stefano lies in bead and thinks, “No, Alexandra! Don’t leave me!”

Steve runs into Roman outside and asks if he is on the Decker case. Roman says he can’t talk about it. Steve just wants to help Stephanie. Roman tells him that they’re hoping Crawford will lay off now that he knows where Ford’s body is. Maybe he’ll feel like he got justice. Steve says justice was served the night that rapist died.

At St. Obbin’s B & B in Ireland, Belle, Shawn, Phillip, and Chloe burst into the pub. The two men who confronted John and Marlena the day before ask them what they want. Shawn tells them they’re looking for Crystal. One of them says everyone is looking for her tonight. Belle says she has their daughter, and they’re not leaving here without her.

Upstairs, Bo and Hope look for Crystal. Hope tries to pick a lock on one of the room doors as Bo goes off to search elsewhere.

Nearby, John conceals the knife he stole in his sleeve. Marlena confronts the old woman in the rocking chair. Marlena gasps, “It’s impossible.”

Roman is reticent to talk about Decker, so Steve asks what’s going on with Stefano. Lexie comes up and tells Steve he had a stroke, but the test aren’t showing the cause. Steve asks them if they think someone did this. Roman doesn’t see how. Lexie says she will run more tests. Adrienne calls Steve and tearfully asks him to meet her at the Brady pub. Steve agrees. He leaves and Roman tells Lexie not to worry. At least this way, Stefano can’t hurt anyone or cause any trouble. Lexie knows he didn’t have a stroke. Something else cause this. Stefano thinks, “Yes, yes, please help me, my daughter.”

EJ tells Sami that he knows she’s upset that Lucas is in prison. Sami sighs. He was just trying to protect her from EJ and Stefano. EJ doesn’t blame him. He would have done the same. Sami hates this and what it is doing to her twins. She’s alone without the man that she loves and stuck with him. EJ says they have to try to get along for the sake of the babies. he knows he has disappointed her, but he swears he won’t leave her.

One of the guys asks the other if he knows Crystal. He says he doesn’t. Phillip groans. They just said everyone was looking for her! One of them snaps, “That doesn’t mean we know her, now does it, laddie?”

Bo comes back and warns Hope to be careful as she enters the room. He goes across the hall and picks the lock on that door.

Marlena tells the woman that she is supposed to be dead. The woman gestures and says, “Clearly my dear, I am not.”

Lexie asks Roman to call EJ when he gets a chance and have him meet her down there. Roman agrees and leaves. Lexie stares at Stefano.

Tony wants to talk. He still doesn’t understand what happened between them. Anna smiles graciously and offers him a recap. He bought a company without consulting her or asking her advice, she dumped him, and decided to get a job and a life of her own. Tony didn’t think she would care. It’s business, not shopping. Anna says she used to run a successful business. Tony doesn’t think she had much to do with the brains behind that operation. Anna takes offense. What, is she stupid and untalented? Tony swears that isn’t what he meant, but Anna doesn’t buy it. Tony takes a call from Lexie, who asks him to come down to the ICU to see Stefano right away.

EJ asks what he can do to make this better. Sami suggests he make Stefano disappear. Roman calls EJ and tells him he needs to get to the hospital to see Lexie. He will send one of his men to get him. EJ agrees and tells Sami what’s going on. She wonders what this is about. EJ tells her Roman didn’t say.

Steve meets Adrienne at the pub, and she tells him that her, Justin, and the boys are leaving Salem.

Bo comes out of the room she searched and joins Bo as he enters the room across the hall. While they’re inside, Crystal sneaks down the hallway and turns down another corridor. Hope and Bo come out. Hope thinks she has to be here somewhere. They continue their search.

Shawn asks the guy who was here looking for Claire, but they didn’t get their names. They made them leave, because there’s nothing for them here. Phillip thinks they’re lying. Crystal comes out and says that’s enough as Shawn threatens to call the police. Belle rushes up to her and demands to know where her daughter is.

Marlena can actually see “her” in the woman before her. She can’t believe it. They all thought she was dead. The woman chuckles. She isn’t, and she’ll tell all of her secrets. When she does, all of the mysteries of the past will be revealed.

Anna calls the advertising agency Caroline told her about and schedules an interview for an executive position.

Adrienne tells Steve that they’re moving because of Justin. She moved back here to help Steve, and he indulged her, but he’s miserable here. Plus, he got a great job offer in Dubai. Steve frowns. He isn’t even sure where that is. She’s serious about this? Adrienne nods through her tears and grabs his hands. She guesses this is goodbye.

A nurse hands Lexie some test results. She reviews them and groans aloud. Roman asks about Stefano. Lexie shakes her head sorrowfully. Unlike her father, these are results for someone who is kind and good--and someone who may now be very, very ill. Roman asks if he can help. Lexie thinks he can.

Belle screams at Crystal to tell her where Claire is. Crystal assures them she’s safe. Phillip pulls out his phone. He’s calling the cops. Crystal tells them not to if they ever want to see that little girl again. Belle glares, “You tell me where my daughter is, right now.”

Marlena asks if this is some kind of trick as John handles the knife behind his back. The camera pans up on the woman(played by Shirley Jones) as she tells John and Marlena that it is really her, although she knows there are some that wish she were dead. Bo and Hope comes in and ask what John and Marlena are doing there. She says it’s a long story, and asks what they’re doing there. Bo tells them they’re following a lead on Claire. Hope notices the woman in the rocking chair and gasps, “It can’t be.” Marlena nods. That was her first reaction, too. Bo sees her too, and stares her down. He swears it isn’t possible.

Anna smiles and tells the person at the advertising agency that she’ll “see them then.”

Adrienne apologizes. She knows this seems sudden, but she and Justin have been talking about it for a while. Steve asks what she will do about the bar. Adrienne was going to ask Max to run it until she figures out what to do with it. Steve sighs and says he will miss her. She cries and chokes. She’ll miss him, too. They hug, and she says she has to go. She promises to write and leaves, sobbing.

Lexie tells Roman that the person will have to come in for more tests before she knows more. Tony and EJ rush in and she tells them Stefano appears to have had a stroke, but she isn’t sure that us what happened. At this point, he’s in a vegetative state. EJ asks what it all means. Lexie breaks down. She needs them to help her decide what to do with their father.

Shawn demands that Crystal take them to Claire. She says she’s sorry, but she can’t do that. Belle fumes.

Hope wants to know why Marlena broke John out of the hospital. Marlena tells them that she thought John needed to follow through in his mission. This woman is part of that. Bo shakes his head. Roman wont be happy. Marlena huffs. What she did wasn’t illegal. John was simply in protective custody. He hadn’t done anything wrong. Bo asks John what his mission has to do wit her. John tells them Stefano wanted him to find her. Hope asks why. John stares. Hope asks her if she can help them find Claire. The woman tells her she can, and he was getting ready to tell John and Marlena about it when they barged in. Bo tells her to talk. No one is stopping her now. John stares.

Caroline comes over and tells Anan she couldn’t help but overhear that she is still upset with Tony. Anna nods. She has been patient, but time and time again, he has shown that he doesn’t appreciate her. So she has decided to interview with the ad agency Caroline told her about. They’re in direct competition with the business Tony bought. He’s going to regret underestimating her.

As they stand over Stefano’s bed, Lexie explains that by all accounts, Stefano had a stroke. The initial tests haven’t turned anything up, but she knows something else is going on. She just isn’t sure if she should run more tests. Maybe someone did this to him, or maybe it’s fate. Either way, at least he can’t hurt anyone. They are her brothers, so they have to help her decide what to do. Tony laughs. That’s ironic. Stefano’s life is in the hands of the three people he manipulated the most. EJ says he always said he did it for love of his family. Tony thinks it was all a pack of lies. Stefano thinks, “I did love you. All of you. Now, show me that you all really loved me, too.” Lexie thinks they have to decide how they really feel about Stefano. Then they will know what to do.

Shawn doesn’t get it. If Crystal wants to protect Claire, then why can’t they see her? Crystal says she can’t be sure she’ll be safe. Phillip asks her if she is working for someone. Chloe asks if it is Stefano. Crystal says she hates him. Belle interrupts. Is Claire here? She has to tell them. Phillip says they’ll just have to search. The men try to stop them, but Crystal says they can go. There are already others here. She sighs and tells Belle that Claire is upstairs. Belle nods and rushes off.

The woman explains that she and Stefano have been playing cat and mouse games since he found she was alive a little over a year ago. She had people working for her in Salem to watch his every move. Bo understands. Rob and Crystal worked for her. She kidnapped Claire! The woman admits she was behind it. Belle, Shawn, Chloe and Phillip burst in. Belle demands to know where her daughter is.

Steve comes back to the hospital and tells Roman about Adrienne taking off. He asks about Stefano. Roman says EJ, Tony, and Lexie are trying to decide what to do. He asks if Steve is there to pick Kayla up. Steve says yes and asks why. Roman tells him Lexie got some disturbing test results for another patient. He needs to talk to Steve and Kayla about it.

Tony doesn’t think Stefano really loved him. Stefano insists he did inside his head. Tony tells Stefano that when he sees him lying there he doesn’t feel anything. Not love or hate, just nothing. Tony walks away and EJ comes over. Stefano thinks that he is his blood. EJ wont turn his back on him. EJ tells Stefano that he has put him through hell. He took what he had with Samantha and turned it into something dirty. Because of Stefano, he forced himself on her, and he has to live with that every day. Now the woman that he loves will never love him because of his take what you want attitude. All so he can have an heir. EJ gets up in disgust. Lexie tells Stefano he nearly cost her her marriage, her friends, and her sanity. Thank god she grew up not knowing him. She also took an oath not to do harm, and she does think she can help him if she keep digging. Stefano thinks, “You must!” Lexie asks EJ and Tony what they should do--try to help him, or send him to an institution for the rest of his life?

Belle demands to know where Claire is. The woman swears she is safe. They have her word. Bo isn’t sure that means much, She has no proof of who she is. Marlena thinks the proof is right in front of them. Chloe wonders if she knows where Brady is. Phillip tells her she may, but they have to focus on Claire if she is here. Colleen says John can prove she is who she says she is. John shrugs. He knows Stefano wanted to find her. Shawn says her word isn’t good enough, he wants to see Claire, now. Marlena says that if this woman is who she says she is, then she would never harm a Brady child.

Steve tells Roman that she and Kayla will help. They’ll catch the next flight to Ireland. Roman nods as Steve heads off.

Stefano insists inside his head that they must help him or find Rolf. Tony thinks he has done too much harm. The world would be better off without him. Lexie agrees. Stefano doesn’t think she can mean that. Tony asks what EJ thinks. EJ thinks he could learn how to love unconditionally without Stefano around. Tony walks over and tells Stefano to rot in hell. Stefano thinks, “You son of a bitch.” Lexie asks if they are agreed. Tony and EJ say yes and they all leave. Stefano thinks, “No! No! NO!!”

The woman says she would never hurt a Brady. Marlena smiles. So it IS her. She nods. She is Colleen Brady. The camera flashes to a gaping Shawn, Hope and Bo. John smiles.


As Nick comforts Chelsea, Crawford hisses, “I’m going to the D.A. I’m going to have him press full charges. May you rot in hell for what you did.”

EJ tells Sami, “Our situation has changed dramatically.”

Colleen yells at Bo, “I’m Colleen Brady! I was born with that name! It’s the name I’ll carry to me very last breath!”

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