Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/30/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/30/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Billie begs Chelsea and Stephanie to let her help them. Why didn’t they come to her before? Chelsea reminds her that they tried, but no one would help them with Ford. What were they supposed to do? Billie huffs. They would have looked a hell of a lot less guilty if they hadn’t buried him in their basement. Cordy pipes up. Ford isn’t down there anymore. Billie nods. She didn’t even think of that. The fact that there is no body could work in their favor. Stephanie groans. Maybe, except that Chelsea told Mr. Decker what happened. Morgan thinks they could say he was lying. Chelsea whines. No one is going to say he’s lying. She wants this whole thing to be over. Billie shakes her head. This whole thing is far from being over. Stephanie calls Max and fills him in on what’s going on. She listens, then hangs up. She turns back to the girls. Max told her he is never telling anyone where he put the body. Chelsea stares.

On a plane to Ireland, Shawn and Phillip bicker about how long it took them to get into the air. Chloe tells them both to lay off. They are all supposed to be working together. Belle agrees. This is about Claire, not them. Chloe asks Shawn if he thinks they’ll find Brady. Shawn hopes so. Chloe flashes back to filling Phillip in on Brady’s kidnapping.

In a car in Ireland, Bo complains about having to drive on the left-hand side of the road. Hope thumbs through a book of maps. She decides they are on the right road as her cell phone rings. She takes the call and then tells Bo that Crystal is in a town called New Ross.

Marlena and John walk into a small restaurant. John tells her this is it--Obbin’s Bed and Breakfast in New Ross. John says his target is here. He can feel it. He calls out, but no one answers. Marlena thinks they may be out back. John agrees to go check, but Marlena grabs his arm. No way. She’s not letting him out of her sight. John walks off and Marlena flashes back to packing her bag full of medications to control him. Two young men come downstairs and Marlena tells them they’re looking for a place to stay. They say they’re full up. John wants to take a look around, but one of them tells him to get out.

Hope tells Bo that Crystal is with Claire in New Ross, about 35 kilometers up the road. Bo tells her that’s about twenty miles or so, and Hope goes on with the directions which grow more complicated. Bo sighs. He’ll just stay on the left-hand side of the road.

Belle catches Shawn staring at her and asks why he’s doing it. Shawn glares. He doesn’t know. Phillip tells them they’ll be landing sooner than expected. Shawn is glad. Then he won’t have to be around Phillip much longer. Belle wonders why they are still going after each other. She thought they settled their differences when they decided to look for Claire. Shawn thinks she’s pretty naïve. Things most certainly aren’t settled--not between him and Phillip, and not between him and Belle.

Billie tells the girls their main concern is staying out of prison. My god, someone died in their house, and they kept it a secret. Stephanie says they aren’t criminals. Chelsea feels like one. Morgan frets. She doesn’t want to go to prison. Cordy wails about having to suffer again because of Ford. Billie promises nothing bad will happen. They all just have to stay calm and keep quiet. Billie tells them Roman is going to want to ask the questions, but they don’t have to answer without an attorney present. Roman walks in and tells them Crawford Decker is angry, and he has an “in” with the D.A. he’s sorry to do this--Crawford strides in beaming. He interrupts and asks if Roman has told them. Roman apologizes to Chelsea. He’s sorry, but there is nothing she can do. She is going to be charged with the murder of Ford Decker. Chelsea gulps. Crawford swaggers. Billie should be so proud. Billie glares. She is proud. He daughter is no murderer. Stephanie breaks in. Chelsea didn’t kill Ford. They all saw what happened. He tried to attack Chelsea, and fell trying to do so. Crawford tells Stephanie to keep her mouth shut, and calls her a slut. Stephanie goes after him. Morgan and Cordy grab her and hold her back as she screams. Roman grabs Crawford. If he ever calls Stephanie that again, Roman will do whatever he wants to him. He is walking a very fine line here, so he better be careful. Stephanie shrieks. Ford came from him and probably learned it from him. How many women has Mr. Decker raped? Roman tells Crawford to watch it, or he’ll throw him in jail. Crawford scoffs. On what charges? Roman smiles evenly. Oh, he’ll find some. Chelsea pleads with Crawford. It was an accident. Crawford doesn’t believe that. He thinks Chelsea pushed him down the stairs.

Belle asks Chloe to excuse her and Shawn and Chloe moves across the aisle with Phillip. Belle asks Shawn what she can do to make things right. Phillip is their friend, and she cares about him, too. Shawn grunts. He doesn’t go around sleeping with everyone he cares about. She admits she screwed up. Shawn shakes his head.

Bo tells Hope that he’s worried about Chelsea. Hope thinks everything will be fine. It isn’t as if Chelsea did something wrong. Besides, she’ll call them if she needs them. Now they need to focus on Claire. Bo tells Hope they’re on some road that she doesn’t have in her directions. He says they got there following them, but she disagrees. After a moment, they figure out he took a right where he should have taken a left earlier. Bo looks at the map and groans. We flash to Hope driving and Bo looking at the map. He tells her she was holding it upside down. Bo takes a call and tells Hope the New Ross police lost Crystal. Bo tells her they have to find Crystal. They’ll go door to door if they have to.

Shawn doesn’t think weakness is a very good excuse. Belle swears she isn’t in love with Phillip. Maybe they still had some unresolved feelings, but she knows it was a mistake. She wants to build a life with him and Claire, and any other kids they might have. Chloe eyes Phillip.

Marlena tells John that they should leave. John frowns. Irish hospitality sure is starting to warm his heart. He stalks out. Marlena hands one of the men a card and tells him to call her if any rooms open up. One of the men watches outside to make sure they’re really leaving. Then both go to the back. Marlena and John come back and let themselves in. They hurry upstairs.

Chelsea swears she didn’t push Ford. Cordy tells Crawford that Ford raped her and Stephanie, and would have raped Chelsea, too. Crawford smiles smugly. Is that their defense? Billie thinks they have all said enough. Crawford smirks. Why? Is she afraid the truth will come out? Chelsea nukes. The truth already has! She didn’t push Ford, but she would have if it would have kept his son from attacking her. Roman tells her to start thinking about getting legal counsel. Crawford nukes. He is trying to protect them! Roman says they need it. Crawford is confused. Form what? All of the girls try to explain to Crawford how horrible his son was. Chelsea says she doesn’t feel the need to defend herself, anyway. She didn’t do anything wrong. Crawford sneers. She can tell that to a jury. Billie says she has an idea.

Chloe tells Phillip that she needs to talk to him and they go to the back of the plane. Chloe tells Phillip she didn’t think he wanted to listen to that anymore. Phillip nods. It’s a talk they need to have alone, anyway. Belle gives up on Shawn and foes back to her seat. Shawn rushes over sits down near her. He loves her, but he can’t just buy into everything that she is saying right now. How is he supposed to trust her anymore? Belle says she will do anything to earn it back. She knows it won’t be easy, but she has always loved him. She knew marrying Phillip was a mistake from the beginning. Shawn says she has to be held responsible for her actions. She chose to marry, divorce, then sleep with Phillip. He isn’t going to kid himself anymore. If Claire were Phillip’s daughter, they would probably still be together. Belle huffs. Well she isn’t. She’s their daughter. Their family belongs together. Shawn wonders why Phillip is an issue if that is true.

Bo thinks he is so lucky. How many men can look at their wives and see the same girl they married? He loves her so much. He flashes back to when they first met. Bo thinks she’s a pretty little rich kid that’s a pain. He offers her a ride home. Bo then flashes to their wedding, followed by a hot air balloon ride, and a hot tub scene. Back in the present, Hope asks Bo how far away they are. Bo smiles, “Very close.”

John and Marlena pass some room doors upstairs. He hesitates at one, then beckons to her to follow him. Marlena looks after him, seemingly confused.

Billie thinks they can work something out. Ford grumbles. If it’s Chelsea pleading guilty and handing over the body, then he is all for it. Billie says that Chelsea will not plead guilty. It’s out of the question. He has no evidence. They can make their lives miserable, sure. But Crawford and the D.A. can’t win this case. However, if the D.A. agrees to drop the charges, they will produce Ford’s body. Stephanie yelps, “No!”

Belle asks Shawn where they go from here. Shawn doesn’t know. Chloe interrupts. Shawn leaves. Chloe sits down and sighs. She tells Belle, “You know you’re jerking them both around.” Belle gapes.

Shawn tells Phillip that he’s tired of this. Phillip asks if he means hating him. Shawn sighs. He’s ticked off, yeah, but he doesn’t hate Phillip. Phillip nods. He can handle ticked off.

Chloe asks Belle why she hates her. She had nothing to do with Brady’s disappearance. She loves him. Belle wonders if she does.

Shawn says he and Phillip were best friends and family. They are a lot alike. Phillip smiles and says he thinks they have the same taste in women. Shawn smiles. That they do.

Bo gets back into the car and tells Hope he had some luck. An old man saw Crystal carrying Claire into a bed and breakfast a few blocks away. Bo starts the car and they drive off.

Billie is sorry that Ford is dead, but his father doesn’t have to sacrifice some girl to even things out. Crawford is stony. Someone has to pay. Roman gets off the phone and tells the group that the D.A. has agreed to Billie’s deal, provided Mr. Decker does the same. Mr. Decker says there is no deal. Stephanie and Chelsea fret.

Phillip says Belle is Shawn’s wife. He knows he loves her. Shawn knows Phillip does, too. Phillip nods. But like he said, she’s Phillip’s wife.

Chloe tells Belle that she is Shawn’s wife. Belle scoffs. What difference does that make? She knows Chloe has been trying to sink her claws into him. Chloe says they are just friends. Is Shawn going to divorce her? Belle doesn’t know. Why, does Chloe want to help him get over her? Chloe says Shawn will never be over Belle. She sees the way he looks at her. He belongs with Belle.

Phillip tells Shawn that he thinks Belle belongs with him. His friendship means the world to him ,and he wants his friend back. Shawn says that’s a decision only she can make. They toast.

Belle says she loves Shawn. He is her soul mate. She doesn’t want anyone else. Belle asks about her and Phillip. Chloe says she wants Brady back. Belle suggest they pray they find him and her daughter.

Phillip has no doubt that Belle will want to be with Shawn. Are they good? Shawn says they are. Phillip nods. Then they need to get their butts in gear and find his daughter. Shawn agrees.

Marlena approaches a door. John wants to barge in, but Marlena stops him and opens the door quietly. It’s empty. John checks to make sure. It’s not that he doesn’t trust her. Marlena nods sarcastically .Right.

Hope comes in downstairs and asks where everyone is. Bo’s phone rings. It’s Shawn and he has Hope speak with him while he checks things out. Shawn asks Hope a few questions, and she tells him she’s in New Ross, where they got a lead on Crystal. Shawn tells Phillip they have the name of the town.

Crawford tells the girls that they would be surprised at the people he knows. Maybe even a judge or two. He doesn’t need to take a deal. He stares Chelsea down. She’s going to jail. Stephanie tells him to go ahead and take them to trial. But if he does, she’s going to stand up in front of the court and the whole world and tell them how Ford raped her. Is that what he wants whispered at Ford’s eulogy? He may as well chisel “Ford Decker, rapist” into his tombstone. Morgan and Cordy agree to tell their stories, too. Crawford sighs. He doesn’t want that. Roman asks if he wants to make a deal. He asks where Ford’s body is. They all stare.

Hope tells Shawn they’re at St. Obbin’s Bed and Breakfast and hands the phone off to Bo and Bo tells Shawn that Claire is supposedly being well-taken care of. Bo thinks they’re pretty close now. They hang up and Shawn tells them all he knows where they are. Phillip tells them New Ross isn’t too far away. They all head off the plane. The two guys that gave John and Marlena the boot show up and ask Bo and Hope what they’re doing there.

Marlena asks John if he’s going to kill someone. He says no. She asks if he has a weapon. He says no and allows her to pat him down. She finishes and walks into another room. John takes a knife off of a nearby serving cart and follows her.

Crawford agrees to drop the charges in exchange for the body. Stephanie swears they don’t know. Crawford moans. Then who does? Max walks in and say he does. He tells Crawford that he was the one that took him away.

Bo tells the guys they can help alright. They’re looking for a woman named Crystal. Crystal comes downstairs and tells Bo and Hope to feel free to look around all they want. It’s already too late.

John and Marlena walk into a room. Inside, a woman rocks in a chair and knits. Marlena and John stare at her.


Sami tells EJ, “They were just notifying me of Lucas’ trial date and that they expect me to testify.”

Shawn tells the two guys at the bed and breakfast, “We’re looking for Crystal.” One of them replies, “Well, everyone is looking for Crystal tonight.” Belle snaps, “She has our daughter, and we’re not leaving here without her.”

Bo asks, “Who is this?” Hope stares and whispers, “It can’t be.” Marlena smiles, “That was my reaction, too.”

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