Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/29/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/29/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Steve comes over to Kayla, who asks him what’s wrong. He chokes back tears. His baby girl got raped, and he couldn’t protect her. He wants to kill the son of a bitch who did it to her, but he can’t, because he is already dead. Kayla frets as Steve paces.

In his office, Abe asks Bo and Hope when they’ll be leaving. Hope says soon. They just wanted to check in with him before they left. Abe tells them that Interpol is watching Crystal closely, but they are hesitant to move in and scare her off, since Brady is still a prisoner. They’ve checked in to let Abe know that the girl is taking very good care of Claire for the time being. Bo nods. Rob did say that this whole scheme was supposed to keep Belle, Claire and Brady safe from the DiMeras. Hope thinks they’ll know more once they get back. Bo wonders what the hell else they’ll find there.

At the pub, Anna and Tony talk about their vacation. Anna says it was hard to leave. Tony agrees, but all good things must come to an end. Anna thinks that everything they have been through together has just made them closer. Tony says he had something he wanted to talk to her about, even though he wanted to wait for a more appropriate setting. Anna’s eyes light up as Caroline comes over and interrupts, asking when they returned. Tony says this morning and asks for news. Caroline frowns. She hardly knows where to begin.

At the hospital, Roman stands by as doctors work on Stefano. The guard tells him it’s thought that he had a stroke. His visitor alerted them to his condition, Dr. Marlena Evans. Roman stares.

In his hospital room, Marlena tells John that she knows his mission is to find someone and kill them. John says he won’t kill anyone. She cuts him off. She’ll agree to help him partially fulfill this mission, but only to free him from Stefano. Make no mistake, they’ll be doing this her way, not his. She knows he’ll try to lose her once she gets him out of here. Stefano programmed him to complete this mission, even if he dies in the process. John says he won’t die for anyone. Marlena grimaces. He won’t kill anyone, either. John flashes back to Stefano telling him to eliminate his target. He swears he’s not a killer. Marlena say that may be, but he is a liar.

Abe tells Hope that her reinstatement should be approved by the time they return. She has to get a physical first. Hope says she’ll do it on the way to the airport. Abe says Bo is due for his yearly physical as well. Bo protests, but Hope insists. Kayla can squeeze them both in before they head out. They leave. Abe makes a call and asks if “he’s” in yet.

The doctor tells Roman that Stefano had a stroke, by all appearances. He’s stable, but unconscious. Roman asks if Marlena is around. The doctor tells him she us up in psychiatric. Roman tells the guard to keep watch on Stefano’s room. No one besides hospital personnel is allowed inside without his permission.

Kayla tells Steve not to talk that way. Steve shakes his head. Stephanie will be scarred for life by what that creep did to her. Kayla tells him that Stephanie is in counseling, and she needs their love. All of this hatred and anger won’t help things. Steve says he feels those things, but he won’t let Stephanie know. Kayla gets a page and says she has to go. Will he be alright? Steve nods. Kayla leaves.

Caroline tells Anna and Tony about Claire. Tony immediately suspects Stefano, but Caroline says the police don’t think he had anything to do with it. Anna promises to pray for her and Caroline thanks her and leaves. Tony doesn’t think Stefano is innocent in this. He’ll put out some feelers and see if he can help the police. He doesn’t want their first night back to be spoiled, though, and he does have a surprise for Anna. It’s something she has always wanted, and he thinks it will make them both very happy. Anna says that he is making her nervous. Would he just ask already? Tony tells her he wants to put roots down in Salem. Anna nods encouragingly. He tells her he has just bought a business here. Anna’s smile fades. He what? He tells her he bought an advertising agency. Now everyone will see he isn’t following in his footsteps. He thinks she seems disappointed. She huffs. To be disappointed, she would have had to expect him to say something else. He wants to know what she expected. She gets up. If he doesn’t know, then she isn’t going to tell him. She walks off. Tony sighs.

Hope thanks Kayla for squeezing her in. Bo stammers that he needs a physical, too, but he needs another doctor. Kayla chuckles and says she will try to find someone free. Lexie walks up and says she would be happy to take a look at Bo, if that’s fine with him. Bo grumbles. Hope reminds him about the plane and he complies. He and Lexie head off. Hope tells Kayla about the lead in Ireland on Claire. Hope asks what’s wrong with Kayla. She says she is worried about Steve.

Steve paces at the hospital. He runs into Crawford Decker. He tries to excuse himself, but Steve won’t have it. He tells him he will never forgive his son. Crawford shrugs. Ford is dead. There’s nothing anyone can do. And he will never forgive those girls for murdering him. Steve glares. They said it was an accident, and that‘s what it was.. They did everything they could. Ford would have been off the streets if his father hadn’t used his influence with the dean. Steve looks him up and down with disgust. Did he know what his son was doing to those girls? Did he choose to look the other way? Crawford says he didn’t believe the accusations. Steve scoffs. By protecting him, he made Ford think he could get away with anything. Crawford sighs. No matter what he did, he didn’t deserve to die. Steve nods. Oh, yes he did. Crawford hisses. Steve is accusing him of ignoring the fact that his son was a rapist. Is Steve not doing the same thing now, denying that his daughter and her friends committed murder? Crawford just wants Ford’s body back so he and his mother can mourn their son. Steve asks if he means to make the girls pay, too. Crawford practically spits with rage. That’s right. Just like Steve wants him to pay for what he thinks Ford did. Steve says he had a lousy father. He knows about them, and he thinks that if Crawford was decent, he would have noticed something was wrong with his kid. Instead, he stood by while his kid hurt all of those girls. Crawford promises the girls will pay, and nothing Steve does can protect them. Steve chuckles. Crawford has no idea who is dealing with. He sneers. Neither does Steve. Crawford huffs off.

The doctor orders an MRI, a CAT scan, a toxicology screen, and full blood work done on Stefano. Something caused this and he is determined to find out what. Stefano lies there with his closed and thinks, “Marlena Evans did this to me. You have to learn the truth so that you can help me.”

Marlena thinks John would tell her anything if he thought it would help him escape. John reminds her that he gave her the name “Obbin,” the Irish priest. He knows he wasn’t supposed to divulge any names associated wit his mission. He told her this because he trusts her, and knows she is taking a huge risk. Marlena says no risk is too great if it means getting him back. John agrees to make her a promise. He swears on the love that she claims they share, that he will not hurt her or anyone else, as long as she keeps helping him. Marlena says she won’t, unless he gives her reason. Roman comes in and asks to speak to her in private. They leave. John smiles slyly.

Anna asks Tony to leave her alone as he walks over to the bar. Tony doesn’t understand what he did. He thinks. Does she not want to stay here in Salem? She thinks it’s too late to ask her that. He is sorry he didn’t consult her. She huffs. She might have plans of her own for the two of them, but he bought this company without thinking of her. She really does wish him the best of luck, though. She walks off. Tony stares into space in utter confusion.

Roman tells Marlena about Stefano. Marlena says she was with him. She called the guard. Roman sighs. He knows she hates him, so he has to ask. Was it a coincidence that this happened while she was with him? Marlena doesn’t believe in that. She thinks it was fate. She explains that she gave him truth serum earlier, but that’s all. Is he implying she gave him something else? He asks if she did. She tells him to accuse her, if that’s what he wants to do. He sighs. She really has no idea what brought this on? Marlena says it definitely was not a guilty conscience. Roman stares her down and finally says, “Alright, doc. No questions. No accusations.” She hugs and thanks him and asks where Stefano is. He tells her he is in ICU and says he’ll talk to her later. Roma heads off. Marlena sighs in relief.

John sits in bed and thinks, “Sorry, doc. I will take out my target.” Aloud he says, “And complete my mission.” If she gets in his way, he will just have to take her out, too.

Bo is glad Lexie was reinstated after the board found out about Sami’s blackmail. Lexie is, too. She really missed this place. She tells him that her name has been submitted for new chief of staff. He wishes her luck. She deserved it. Lexie goes to draw blood from Bo.

Kayla finishes up Hope’s physical. Hope asks her again what’s wrong. Kayla breaks down and tells Hope about Stephanie’s rape. Hope gasps. They all must be devastated. Kayla sighs. Stephanie is getting the help she needs, but she is really worried about Steve too. He’s trying to deal with this on his own. Hope hugs her. She knows Kayla will be able to figure out a way to help Stephanie and Steve.

As Marlena listens, Stefano’s doctor tells a nurse that the CAT scan and MRI came up with nothing. He hopes the blood work shows something. Marlena walks off.

Outside the pub, Tony catches up with Anna and asks what’s wrong with her. She thinks he should know. He strokes her hair. What he does knows is that he treasures every day and night that he has spent with him. He’s so lucky to have her in his life. He wants them to go on just as they are. Anna smiles viciously. So he doesn’t see any reason to change the way things are between them. Tony says not at all. If something isn’t broken, you don’t fix it. She says it’s broken all right, and all because of him. She huffs off. Tony gapes, “Huh?” A young man with a briefcase rushes over, “Mr. DiMera?” He gushes. He can’t believe his luck in running into him.

Lexie and Kayla give Bo and Hope clean bills of health--at least until their blood work comes back. Lexie wishes them luck finding Claire. Hope promises they won’t come back without her. Steve walks over and asks if he can help. Bo says he’ll let him know. Kayla notices Steve has blood on his hand and rushes over to look at it. Steve grumbles. He hit a wall. Abe walks over and kisses Lexie. He tells Bo and Hope he’s glad he caught them. He has news.

Roman rushes up to Stefano’s doctor and asks how he is. He tells Roman that Stefano’s condition has worsened. He has lapsed into a coma. Right now, they’re waiting on results from his blood work. Roman asks if he can wait with him. The doctor acquiesces.

In a lab at the hospital, Marlena types on a computer and smiles. She says that Sami got caught every time she changed test results for one reason--because she was not a doctor. She didn’t know how to get away with it. Marlena hits one last key and grins.

John lies in bed and talks to himself. So Blondie thinks she’s smarter than him, huh? That’s fine. He can play her for a lovesick fool much easier this way. John laughs.

Marlena slams her bag down and takes a vial out. She shakes her head. Much as she would hate to do it, she will take John down if he crosses her. She goes over to a cabinet and selects a slew of vials and bottles. She’ll use these to control his every move. She drops the medication into her bag.

The young man introduces himself to Tony as Ethan Blaine. He works for Tony’s company. Since he’s the new owner, he wanted to speak with him. He’ sort of the go to guy for the company and hopes to be on the fast track to an executive position. He ounces with glee. Tony is taken aback. He appreciates the effort, but manic energy is something he can’t handle. Ethan promises to do so. Tony tells him he can get him a portfolio of all current accounts by the morning. Ethan has that with him, as well as financial records for the last five years and a host of other company records.

Anna nurses a drink at the bar. Caroline asks where Tony is. Anna grumps, “Hopefully freezing his ass….pirations off.” She smiles feebly and trails off as she notices Caroline. Caroline laughs. What did he do? Anna sighs. What he didn’t do is propose to her. Caroline has known her a long time. She has never been defined as the man she was with. Anna huffs. That advertising company Tony bought can keep him warm at night. Caroline tells her that two corporate guys from an ad agency were in here earlier. They were discussing hiring an account executive. If Anna were to get the job, she could offer Tony some real competition. Anna smiles and asks for the name of the company. Caroline writes it down.

Abe tells Hope that pending her physical results, she is officially reinstated as a member of the Salem P.D. He hands her a badge. She hugs him and thanks him. He tells them he has a few other things to talk to them about.

John impatiently greets Marlena. He asks how they’ll get out of here. She says getting out of here is simple. Getting out of the country is another thing entirely. But she has an idea. Luckily, he has a private jet. That plane will be made ready for them. John huffs. He will still have to file a flight plan. Marlena thinks it’s funny what he does and doesn’t remember. She tells him they’ll change the plan mid-air. He asks if she can pull this off. She says she can. John nods. First things first. How does he get out of here? Marlena smiles.

Marlena pulls out a key and unlocks John’s handcuffs. She hands him a doctor’s scrubs and mask and tells him to put them on. Then they’ll walk right out of here. John is impressed. She tells him to hurry and leaves so he can change. The nurse comes up and tells Marlena she has to check John’s vitals. Marlena says he’s been taken downstairs for testing. The nurse doesn’t have that it in her chart. Marlena smiles sweetly. She always knew the girl was lazy, but she had no idea she was so incompetent. She’s lucky Marlena doesn’t turn her in. Carla apologizes and leaves. John comes out in full surgeon get up and asks if they can leave. Marlena has one last thing to do. She calls Dr. Carrington and tells him she lost her temper with the nurse. Can he give her a week’s vacation with pay? Marlena thanks him and hangs up. They leave.

Stefano’s doctor looks over his blood work. Roman asks what it says.

Abe tells Bo and Hope that they are out of their jurisdiction. They have to work with Interpol and the local police department. No hot-dogging or going off on their own is allowed. Bo promises. Abe tells them to keep him posted.

Kayla examines Steve’s hand. He’s lucky it isn’t broken. She is so worried about him. He tells her not to worry. They need to focus on Stephanie right now. Kayla doesn’t want anything to happen to their family. Steve say he won’t let anything happen. They hug.

Lexie looks at some papers and gasps in excitement. She’s been approved as chief of staff. She has to tell Abe. A nurse comes up and tells Lexie that her father has been admitted to the ICU. He’s had a stroke. Lexie heads off with her.

Tony tells Anna he needs to know what is going on. She says she is through with him. She doesn’t want to talk about it. Tony gapes. He still has no clue why she is mad. She huffs. She is not a woman to be trifled with! She walks off. Tony pouts. When did he ever trifle?

Hope tells Bo that it is so good to be back after she warns him not to call her Detective fancy face. He asks if she is ready to go find Claire and Brady. She is, so they leave.

John and Marlena arrive at the airport. John says no one even noticed them. Why is she nervous? Marlena fidgets. They have a lot riding on this. They cannot fail. John says that word isn’t in his vocabulary. Marlena says that’s what worries her. She makes a call and tell their pilot they’ll be changing the flight plan mid-air. She needs to go to Ireland. John smiles. She hangs up and asks if he is ready. They head outside.

Lexie bursts into Stefano’s room to find his doctor and Roman. The doctor explains that Stefano had a stroke, but they cant find a cause. All of his test have come back negative. Roman apologizes. She walks over and sighs. At least he isn’t suffering. Stefano lies there and thinks, “Help me, Alexandra! Help me!” Lexie stares.


Marlena tells John, “Maybe they’re around back.” John replies, “Stay here, I’ll have a look.” She grabs his arm, “No, you’re not getting out of my sight.”

As Cordy and Morgan hold her back, Stephanie shrieks, “Ford came from you! He probably learned it from you! How many women have you raped, Mr. Decker?”

Belle tells Shawn, “Shawn, I love you, and I want to build a life with you and Claire and any other kids we might have.” Chloe reads a paper and eyes Phillip.

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