Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/28/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/28/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In a prison cell, Marlena leans over an unconscious Stefano and tells him she will finally get even with him after today. In the future, she strongly suggests that he refuse medication offered by someone who hates him. Marlena pulls out a hypodermic needle. On second thought, he can ignore that advice. He won’t be needing it. She tries to shake him awake. She doesn’t want him missing the party. After another unsuccessful attempt, Marlena pulls some smelling salts from her bag and waves them under his nose. Stefano awakens with a start. Marlena smiles. She was beginning to think he would never wake up.

At the police station, Roman and Abe discuss Shawn’s run-in with Rob. Bo and Hope come in and Roman fills her in on what happened. Shawn went down to Crystal’s storefront looking for Claire and found Rob instead. He beat him to a pulp trying to get some answers out of him. But Claire wasn’t there and Rob isn’t talking--yet. Hope asks what happened to Shawn. Bo frets. This isn’t going to keep him from being a cop, is it? Abe folds his arms. He hates to say this, but it should.

At the pub, Stephanie tells Chelsea to think about what she says. This isn’t just about her and Chelsea. Chelsea knows exactly what’s she’s saying. Kayla thinks they need to get Chelsea advice on what she says and when. Crawford hisses at her to keep put of it. Steve snaps. How dare he speak to his wife that way? Crawford franks and grabs Stephanie. What happened to his son. Steve goes after him. Crawford asks Steve what he would do if this was his child that was missing. Steve glares. His child was raped. Crawford knows that must be horrible, but his child is just gone. He has to know what happened. Chelsea agrees to tell him. Stephanie’s lip trembles.

Hope scoffs. Abe and Roman would have done the exact same thing if it were their child involved. Abe nods. That’s why they’re looking the other way. Roman says Shawn just needs a good talking-to. Any time he gets new leads, he has to bring them to a superior’s attention. Hope says she’ll talk to him, but Roman wants a cop to do it. Hope smiles. Like she said, she’ll talk to him. Abe wants to know if this means she’s coming back to the force. Hope says it’s like she never really left. Abe smiles. He’ll get the paperwork rolling. He leaves. Roman smiles and welcomes he back.

At the hospital, John writhes and thrashes. He yells that he needs to leave. He yells for the doctor. He’s remembering things. He needs that Blondie from earlier to get back in here. A nurse comes in with some pills, which John refuses. She tells him that when he gets agitated, he has to be sedated. It’s either that, or an injection. John laughs. He only started yelling so she would come in and visit him. He fantasizes about her all of the time. Judy doesn’t seem impressed. She tells him to be a good boy, or she’ll have to give him something. John winks. That’s fine as long as it isn’t drugs. She leaves. John rattles his handcuffs and sighs angrily. He flashes back to being held at Stefano’s. Stefano explains that his men have been looking for their enemy, but cannot seem to find them. Stefano puts his hand on John’s shoulder. He has created a great machine that will not stop until it finds its target. It is now time for Stefano to give John the name of his objective.

Rob sullenly tells Roman that if a beating won’t make him talk, then staring him down in an interrogation room won’t either. Roman says they have him locked up. He’s looking at a long time behind bars. Rob scoffs and leans in confidentially. He actually plans on jumping bail. Roman asks him to repeat himself. Rob smiles and loudly says that Roman is a fine figure of a man. Roman tells Abe that Rob said he would jump bail. Rob shakes his head. He never said that. Behind the two-way mirror, Bo groans. They’re not going to get anything out of this guy. Hope isn’t so sure. She thinks he’ll talk.

John moans and whispers, “Mission.” He flashes back to Stefano telling him he will remember the name he gave him and find that person. That is his target. They are not sure exactly where the target is. All they know is that the person is somewhere in Europe.

Chelsea tells Stephanie that they have to tell the truth. She swears that none of them meant for this to happen. They tried going to the police and the dean, and no one would help them. Stephanie looks at Chelsea desperately. She’s sure they’ll do something when Mr. Decker tells them to. Kayla tells Chelsea that they will believe her. Steve agrees. They’ll try to help them as much as they can. Crawford gawks. They killed his son? Chelsea tears up. They just wanted to scare him. They never meant for anything else to happen.

Marlena tells Stefano that she gave him muscle relaxes. He won’t be able to move. Can he speak. Stefano slurs, “Yes.” She tells him to listen carefully. She has mixed up a drug cocktail that she is going to inject him with. Stefano says that she’s crazy. She tells him to be quiet and listen. The drug will paralyze him and put him into an apparent catatonic state. But he will be very much aware of what is going on around him and what’s happening to him. He will never recover from this state, and will spend the rest of his life in an asylum. Stefano says she cant do this. Marlena say she can, and is doing it. She realized that if she has any hope of getting her John back, she has to make sure that Stefano is incapacitated. Marlena smiles. The best part is the that the drug is untraceable. They’ll think he had a stoke. Stefano thinks she is insane. Marlena shakes her head. This is the most sane thing she has ever done. He tells her he won’t let her do this. She doesn’t think he is in any position to make demands. She holds up the needle. She knows he likes to be in control, but she is the one calling the shots. Stefano says she is a doctor. How could she do this? Marlena says this action doesn’t make her proud. She has to do it, and it gives her no joy. If it did, she would be no better than him. Stefano thinks she’s bluffing. Marlena holds the needle and smiles.

Roman asks Rob if he knows where Crystal was taking the little girl. Rob just knew that it was out of the country somewhere. Abe shakes his head. All of the ports and airports are being watched. Rob thinks that they’ll get out if they really want to. And once they are gone, they won’t be found.

Chelsea tells everyone about the girls luring Ford to the house and drugging him. They didn’t want him to pass out or anything, they just wanted him to get woozy. The girls listened while Chelsea and Ford talked. He made her try some of his drink. The drug affected her more than it did him, and when he saw how sleepy she was getting he tried to attack her. The other girls ran out, and Chelsea as able to get away. She ran up the stairs. Ford caught and grabbed her by the hair. Then he got really dizzy and fell down the stairs. That’s how he died. Crawford gapes. Stephanie cries. Crawford wants to know if they did CPR or called 911. Stephanie glares at Chelsea. How could she do this? No one is going to understand what happened. Chelsea explains that they felt for a pulse and tried to do CPR, but he was gone. Crawford goes after her and Nick holds him back. She probably pushes him down the stairs. Stephanie sobs as Steve orders Crawford to stay back.

Roman can’t believe what Rob is saying. So he had a boss he never spoke with or met that had him kidnap Belle and Claire? Abe asks about Stefano. Rob tells him one of the few instructions he received was to stay as far away from the man as possible. Crystal hated him, and she was afraid of him, too. Bo wonders if he’s telling the truth. Rob says he thought of something that might help them find Crystal. Once they find her, they’ll find Claire.

Stefano thinks Marlena will be found out. Marlena thinks someone might catch her if the looked hard enough, but why would they? Stefano warns her. Getting rid of him won’t help her get John back; in fact, it will make it impossible. He’s the only one that can fix his mind. Marlena says they’ll find a way without him. He says she can’t. She doesn’t believe him. Stefano swears he can prove it. Marlena huffs. Fine. But this is his last reprieve. What was John’s mission?

Crawford tells the group that he wants his son, and he wants justice for his boy. Chelsea says it was an accident. Crawford glares. When someone has an accident, they call the police. Why didn’t they do that? Chelsea says no one could help him. Stephanie adds that they feared no one would believe their story. Crawford says that’s because they’re both liars. Steve nukes, “That’s enough.” Chelsea turns on Crawford. He knows that they tried to get help before all of this happened, and no one would help them. Stephanie sighs. He doesn’t care. Crawford says that’s right. He doesn’t. All he cares about is his son. What did they do with his body? Chelsea stares.

John moans about his mission and flashes back to the lab. He rifles through some papers, muttering “Where are you, Obbin?” He goes over to a laptop and types something in. He smiles. There you are. John sits up in bed, startled.

Stefano tells Marlena that John will not be able to rest until he completes his mission. He can return her John to her. Marlena asks how. He tells her that he downloaded the contents of John’s life. He can return his memories to him. Marlena shakes her head. He is such a liar. Pretty soon, he won’t be able to lie anymore. If you can’t speak, you can’t lie. Marlena turns his head and prepares to inject him. She tells him this is for all of the people he has hurt. She gets ready to press the plunger. She tics names off, pressing the plunger a little more as she names them. This is for Shawn, Caroline, her twins, Bo, Hope, herself, and finally, the last drop is for John. She depresses the plunger the last bi of the way. Stefano’s eyes bulge in fear. Marlena pulls the needle out of Stefano’s neck. He groans. He curses her and the entire Brady family. Marlena smiles. And with that, he can finally rest. Stefano thought Samantha and Elvis married to bring them all peace. Marlena laughs as he pack her needles away. He never wanted peace. Stefano says he never knew it growing up. He saw his father die for the love of a Brady. It filled him with anger, hatred and he thought that Elvis could help him find peace by finding love himself. Marlena reminds him that Sami did her part. Why did he go after John. Stefano tells her she is a fool. There is so much that she does not know. And he will never tell her. John won’t stop either, not until he fulfills his mission. Does she want to know what it is? She does. He tries to laugh and wheezes. She will never find out, not until it is over, and she will never be able to stop him, either. Stefano’s eyes widen. His body stiffens. Marlena smiles.

Rob tells Abe and Roman that Crystal sometimes used an alias. She even had a fake passport in that name. Abe asks what it was. Rob tells them it was Desiree Wilson.

Chelsea explains that they buried Ford, but then they moved him. Crawford demands to know who helped them. Some man left their house wearing Ford’s clothes, and he must have helped them move the body. Was it this boy. Chelsea says it wasn’t Nick. She doesn’t know who it was. Crawford wants to know where Ford is now. She doesn’t know that either. Crawford knows someone must know. Steve tells him to back off. Crawford vows that they will all pay and strides out. Kayla runs her hands thorough her hair and sighs. Steve hugs Stephanie.

Marlena tells Stefano how bad he is. He is evil through and through, but he will never hurt another person with his evil. Marlena smiles. She can’t imagine what torture he’ll being going through. He will probably want to die, but his doctors won’t let him. They’ll help him, of course. He won’t be able to speak, and his limbs won’t work. So he’ll spend a long, long time in that flesh-covered jail. She laughs and covered her mouth. Is he afraid they won’t come visit? When she get her John back, they’ll be able to pay him a visit. Marlena stands up and calls for the guard. She tells him that she thinks Stefano has suffered from a stroke. Stefano’s eyes widen.

Steve tells Kayla and Stephanie that he has made some calls in respect to getting a lawyer. Chelsea asks if they’re going to jail now. Steve tells them no one is going to jail. Max comes in and Stephanie rushes over for a hug. Max tells Chelsea he appreciates her trying to protect him, but she doesn’t have to. Max tells Steve and Kayla that he was the one that helped the girls. He took Ford’s body away.

Bo and Hope come into Belle’s room to find Shawn, Chloe, and Phillip. Shawn tells them Belle is ready to be released. Have they found anything out? Bo tells him they have a name. Crystal uses the alias “Desiree Wilson.” She flew to Ireland this morning. The plane landed a little over an hour ago and she had a little girl with her. Belle snatches at Shawn, “OMG, she has Claire!”

Steve thinks Max has gotten himself in this pretty deep. Max says Ford was scum. He’d do it again if he had to. He got what was coming to him. Steve agrees. Now where did he put the body? Max says he won’t tell. That’s the only way he can protect the girls. Nick nods. He thinks Max might be right. He wants Chelsea to leave. She’s been through enough for one day. They leave. Kayla hugs a sobbing Stephanie. Steve holds her hand.

Hope tells them that she and Bo have booked a flight to Ireland. They’re leaving tonight. Belle and Shawn want to go, too. Bo refuses. Interpol has taken over the whole operation. They’re lucky they’re even in the loop here. Bo tells them not to worry. They won’t come home without her. He and Hope leave. Phillip tells them he’ll have the Titan jet fueled and ready to go in an hour. Belle and Shawn look at each other.

Marlena tells John that Stefano will never bother him or anyone else ever again. H wonders what she did. She says she took care of him. He’s still awake and conscious, but as far as the doctors are concerned, he is a vegetable. John smiles. That’s good. He remembered something, though. He was given a word, “Obbin.” If he tells her, will she help him? She asks why she should trust him. He tells her knows what his mission is. Obbin is the name of a priest in Ireland. He was born many years ago. Marlena tells him that Stefano said he had to fulfill his mission, but she can’t let him do that. She isn’t stupid. She knows he is supposed to kill someone. John cant say that. All he knows is that he ahs to go to Ireland to fulfill his destiny. Will she help him? She nods. This may the dumbest thing she has ever done.

A guard checks Stefano and tells someone else to call an ambulance. The man has had a stroke. He tells Stefano that he is as good as dead. Stefan stares and thinks, “You jackass! Look at my eyes! Can’t you see that I’m not as good as dead? I am conscious and fully aware! Look at me! Look!”


Hope tells Abe, “Hopefully we’ll find out who is behind all of this once we get to Ireland.” Bo adds, “God knows what else we’ll find once we get there.”

John tells Marlena, “I’m not a killer, doc.” She replies, “But you are a liar.”

A doctor stands over Stefano and says, “Something caused this and I’m determined to find out what it is.” Stefano lies there and thinks, “Marlena Evans did this to me. You have to learn the truth so that you can help me.”

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