Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/25/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/25/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, Stephanie walks in to find Steve and Kayla kissing at a table. She walks over and angrily tells them to knock it off in public. Steve tells Kayla that they should give Stephanie the news. Kayla isn’t sure it’s the right time but Steve barrels on. By this time next year, Stephanie could be a big sister. She gapes. Kayla thinks Stephanie has her mind on other things. Steve asks Stephanie what’s going on. Steve doesn’t think it could be boy trouble. The only boy trouble Stephanie ever had was that she had to fight them off. Stephanie bursts into tears as Kayla looks on, horrified.

Outside, Chelsea looks in and tells Nick that Stephanie is inside with her parents. Nick thinks she should wait until they leave. She needs to talk to Stephanie about going to the police. Chelsea whines. They already voted. What can she do? Nick thinks Chelsea has to try to convince Stephanie to do the right thing. Chelsea thinks this is a bad idea. She starts to walk off. Nick stops her and tells her not to be afraid.

Outside Crystal’s store, Shawn knocks while Chloe hides around the corner. A man answers and Shawn flashes the picture of the Celtic symbol. He says he is there to pick up a little girl. The man lets him in.

In his bed at the hospital, John flips through innocuous images of kangaroos and satellites on a laptop. John sighs. Dr. Carrington asks him to continue. John scowls. He thinks he has completed this level. He’d like to go on to the next one. The doctor explains that this isn’t a game. John eyes the attractive nurse beside him and explains that he’ll be glad to continue if the nurse helps him. He eyes her. She can come over here and push his button. He’ll teach her. She smiles faintly. She’s sure she can figure it out on her own. John sighs and continues. He’s ready for whatever is behind door number two.

In his office, Roman rants on the phone to someone. He yells that he wants something--anything--that will bring Claire home to her parents. Marlena comes in as Roman slams the phone down in frustration. Marlena apologizes for intruding, but she needs to see one of his prisoners. Roman nods. She wants to see Stefano DiMera. Why did she bring her bag?

John continues flirting with the nurse. The doctor huffs and tells her that she is becoming a distraction. John smiles when Carrington says her name. He knew she looked like a Carla. Carla leaves and bumps into Sami outside, who asks her how John is doing. The nurse tells her to ask the doctor. Inside, the doctor asks John to continue the test.

Marlena reminds Roman that she has access to prisoners as the psychiatric consultant. Roman wants to know what is in the bag. Marlena smiles evenly. She’s a doctor. It’s medication. Roman presses. She admits that she has something that might make Stefano a bit more cooperative under questioning. Roman leans back and tells her to forget he said anything. Hell, she might be able to help them. He asks her to do him a favor. He tells her to try to do it by the book. He leaves. Marlena calls Carrington and asks about the test on John. He tells her is reviewing the results. John seems to have to emotions. None of the photos shown to him evoked a response. Marlena sighs. It’s not good. Anger seems to be the only emotion he shows. Marlena explains that she is trying to find out what happened to John. She loses the signal and hangs up as Roman comes in to tell her she can see Stefano. They leave.

The guy pats Shawn down as he enters. Shawn says he is just here for the girl. The guy wants to know who sent him. Shawn says Stefano DiMera did. The guy lets him pass by, then grabs him in a chokehold. Chloe rushes in and hits him over the head with a two by four. Shawn nukes. What is she doing? Chloe tells him he needed some help, by the looks of things. Shawn fumes. He had the guy right where he wanted him. Chloe wants to know what Shawn did that set him off. Shawn says he just said Stefano’s name. he thought he was working for Stefano, but he clearly doesn’t care much for the old man. Chloe wants to know who they’re dealing with, if it isn’t the DiMeras. Chloe and Shawn whirl around as someone enters the room, saying, “Stefano’s enemies.”

Chelsea sits on a bench outside the pub as Nick vows to be there for her. She says she is having second thoughts. She knows that telling the truth is the right thing to do, but Stephanie really doesn’t want anyone to know about what Ford did. Nick thinks everyone will understand once the truth comes out. Chelsea whines. No, they won’t. Everyone is going to hate her if she tells behind their backs.

Steve apologizes profusely. They’ve always joked around like that. He didn’t mean anything. Stephanie sobs as a bewildered Steve wonders what’s the matter. Kayla soothes Stephanie and tells her she thinks she should tell her dad the truth. Steve is more confused than ever. Tell him what?

Shawn confronts Rob as he walks in. He shouts at Chloe that he is the guy from the van. He demands to know where Claire is. Rob insists that she is safe. Shawn grabs him by the collar and shakes him, “Where is my daughter? GIVE HER TO ME!”

Roman brings Stefano into an interrogation room and asks him if he knows what they did today. Stefano chuckles, “Beat up an innocent civilian?” Roman says they had to fire two guards. How much was Stefano paying them to bring in the gourmet meals and cell phone? Roman tells him the good times are over and lets Marlena in. He tells her he’ll be close by. Stefano grumbles. He assumes he’ll be behind the two-way mirror. Roman leaves. Stefano tells Marlena that he is delighted to see her. She smiles. He won’t be.

The nurse tells “Mrs. DiMera” that John’s doctor will see her now. Sami rolls her eyes and walks into John’s room to find him alone. She knows he doesn’t remember her, but she is going away for a while, and she wanted to say goodbye. John sits up. He thinks he does remember her. Sami gapes.

Nick tells Chelsea not to worry about her friends, but she isn’t so sure. She would be doing this behind their backs. Nick thinks secrets like these would just destroy their friendship anyway. If they tell the truth together, they’ll face the consequences together and move on together. Chelsea sighs. She doesn’t think Stephanie will see it that way.

Steve wants to know what is going on. Kayla looks at Stephanie and explains that something happened. Steve looks at them, wide-eyed. Did somebody hurt her? Stephanie sobs. Steve urges Stephanie to talk. It’s her Poppa here. He goes to hug her, but she shrugs him off. He looks desperately at Kayla for answers. She tells him that Stephanie was raped. Stephanie bawls. Tears roll down Steve’s face. Kayla hugs Stephanie as Steve holds them both. Everyone cries.

Shawn demands to know where Claire is. Rob tells him to back off or else. Shawn scoffs. Or else what? He’ll shoot? Rob pulls a gun. That’s exactly right. He and his father already messed things up once. They were going to get on that boat and get Belle and Claire to safety, but Belle got away. Rob tries to step around Shawn but Shawn won’t let him. He isn’t leaving until Shawn has Clair back. Rob scoffs. He has a gun. Shawn doesn’t care. If he is really Stefano’s enemy, then he must have Claire’s best interest in mind. If that’s so, he won’t put a bullet in her father’s chest. Shawn is going to find out where Claire is, even if he has to beat the living hell out of Rob. They argue about the gun. Sirens approach. The guy who let Shawn in wakes up and approaches Shawn with the two by four raised.

Roman videotapes Stefano and Marlena behind the two-way mirror. Stefano tells Marlena that the police have already questioned them, but he had nothing to tell. Marlena smiles sweetly. Perhaps he will open up to her. Stefano asks what she will do, torture him? She tells him he’s getting what John got, sodium pentothal. Stefano laughs. And then he will break apart like a cheap toy, eh? Marlena smiles. That’s the plan. Abe comes into the room Roman is in and asks how things are going. Roman says she hasn’t started. Stefano boasts that he is immune to truth agents, just like John. Abe says she can’t do that. Roman says she can, and she is. He’ll do anything to get Claire back. Abe nods. He wonders if Stefano is really immune to truth serum. Roman guesses they will find out.

John says he knows Sami. He doesn’t know how, but her face looks familiar. She smiles. She says it should. She was a pain in his butt for many years. John doesn’t believe that for one second. Her smile is too nice. She says she will miss him. She isn’t supposed to get too close, but she wants to give him a hug. John tells her to go for it. As she hugs him, he chokes her. Sami gasps for air as he strangles her. The camera pans on her body slumped over John’s bed. He smiles as a nurse shrieks. John comes back to the real world as Sami is repeating her question. Can she hug him? He agrees. This time, ash she hugs him, his hands claw the air menacingly. She tells him it is so great to see him. He was like a second dad to her, and she’s sorry for being such a jerk to him. John tells her it doesn’t matter anymore.

Steve asks Stephanie who did this to her. She tells him that Ford Decker did it. He drugged her. Steve freaks. He drugged her? Is this that kid that disappeared? Kayla nods. Steve frowns. He better be dead. Because if he isn’t, Steve is going to kill him. Stephanie bawls. Steve asks Kayla if she knew. Stephanie said she swore her to secrecy. Steve sighs,. She cant keep a thing like this from him. This is their daughter. He has to know what is going on. Steve asks if she’s getting help. Stephanie nods. He asks if that is what she was doing that day at the hospital. She nods. Her counselor has been great. Steve asks if she knows this isn’t her fault, and that she shouldn’t be ashamed. Stephanie sobs. She was afraid he would think she was ruined somehow. Steve leans over. She could never be ruined. She is his baby girl. He wishes he could have protected her. He is so sorry he couldn’t do that. He hugs her. They all hug and cry.

Outside, Chelsea says Stephanie looks like she’s crying. She can’t go in there. Suddenly she says she has to go. Nick looks around confusedly as Crawford Decker strides into the pub. Nick runs off after Chelsea.

Stefano dozes. Marlena checks his eyes and signals to Roman. Abe says he’s out of it. Roman hopes they get something. Marlena questions Stefano about John. Does he like John? Stefano says no. He was a guest at his house. Why was he there? Marlena knows he was on a mission. What was it? Roman shrugs. At least she got him to admit he didn’t like John. That’s farther than the police have gotten. Stefano says John’s mission is to seek, destroy, and avenge. Marlena asks whom the mission is against. Stefano ignores her. John will not stop until he finds his target and eliminates them.

The guy with the two by four hears the sirens and takes off. Shawn hears him run off and turns around. Rob hits him with the gun and tries to take off, But Shawn grabs him and wrestles him to the ground. A brawl ensues. The cops and Chloe rush in and an officer pulls Shawn off of Rob. Shawn tells them he kidnapped his daughter. They can’t let him go.

Steve hugs Stephanie and tells Stephanie that this is not her fault. It doesn’t change who she is. Crawford glares at them. Stephanie hangs her head. It’s Ford’s dad. Steve wants to talk to him, but Crawford brushes him off. He knows what his son has been accused of. He is still his son, though, and he has been missing for weeks. Steve shrugs. It’s not their problem. Crawford begs Stephanie to talk. Steve tells him not to speak to her. Crawford explains that the police are investigating his son’s disappearance from her sorry house. Stephanie repeats the story they told the police. Crawford says his wife has been sick ever since Ford went missing. Stephanie says she is sorry, but she can’t feel pain for his son.

Nick drags Chelsea back to the pub and makes her look at Crawford. Through the window, Chelsea watches him haggardly bury his face in his hands. Nick tells her he may not have been the best parent, but his son is dead, and he has no idea. No parent deserves to go through that. It’s time for her to tell the truth.

The cops tell Shawn to calm down and ask Rob if he is ok. Chloe tells them they have it all wrong. She made the 911 call. Rob was the one that kidnapped Shawn’s daughter. Shawn struggles with the officer holding him. He yells at Rob to tell him where Claire is.

John clutches the sheet and says he wishes he could hug Sami back. She says she knows he will get out of here soon. Right now she has to leave. She has a big day ahead of her. She leaves. John flashes back to Stefano telling him about a woman being his mission. He rattles his restraints and moans, “Mission.”

Marlena asks who the target is. Stefano groans. His head aches. Marlena goes into her bag and hands him a couple of pills with a glass of water. Abe comes in and tells a guard to take Stefano to solitary. Roman, Abe, and Marlena discuss the questioning. Marlena doesn’t think they can get much else out of Stefano. Roman agrees. They can try tomorrow. Abe says they have to move faster then that. They’ve used up their seventy-two hours, so they have to charge him. Roman think he’ll walk anyway. He can afford any bail that is set. Abe grumps as he leaves, “he’ll be sitting in the back of his limo, laughing at us.” Marlena stays behind and smirks, “I wouldn’t dress for it.”

Chloe tells Shawn that Rob is being taken down to the station. Doesn’t he want to go? Shawn asks her to give him a minute. He asks the cop to shine his flashlight at a beam in the ceiling. He manages to knock an envelope down. Its contents spill out on the floor--pictures of Sami, Belle, and Hope.

Stephanie tells Crawford that his son raped her. She hates him. Crawford says it is irrelevant at this point. He just wants to know where he is. Stephanie swears she doesn’t know anything. Chelsea bursts in. She does. She is sorry, but his son is dead. Crawford gapes.

At the police station, Shawn tells Rob to talk. Roman comes in and Shawn fills him in. Roman promises to take care of it if he knows anything about where Claire is, they;; find out. Rob turns a bloodied face to Roman, who draws back. Chloe defends Shawn. Rob had a gun. Roman glares at Rob. The strong silent type, huh? That won’t get him very far here.

John flashes back to Sami talking to him and him recognizing her face. He sits up and yells, “Stefano! THE MISSION!”

Stefano passes out on a cot in a cell. Marlena comes up and asks the guard to see him. The guard can’t wake him. She asks for a few minutes alone and he wishes her luck in rousing him. Marlena sits down. Those weren’t aspirin. They were sleeping pills. He is an arrogant, pompous, horrible ass, and this is what he gets for what he did to her, her husband, and the people that she loves. Now they can call it even--after this. She opens her medical bag.


Abe asks Hope as Bo looks on, “Does this mean you’re coming back?” She replies, “I don’t think I ever really left.” Roman says, “Welcome back, Detective Brady.”

An incredulous Crawford confronts a sobbing Chelsea, “You killed my son?”

Stefano slurs, “You’re insane.” Marlena smiles, “No. This is the most sane thing I have ever done.”

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