Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/24/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/24/08


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At the sorority house, Chelsea flashes back to Nick threatening to break up with her if she doesn’t tell the police about Ford. Nick shows up and asks what happened at the meeting. Chelsea sighs. She tried to get the girls to go to the police. At first it seemed like they were going to, but then Stephanie showed up and said the truth might backfire on them. Nick is grim. So they aren’t going to go to the cops? Chelsea shakes her head. Nick sighs. He thinks they are making a big mistake.

Outside the house, Bo meets up with the detective investigating the Ford Decker case. He fills Bo in on the story. Decker was being investigated for date rape, but the dean didn’t think there was enough evidence to investigate. He questioned the sorority girls because the boy was last seen at their house. They all say he showed up drunk and left the next day. He thinks they are all lying.

At the hospital, Belle gets out of bed and starts rifling through her dresser drawers fro clothes. A nurse comes in and tries to get her back into bed. Phillip rushes in just as Belle faints. He catches her and carries her back to bed.

In his bed, John awakens groggily. He sees Marlena enter in a haze. She tells him that he’s in the psych ward and has been heavily sedated. John scoffs. He knows that. She was supposed to help him, and now he is more drugged up than ever. She lied to him. Marlena says it wasn’t her call, and besides, he did this to himself. John cocks an eyebrow.

At the pub, Shawn and Chloe sit at a computer. Shawn shows Chloe the picture of Rob’s Celtic tattoo. These are specific to certain groups, so if they can find out more information on the tattoo, then maybe they can find Rob. Chloe just hopes all of this research can help them find Claire. Shawn flips through internet pages and Chloe yelps at him to stop. She spotted their tattoo. Shawn says it appears to be a Celtic women’s warrior knot. Shawn turns excitedly to Chloe. This could be the key to finding out where they took his daughter.

Belle tells Phillip that she has to find Claire. Shawn hasn’t been by and she has no idea what is going on. Phillip says she has to rest. The nurse agrees as she walks out. She better not see Belle’s feet touch the floor again. Belle huffs. She just feels so helpless. She wants Phillip’s help to get out. She really feels fine. Phillip refuses and insists that she get some rest.

Marlena reminds John he grabbed her by the throat when he escaped. John narrows his eyes. She broke her promise to get him out of here. John knows that Stefano is one that messed with his mind. He is the victim, and yet everyone is treating him like a criminal. Marlena tells him to stop behaving like one. Marlena reminds him that under the truth serum, he screamed when he heard Stefano’s name. Why? John doesn’t know. All he knows is that he is tried of being treated like he is crazy. Marlena says it’s important that he remember what Stefano wants him to do--what mission he has. John knows what his mission is. It’s to knit, of course--afghans and sweaters. Marlena sighs. This is not him. She won’t give up on him, and he can’t either. Later, she brings John a tray of food. John smiles. No sense starving waiting on the next round of drugs. Marlena says she has to feed him. He is restrained, and can’t have a fork anyway. John glowers. No one is feeding him. Marlena puts the fork down. Then he is going to be a very hungry man. John scowls and tell her to end in a nurse. She has other news, too. She tells him that Dr. Carrington wants to him to go to…a more secure location. John gets it. The nuthouse, right? Marlena tells him Dr. Carrington needs her signature. John gapes. Is she going to sign? She says it depends on him. She’ll agree not to sign if he agrees to let her help him remember his mission. Marlena knows he knows what it is. She just isn’t sure if it’s buried, or if he knows what it is, and won’t talk.

Belle complains. She knows her dad wouldn’t sit still and do nothing if someone he loved was missing. Phillip knows that. But both she and her father have been through an ordeal. They both need to rest. Belle wishes she could go see him. He always know the right thing to say. He makes her feel hopeful. Phillip thinks she should go, but Belle reminds him the nurse said she couldn’t leave. Phillip thinks she said Belle’s feet couldn’t touch the floor. He goes over to get something across the room.

Chelsea explains to Nick that Stephanie talked all of the others out of going to the police. Nick huffs. If she had just come forward after Ford attacked her, he would have been arrested, and none of this would have happened. Chelsea sighs. Stephanie wanted to keep it a secret then, and she still does, so none of them can talk. Nick tells her the police will keep investigating this. Chelsea says she just has to hope none of them crack. Nick sighs. Despite all of this, he is really proud of her for telling him the truth, and trying to get the others to, too. Chelsea asks if he is going to break up with her. He says he won’t. He kisses her.

The detective explains to Bo that all of the girls’ stories seem rehearsed. The details are being repeated, verbatim. Plus, Decker is breathing down his neck. He wants the whole sorority arrested. He thinks they killed his son, and Bo’s daughter is behind all of it. Bo turns away and frowns worriedly.

Phillip unhooks Belle’s bag of IV fluids and has her hold it in her lap. He picks her up and puts her in a wheelchair. She asks where they are going. Phillip promises she will like it.

Nick holds Chelsea on the couch and tells her that he thinks she should go to the cops on her own. Chelsea backs off. She can’t go behind her sisters’ backs and betray them like that. She swore she would abide by their vote. Nick tells her that Billie has been accused of helping cover all of this up. Now her job and reputation are on the line. Nick says he has to go and leaves.

The detective tells Bo about the flyers Chelsea put up about Ford. That’s why his father and the dean suspect her. Not only that, but Decker suspects the girl’s mother of looking the other way. They guy is yelling about murders and conspiracies, and the detective has to admit that it makes sense. Bo wants to review the whole case. The detective agrees to get the files on his desk soon. He has kids, too. The detective leaves. Bo curses under his breath.

Chloe asks if the symbol is associated with any organizations. Shawn says no. She wonders it it’s linked to a family. Shawn groans. That could take weeks of research. Chloe suggest they try finding the guy Rob met at the pier. Maybe that means they aren’t working alone. Shawn shakes his head; he could have just been used for transport. They have to find more about Crystal and Rob. He stops. He thinks he knows exactly what they should do.

Jon doesn’t remember what his mission is. Marlena wants to try to hypnotize him to uncover his memories. John refuses. She says if he really wants to remember, he would have said yes. She thinks if she cares about him, she would keep her promises. She huffs. Maybe this adamant refusal to cooperate is part of her programming. John shrugs. If it is, he has no way of knowing. Phillip wheels Belle in. Marlena says she should be in bed. John’s face is frozen in a perma-grin. Belle looks at him curiously. Why is he in the psych ward? Why is he handcuffed to the bed? John looks at Marlena. Marlena stammers.

Chelsea lets Bo into the house. She asks about Claire, and he says there’s no news yet. Anyway, he is here as a cop, not her father. He needs her to tell him everything she knows about Ford’s disappearance.

Shawn tells Chloe he is going back to Crystal’s storefront. The cops have already searched, but Shawn wants to again. Maybe they missed something. Chloe wonders how he will get permission. Shawn says he is breaking in. Chloe frets. What if someone is watching the place? Shawn doesn’t care. His daughter is missing.

Marlena asks Phillip to excuse them and he leaves. John tells “Tink” that everything is ok. He is just trying to get better. Belle demands answers. Marlena wants to talk outside. John smiles. What doesn’t she want him to hear? Marlena wheels Belle outside. She explains that John has been having violent dreams and is being kept restrained for his own protection. Belle nods, because of what Stefano did, right? What else does he remember? Marlena sighs and struggles to find the appropriate response. She admits that he doesn’t remember anything. His memory has been wiped clean. She explains John pretended to know Belle so that she wouldn’t be worried. But the good news is that he is here, where he can get help. Belle asks if he will be himself ever again.

Chelsea tells Bo that they all gave Detective Sullivan their statements. She’s told all she knows. Bo tells her hw knows she isn’t being honest. A boy is missing and could be dead. She has to tell him what she knows. He understands that doing what is right can be hard, but she has to. Ford’s parents are going crazy, and Billie could get in trouble, too. Chelsea sighs. Bo begs her to tell him the truth.

Chloe refuses to let Shawn go. He tells her the judge won’t issue another warrant. The place has been searched. Chloe huffs. If he gets caught, he’ll get kicked out of the academy. Shawn doesn’t care. All he cares about is finding Claire. Chloe says she is coming with him, then. Shawn says no, but she threatens to call Bo if he doesn’t let her go. Shawn fumes. That’s blackmail! She smiles. Either she goes, or he can’t. He begrudgingly agrees. They leave.

Marlena tell Belle they just don’t know what Stefano did to John. Belle cries. Marlena helped him before--she released him from Stefano’s hold. She can do it again. Marlena promises to try to do it again, but she is not his doctor right now. It’s being viewed as a conflict of interest. Dr Carrington walks over and Marlena introduces him to Belle. She asks him how long it will be before her father is better. The doctor explains that they are trying to decide on a course of action. He goes in to see John. Belle steams about his comments. She knows her dad is strong and Marlena wont stop fighting until he is better. Marlena agrees.

Chloe and Shawn approach the building and she asks how they will get in. Shawn says he will try to pick the lock first. If that doesn’t work, they’ll break a window. Shawn tells her he has to stay outside. He needs a lookout. If they’re both inside, someone could catch them without them even knowing it. They hear a click from inside. Shawn yanks Chloe around the corner. Someone is in there.

Belle is confident that her dad will be fine. He and Marlena have always found their way back to one another, no matter what happened. Phillip walks up and asks if everything is alright. Phillip apologizes for bringing Belle here. He thought it was a good idea. Marlena says it’s alright. He couldn’t have known. She is just sorry Belle had to find out this way. Belle is just glad she is alive. She wishes she knew Claire was safe. Marlena swears they will find her. That is why it is so important that Belle get her rest. She agrees to go back to her room. Belle and Marlena tell each other that they love each other.

Dr. Carrington medicates John as Marlena enters. John begs her to stop him. He falls asleep, still pleading. The doctor tells her he will sleep for a while now. Marlena strokes John’s hair. His daughter wants him to know how much she loves him and wants him to get well. She starts in astonishment. She knows how to help him. He doesn’t realize it, but he showed her how to get the answers that she needs.

Chelsea doesn’t get how Billie could get in trouble for covering up something that never happened. Bo asks if Billie knows anything. Chelsea says none of them do. He asks about the contact lens. She tells him the same thing she told Billie. She doesn’t have anything new to say. Bo starts to leave, then turns. Bo expected more of her, especially after what happened with Zach. He believed her then when she lied, and that nearly cost him his marriage and family. He won’t let that happen again. She still has a chance to tell the truth. It isn’t too late. She thanks him for coming by and cries. Bo hugs her and leaves.

Shawn wants to go inside, but Chloe says no. She wants to call the police. Shawn is afraid whoever is inside might leave first, or they could have Claire. He won’t involve her in another stand off. Chloe says ok, but she’s calling the cops at the first sign of trouble. Shawn knocks and tells the person to open up. He’s not the police, but he isn’t leaving. A guy opens and Shawn tells him he is there to pick something up. He shows a picture of the Celtic symbol.

Belle thanks Phillip for taking her to see her dad. He is sorry that John doesn’t remember her. Belle sighs. It was hard seeing him tied up like that. Her mom said he was having violent dreams because of Stefano. Phillip knows Marlena will be able to find a way to get through to John. Right now, Belle needs to rest and try not to worry. Phillip goes off to check his messages. He hopes one of his investigators may have a lead on Claire. Before he goes, Belle thanks him. He assures her he wants Claire back as much as anyone else. He loves her. After he leaves, Belle prays. She thanks God for bringing her dad back, but she’d like her daughter back, too.

Marlena talks to John about why he wanted her help to get out. Dr. Carrington overhears and questions her. She tells him about his mission. The doctor thinks John is playing on her feelings for him to get what he wants. Marlena seethes. John doesn’t remember her or their love. Carrington just wants to make sure that she doesn’t let her emotions cloud her judgment. He wonders what she meant earlier when she said she had the key to making John well. Marlena smiles. John showed her what to do without meaning to. She explains that this is more about the mission he was programmed to do. John may not remember what it is, but she knows who she needs to talk to to find out. She walks out.


Shawn explain to the guy from Crystal‘s store, “I’m just here to pick up a little girl. That’s it.” The guy asks, “Who sent you?” Shawn replies, “Stefano DiMera.” The guy puts Shawn in a chokehold.

Steve asks a sobbing Stephanie, “What’s the matter, baby girl?” Kayla encourages her, “I think we should tell him.” Steve is bewildered, “Tell me what?”

Stefano tells Marlena, “I’m delighted to see you, Marlena.” She smirks, “You won’t be.”

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