Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/23/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/23/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Billie rushes into the pub to find Nick grading papers. He says Chelsea isn’t there, but Billie wants to talk to Nick. Nick half grins. That’s nice. What about? She wants to know what happened at the Theta house. Nick works on his papers. Billie snatches them away. She is serious. They need to talk about Ford Decker. Chelsea won’t tell her anything. Nick sighs. He really doesn’t have anything to say. Billie narrows her eyes, “Tell me what happened.” Nick gulps.

Max shows up at Stephanie’s parents house to bring her a breakfast burrito. He crows proudly that he made it himself. She thanks him for being so amazing. She tells him her parents are still in bed. Max suggest that they may have had a late night. Stephanie wrinkles her nose. She doesn’t want to think about that. She laughs and says it feels good to do that again. Max says it’s nice to hear her laugh again. They go off to eat. Nearby, her phone rings, but she has the ringer on silent.

Chelsea approaches the sorority house and leaves Stephanie a message. Chelsea runs into Morgan, Cordy, Carmen, and Ashley discuss their winter break. Chelsea says they all need to talk. She tells them about Ford’s dad searching the house, and about Ford’s contact lens. Morgan doesn’t get it. They moved the body. Chelsea tells her they kind of had to bury him in the basement for a few days. She adds that they did move the body, and they thought that would be the end of it. Morgan sighs. But it isn’t, huh? Chelsea shakes her head. This thing is far from over.

At the hospital, Bo meets Hope. He rubs his chin. He can’t believe what is going on with John. Maybe they ought to add “crazy and impossible situations” to “for better or worse.” He asks if Hope is ok. She says she is really worried about Claire. Bo vows that they will find her. They’ll get through this. Hope nods. They’ll do it together. That’s why she thinks it’s about time she got back in the game.

Marlena comes into John’s room. He opens one eyes and expresses surprise that she is back so soon. Marlena says she doesn’t give up so easily. John closes the eye and shrugs, “Suit yourself.” She tells him she thinks she can break down the wall around him. Dr. Carrington is going to treat certain synapses as well, so that he can regain his memory. John groans. He just wants to get out of here. She says he can’t, as his doctor comes in with a needle. Marlena smile and says she thinks John would be better helped by more traditional therapies as opposed to pharmacological ones. Dr. Carrington says that John is his patient. From now on, he’ll be making all decisions regarding his treatment. John wants to know what is in the needle. The doctor tell him it’s sodium pentothal, truth serum. John freaks. NO MORE DRUGS! The doctor injects him. John glares as Marlena looks on helplessly. The doctor shines his light in John’s eyes and asks him his name. John grunts. Everyone says it’s John, but that doesn’t feel right to him. Marlena says is shouldn’t. He wasn’t born with that name. John doesn’t remember what name he was born with either. He has to go. He has to go on a mission. Marlena wants to know more, but John keeps mum. She asks if it’s Stefano’s mission. John thrashes and moans, “Stefano.” Marlena soothes him as the doctor inject more drugs into him. She wonders what that monster did to him to make him react that way.

Stephanie thanks Max for being so great these last few days. Max smiles. He would wait outside Dr. Whitney’s office for years if he had to. She has been through a lot. He knows getting over these things takes time. She should take all the time she needs to feel better. Stephanie says he shouldn’t put his life on hold for her. Max says he isn’t. He can always make time for her, no matter what. Max doesn’t want to talk about him. She needs to get some rest, anyway. Stephanie’s lip trembles.

Carmen complains. Chelsea promised she would take care of this. Cordy can’t believe they left evidence behind. Chelsea huffs. Last she checked, none of them even wanted to deal with it, period. Carmen sighs. Well, she got sloppy. Ashley whines. She joined a sorority, not the mafia. Chelsea says thy have to stay calm and decide whether or not to stick to their story. Carmen says the creep is dead. What other story is there to tell? Chelsea sighs. She thinks they should tell the truth. Morgan gapes. A guy died in their house. Whether they like it or not, no one can go back and change that.

Bo doesn’t understand. Hope meant Stefano’s game. He is playing with them, and she doesn’t like it. The only way to win is to have the best people on your team. So she is joining the force again. Bo is confused. He thought she like being home full time with Ciara. Hope sighs, he loves being a mother, but she also wants to be able to make this town a better place for her daughter to grow up in. She’s a damn good cop and he knows it.

Nick swears that he doesn’t know any more about ford Decker than Billie does. Billie knows him well enough to know that he is hiding something. Billie begs. The dean is breathing down her neck. Crawford and his lawyers are screaming for blood, and her daughter--her daughter with a previous criminal record--is in the middle of all of it. If Nick really cares about Chelsea, then he needs to prove it. Nick wonders what he is supposed to do. He is her boyfriend, not her conscience. Billie swears she would do anything to help Chelsea, and she knows that was Nick is trying to do now. She has to know what happened to Ford. Crawford and the dean sweep in behind them and Crawford says that that seems to be the question of the day. He glares at Nick. What does he know? Where is his boy? The dean stops him. This isn’t the way to get answers. He has to let the proper authorities handles this. He needs to be at home, caring for his wife. Crawford nukes. The best way to do that is to bring her son home. The dean came to tell Billie that the police will be visiting the Theta house to talk to the girls today. He hopes they do the right thing and come clean. Billie isn’t sure there is anything to come clean about. Besides, there was no evidence of a crime. Crawford ticks off the evidence on his fingers. The girls started a character assassination of his son. Then, after he disappeared, his contact lens was found in their basement. Besides, her daughter is already a murderer. Billie says this conversation isn’t going anywhere. The dean agrees that it is inappropriate, but he wants both Billie and Nick to know that if he finds out there has been a cover up, they are both out of a job. They leave. Billie turns to Nick hopelessly. He has to tell her what is going on, unless he wants Ford Decker to drag the two of them down with him.

Max says he ahs to run some errands and offers to pick up Stephanie’s books. Stephanie cries a little. She cant but help of what could happen between the two of them if she wasn’t so screwed up. Max tells her not to think about it. They have plenty of time in the future. Stephanie wishes she could stop feeling so weird. She has spent her whole life having guys attracted to her, but now she can’t even think about dating or boys. She remembers hitting a kid in the face with a dodge ball in school for staring at her. Maybe that’s her way of flirting. Max tells her she can hit him in the face with a dodge ball any time, and offers her a ride to the Theta house. Stephanie balks. She’s not going there today. There’s no way.

Morgan says no way. This secret stays with them. Chelsea thinks they should reconsider. How can they carry on like normal when they’re responsible for someone’s death? Morgan huffs. It was an accident. Ashley chimes in. Ford got justice, that’s what. Morgan nods. That’s right, and besides, the whole idea was Chelsea’s plan to begin with. They all just went along with it. She doesn’t get to change her mind now.

Bo agrees that Hope is a good cop, but the work is risky. Hope says she wants to make finding Claire her top priority. Bo nods. With all of the Bradys working the case, she’ll have to be found soon.

Marlena argues with Dr. Carrington outside. John is man whose memories have been wiped clean. His reacting that violently to Stefano’s name shows some internal conflict. She thinks he has qualities here that would favor traditional therapies. She think he needs to come off of the medications. The doctor says he has reviewed the medical history of the patient. He’ll look over his charts again, and if he believes that he will remain calm, he will consider it. Marlena asks where they go from here. The doctor sighs. He has another idea, but he doesn’t think she’ll like it.

Max wonders why she won’t go to the house. She tells him that Chelsea arranged for an emergency meeting to decide whether or not they will keep this a secret. Max gapes. They have to get over there right away. Stephanie says no. She just wants this whole thing to be over. She doesn’t want to talk about it. Max tells her she ahs to go. She and Cordy were the victims, so their voted should be the loudest. What does Chelsea want to do? Stephanie says she wants to go to the cops, and maybe she’s right. Her dad is a cop. Max groans. That doesn’t matter. Bo will abide by the law. Stephanie is actually just worried about Max. She doesn’t care about what happens to her, she just cares about him.

Nick swears that he doesn’t know anything more that what Chelsea has told Billie--that Ford came over drunk, slept it off, and left. Billie reminds him they will all get nailed to the wall for this. Nick gets up. He wishes he could help, but he can’t. He leaves.

Chelsea pulls the “do you know what it feel like to lose a child” card. She thinks Ford’s family has the right to bury him. Morgan huffs. Ford was a disgusting rapist who got what he deserved. She is not going to spend one more second worrying that his death is on her conscience. It isn’t. What happened to him was an accident. Morgan wants to stick to the story and let all of this die down.

Dr. Carrington thinks John needs more intensive therapy than this hospital has to offer, and as much as Marlena wishes it, it would be inappropriate for her to treat him. They have to move him to the psychiatric ward if they expect to make any progress. Marlena frowns. She does hate the idea. She’d like to consider other options. The doctor says John’s near escape prove they can’t handle him. This is all for the best. In fact, he has already started the paperwork. He appreciates that she has managed to maintain her professionalism throughout this. He does want her to continue to consult with them on John’s care, but she must realize that other will be taking over. He walks off. Marlena scoffs, “Like hell they will.”

Max thinks it’s sweet that she is thinking about him, but this isn’t about him and never was. Maybe they should all go tell the truth. Stephanie sobs. And then what? They’ll all end up behind bars! Even if they do get off, they will have to go to trail. She and Cordy will have to relive every disgusting detail of what Ford did. It will be public, and she will be humiliated. She breaks down. Max holds her. She can’t go to the police. She just can’t.

Chelsea understands how they feel. She would feel the same way if someone had put her in their position. But she is trying to view this realistically. The cops are already suspicious of them. They’re bound to find more evidence, and until they do, they’ll just keep pressuring the girls to talk until one of them finally cracks. Morgan asks what Chelsea wants to do. She wants to do what they always do. Take a vote on it. Majority rules.

Hope frets about Claire. Bo reminds her that at least Crystal bought her medicine. They’ll find Claire, just like they found John. Hope jokes about who might be her new partner. Bo grins. He hadn’t thought of that. She accuses him of being jealous. Bo admits it. He likes being around her, watching her brain work. She’s so cute, just like a little detective. Hope glowers. Little detective? Bo says he was kidding, but it will be a little sad. She’ll have her own cases, and shell be working closely with someone else. She asks if he is really alright with this. He thinks she’s great, and she should get back to work. They hug. Billie walks over and Hope excuses herself to go see Marlena. Billie tells Bo that she thinks Chelsea is in really big trouble.

Max says Stephanie doesn’t have to go to the police. He just wanted her to know that he would be on her side no matter what she decides to do. Stephanie says she won’t go. Max says that is fine, but she shouldn’t let the other sisters make this decision without her, She needs to go pitch her case to them. Ford took away her ability to choose. She can’t let Chelsea and Morgan do the same.

Morgan says these are murder charges, not a reality show. Chelsea huffs. She knows that, but they can lessen the charges if they come forward. Could any of them really enjoy the holidays without thinking of Ford? She knows them all better than that. Chelsea says they will vote the same way they always do. They’ll take come playing cards, and everyone gets one. They’ll place them face up if they want to tell the truth, and face down if they say nothing. She hands the cards out.

Marlena encourages John. She knows he is in there. They’re a team and will fight this together. Hope walks in and asks if she can do anything. Marlena says no. He is being moved to the psych ward. Marlena is no longer allowed to treat him either. Marlena smiles. Hope asks about her look. What is she going to do. Marlena knows him better than anyone. She is going to get to John and she doesn’t care what anyone says or does. Hope wants her to be careful. She trusts her. They hug. Hope promises to help, but Marlena wants to do it alone. Hope leaves. Marlena strokes John’s face. She unhooks the IV drip from his arm. She shakes him and urges him to wake up. John groans and stirs.

Billie fills Bo in on Crawford and Dean Lochlan accusing Chelsea and Nick of withholding evidence. Bo swears under his breath. Billie is also being investigated for covering it up. She knows Nick and Chelsea know something, but they aren’t talking. That Ford kid is trouble, and somehow, Chelsea is mixed up in the middle of all of it. Bo nods. He thinks Billie is right. On Christmas, Chelsea was acting strangely and talked to Hope about parents missing kids on Christmas. She said it was about Zach, but Bo thinks it was something else. Billie sighs. Chelsea involvement in this must be deep. Bo frowns. And it isn’t good.

Chelsea lays her card face up. Morgan hesitates, but does the same. Cordy follows suit as Stephanie and Max come up outside. She thanks Max for coming, but she has to go on from here alone. Max gives Stephanie his ring for good luck and she heads inside. Chelsea explains what is going on. Stephanie looks down. Four cards are face up. One is face down. She huffs. If they go to the police, Ford is the victim. Chelsea huffs. The girls already know both sides of the story. It’s too late. Stephanie’s eyes flash. Do they know both sides? It isn’t fair that she or Cordy should have to testify. Morgan asks why she would have to. Stephanie admits that Ford raped her. Morgan rushes over and hugs her. Stephanie did not want to come over and confront them, but it isn’t fair of the others to ruin her life and Cordy’s life. No one in this room has the right to do that. Stephanie asks if anyone wants to change their vote. Carmen, Morgan, and Cordy all flip their cards face down. Chelsea’s eyes widen in shock. Stephanie thanks them all for doing the right thing. Chelsea thinks she is making a huge mistake. Anyway, Chelsea stands to lose the most. She was with him when he died. Stephanie shrugs as the doorbell rings. She wanted a vote and they voted. It’s a detective and several cops who ask to come inside. They have to talk to all of the girls individually in regards to their relationships with Ford. Chelsea and Stephanie stare at each other.

Billie is sorry to drag Bo into this. She knows his plate is really full right now. Bo says it is never too full for family. She thinks he is a good dad. Parenting is tough. Bo swears they will find out what is going on with their daughter.

Marlena struggles to wake John. She needs him to tell her about his mission. He moans and turns away. She fumes. She will snap him out of this, and no one will stand in her way.


Nick asks Chelsea, “So you decided not to tell the police? That is a big mistake.”

Bo asks the detective, “The Alpha Chi Theta sorority, they’re involved?” He replies, “Yeah. And I think they’re all lying.”

Chloe tells Shawn, “O wait, wait wait, stop. Scroll back.” Shawn replies, “This could be the key to finding out where they took my daughter.”

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