Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/22/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/22/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At her apartment, Sami leans on a suitcase and tries to close it with little success. EJ wants to know if she packed everything the twins own. Sami huffs. She has no idea how long they’re going to be gone. Does he? EJ tells her the idea is just to take what they can carry. Sami tells him it’s fine, but she still has to make an appointment for the twins to see the doctor in the morning. EJ flatly refuses. She can’t go out in public. It’s too dangerous. Sami says she gets to decide what’s safe and what isn’t. And while they’re at it, she needs to establish some ground rules. When he isn’t helping her with the twins, she wants him to stay as far away from her as possible.

In his cell, Lucas clanks his leg shackles and fumes. He tells Stefano that he doesn’t know how much longer he can stay cooped up in here. Stefano suggests he have someone make bail. Lucas can’t. Philip’s lawyers are working on it, but nothing so far. Stefano says that’s too bad. He should make himself a peanut butter sandwich, or whatever it is “you people” like to eat. Lucas snaps and tells Stefano to lay off. Speaking of bail, why hasn’t he, Mr. High-and-Mighty forked over some dough to get out of here? Stefano smiles.

In her hospital room, Belle sleeps as Phillip stares out of the window. She awakens with a start, calling for Claire. Phillip shakes his head. She was just dreaming. Belle sighs. What about her dad? Was that a dream, too? Phillip says no. John is really alive. Belle asks if they have found Claire. Phillip stares.

At a seedy motel, Crystal stares out of a window. Claire whimpers from a nearby bed and Crystal goes over to comfort her.

At the hospital, Hope brings Marlena some coffee. Hope says that Bo and Roman are out following up on some leads. Marlena sighs. She hopes that they find Claire soon. She must be frightened. Hope says Roman plans to call later about John’s situation. Marlena nukes at the term. Hope apologizes, but Marlena cuts her off. This is her fault. She knows she needs to back off and give this all some space, but she has let herself get carried away by emotions. Hope says she has been amazed at how calmly Marlena has handled this thus far. Marlena tells Hope that not only does she know a lot about the human mind, but she has also been held captive by Stefano. So she can understand the hurtful things that John may say or do now. She knows he doesn’t mean them. However, she was wrong about him. When she saw how he was with Belle ,she thought this would be way. But after he tried to break out, she sees that they’re going to be in this for the long haul. She’ll never stop fighting, though.

In his room, John lies strapped to his bed. His eyes flicker and he flashes back to being held in Stefano’s basement. He watches disturbing images through his Star Trek glasses and moans. Back in the present, John lies in bed and whispers huskily, “Doc.”

Stefano tells Lucas that lawyers are a funny breed. He bets his lawyers could get Lucas out of here in less than twenty-four hours, though. Lucas cocks an eyebrow. Then why don’t they do that for Stefano? Stefano shrugs. He said they were a funny breed. Lucas thinks. So what if he were to take Stefano up on his offer. He would then be indebted to him, right? What would he have to do to pay him back? Stefano scoffs. He makes it sound so manipulative, when it is just a simple proposal. A guard unlocks the door and tells Stefano that his lawyers are here to see him. Stefano goes out and tells Lucas they’ll talk later. He leaves. Lucas sighs. He knows exactly what happens to people that make deals with Stefano DiMera.

Marlena comes into John’s room. He stares at her. She walks over and asks what happened. He tells her he had a dream. It was about her.

Phillip tells Belle that Claire has not yet been found. She cries quietly. She had a nightmare that Claire was right in front of her screaming out for her mom, but Belle couldn’t get to her. Phillip swears that Belle will see and hold her again. Belle struggles to get up. She had to go look for her. Phillip says she has to get well first. The police and Shawn are out looking, and Belle knows as well as he does that Shawn won’t come home without Claire. They argue some more. Phillip says he’ll get a nurse. Perhaps they can help her rest. Belle refuses. She doesn’t want to be drugged up. What if her dad comes back or they find Claire? She goes into a fit of raspy coughing and Phillip brings her water. He thinks she looks exhausted. She thinks he does too, and his work must be piling up. She thinks he should leave, but Phillip tells her that she s more important than work. This is where he wants to be--unless she doesn’t want him here. Belle tells him to stop being so great. It is just making her feel worse.

Lucas pokes around in Stefano’s things and finds the cell phone Stefano hid under the bed earlier. Lucas looks around furtively and dials.

EJ sighs. She acts like she’s hiding from him, not with him. Does she want to do this on her own? Sami says this is uncomfortable for her, but she is doing what she thinks is best to keep them all safe. EJ tells her they’ll be in a house surrounded by police officers. It isn’t as if he plans on trying anything. One of the twins wails from the bedroom. She tells EJ it’s his turn and he heads off. Her phone rings and she answers. It’s Lucas. He begs her not to hang up. He wants to know why she hasn’t returned any of his lawyer’s calls. She says she’s busy. Lucas knows he screwed up, but he did it for her. He sees now that he made a mistake. Anyway, it’s obvious that he can’t change how she feels about him. Sami fights back tears as he asks about Allie. She says she’s great. He asks if she can come visit. Sami says no. She has to take the twins someplace safe--somewhere far from Stefano. Lucas says she can’t. She tells Lucas that Roman will let him know where they are going. Lucas huffs. How is Stefano going to hurt anybody when he is locked up in jail with him?

Marlena presses John for details about the dream, but he can’t remember much. He thinks it’s the drugs. Everyone wants to make it so that he can’t think straight. Marlena agrees to try to lower the dosage and she heads off, asking him to try to remember that dream while she’s gone. As soon as he back is turned, John lowers his head and scowls cruelly. Marlena tells Hope out in the hall about the dream. Marlena isn’t sure if she believes John or not. He could be having a breakthrough, or he could be trying to con her. She vows to find out and rushes off.

John flashes back to being held captive. Stefano tells him that the process is working. They are removing memories and personality, as well as cognitive thought. Emotions and relationships will be destroyed. John will be a blank slate. Back in the present, John closes his eyes and shudders.

Sami can’t believe it. Lucas explains that Stefano went to meet with his lawyers and Lucas found a phone. Sami says she is scared. Lucas doesn’t know why. Stefano is here. Sami knows his reach is a lot farther than just behind those bars. He’ll take his grandson if he wants him. Lucas huffs. He wants to know where she is going. Sami swears she has no idea. EJ comes out asking about ointment. Lucas nukes. Who was that, huh? Was that her loving husband?

John flashes back to his captivity. Stefano comes back and tells him they have finished. He calls him by his name, once, and then twice. He claps his hands loudly. John doesn’t respond. Stefano thinks this is marvelous. He shows John a disk. Everything a man knew has been extracted from a man’s brain and placed on this single disc. It’s incredible. Stefano leaves with the disc. John wakes up in the hospital with a shout. He yells, “Don’t take it!”

Phillip says he doesn’t blame Belle for anything she has said or done. Belle wonders how he can say that. She has pushed him away, and he has just tried to help her. He even saved her life. She owes him. Phillip doesn’t want it like that between them. She says there is no “us.” There is no her and Shawn, and now she doesn’t have her daughter either. She should have done something. Phillip says she did her best. There was nothing more she could have done. Phillip tells her she can’t go back in the past, but she can prepare for the future. She needs to do that to get well for Claire. Phillip says he will leave so she can get some rest. Belle asks him not to go.

Lucas groans. She better not be going off somewhere to hide out with EJ. She tells him she can’t talk now and hangs up. Sami whirls on EJ and tells him Lucas called to talk about his new cell mate. It’s Stefano. EJ wonders how that happened. Sami frets. Lucas’ life has been threatened once already, and now he is bunking with Stefano. EJ thinks this may actually work in Lucas’ favor. Stefano hates to get his hands dirty. He won’t try anything. Sami sighs. God, she hopes EJ is right.

Marlena and Hope rush in. John groans. He cant remember anything with these drugs. They’re tying to mess with him! Marlena assures him that she can get the dosage lowered. Dr. Carrington walks in and John growls at him to listen to what Marlena has to say. She asks for a word in private and they go outside. She thinks they can undo what happened, but this has to happen quickly. Marlena was hoping they could lower his medications. She thinks it may help remember his dreams. The doctor isn’t sure. He says he’ll look into it and get back to her. Roman walks over and asks what’s going on.

Hope tells John to close his eyes and let his mind drift. What does he think of first? John scowls. The same thing he thinks when he is awake. He glares at Hope. He doesn’t like her or trust her. He lies back and closes his eyes.

Marlena tells Roman that they were discussing John’s medications. Roman gently suggests that she may be too close to John to get this involved in his treatment. Marlena huffs. Love hasn’t made her stupid. Certain people, like Abe, worry that she may lack objectivity. Abe talked to the head of the hospital, and he also agreed that the situation wasn’t appropriate. From now on, Dr. Carrington will be providing John’s care, so Marlena has to back off. Marlena says all she wants is to free the real John. Roman wants that too, but she was the one in charge when John broke out. Marlena stomps off to John’s room and asks Hope if he’s asleep. Hope thinks he’s just trying to figure out a way to strangle her. Roman tells Marlena that Dr. Carrington will be sure to take her opinion into consideration. Its just that--well, this may be Jon’s body, but they have no idea what Stefano did to his brain. John calmly says he’s sedated, not absent. Marlena tells him the doctor won’t lower his medications. She asks for a moment alone with him. Roman and Hope leave, but the guard stays. Marlena apologizes. No matter what, she will always love and fight for him. He turns away. She asks why he won’t look at her. John says he’ll tell her why.

Lucas hears Stefano returning and rushes to hide the phone again. Stefano wonders if he missed him. Lucas reminds him of their previous conversation. Stefano says it is simple and something he may find agreeable. Stefano needs a little assistance in getting his grandson away from his parents. Lucas gapes. He has to kidnap Sami’s son? Lucas doesn’t think it is reasonable. Stefano doesn’t get it. If Giovanni goes, EJ goes. Lucas says that part sounds nice, but he won’t take Sami’s son. The guard goes to take Lucas to exercise. Stefano pulls out his phone. Did Lucas make some calls while he was away? He looks at the phone and chuckles. He hits redial. Sami answers and tells Lucas to stop calling her. There’s not telling what Stefano did to the phone. Stefano laughs. He hopes she doesn’t mean him. Sami gasps and drops the phone. EJ walks in and looks at her questioningly. He tells her everything will be alright. She goes to check on the twins.

Belle thanks Phillip for staying. Phillip smiles. She knows this is where he wants to be. She doesn’t know what she would do without him. No one else has been here with her. Shawn and Marlena are busy with Claire and her dad. Phillip’s face has been the first she has seen. She thinks it is really nice. Phillip says that is all he wants in the world. He stops. He shouldn’t have said that. She says it’s ok. She just wants one favor--for him to hold her hand while she falls asleep. Phillip obliges.

Crystal holds Claire’s hand and hums a lullaby. Claire rubs her eyes and sleeps. Crystal turns out the light and leaves the room. Phillip kisses Belle’s hand back at the hospital.

John tells Marlena to let go of his hand. He knows she has been taken off his case. She is no longer of any use to him. Marlena huffs. He may think that, but she knows he doesn’t believe it. John turns away. Marlena tears up and leaves. Hope wants to escort her home, but Marlena says she needs to be alone. Roman sighs. Marlena now knows that wasn’t John. Roman hopes they can bring him back. Hope wonders if they can. She goes to get tea.

Dr. Carrington goes into his room and wants to up John’s dosage and keep him medicated 24/7. The nurse squeaks. Is he sure? The doctor scribbles on John’s charts as John stares. Marlena spies outside the door and thinks to herself that she knows John was close to a breakthrough. If she has to take matters into her own hands to make it happen, she will.


Slone says, “The creep is dead. What other story is there to tell?” Chelsea frowns, “The truth. I’m thinking that that’s what we should do.”

Marlena asks John, “Was this a mission that Stefano gave you?” John jumps out of his skin.

Hope tells Bo, “I’m just really worried about Claire.” Bo assures her, “We’ll find her.“ Hope nods, “Together. Which is why I think It’s time I got back in the game.”

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