Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/21/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/21/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, EJ tells Sami that the incident with the chauffeur made up his mind. They need to get the twins, pack up a car and get out of here. The they’ll find somewhere safe to stay where no one can find them. Later, once Stefano goes to prison, or has been deported, they can come back. Sami’s eyes pop out of her head. Is he insane?

Steve wheels a keg into the pub and asks Caroline where it belongs. She thanks him and tells him how much she appreciates his help. Steve chuckles. He knew the truth would come out one day. Caroline is confused. Steve explains. He meant the truth as to why she let him marry her daughter. Caroline smiles. She usually has Bo or Roman do the heavy lifting, but they’ve been so busy lately. Steve understands. With everything going on with John and Claire there is no wonder. Caroline frets about Shawn Douglas. What will he ever do without his daughter? Steve knows Bo will find her. Caroline sighs and thanks him for making Kayla so happy. She and Shawn could always see that he was a real diamond in the rough. Kayla walks in and Steve rushes over to see her. He thinks she looks beautiful. She is really getting his blood pumping. Kayla smiles coyly. That’s good, because she needs his body.

At the hospital, Marlena flashes back to revealing John’s return to Belle. Hope interrupts her reverie to ask about Belle. Marlena says she is much better now that she has seen her father. Hope gapes. They let John out? Marlena explains that he was monitored the entire time. He Didn’t remember Belle, but he pretended to for her sake. Marlena thinks that Belle suspects something is wrong, anyway. Marlena says John is inside his room, having his restraints put back on. She hates to see him that way, but until they figure out what Stefano did to him, they have no choice. Hope wonders why John agreed to pretend to know Belle. Marlena explains that he has no friends and no one to trust. She convinced him that she was on his side, and she thinks he is beginning to believe that is true. She thinks he’ll come back to them, just like Steve did. It will just take some time and work.

As the cops tighten John’s restraints, Roman praises the act he put on for Marlena and Belle. Marlena may have bought it, but Roman knows better. John sulks. What does Roman think he’s going to do? Roman thinks he’ll do whatever Stefano stuffed into that brain of his. He won’t let that happen. He leaves with the other officers. John laughs. He wouldn’t be so sure about that. He pulls the scissors he stole from Belle’s room out and goes to work on the lock on his restraints.

Back at the pub, Steve nuzzles Kayla and suggests they get out of there. Kayla tells him to back off for now. She checked her ovulation chart earlier. Today is the day, but they have to be careful. There’s a really small window of opportunity. Steve sulks. She came in here and said she wanted his body. Now she has him all revved up and is telling him that he can’t have her. Kayla says he can have her in a couple of hours. He can finish up here, and she’ll call him from home when the time is right. Steve suggests they, go get dinner, but Kayla tell him she has a luteinizing hormone test to take back at the apartment. Steve says that’s fine. He only has one question. What is she wearing under that dress? Kayla flushes and laughs.

Sami scoffs. She thinks that Stefano could easily find them. EJ knows that he is capable of protecting her and the twins. He can stay a step ahead of Stefano if necessary. Sami isn’t sure. EJ reminds her of what happened to Claire. Sami tells him that Roman doesn’t think Stefano had anything to do with her abduction. EJ raises his eyebrows. She knows that for a fact? Sami shakes her head. She doesn’t. He reminds her of what happened to him at the pier with the chauffeur. Why did the guy have a gun if he’s just a driver? Stefano is angry that EJ defied him, and he is showing off his power. But that isn’t even his primary objective. Sami gulps. What is? EJ tells her that Stefano wants their son. Since EJ has been such a disappointment, he’ll want a new heir. He’ll turn Johnny to Giovanni. That’s why they have to hide.

Marlena tell hope that she thinks John’s mind will heal with time. Roman wishes he could help, but he is too focused on Claire. In fact, he has to go call about leads. Bo heads off with him. Hope sighs. Stefano did a real number on him. They just need to keep in mind that the man in there is not the real John, not yet anyway. Marlena is too excited that he is alive to care. She knows the extent of damage that can be done by Stefano, but she also knows it can be undone. Belle and John had such a moment! It really gave her hope that he can be saved. She just knows that one of these days, John will recognize her and put his arms around her. She also believes that Bo and Roman will find Claire. If John can return, then anything and everything is possible.

John works at picking the lock. He remembers being strapped into the chair in Stefano’s basement.

Caroline asks Steve if she heard Kayla earlier. Steve says she was here, but she had to go home. Caroline says she wanted to fix them dinner. Steve asks for a rain check. He asks if he can store the rest of the kegs in the morning. Caroline asks if he wants a sandwich, but Steve says he has something he needs to deal with. He rushes off.

Bo and Roman come back and Hope asks for news. They’re not sure. They have had a couple of calls come in, but nothing solid yet. Marlena says she has been praying hard. Perhaps John could help. She knows that once he breaks Stefano’s bonds, he’ll be on the front lines, helping with everyone else. Roman and Bo agree to get back at it and leave.

John struggles with the lock. He flashes back to the images shown to him during his captivity. Explosions fill the screen. John groans.

Sami huffs. She is not letting Stefano DiMera take her son. EJ says that’s why they have to leave. Sami says she refuses to put their lives in his hands like that. She is going to stay with her family. EJ asks if she trusts him. She tells him he has to earn it, and he hasn’t accomplished that, as of yet. EJ asks how he can. She sighs. Nothing can induce her to take her children and run off with him. Her father can protect them. EJ thinks Roman’s hands are pretty full with Claire’s abduction right now. Sami says he’ll just assign her an escort. EJ groans. That’s what he means. Stefano has men planted in the police force. What if one of them is assigned to protect Sami? Sami says she still has EJ, unless he is still planning on running and hiding from Stefano. She leaves in a huff.

At he place, Kayla checks a test and gasps. It’s time! She calls Steve and asks him how soon he can get home. Steve says he is still at the pub. It will be a couple of hours before he can leave. Kayla gasps. No way. She has a small window of time here. She needs him now. Someone knocks at the door. She opens it to find a man holding a bouquet of roses in front of her face. She says she thinks he has the wrong room. Steve hands her the flowers with a grin and closes his cell phone. He can come back later if she’s busy. Kayla grabs him and pulls him inside.

On the way down the hall to her apartment, Sami drops her keys. EJ swoops over from behind her and snatches them up. As he lets her into her apartment, he explains that he isn’t running away from his father. He’s not afraid to stand and face him, but he also knows how to work things to his advantage. He looks around her apartment. Is this going to be the battle station until he convinces her to leave Salem? Sami huffs. Salem is her home. EJ thinks it’s a dangerous home. EJ think she is a bold and intelligent girl, but she cannot continue to underestimate the danger she’s in.

John frees himself from his restraints and jumps out of bed. Hope and Marlena enter, and before either one can react, John grabs Marlena. Hope tries to go for help, but John brandishes the scissors. If she goes for help, the doctor dies. Marlena gasps, “John!” He tells Hope to get inside and close the door.

Steve and Kayla kiss. She wonders how he knew it was the right time. She took the test and he was just here, like magic. Steve chuckles. He doesn’t need a test to know when she’s ready. A knock sounds at the door. Kayla groans and tells him to ignore it. Caroline calls out, “Kayla, sweetie! It's mom!”

Sami takes the twins back to their room. EJ pulls out a gun and slowly opens the door. He peers outside and sees a package on the ground. He takes it inside and opens it. Sami comes out and looks at it questioningly. EJ gulps. It’s from his father. He pulls out a baby rattle. He doesn’t have to enclose a card. He wants the baby and he’s trying to “rattle” them. DiMera humor is never very funny. Sami frets. What if she has to defend the twins on her own? EJ smiles. She’s better be careful. She almost sounds like she cares about him. Sami sighs. He’s Johnny’s father. And he is right. They have to get out of here. But they’re doing it her way. EJ frowns. No, they aren’t. He takes out his phone and males a call.

Marlena tells John to stop this. She doesn’t believe that he would hurt her. John scowls. Not only can he hurt her, but he could also kill her. She insists he won’t. John starts shaking as he flashes back to his torture at Stefano’s. Marlena breaks free of him and asks what’s happening. Can he hear her? The cops burst in and command John to freeze. John convulses. Marlena tells them to stop. She’s got it under control.

Kayla tells Caroline that she’ll be right there and instructs Steve to button his shirt. He struggles to smooth his hair as she goes to the door. She lets Caroline in, who greets Steve. Here he is. Steve clears his throat uncomfortably. Yeah, here he is.

Sami comes back in from checking on the twins and asked who EJ called. He claims he was just making arrangements. Sami huffs. She is part of this too, and she refuses to just follow him blindly. Someone knocks at the door. EJ opens it to find Abe. Abe tells Sami that EJ called asking for help, since Roman has a lot on his plate right now. EJ explains that he though Abe would be the only other person Sami would trust to find a safe house. Sami thanks Abe for helping her. She can’t believe EJ called him for her. EJ smiles. He knew she wouldn’t have allowed him to help.

John, who is again restrained to his bed, struggles, convulses and moans. He mutters, “Got to get out of here” over and over. Marlena strokes his hair and asks what he was thinking. He moans. She has to let him out of here. She asks why. John shakes his head. She just has to let him out.

Caroline tells Steve that he ran out of the pub so fast that he forgot his wallet. Steve smiles woodenly. How thoughtful of her. Caroline also brought over some chowder. She wanted to thank him for helping out so much around the pub. Kayla thanks her. They’ll have time to enjoy this after--. She breaks off and blushes. Caroline smiles, “After what?” Kayla stammers. She meant after a glass of wine. Caroline asks if she can do anything else. Kayla says she doesn’t think so and ushers her out. She thanks her for coming by and says she loves her. Kayla turns back to Steve and asks if he thinks she was rude. Steve smiles. It was, but he doesn’t care. Now where were they? Kayla rips his shirt off. Steve nods in approval.

Abe tells Sami it’s time to get to work. He contacted the FBI, and they have managed to arrange a safe house for her and the babies. Sami asks where it is. Abe sighs. They can’t really tell her. They aren’t even taking a direct route. She’ll change cars several times. She thanks him profusely. Abe says he will protect her, even if she is going into hiding with a DiMera. Sami says she has to believe that he doesn’t need to worry about that. Abe frowns. He hopes not.

Marlena urges John to talk to her. He can trust her. Why does he need to leave so badly? What does he need to do? Roman tells her not to worry about John escaping. He’s going to have a twenty-four hour watch put on him. Marlena is stubborn. He could have hurt them, but he chose not to. John scowls. He won’t make that mistake again. A doctor comes in to sedate him, but Marlena balks. Roman talks her into it. It’s only a mild sedative. She explains it will relax him. After he’s injected, Marlena tell him she knows what happened was no mistake. He didn’t hurt her because he couldn’t. It isn’t possible because he loves her. One day he will remember that.

As Steve and Kayla kiss passionately, her beeper goes off. Steve groans. Kayla says she has to call. One of her patients could be having an emergency. As she calls, Steve comes up behind her and kisses her neck. Kayla gasps and listens. She tells the person on the other end that they can handle this themselves. Steve smiles. Can she handle this, He dives back in for more kissing. Kayla giggles and shrugs him off. She tells the person that Peter can be difficult. They just have to be firm with him. That sets Steve off. Kayla listens some more and tells the person it’s a leg cramp. They can just rub it out. Steve does a little rubbing of his own. Kayla hangs up and tells Steve to never do that again. He takes her in his arms and kisses her.

Abe tells Sami to pack what she needs. He will call her in a little while. She heads off to the bedroom. EJ asks Abe if he did anything wrong. Abe says he hasn’t--yet. However, he is still a DiMera. EJ huffs. He hopes one day it will be “was a DiMera.” He tells Abe he wouldn’t have called him if he were up to something. Abe says he has been around too long to ever drop his guard around one of the DiMeras. EJ is stony. Abe can refer to him as EJ Wells from now on. Abe scoffs, “A rose by any other name….” Abe tells EJ that the ISA will be keeping an eye on all three of them. In fact, they’ll be crawling up EJ’s jockstrap. EJ sighs and explains to Abe that he isn’t up to anything. He loves his son. Abe leaves.

Marlena smoothes John’s hair and heads outside. Hope tells her that John can’t be trusted. Roman agrees. She shouldn’t buy his story that he doesn’t know what he is doing. Bo adds that John is trying to get her to lower her defenses. Marlena sighs. She knows he can’t be trusted yet. It breaks her heart. Inside his room, John flashes back to his torture. His eyes are empty of emotion.


Phillip tells Belle, "This is where I want to be. Unless you don't want me here."

Marlena asks John, "Are you ok? He replies, "I had a dream. It was about you."

Sami says, "Lucas' life has already been threatened once, and now he's bunking with Stefano DiMera."

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