Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/18/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/18/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In his jail cell, Lucas awakens to find Stefano nearby, calmly leafing through a newspaper. Lucas lunges. Stefano chuckles and jangles his chains. Both he and Lucas are manacled to the floor. Stefano says they made sure and Lucas could not kill one another at least while they are in here. Not that Stefano plans on being in here long. He gives Lucas a long, judicious look. He thinks Lucas ought to get used to living in a cage.

At the pub, Sami asks Hope for word on Claire. Hope says there is none. Sami thinks Shawn must be going crazy. If someone took her babies, she would go insane. Sami doesn’t understand why this is happening. She did everything she could to protect this family. Hope assures her that this is not her fault. Besides, it must be rough with two newborns. Sami sniffles. It’s not that bad. It isn’t as if she’s alone. Hope cocks an eyebrow.

Bo meets up with EJ at the docks and tells him about Claire’s abduction. Bo assures EJ that he doesn’t think Stefano had anything to do with this. He wants information on a C.B. DiMera. EJ shrugs. He’s never heard of the person. Bo pulls out pictures of both Rob and Crystal and shows them to EJ. He doesn’t recognize them. EJ sighs. About C.B. DiMera…Bo cuts him off. He suspects someone is trying to implicate EJ’s family. EJ nods. Their name does come up pretty frequently when something bad happens to a Brady. Bo knows it was difficult for EJ to turn Stefano in. Has he had a change of heart? EJ says he hasn’t. Bo muses. He tells EJ there is one more possibility. John’s return, Stefano’s arrest, and Claire’s kidnapping could all be a smoke screen for something bigger. It’s exactly the kind of thing EJ’s old man would try.

In her hospital room, Belle has a melt down. This can’t be happening. Claire can’t be missing. She has to go find her. She tries to get out of bed, and Phillip restrains her. He tells her that everybody is doing everything that can be done right now. She just has to rest. Belle wonders how it happened. She doesn’t really remember much after Bo pulled the gun. Phillip reluctantly tells her about Rob snatching Claire and Belle going in the water. Phillip dragged her out. Belle nukes. Why didn’t Phillip go after Claire? Phillip says that Shawn did. He trusted that he could do that, so he went after Belle.

In his hospital room, John sighs. So Marlena wants him to go with her to see their daughter? Marlena seems apologetic. She knows he doesn’t remember her. John grumps. He doesn’t remember her any more than he remembers Marlena. All he sees are photographs of people supposedly related to him. Marlena huffs. The John Black she knows would want to help and protect his daughter. She has been injured, and her own daughter has been kidnapped. She’s scared, and he is her father whether her remembers her or not. She really needs him right now.

Hope asks Sami if she has talked to Lucas. Sami frowns. No, she’s just too furious with him. He didn’t trust her enough to discuss the situation with her, and now he could be in jail for who knows how long. Hope thinks Sami may be able to help him get out. Lucas loves her. He never would have shot EJ in the first place if he didn’t. If she still loves him, then she will do anything it takes to get him out of jail. Sami sobs. She just wishes he were here with her right now. Without him around, she is stuck relying on EJ. At least EJ cares, though. He spends all night patrolling the twins’ bedroom. Hope gapes. “Patrolling their bedroom?” Is EJ living with Sami now?

Phillip tells Belle everything will be alright, but she is inconsolable. Phillip should have gone after Claire with Shawn and forgotten about her! If anything happens to Claire, she may as well be dead. Phillip tells her not to talk like that. The police are doing all they can, and Phillip is going to use all of his resources to find her as well. Belle leaps out of bed in a fury and shrieks, “I’M GONNA FIND HER MYSELF!!” Phillip struggles with Belle. He yells for help as she tries to push her way past him.

John is sorry that Marlena’s daughter is hurting, but he doesn’t remember the kid. Marlena is the one that should be visiting her. He doesn’t see what good he could do anyway. Marlena tells him that the two of them were very close. John sighs and thinks. He reminds Marlena of the deal she made to get him out of here. She says she’ll do what she can. Marlena asks the officer outside to call Roman and ask for permission for John to go see his daughter. John grumbles. He hopes she has as much clout with the police as she says she does. The officer comes back in and says that Roman apologizes, but his orders stand. John is not to leave the room.

Lucas enjoys the sight of Stefano shackled in a cage. Stefano chuckles. This is just temporary amusement for the Salem police. He’s here for kidnapping and unlawful detainment, but neither charge is even remotely true. Lucas heard John was back from the dead. What did Stefano do to him this time? Stefano says he did nothing but reunite him with his family. Lucas thinks he’s nuts. Stefano laughs. Nuts? Well, Lucas is entitled to his opinion, but that remains to be proven.

EJ tells Bo that turning on his father wasn’t some stunt he pulled to impress the police department. He did it for himself, and to prove something to Samantha, too. Bo has one more question. He shows him the Celtic symbol and asks him if it means anything to him. EJ shakes his head. The only symbol that means anything to his family is the phoenix. Roman calls Bo and tells him they found something near the abandoned van. Bo takes off, leaving EJ behind.

Marlena calls Roman and demands to know why he won’t let John go see his daughter. Roman is just afraid he may be vulnerable outside of his room. Stefano may have sent someone to get him. Marlena tells him to take security precautions if he’d like, but Belle needs her father right now. If she could see him, perhaps it would restore her will to fight. Roman sighs. Fine. But the guard goes with him and the cuffs stay on. Marlena nixes the plan. Seeing him that way will only confuse and upset her. Roman sighs. He guesses she is right. He agrees to simply fit John with an ankle monitor. Marlena hands the phone to the guard so Roman can give him his instructions. John smiles. So she pulled it off, huh? He didn’t expect that. Marlena tells him there are a few conditions for his own safety. John rolls his eyes. Marlena smiles. It’s time to go see his daughter.

A nurse checks on Belle and tells Phillip to try to keep Belle calm. She is not to get out of bed under any circumstances. Phillip nods and the nurse leaves. He shakes his head. What was Belle thinking? She whimpers. She has to get out of here. She has to find her daughter. Phillip says she needs to rest so she can take care of Claire when she comes home. They’re going to find her daughter, and when they do, she and Belle never have to be apart again.

The guard brings Stefano a fancy steak dinner. Lucas nukes. He gets to eat that while Lucas eats sewage? Stefano chuckles. Rats eat sewage. He has this meal because it has been prescribed by his doctor. He tastes it and raves. It’s delicious. He would offer Lucas some, but only if he thought it was poisoned. Lucas calls the guard. He can’t sit here while Stefano eats that food. The guard says Lucas can go work out in one of the interrogation rooms. Lucas agrees, and the guard escorts him out. Stefano tells him to enjoy his workout. Lucas spits, “Go to hell! Die! Gag!” Stefano laughs. After the guard and Lucas are gone, Stefano digs around under the food on his plate and recovers a cell phone in a baggie. He grins, “Compliments to the chef.”

EJ flashes back to telling Bo how difficult it was to turn Stefano in. His phone rings and he answers. It’s Stefano. Has EJ missed him?

Belle tells Phillip she just lost her dad. She can’t lose Claire, too. Phillip swears that won’t happen. Marlena comes in and tells her everything will be alright. She is sorry she wasn’t here earlier, but she has some news. It’s not about Claire, but it is something of a miracle. Marlena goes out and brings John in. Belle gapes. Daddy? John walks over and she hugs him. Phillip wanders out in shock. Belle cries and asks how this is happening. She flashes back to his funeral and shakes her head. She watched him die. He was dead. She thanks God. Marlena and Belle hug a non-responsive John. Belle asks John to tell her everything that happened. Marlena tells her that John is still recovering from what Stefano did to him. Belle asks if he will be alright. John says he’s fine. Marlena fidgets. She thinks John needs to get back to his room now. She just wanted Belle to see him. Belle beams. She loves him so much. John stares.

Sami tells Hope that EJ is just helping her keep an eye on the twins. It’s a good thing, too, because she jumps out of her skin every time the phone rings, or someone knocks on the door. Hope is sorry she is scared, but she doesn’t think she should put her trust in EJ. She has to tell Roman how she feels. He’ll make sure she and the twins are safe. He’ll give her a guard, if that is what she needs. Sami is reluctant, after all that has happened recently, but Hope says she has to. If she won’t, Hope will. Sami muses. There was a time when Lucas tried to convince her to take the kids and run. She didn’t want to then, but she wonders if maybe he was right. Maybe she should ask EJ to help put her and the kids into hiding and just disappear. Hope gasps. Is she out of her mind?

EJ asks if Stefano is out of jail. Stefano scoffs. Why does he care? He put him in here in the first place. Anyway, he isn’t out of jail yet. EJ asks what he wants. Stefano tells him that sons do not turn against their fathers. He called to say he forgives EJ and would like to see him. EJ agrees. Stefano says he will send his driver. EJ turns to see the driver skulking around nearby. EJ squirms. He thinks he’ll drive himself. Stefano tells him not to be a fool and go with the driver, now. EJ makes a break for it and dashes off. Stefano slams the cell phone shut and curses.

Sami says that all she cares about is protecting her children. She knows EJ doesn’t want to see them hurt, and that is all that matters to her. Hope thinks he be cunning and manipulative. Is she sure he isn’t just playing on her fears to get her to trust him? Sami isn’t sure. All she knows is that horrible things are happening to their family. Her first priority is to protect her kids. If her family can’t understand that, then too damn bad. Hope thinks this is what EJ may have wanted all along--to isolate her from her family and make her more dependent on him. Sami is playing right into his trap.

Belle can’t believe John is alive. He says he’s glad she’s ok. He awkwardly calls her “Tink.” Belle frowns. He doesn’t seem like himself. John says he is still a little out of it. Marlena thinks John coming back is a sign that Brady will return. Claire will too, and then they can all be a happy family again. Belle thinks Claire is being taken wherever Brady is being held. If anyone can find them, John can. John says he’ll do what he can. Marlena thinks he needs his rest now. As they leave, Belle notices the monitoring device on his ankle. She demands to know what is going on. Has he been arrested? Marlena says that John has been through a terrible ordeal. The device is there to the police can find him in case Stefano comes after him again. Belle is glad. She doesn’t want to lose him again. John asks for a moment alone with Belle and Marlena leaves. John kisses her forehead. He sneaks a pair of scissors off of the shelf above her bed and tells her everything will be alright. Belle says she loves him. John leaves. Marlena tells Belle that her dad will be fine. Marlena will come back as soon as John is settled in. She leaves Phillip comes back in and soothes Belle. Outside, the guard cuffs John as he smirks at Marlena. Was that warm and fuzzy enough for her?

Hope tells Sami that putting her trust in EJ is not what’s best. Sami sighs. She knows what he and his family are capable of, but EJ is Johnny’s father. He has to be a part of their lives whether she likes it or not. Hope goes off to get Sami some soup to take home. EJ bursts into the pub. He says he was worried since she wasn’t at the apartment. She asks what’s wrong. EJ fidgets. Nothing is wrong. He just wanted to check on her and the twins.

Marlena asks if the cuffs are necessary. The guard shrugs. Not if the monitor is on. Marlena thanks him, and then thanks John for what he did for Belle. John narrows his eyes. They had a deal. Marlena asks if he remembers Belle. John says no. She’s a pretty girl, though. She must get it from her mother.

Sami demands to know what happened. EJ is obviously looking for her for a reason. EJ says he got a phone call from Stefano in jail. Stefano sent a chauffeur to pick him up. He just has a funny feeling that if he had gotten in that car, it would have been the last thing he ever did. Sami brushes him off. She has to get the twins him. EJ understands that, but they need to talk first.

Bo comes into the pub and Hope asks for news about Claire. Bo says no and gestures toward EJ. What the hell is going on? Hope has no clue. He must have snuck in while she was in the kitchen getting soup for Sami. Hope sighs. This is not good. Sami is starting to rely in EJ more and more.

Sami thinks EJ is being a little paranoid. EJ doesn’t think so. Stefano is a dangerous man.

Bo tells Hope there was some development in Claire’s abduction case. He hands her a prescription bottle in an evidence bag. Hope looks at it and gapes. This is Claire’s medication! Bo nods. Crystal Miller purchased it in Canada three weeks ago. Hope thinks this proves they’ve been planning this for a while. Bo nods. Kidnappers don’t usually worry about their victims’ prescriptions. This proves that they care about Claire. Maybe they are her friends, and their kidnapping her is their way of keeping her safe from somebody or something.

EJ tells Sami that Stefano knew he was down at the docks. He is obviously having them watched or followed. Sami thinks he needs to go to the police if he’s serious about Stefano trying to kill him. EJ says that isn’t the answer. They have to take the twins and disappear.

Stefano tells someone on the other end of the phone to keep his distance, but not to lose them at any cost. He hangs up and puts the phone under the mattress as Lucas comes back. Stefano tells the guard to take his plate away. Lucas notices it has barely been touched and mocks him. What’s the matter? The dinner hurt his tummy? Stefano scowls, “Quiet.”

Marlena thanks John again for helping with Belle. She promises that he will get his memory back and that they will be a family again. John thinks she seems pretty sure of herself. He is beginning to believe she might actually be able to help him. Marlena asks if that means that he trusts her. He says there is not reason not to. Does she trust him? She beams, “With my life.”


Steve tells Kayla, “Don't tell me you want my body, you get me all revved up, and then you say I can't have you.” Kayla laughs, “Oh, you can have me.”

Roman tells John, “I think you're going to do whatever Stefano stuffed in that brain of yours. I'm not going to let it happen.” John replies, “Don't be so sure.”

EJ tells Sami, “He wants Johnny to be Giovanni. That is why we have to hide.”

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