Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/17/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/17/08


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At the docks, Bo tells a cop he wants plaster casts done on some mud in the area. Hopefully they’ll catch a break and find someone who actually saw the van. Roman comes up and asks for news. Bo shakes his head. Nothing so far. It looks like these sons of bitches really got away with Claire. Roman swears they’ll find her. Bo asks about Stefano. Roman says he’s one hell of an actor. He pretended to be shocked, and then lied and said he had nothing to do with the abduction. Bo frowns. Maybe he’s not lying.

At the hospital, Belle lies in bed, hooked up to monitors. Shawn sits by her side. He tells her that she almost died, and would have if not for Phillip. He had to make an impossible choice, and he chose to go after their daughter. But he failed. But they’re going to get her back, just like they did the last time. Phillip eavesdrops outside.

In another room at the hospital, John scoffs. Does she really think that if he just takes her hand, he’ll remember everything? Marlena doesn’t think it is so far-fetched. The last time he was in a coma, he reached her in her dreams. He asked her to trust her and he did. Now she wants him to trust her this time. John wonders if this is a dream. Marlena tells him this is real--as real as his car accident. She was with him when he died. John thinks she’s lying and just messing with his head. She must work for the DiMeras. Marlena swears she is telling the truth. She is his wife, and she loves him. John scowls. If that’s true, then she would bust him out of here. Marlena asks where he would go. He calls her doc again and tells her not to worry about it. She beams. He tells her not to get her hopes up. He doesn’t remember her. He just wants to get the hell out of here and away from Stefano and that crazy doctor. Marlena tells him that Stefano will never hurt him again. John laughs. How can she be so sure? Marlena stiffens. She’ll kill Stefano, if it comes to it.

Shawn tells Belle to rest. He will bring Claire home as soon as he can. Phillip walks off and runs into Chloe. He tells her that Shawn is with Belle and that she’s resting. Chloe sneers. She bets Phillip wishes he was with her right now. Phillip tells her to cool it. Belle almost died and the kidnappers made off with Belle. Both Shawn and Belle need their support right now. Chloe rolls her eyes. He means he wants her to comfort Shawn while he comforts Belle. Phillip doesn’t think Shawn wants much of the comfort he has to offer. He huffs irritably. He just wants Chloe to be there for Shawn, unless she doesn’t care about him. Chloe smirks. She’s sure Belle will need a friend to look after her, too.

Hope shows up at the docks and tells Bo that Belle is stable, but still unconscious. She doesn’t know about Claire. She asks about leads. She hopes they can connect this to Stefano pretty quickly. Roman tells her that Bo thinks Stefano wasn’t involved. Bo squirms. He doesn’t think it sounds like the old man’s M.O. Everything was done too sloppily. Besides, Stefano’s men never would have used rubber bullets. If Stefano was really behind this, that cop would be dead right now. Roman thinks he has a point, but if Stefano didn’t do this--Hope cuts him off. Then who did? They all ponder the possibilities. Hope thinks it may be a ransom kidnapping. Bo nixes the idea. Crystal showed up at Sami’s, and talked to Marlena twice. Kidnappers don’t usually do that. Bo is wondering if maybe Crystal really is a friend, and is trying to protect Belle and Claire in her own clumsy way. Roman muses. Brady disappears, and then Belle is abducted. What’s the connection? Hope huffs. It goes back to John and Stefano, of course. Roman takes a call. Bo frets. They better not hurt Claire. Roman comes over and tells them that John’s attending is complaining about Marlena. She won’t allow John to be sedated. Roman heads off to handle things at the hospital. Bo reminds him not to tell Marlena about the kidnapping. He explains to Hope that they think she has too much on her plate right now. He takes a call on his phone and tells the person to get a team on it. He hangs up and tells Hope they found the van. It was abandoned a few miles away.

Chloe comes into Belle’s room and asks how things are going. Shawn says Belle is unconscious, but she’ll be fine. Chloe asks Shawn if she can do anything. Shawn says no. He just has to believe that Claire is going to come home safely. Right now, he appreciates Chloe being here. Chloe smiles. That’s what friends are for. Shawn says he is heading down to the pier to see if his dad has any news. Chloe offers to drive him and they leave. Shawn says he’ll stop by the nurses’ station so they can call him the moment Belle wakes up. Phillip sneaks in after them and kisses Belle’s hand. He must have been out of his mind to have left her. He’ll never make that mistake again. Belle’s monitors beep more rapidly.

John laughs. So, what, she’ll shoot Stefano if he comes anywhere near him? Marlena’s gaze is steely. She’ll do what she has to do, that’s all. She would do anything--including dying--to protect him. John grumbles. If that’s so, then why won’t she help him now? Marlena insists it is just too dangerous. Has he forgotten that he was tortured and drugged? His kidney was removed, for goodness’ sake. John thinks he must have gotten shot, but Marlena is quick to tell him Stefano took it. John nukes. That SOB took his kidney, eh? He stole his mind too! Unfortunately, unlike his kidneys, his brain doesn’t exactly come in a pair. She assures him that both Rolf and Stefano have been arrested. They’ve refused to cooperate. John flexes. If she lets him out, he has ways to make them cooperate. Marlena says he has to stay here until he remembers something about his old life. It’s for his own good. John groans. What if this is irreversible? Marlena tells him that this happened to him once before. They worked through it then, and they can do the same this time. John thinks it’s because she’s his wife and wants him back. Is he really that good in the sack? She ignores him and presses him for information about his time with Stefano. She thinks they have to work to unlock these memories so she can help protect him. John doesn’t think she wants to protect him from them. She wants to protect herself from him.

Hope asks if there was any sign of Claire. Bo says no, but they know it’s the right van. The broken window that Shawn punched out proves that. Hope thinks they need to contact the FBI. Bo already has. A tap is being put on Marlena’s phone in case the kidnappers contact her. Shawn’s phone and the one at the pub have been tapped as well. Hope frets as Shawn rushes up, asking for info. When he hears about the van being abandoned, his face falls. Now they have no way to track them. Bo says that isn’t true. They will find them. Shawn says he is going to help. He won’t rest until his daughter is found.

Marlena doesn’t think anyone needs to be protected from him. John tells her not to be so sure. He feels like ripping someone’s head off—mainly a DiMera. John grumbles and trots out that tired “then why won’t you help me?” argument. Marlena explains that she doesn’t want to let him go because she can’t bear to lose him again. John wants to know how he wound up at Stefano’s. Marlena has no idea. That’s why they have to work together to find out. John suspects her of working with Stefano. Marlena reminds him that she nearly shot him, but John thinks that may have been staged for his benefit. Marlena says it’s a good thing that he is thinking and weighing information. John tells her to go to hell. Marlena doesn’t blink. She’s already been there, right after he died. Roman walks in and asks what’s up. John smirks. He just told this pushy bitch to go to hell and she didn’t bat an eye. Roman growls. He better not speak that way about Marlena again. John chuckles. What, is he hot for her himself? Roman tells him to cool it and takes Marlena outside to talk to her about Dr. Carrington’s orders. Why is she refusing to sedate John? Marlena snaps. He’s her husband, not an animal. She won’t have him drugged. Roman hopes she’s right. He heads back inside to tell John to listen to Marlena and leaves. John smirks. Roman is definitely hot for her. Marlena asks if he is trying to provoke her. John isn’t sure she can. He hears she is pretty tough. Marlena smiles. He has no idea.

Shawn asks what’s being done to find Claire. Hope tells him the picture she took of Crystal is being checked by the FBI. Bo tells him an APB and an amber alert have been issued as well. Shawn says he can’t stand around and do nothing, so Bo suggests he think back to the kidnapping. Even the smallest detail about Rob or Crystal could help find them. Hope and Bo are heading over to the hospital to talk to Marlena about what happened. They leave. Chloe tells a pacing Shawn to keep busy by trying to remember details. Shawn rehashes the night’s events. He just can’t remember anything. What if he is missing something that could blow the case wide open? Shawn thinks he should have rushed the guy as soon as Bo pulled the gun. Chloe tells him not to blame himself. He’ll go crazy if he does. Shawn says he already is. Claire is his daughter, and he wants her back.

Phillip talks to an unconscious Belle about how he never should have left her. He is so sorry for any pain he has caused her. She deserves to be happy. He’ll be here when she wakes up. She may not want him here, and if that’s so, he will respect her decision. Sometimes when you love someone so much, you have to let go. She taught him that. She taught him what it means to love someone.

Hope and Bo show up in John’s room and ask how things are going. John sulks. Are they here to ask more stupid questions? Marlena suggests they step outside. John rails at them for not letting him out. Bo suggests sedation out in the hallway. Marlena thinks he needs help, not drugs. Hope tells her they came to give her some bad news. Belle and Claire were kidnapped. Belle got away, but she fell into the water, and is being treated in ICU. Marlena freaks. She has to get to Belle right away. Bo walks back into John’s room and asks for a favor. John says he won’t help Bo unless Bo helps him.

Chloe urges Shawn to continue with his story, and he tells her about the stand off with Claire. He had to decide to save Belle or Claire, so he ran after Rob when he saw Phillip helping Belle. He caught up to the van, and broke out the window, but they sped away. Before he lost sight of them, he saw rob stick his hand out the window and—Shawn jumps. That’s it! He had a tattoo on his arm. Shawn groans. He can’t believe he forgot that.

Bo tells John that Marlena loves him. She just found out that her granddaughter has been kidnapped. John grumbles. If Bo gets him out of here, he’ll pretend to care. Bo smirks. He’ll do what he can about that. Outside, Marlena thinks Stefano must be behind the kidnapping. Bo comes out and says he isn’t so sure. It doesn’t fit his M.O. Bo and Hope say they have to go check on Roman and head off. Marlena goes back to John and asks him if he still wants to get out of here. John asks what they catch is. There’s always a catch.

Shawn bursts into the pub and breathlessly tells Hope, Bo, and Roman about Rob’s tattoo. It was a symbol of ropes intertwined in a circle, but he doesn’t know what that means. Bo wants to set him up with a sketch artist, but Roman thinks he may have a picture of the tattoo right there. Shawn says that’s it. Roman frowns. Marlena found this picture amongst John’s clothes. It’s a symbol of a female Celtic warrior. Shawn agrees to do some research. Bo thinks there must be some connection here, but he can’t see what. This is going to be a long night.

John repeats his question. What’s the catch? Marlena says it’s simple. She wants him to come with her to see their daughter.

Belle wakes up to find Phillip. She immediately asks where Claire is. Phillip squirms. She isn’t here. Belle sighs. So she is at home? She wants to go home, then. Phillip wants her to rest, but Belle demands to know what is going on. Phillip relents. Rob and Crystal got away with her. Belle starts freaking out and yanking electrodes off of her chest and needles out of her arm. They have to go find her little girl right now.


Lucas lunges at Stefano. Stefano chuckles, "Don't worry, Lucas. They made sure that we could not kill each other. Stefano rattles his leg chain, "Eh?"

Marlena tells John, "Maybe you don't remember, but you were her father. She really needs you."

Belle struggles to get out of bed. Phillip holds her back and yells, "I need some help in here!"

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