Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/16/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/16/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the docks, Shawn and Phillip crouch down behind some boxes and wait for the van. Phillip thinks this is a waste of time, but Shawn thinks they just need to sit tight. The chopper told them the van was headed this way, and the cops have the perimeter surrounded. Phillip squirms. He can’t just sit here and do nothing. Shawn sighs. Police work takes patience. Phillip worries about Claire. Shawn assures him that Belle will make Claire think this is all some kind of fun adventure. But when all of this is over, the same rules apply. Claire is Shawn’s daughter, so Phillip needs to keep his distance. Bo comes over and tells them the van is en route, so everyone needs to get into place.

Inside Crystal and Rob’s van, Belle flashes back to Phillip giving her Chloe’s warning, the attempted kidnapping at Sami’s apartment, and her and Claire’s recent abduction. Belle asks Crystal why they are stopped. Crystal tells them a helicopter is tailing them, so they’ve ducked into an alley. Belle begs her to turn the heat on, but Crystal refuses. She is afraid the cops will see them. Belle tries to offer her money, but Crystal turns it down. There is no ransom involved here. They’re just taking her someplace safe. Crystal hands her something and tells her to put it in Claire’s mouth. It’s cough syrup to calm her down. Belle blanches. They are not drugging her daughter!

John lies strapped to a hospital bed. He grumbles as Marlena looks on. She promised there would be no more doctors or hospitals. Marlena tells him they just have to make sure Stefano didn’t hurt him. John agrees to let her make it up to him for lying. If she breaks him out of here, they’ll call it even. Marlena says she can’t. He doesn’t even know who he is, or who she is. John turns on the charm and suggests they go somewhere and find out. Marlena says they can’t leave. John sighs. She’s hot. Why doesn’t she try using that smile to bribe a cop? Marlena asks him if he has any clue who she is. John grins. She’s a hot woman who’s going to help him bust out of here. He’ll just pretend to be unconscious, and she can lure the guard in here. He asks if that’s ok, calling her “doc.” Marlena freaks. He called her doc! He doesn’t get it. Why did he do that? She smiles and tells him she missed him.

Bo rounds the guys up and rearranges their positioning. He knows where the van is, but he has called off the chopper so it won’t scare the kidnappers off. Bo thinks they’re planning on taking Belle and Claire somewhere by boat. Shawn doesn’t want to sit by and watch, but Bo says he has to. This is a police action. Someone could get hurt. Phillip grunts. If things go wrong, all bets are off. Phillip and Shawn go hide and Bo keeps watch. He flashes back to talking to Rob about whether or not he worked for the DiMeras. He watches as Rob approaches a stranger. Phillip gets antsy. What is Bo doing? Shawn tells him to keep quiet and trust his dad. Phillip scowls. He better know what he’s doing. Shawn tells him to shut up before he blows the whole operation wide open.

Belle presses Crystal for more information, but Crystal won’t talk. She simply assures Belle that she doesn’t want to hurt her or Claire, and that what is happening is really best for them. Belle grumps. They’re freezing and scared. All she knows is that they want to haul her off on some boat. Crystal sighs. Once Belle sees what this is all about, she hopes they can be friends. She is really sorry about this. Belle thinks she really seems sorry. Crystal offers her some coffee and chats about Claire. Belle smiles and agrees that she is a good kid. Crystal hands Belle the thermos. Belle’s eyes glitter. Yes, this is exactly what she needs.

Marlena tries to explain how hard it has been for her without him. She still sleeps all the way on her own side of the bed and pretends he’s still there. John stares, “Ok.” Marlena says she tried not to cry in front of the girls. John seems confused. What girls? Marlena barrels on. Her grief was unbearable. John cuts her off and asks her how many guards are outside. He’s only got here and now, so he could care less who she sleeps beside. She just needs to get out there, bat her eyes, and get him a nightstick. The rest will take care of itself.

Crystal warns Belle not to burn herself as she hands her the thermos. Belle shrieks, “Yeah, you too!” She throws the scalding coffee in Crystal’s face and Crystal screams in pain. Belle wallops her over the head with a fire extinguisher and takes off with Claire. Crystal rolls on the ground and moans.

Bo watches Rob and the man exchange money. After the man leaves, Bo walks up, gun drawn, and tells Rob to freeze. Bo demands to know where Belle and Claire are. Belle runs up screaming for help. Rob snatches Claire from her and tells Bo to drop the gun. Belle freaks.

Marlena tells John that she would do anything for him but she isn’t sure why she should. After all, he doesn’t even remember who she is. She sighs. She just wants their old life back. John sulks. He doesn’t love her or anyone else. He appreciates her help getting out of that rat hole, but that’s all. Marlena asks about the kids. John doesn’t remember them, so she pulls out pictures of Belle, Brady, Isabella, and Claire. She explains who all of them are. They all love and adore John. He always fought to protect them. If he could just remember a little bit of that love, she knows he would never leave. John says they’re just faces. If she refuses to help him, then he’s just going to have to scream so loudly that they’ll kick him out. He counts to three.

Bo tells Rob to let Claire go. Phillip tells him he’ll walk if he does. Belle is afraid he’ll shoot and runs over to him. Shawn grabs her, they both get shoved, and fall in the water. Phillip dives in after them. Rob takes off with Claire in the melee. He meets Crystal at the van and says they have to get her to a safe place. They take off with Claire. Phillip pulls Belle up onto the dock and administers CPR. Bo tells him an ambulance is on the way as he pumps her chest. Phillip begs her not to die on him and tries some more. He looks up hopelessly and tells Bo he can’t get a pulse. Bo tries and think he has a weak one. He tells Phillip to try and get her circulation going. Phillip asks about Claire, and Bo says they have someone tailing Rob and Crystal. Shawn is with the cops looking for her. Phillip smiles and rubs Belle’s arms. Shawn is looking for Claire. Everything will be fine.

Marlena places her hand over John’s mouth and he seizes her wrist. She tells him that if he wants to play hardball, she’s his girl. But if he doesn’t let go of her, she’s going to scream so loudly that they’ll put him in a straitjacket. John acquiesces. He doesn’t understand. After she had the guts to break into that lab, she’ll let a few guards stand in her way. Marlena tells him that he will never be free if she sets him free. To be a free man, he has to know who he is and what his life is about. John wants to hear their story, but the short version. Marlena sighs. They were magic, that’s all. John asks to see Claire’s picture again. Does she want him to meet these people? Can he leave if he does? She doesn’t think he will want to. John smirks. Don’t count on it.

As the paramedics work on Belle, Phillip flashes back to her telling him that she wants to be a good mom. Belle asks for Claire. Phillip tells her that Shawn has her. Bo tells her she ahs to go to the hospital. She hit her head and was in the water for a while. Belle wants Claire. Phillip promises that Shawn will bring her to the hospital to see her.

Marlena thinks it will take awhile to get hold of Belle and Sami. John loses patience and yells for the nurse at the top of his lungs. He wants Marlena out of there. The nurse sighs and prepares a needle. She has to sedate him when he becomes violent. Marlena doesn’t think he’s violent, but the nurse insists. It’s doctor’s orders.

Phillip demands to know hwy Belle isn’t being taken to the hospital. A paramedic explains that a course of medication was ordered before she could be moved. She’s going soon. Phillip sighs. He should have never helped Chloe. He is so sorry. Belle convulses. Paramedics run over with a crash cart. They use the defibrillator on her to no avail. They look at Phillip mournfully and tell him that Belle is dead. Phillip freaks. It can’t be true. They have to keep trying. Phillip rushes over and cradles Belle in his arms as the medics try to pronounce the time of death. Bo runs over and gently tries to get Phillip away from Belle. Suddenly, she chokes for air and comes to. A medic administers oxygen and say they have to move her now. Phillip says hell follow them to the hospital. Bo warns him not to tell her the truth about Claire. Shawn is the one that needs to talk to her about their daughter. Phillip needs to stay out of their lives. Shawn rushes up, tattered and bloody. He lost Claire and her kidnappers.

Marlena asks for the nurse’s pen and makes some notes on John’s chart. She tells her that as a doctor and next of kin, no treatment will go forward without her express consent. She is overriding his decision to sedate the patient. The nurse leaves. John gets it. She’s a doctor. That’s why he called her doc. She’s hot and smart. What else does he need to know? Marlena wants to know what has happened to him. What does he remember? John says he just remembers the lab and Dr. Rolf. He doesn’t know what Stefano wanted with him, though. Marlena tells him that he is John Black, a kind, sensitive man who is a husband, father and man of honor. Their love is too strong to be forgotten, no matter what Stefano does.

Shawn tells Bo that there was an accident and he had to go on alone. He caught up to the van, broke out a window, and nearly had Claire. But he got thrown off. Shawn asks about Belle and Phillip tells him about what happened after she was pulled out of the water. She wasn’t strong enough to hear the truth about Claire, so Phillip is going to back off and let Shawn handle it. Shawn thanks him and says he has to go to the hospital right away.

John asks what kind doctor she is. Marlena says she’s a psychiatrist. John grimaces. She better not try to get inside his skull. Marlena tell him he has a lifetime of memories locked up in his mind. They’ll get them back. She can do it by loving him. John says he’s not hardwired for love. She says he will in time. He just has to trust her. She will bring him home.


Roman asks Bo, "But if Stefano's not behind it..." Hope interrupts, "Then who is?"

Shawn tells Chloe, "I don't know what the hell is going on or what it means, but whoever did this is going to pay. I'm not giving up until I find my daughter."

Marlena tells John, "Stefano is never coming near you again. John scoffs, "And how can you be so sure?" Marlena replies, "I will kill him."

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