Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/15/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/15/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the sorority house, Max and Stephanie come inside giggling about the snowball fight they just had. Stephanie thinks Max is a wimp. Max playfully shoves her but Stephanie backs off. She asks Max if he’d like a PBJ. Max says he has to go to work. He promised Adrienne that he would help with inventory. He promises to take her up on the offer another time. Stephanie bats her eyes and tells him that he’s on. Max sighs. Damn, she’s hot.

Chloe and Shawn arrive at the pub, and Chloe pokes fun at Shawn for his poor ice-skating. He agrees that he shouldn’t have tried to jump a snowman. Claire thinks they should take Claire the next time they go. Shawn says he thinks it’s a great idea, but he has to run it by Belle first. Chloe huffs. Why does he need to do that?

At the scene of the kidnapping, Phillip makes a frantic phone call to Belle and leaves her a message as a paramedic tends to Belle’s guard. Sami rushes up and asks what’s going on. Phillip tells her he talked to Belle, then he heard some gun shots and the phone went dead. Both she and Claire are gone. Sami freaks, “OMG!”

Inside a car, Belle cradles Claire in the backseat. Crystal and Rob are sitting up front. Belle assures Claire that everything will be alright. Belle begs Crystal to tell her where they are going.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano takes one look at the search warrant Bo handed over and scoffs. He tells Bo and Roman that it looks real, but that doesn’t mean it is. Roman says it’s real enough, alright. It gives him the authority to tear this place apart and that’s exactly what he’s going to do. Stefano thinks it’s funny that they’re wasting their time looking for ghosts. Roman glares. If John is in this house, they’ll find him.

Downstairs in the lab, Marlena stares at John and marvels that it is really him standing before her. John smiles. He supposes it is. Now can she tell him who she is?

Max explains. He meant that she looked flushed, that’s all. Stephanie tells him it’s ok to worry about her a little, but he shouldn’t go overboard. They’re friends, after all. She thanks him for helping her get it together and go to therapy. It’s really helping. He thinks she’s the bravest girl he knows. She really wants him to know how much she appreciates him, so she leans over and kisses him.

Phillip explains that he wasn’t able to get in touch with either Roman or Marlena. Sami doesn’t think he should call Marlena. She has too much going on. She asks what Shawn said. Phillip squirms. He isn’t sure. He hasn’t called Shawn yet. Sami gapes.

Bo and Roman tell Stefano that they want to take a look at the tunnels running under the mansion. Stefano scoffs. Why would he bring a dead person back to life and then hide him? It’s a great scientific achievement, after all. Bo tells him to cooperate, or they’re taking him down to the station. Hope bursts in the room and tells Bo and Roman that they found him. Stefano lights a cigar.

Marlena frees John from his chair and he comments on her perfume. She explains that he bought it for her. John remembers that he met her in the alley a few days ago, and she was also the one that shot up the living room. Marlena nods. Her name is Marlena. She sticks her hand out for a shake. His name is John. John looks at her shaking hand and tells her not to be afraid. She says she isn’t. She is trembling because she thought--no, because he was dead.

Max finds a way to apologize for Stephanie kissing him and says he should go. Stephanie says she’ll take a shit at the bar this weekend. Her therapist thinks she should try to get back into her normal routine. Chelsea walks in and Max says goodbye to both of them. Chelsea corners Stephanie in a panic and tells her they’re in big trouble. Billie knows what’s going on.

Sami chastises Phillip for not telling Shawn. They’re still married, and Claire is his daughter. He needs to know they’ve been kidnapped. Phillip somberly agrees to call Shawn. Sami goes off to try to get in touch with Roman. She tells Phillip that everything will be fine.

Shawn says he would just feel more comfortable being able to say he never took Claire anywhere without Belle knowing it. Chloe gets it. This is in case of a custody battle, right? Shawn says that wont happen. He just doesn’t want Claire to grow up with parents that are tugging her in two different directions and being secretive about it. Chloe gushes. He is such a great dad. Phillip calls. Shawn rolls his eyes and makes a sarcastic remark, but Phillip cuts him off. This is serious.

Crystal promises Belle that they won’t hurt her or Claire. All they want to do is protect her. Belle is confused. From what? Crystal frowns. Not from what, from who. They have to protect her and her child from Stefano DiMera.

Hope tells Bo that they found John alive downstairs. Marlena is with him now. Bo rushes down to the basement with her. Roman chats with Stefano. Stefano huffs. So they let Marlena in after she tried to shoot him? He supposes he should have pressed charges instead of taking pity on a grieving widow. Roman scoffs. Her husband was in the basement, alive the whole time. Stefano chuckles. He appreciates the irony there. He offers Roman a cigar. Roman thinks he is pretty cocky for someone facing serious charges. Stefano doesn’t think he acted like a criminal. He took a man everyone thought was dead, and restored him to life. Now he can be with his wife and children again. Stefano thinks this is the act of a hero, or a saint.

John asks if they can go now. He wasn’t supposed to go outside before, because someone might see him, but now that Marlena has, he can probably go out. Marlena holds out her hand and offers to show him the way. John draws back.

Chelsea fills Stephanie in on the contact lens being found in the basement. On the bright side, though, Nick swore he wouldn’t lie for them, and he did. Stephanie sighs. Chelsea is going to have to convince Nick to keep his mouth shut. If Nick rats them out, they’ll all go to jail, and Max, Morgan, and the others are counting on them to keep this a secret. None of them deserves to be punished for what happened to Ford. Chelsea says she’ll just turn herself in and claim she acted alone. Stephanie know that wont work. She lays in the guilt trip. Does Chelsea think Cordy should have to go through a murder trial after what happened to her? Chelsea whines. Nick thinks they should take responsibility for their actions. Stephanie huffs. This is not Nick’s decision. Chelsea says she thinks they should tell the truth, too.

Hope and Bo come down to the basement and Marlena greets them. John takes one look at Bo, yells that he’s cop and bum rushes him. He gets Bo into a nelson and holds him there. Marlena manages to coax him into letting Bo go, and explains that he is a friend. Bo smiles. Johns memory may be gone, but his reflexes are just fine. John glares. He wants out of here before it’s time for the needles to come out. Marlena soothes him. No one is ever going to hurt him again.

Roman chuckles. Does Stefano really think that a jury of his peers is going to see this as an act of kindness? Stefano says he has no peers, but to answer his question, yes, he thinks people will see this as a benevolent deed. Roman thinks he’s sick. If John is here, it’s simply to serve as Stefano’s servant and nothing more. Bo rushes up the stairs and calls for Roman. Marlena bounds into the room and coaxes John to come inside. Roman gapes.

Stephanie cant believe what she is hearing. So the police have a contact lens. Big deal. Ford was over at their house pretty frequently before his rape of Cordy came out. Chelsea says she said the same thing to her mom, but she didn’t buy it. Maybe they have more evidence that they’re keeping under wraps. Chelsea thinks they murdered him. Stephanie argues that it was an accident. Chelsea says they have to confess or they will look like a bunch of murderers. Besides, they have to think of the nightmare his poor mom is going through. Stephanie sneers. What about the nightmares that son of a bitch gave her? Chelsea starts. What is she talking about? Stephanie stammers. She just meant what he did to Cordy. Chelsea is suspicious. That isn’t what she meant. The doorbell rings and Chelsea answers. Crawford Decker muscles his way in and starts shrieking. They killed his son. He knows it, and by God, they won’t get away with it.

Hope takes a call as Roman marvels over John. He can’t believe he is really alive. Marlena smiles. His memory is very vague right now. She takes him off to get a glass of water. Hope gets off the phone and fill Bo and Roman in on the situation with Belle and Claire. She makes them promise not to tell Marlena yet, and says she’ll head over the scene. She promises to keep them filled in and leaves. Bo tells Roman this won’t take long anyhow, and instructs Roman to book Stefano. Roman complies with pleasure and begins reading Stefano his rights. Bo cuffs Stefano.

Sami and Phillip tell each other that Hope and Shawn are on their way. Sami asks Phillip not to fight with Shawn. He will be upset enough as is. Phillip promises. Chloe attempts to extract the same promise from Shawn as they rush up to the scene. Shawn walks over to Phillip and glares. This is all because of him.

Crystal explains to Belle that they are the good guys. The cop was shot with rubber bullets. He’ll be fine. They’re on her side and they just want to protect her, now that Brady is gone. Belle wants to know what happened to her brother. Crystal can’t say, nor can she say who she is working for. Belle scoffs. How can she be expected to trust them, then? Crystal tells her she is safe, because she is with family.

Phillip tells Shawn not to put the blame on him. He’s the one that kicked them out, anyway. Shawn fumes. He threw Belle out, not Claire, and they both know that was because of Phillip. Phillip grins. For someone that claims to love Belle so much, he sure gave up without a fight. Chloe steps in and tells them to save it for later. Phillip says he tried to warn Shawn. Shawn freaks. Belle had a guard. What more could have been done? Sami and Hope yell at them both to shut up. Neither one of them are helping find Belle and Claire.

Crawford knows all about Ford’s contact lens. The girls try to explain it away, but he tells them to shut their lying mouths. Ford was last seen here, and didn’t use his credit card or ATM card ever again. He didn’t come home for Christmas either. He knows they killed him. Stephanie laughs. What as some initiation ritual? They’re a bunch of white bread girls from the suburbs. He needs to get a grip. Crawford snarls. He will find out the truth, and when he does, every single one of them is going to prison for the rest of their lives. Stephanie snaps. His son is the one that belongs there. He raped Cordy, and he raped her, too. Crawford knows that isn’t true. But it sounds like a good motive to him. He’ll make sure she hangs on her words. He storms out. Stephanie turns to Chelsea in tears. Does she see now why they cant tell the truth? He’ll just make his miserable son look like the victim and them look like his killers. Chelsea gapes. Did Ford really rape her?

Marlena wants Stefano to tell her what Rolf did to John. Stefano says he saved his life, but she must be self-absorbed if she really thinks that is John. It is not the John she knew. He’ll never remember who she is. John stares at the door. Marlena smiles. He’ll come back to her. She knows it.

Stephanie tells Chelsea that it’s true. Only her mom and Max know. Chelsea doesn’t get it. Max knows? Stephanie hopes she isn’t mad. Chelsea hugs her and says she could never be mad about that. She’s glad Stephanie was able to confide in someone. Stephanie relives the harrowing scene for Chelsea and says she is sorry. She could have testified that day at the dean’s office, but she didn’t. If she had, they wouldn’t even be going through this right now. Chelsea tells her not to blame herself. She just wishes she could do something to help, too. Stephanie tells her she knows what she can do for her.

Shawn asks a detective for more information. Phillip tries to tell him what he knows, but Shawn wants to hear from the cop, who fills both him and Hope in on what they know. He tells them an Amber alert has been issued as well. He’ll update them as soon as he knows more. Hope thinks whoever did this planned it out in advance. Shawn doesn’t get it. Who would do this? Hope isn’t sure, but anytime anything bad happens, it usually leads back to Stefano.

John makes a break for the door. Rolf overtakes him and jams a needles into his shoulder. John collapses on the floor. Marlena shrieks. Rolf assures her that John will be fine. Marlena sobs. What have these monsters done to her husband? Stefano scoffs. John is the only monster here. John convulses on the floor.

Chelsea thinks their best bet is to come clean. They can’t live this way for the rest of their lives. She is scared, and so are the others. Stephanie sulks. This isn’t Chelsea’s call. She wasn’t the one that got raped. Chelsea is sorry about it, but it will only be worse when they get caught. Stephanie doesn’t think they will, but Chelsea knows it. Its just a matter of time. They need to cal all of the girls, have a meeting, and discuss their options. Chelsea starts making calls. Stephanie wanders off.

Marlena cradles John and soothes him. She promises to take good care of him. They are so glad to have him back. Stefano wants to know who tipped them off that John was here. Bo laughs. He doesn’t answer their questions, so they won’t answer his. Roman tells Bo to get Stefano out of there before he strangles him. Bo complies and goes to haul him off. Stefano scoffs. So they think they have beaten him, eh? They are wrong. This is just the beginning.

Shawn doesn’t get it. What earthly reason would Stefano have to kidnap Belle and Claire? It just doesn’t make sense. The detective rushes over and tells them the van was spotted down at the docks. Sami freaks. Shawn says they cant let the van out if their sight, He has to get down there now. Phillip says he’s coming with him. They head off.


Shawn tells Phillip, “After this is all over, the same rules apply. Claire is my daughter, so keep your distance.”

Crystal shrieks, “You'll burn yourself.” Belle yells, “You too!” She sprays her with mace, and hits her over the head with a fire extinguisher. Crystal screams.

Marlena asks John, “Make it up to you for what?” John replies slyly, “For lying.” Marlena sighs, “I said I was sorry.” John counters, “Prove it. Break me out of here, and we'll just call it even.”

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