Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/14/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/14/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, Chelsea thanks Nick for meeting her. She wanted to talk about Ford Decker and how badly she feels about the whole thing. She should have never gotten Nick involved. Nick agrees. She shouldn’t have. Now he is an accessory to murder. Chelsea sighs. She thought he wanted them to be completely open and honest with one another. If she had kept mum, she would have felt like she was lying to him. Would he rather she just continue to act strangely around him? Nick sighs. He understands why she told him. Chelsea smiles. That’s good. Now she knows she can count on him to keep this whole thing a secret. Nick frowns. He’s sorry, but he doesn’t know if he can do that.

At a café, Phillip stops Belle and Claire from leaving. He tells her that she can trust him. He would have told her that he was helping Chloe if he had known she would be this upset. Belle scoffs. Is he kidding? That girl has done nothing but give her entire family grief since she stepped back into town. Chloe is the number one suspect in Brady’s disappearance, and Phillip is helping her. Phillip says that’s not what’s going on. Belle rages. He says he wants to be friends, and then he goes and pulls a stunt like this. Phillip wants to be more than friends, but Belle isn’t interested in talking about that. Besides, if she can’t trust him as a friends, how will she ever be able to trust him as anything else?

At Sami’s apartment, Bo demands to know what kind of sick game EJ is playing as Sami, Marlena, and Hope look on. Marlena begs to know where John is, but EJ says he can’t tell her. Marlena asks him if he really wants to prove that he has changed. He needs to do this for his son. This is his chance to truly separate himself from Stefano. EJ sighs and admits that John is in Dr. Rolf’s laboratory in the basement. Marlena gasps. Did he see John? Did he talk to him? EJ says he did not, but he’s positive that John is down there. Marlena sobs. It’s true. He found his way home. She thanks EJ.

In Dr. Rolf’s lab, the camera pans to John, who is sitting in a chair with Star Trek glasses on. He watches a big screen TV transmit random images of explosions and fires. Rolf tells Stefano that John is progressing very nicely indeed. Stefano is pleased. Now their friend can embark on his mission even sooner than planned.

Nick asks Chelsea if she saw Ford’s parents on the news earlier. His mom was in tears and begging for information. Nick was tempted to come forward. Does Chelsea have any idea what they’re going through right now? Chelsea says she thinks about it every day, but she can’t do anything until the others come back from break. Then they’ll come to a decision unanimously. Nick scoffs. Oh, so they’ll vote on the theme for the Valentine’s day dance and what to do about the frat guy they killed all in one night? Chelsea hisses at him to shut up. He just has to trust her and keep quiet for a little while longer. Nick tells her that this will just get worse until she finally deals with it. He cannot keep lying for her. He has made that mistake once before. Billie comes in and walks over to Chelsea and Nick. She needs to ask them a few questions. Nick gulps.

Belle asks Claire if she’s ready to leave. Phillip begs her not to leave things this way. Belle scoffs. She has taken enough risks for him. She wont do it anymore. Phillip lays into her. He took a huge risk coming to that Christmas party and she embarrassed him in front of her whole family. He has been nothing but respectful of her, and that’s all he asks in return. He pleads with her. He only needs five minutes of her time.

Stefano gets off of the phone and asks Rolf if they can wrap this up. Rolf says he is concerned about the assignment. Stefano says they don’t have time for concerns. They’ve located the enemy’s whereabouts, so their friend here has to be ready immediately. Rolf says he is not yet fully prepared. He needs another day or two to be sure. Stefano nukes. No more excuses! Make it happen!

Marlena says she has to get inside the mansion, but Bo says they can’t head over there without some kind of plan. Bo asks EJ how Stefano was able to resurrect John, but EJ isn’t sure. All he knows is that John is being sedated and held against his will. EJ saw that he was manacled to a table. Stefano just said he needed John for some kind of mission. Bo heads out to the hallway to call Roman. Marlena thanks EJ through her tears. She is unspeakably grateful for what he has done here. EJ begs her not to mention it. Sami gapes.

Billie tells Nick and Chelsea that the police search turned up something surprising. A contact lens was found in the basement that matched Ford’s prescription. Chelsea guesses he lost it going down there for beer. That’s where they stored it, so Ford was down there pretty frequently. Chelsea tells the evidence doesn’t mean anything. Billie sighs. She’s willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, but once Ford’s dad finds out, he’s going to latch onto the girls and not let go.

Belle tells Phillip that she thinks it’s best if they don’t see each other right now. Belle sighs. She really messed up, and she’s afraid she has destroyed any chance Claire had to have a normal childhood. Phillip doesn’t understand. Belle thinks she has encouraged Claire to love two fathers. Phillip doesn’t think it’s a big deal. In fact, the more people that love Claire, the better, as far as he is concerned. Belle thinks it’s confusing for Claire. She sighs. This is all her fault. She wanted to be a good mother, but then she went and destroyed her marriage in one afternoon. She made a choice that she will regret until the day she dies. Phillip wants to help her. He’ll do anything. She tells him she needs his help to put her marriage back together.

John spasms in his chair. Rolf looks on approvingly and tells Stefano that achieving perfection takes time. Stefano says they don’t have time. Bo Brady might be on to them. Rolf huffs. For that to be true, someone would have had to expose them. Who would do such a thing? Stefano flashes back to EJ threatening to go to the police about John. Stefano tells Rolf he really isn’t sure, but it doesn’t matter now. He makes a call on his phone.

Chelsea wouldn’t be surprised if Ford’s dad tried to point the finger at them. He’s been out for them ever since that hearing with the dean. Billie just wants them to know how influential the man is. If he has a viable suspect, he’ll go straight to the D.A. Chelsea should worry, because she and her friends are looking pretty suspicious right now. Chelsea asks her what she thinks. Billie doesn’t know what to think. She can tell when Chelsea is hiding something, though, and Nick has been awfully quiet as well. Nick frowns. He has nothing to say. Billie tells him that he’ll tell the truth if he cares about her daughter at all. What does he know about Ford’s disappearance? Chelsea pales. Nick sweats.

Belle thinks that she and Shawn may be able to work things out if she handles it right. Phillip asks her if that is what she really wants. She says it is. Belle says she has to go, and bundles Claire up. They say goodbye to Phillip and walk out. Crystal spies on them from nearby and tells someone on the phone that Belle is on the move. Belle meets her police guard outside and tells him that she wants to go home. Rob walks up to Crystal and he tells her that everything is set. He says they don’t have much time, so they both head off after Belle, Claire, and the guard.

Bo tells Roman that EJ saw John at the DiMera mansion, so he has to try and get a warrant. Bo listens and asks EJ if he is willing to make a statement. His claim doesn’t mean a damn thing unless he stands behind it. EJ acquiesces. He’ll make a statement. Bo tells Roman to get the judge on the line. He tells EJ they’ll be moving in tonight, so he needs to write the statement now. EJ says he’ll do whatever they need, but they’ll have to go to the mansion without him.

Nick tells Billie that he wasn’t at the house that night, so as far as he knows, Chelsea is telling the truth. Isn’t this all on the surveillance camera? Billie sighs. Since the camera didn’t show Ford’s face, his father is convinced it was an imposter. Chelsea chuckles. Who would go to all of that trouble? Billie sighs. She has no idea what those two are hiding, but she does know that the questions aren’t going to get an easier. I fact, the next time they have this conversation, they might be at the police station. She just hopes Chelsea seems more convincing to the police than she did to Billie. Billie huffs off.

Sami brings EJ a drink and tells him that she appreciates how hard this was for him. She’s grateful for what he did for Marlena. It was really admirable. EJ grumps. All he did was sign a statement. Hopefully it does some good. Sami thinks that if John is really at the mansion, then they can arrest Stefano right away. EJ isn’t sure the charges will stick his father has a way of getting out of these things. EJ thinks it is sad that it has come to this. He never thought he would turn his back on his father. Sami snorts. His father is a monster.

Belle and Claire’s guard honks his horn in frustration. An abandoned van is blocking their exit from the alley. The guard calls dispatch to let them know he’s going to check it out. He exit’s the car, telling Belle to stay there with Claire. He leaves. Belle’s phone rings. It’s Phillip. He wants to talk, but Belle says it isn’t a good time. Rob and Crystal stealthily approach the car.

Sami cant believe she was surprised by EJ’s news after all Stefan has done to them over the years. EJ says he never imagined his father could be capable of such cruel and inhuman behavior. EJ says when he was a child, he never saw that side of Stefano. Sure he was stubborn and had a temper, but most of the time he was kind and gentle. Sami doesn’t blame him for not seeing the full picture at that age. EJ sighs. Everything he has ever knows has been a lie. Sami thinks it’s a good thing. He is finally free from his father’s control. EJ tells her he has betrayed his father. He may have his freedom, but he is completely on his own now.

Chelsea tries to Nick but he cuts her off. He cant believe he just lied to her mom. Chelsea thinks he told the truth. He really wasn’t there when it happened. Nick waves her off. Billie is on to them. She and the other girls should have just called the police right away. Chelsea says they made a mistake. What else can she say? Nick wants her to grow up and tell the truth.

Phillip tells Belle that he respects any decision she makes, even if she chooses to get back together with Shawn. He just wants her to know that if nay thing changes, he will be right here waiting. No matter what. Outside, the guard calls in the VIN for the van and waits to see if it’s stolen. Rob comes up behind him and cocks his shotgun. He places it on the back of the guard’s head and tells him to take it easy so no one gets hurt.

Bo, Hope, Roman, and Marlena sneak up to the DiMera mansion. Roman has the search warrant, but he fears Stefano wont let them in. Bo tells Marlena and Hope to sneak in ahead of Bo and Roman. Do they still know the security code? Hope nods and the two of them sneak inside. Roman wants to know what Bo us up to. Bo smiles. He’ll see.

Stefano peppers John with questions. John is able to tell him that the year is 2008, he has no family, and he belongs to Stefano. He is here to do a mission. Stefano smiles. What is the nature of the mission? John glares. To get the hell out of here. Stefano groans. No, damn it. He can’t leave until Stefano allows him to do so. Rolf comes back and asks for a word. Stefano wants to know if the tracking device has been inserted into John. Rolf says it has. Stefano is glad. He fears John may try to escape again. Rolf tells him there is a more pressing matter at hand. Stefano was right about the police. They’re here.

Chelsea and Nick head outside and he tells Chelsea that the longer she waits to tell, the harsher the punishment will be. Chelsea knows all of this already. Does he think she has forgotten this? She shudders and tells Nick she sees Ford’s face every day. Nick says he felt the same way after Willow died. The only thing that will help is telling the truth. If she keeps this bottled up inside, she’ll go crazy. Chelsea promises she will work all of this out as soon as the others return. Nick suggests a conference call, but Chelsea doesn’t want to ruin their vacations. Nick thinks their Christmases were already ruined because of what happened to Ford. Chelsea has to make a stand and do what’s right. She is one of the strongest people he knows. If anyone can do this, Chelsea can.

Hope and Marlena make their way down into the basement and come up behind John in the lab. Marlena lets out a little cry and grasps Hope’s arm. She thinks that must be John. Hope says they have to get Bo, but Marlena tells her to go alone. She has to stay here with him. Hope doesn’t want her to stay alone, but Marlena insists John would never hurt her. Hope hands her a taser and tells her not to approach John until she and Bo return. Hope heads upstairs.

Rob tells the cop to turn off his phone and set it on the ground. Inside the car, Belle tells Phillip that she and Claire need some time to themselves. Rob shoots the guard at point blank range. He crumples to the pavement. Belle shrieks as Crystal and Rob run up. She screams that there is a baby in the car. Phillip freaks and asks what’s going on. She tells him she’s in an alley and begs for help. Crystal opens the door and tells Belle that she and Claire will have to come with them. Rob hustles them off to the back of the van. Belle cries and begs them not to hurt Claire. Phillip is frantic. He asks if Belle is still there.

Nick knows she doesn’t want to hear this, but it’s time for her to be an adult. When she makes a mistake, she has to learn to pay the consequences. He loves her, but if she cant do this, he doesn’t see what kind of future they could have. Chelsea chokes back a sob. What is he saying. Nick sighs. He’s saying she has to come clean, or this time he’s going to walk away for good.

Phillip rushes up to Belle’s guard and asks if he’s alright. He sits up and groans. He guesses he is. Thank God the guy used rubber bullets. Phillip looks around worriedly. He asks where Belle and Claire are. The guard looks around and gasps. The shooter grabbed them. He groans in pain.

EJ recalls the days’ events. If his father could decimate his bank account and repossess all his furniture over visitation, he’s frightened to think what he will do now. Sami thinks he did the right thing. He may have even saved John’s life. She knows that wasn’t easy, but it made him a better man. EJ wonders if she means that. Sami says she does.

Roman and Bo show Stefano the search warrant and he allows them to come inside. Stefano is glad they are here. While they look around, they can take a look at a new painting he has acquired from Florence. Bo tells him to can the chatter. They’re not here to look at antiques. They’re here to look for John Black. Stefano sweats.

Marlena approaches John. She touches his shoulder and softly calls out for him. He stares straight ahead. She removes his glasses and tries again. He snatches at her and she jumps back with a gaps. She sobs. What have they done to him? What have they done? She is so glad it is really him. John stares at her blankly.


Stephanie tells Max, “I just want you to know how much I appreciate what you've done.” She kisses him.

Crystal tells Belle, “All I want to do is protect you.” Belle cradles Claire and asks, “From who?”

Bo rushes into the room and yells, “Roman!” Roman looks on as Stefano calmly smokes a cigar. Marlena hands something over and says, “It’s okay.”

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