Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/11/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/11/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, Chloe takes pictures of Shawn and Claire. She prompts Claire to make different faces as she snaps away. Chloe praises her presence in front of the camera. Caroline walks over and insists that Chloe squeeze in for a picture, too. Caroline takes a picture of all three of them and then heads off for cake. Shawn tells Chloe how good she is with kids, and she admits that she and Brady wanted to have some. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Shawn thinks she may not be a mom yet, but she’ll make a great one in the future. Shawn goes off to change his uniform and Chloe lets Claire play with her digital camera. Belle comes in and greets Claire, who rushes up to her with the camera. Belle takes it and sees the recent shot of Chloe, Shawn and Claire. She frowns.

At the police station, Sami tells Phillip that she can’t be Lucas’ scapegoat. Phillip sighs. They just need to show that Lucas was just protecting what he loves—his family. Sami demands to know if Lucas actually knows about this idea, or is this something Phillip and that crazy lawyer cooked up. Phillip snorts. She read the letter. Lucas asked for her help. Sami grumps about Lucas not being here to ask her in person. Phillip tells her that Lucas is out of options. She is his only hope. And that should show her how desperate he is. She has to help.

At the mansion, Stefano tells EJ that his threats are becoming monotonous. However, if he tells anyone about Stefano’s houseguest, the consequences will be dire. EJ tells him that as soon as he walks out that door, he’s going to the police station. Stefano rages. If he walks out that door, he won’t come back in. EJ storms off, and comes back in time to hear Stefano say that he will always be his son. EJ says it’s true, but that doesn’t give Stefano the right to control him as he has so many others.

At the station, Marlena lays into Crystal. Does she have any idea what she is putting Marlena through? Crystal insists she told them everything she knows. Marlena makes an impassioned speech about losing her husband. She thought she could go on without him, but she sees now that she was wrong. When Crystal told her John was alive, it affected her. How could she be so cruel? She begs for a shred of hope. Crystal denies seeing John, but she has head that Stefano DiMera is keeping him. Marlena gasps. She knew John was alive. She could feel it. Bo accuses Crystal of trying to play some sick, twisted game. Crystal swears she’s telling the truth. Hope says they need proof. Just then, Crystal’s lawyer shows and cautions her not to say another word. The lawyer tells Bo they have no right to hold her. Bo is suspicious. How did her counsel even know she was here? The lawyer ignores him and tells Crystal to come on. Before she leaves, she tells Marlena that she sees the love for John in her eyes. Marlena stomps. What are they waiting for? They have to get over to the DiMera mansion right away. Roman says they don’t know that John is at the mansion. Hope mentions the slight problem of not having a search warrant as well. Marlena nukes. They don’t believe John is alive, do they? She can see she is the only person willing to fight for him. She storms out.

Stefano chuckles when he sees EJ has returned. He thought that EJ would be willing to walk away from his father, money and furniture. EJ says it’s all easy come, easy go. He can get new furniture. Stefano guffaws. He’s like to see what he can get without any money. EJ snorts. Someone with his résumé and education can easily get a job. He has learned to fight without the gloves on. He has to do this for his family—for his son. If Stefano is asking him to choose between him and his son, then his son will win every time. He tells Stefano to keep his money. He is taking something that is rightfully his, something that encompasses his life—Johnny.

Sami says she can’t get on the stand and claim that this is all her fault. Phillip thought she cared about Lucas. She says she does, but this is the stupidest idea she has ever heard. Phillip tells that she’ll help Lucas if she really loves him. She has to take the stand and say whatever it takes to save him.

Belle asks about Shawn. Chloe says he is upstairs changing. Belle gets an attitude. He left Claire with Chloe? Chloe huffs. Is that a problem? Belle glares. Actually, it is. She sends Claire off to the kitchen to find Caroline. Shawn comes up and tells Chloe that she doesn’t have to apologize for anything. Belle lays into him. Is this supposed to be payback for her leaving Claire with Phillip? Shawn tells her she’s a piece of work. He had to change and left her with Chloe for two minutes. Belle whirls around and accosts Chloe. Shouldn’t she be looking for her missing husband? She obviously doesn’t give a damn what happened to him. Belle doesn’t even know why she is walking around free. No one thinks she’s innocent. Chloe smiles. Phillip thinks she is. He’s the only reason she’s walking around free right now. Belle’s head explodes.

Sami narrows her eyes. How dare Phillip try to emotionally blackmail her? She wants what is best for Lucas, and that’s why she’s here. Saying that she doesn’t love him if she won’t testify is a load of bull. She wants Lucas to be free, but she’s not going to get on the stand and tells some twisted version of why Lucas shot EJ. She has seen how lawyers manipulate people on witness stands, and Lucas’ life is too important to solely rely on her testimony. Phillip doesn’t get it. So she won’t do this because she’s mad at Lucas? Sami groans. No, she meant that she won’t do it because it won’t fix anything. They have to find another way. Phillip sighs. He knows Sami too well. There is no way she will walk away from Lucas now. Sami nukes. She’s not walking away!

Stefano grumbles. He did give EJ his name—DiMera. And that name comes with a responsibility to the family, whether he likes it or not. EJ doesn’t want the name. He is more than happy to go back to being EJ Wells. Stefano scoffs. Being a DiMera is a gift, not something you toss away like an old shoe. EJ doesn’t want what Stefano has. Everyone fears him. EJ doesn’t want his son to be afraid to speak the truth to him. Stefano doesn’t think he knows what the hell he wants or is talking about. EJ knows exactly what he wants—and that is his freedom. Stefano thinks that word means different things to different people. EJ says it only means one thing today. If Stefano will agree to back off, then he will agree to keep his mouth shut about John. Stefano considers, and finally agrees to restore EJ’s furniture and re-open his bank account. He tells EJ to run along now. He has things to do to secure the family’s future. He warns EJ to never threaten him again. EJ doesn’t think he will need to. He thinks they understand each other.

Hope, Bo and Roman watch Marlena as she makes a call outside. Hope sighs. She’s only buying into this because she’s being told what she wants to hear. Roman wishes they could have pumped Crystal for more answers. Hope doesn’t think it matters. Marlena believes her, and that’s the problem. Bo thinks she believes her because Crystal is the only hope she has left. Marlena bursts in, raging. This psychic may be a fake, but her feelings about it are very real.

Belle sneers. So Phillip is helping Chloe? Chloe said she didn’t have anyone else to turn to. Everyone believed that she had something to do with it. Phillip is covering her legal costs. Shawn grins. Phillip is just full of surprises, isn’t he? Caroline comes out with cake and Belle asks for Claire’s piece to go. She thanks her and helps Claire with her jacket. Claire says good-bye to Shawn and they leave.

Back at her apartment, a soaked Sami greets EJ and tells him how much the twins dislike their baths. She tells him that meeting with Lucas’ lawyer was a nightmare. EJ sympathizes. She wants to talk about what happened between him and his father. EJ tells her that he and Stefano came to an understanding. He decided to take Tony’s advice and stand toe-to-toe with Stefano. Sami asks if that means he’s ready to fight his father. EJ knows freedom comes with a price, and he’s willing to pay it so he doesn’t have to spend the rest of his life worrying about his son. Sami sighs. She worries about him every day. EJ wants her help to join with him against Stefano.

Hope wants Marlena to think about this. It’s just not possible that John is alive. Marlena already has. She knows that this is not just some false hope. They have to get that search warrant. Roman says they have no evidence to show a judge. Besides, John was issued a death certificate. Marlena sulks. Then they will have to find another way in. She doesn’t like that they pity her. She knows they all think she’s losing it. Bo and Hope promise they’re going to do all they can for her. Marlena grumbles some more. They are supposed to be her friends. She is acting perfectly rational, and she expects them to give her the benefit of the doubt. Nick shows up with the urn and apologizes for taking so long. Marlena gives him permission to speak in front of everyone. Nick gulps. He doesn’t think she’s going to be happy with the results. He ran the tests twice, and he’s not sure who is in that urn, but it isn’t John. The ashes are at least three years old. Marlena squeals like a school girl. She bum rushes Nick and hugs him, after thanking him profusely. Nick says it was no problem and leaves. Marlena turns on Roman victoriously. She knew John was alive. How about that search warrant now? Roman takes the wind out of her sails. It isn’t enough, and just because those ashes aren’t John’s, that doesn’t mean he is still alive. She just isn’t thinking straight right now. None of them blame her for that. Marlena urges him to stand by her. They could find both Brady and John at the mansion. Roman agrees to try to get a warrant. Marlena thanks him. She knows John is alive. Hope agrees that it is at least possible. Marlena says that they have to start looking at the mansion. If they can’t get a warrant, they’ll have to find another way in.

Chloe apologizes to Shawn about what happened with Belle. She feels like she made things worse. Shawn says it doesn’t matter. Belle is just looking for an excuse to be mad at Shawn, but they’re through. Chloe sighs. She also knows Shawn didn’t like hearing that Phillip was helping her out. Shawn understands, but he does wonder what the deal is with Phillip. What is this hold that he has over both Belle and Chloe?

Belle meets Phillip at a café. She helps Claire dig into her cake, and Phillip comments on what a nice surprise this is. Belle says she got a not-so-nice surprise earlier. She heard Phillip was helping Chloe fight extradition. Phillip admits this is true. Belle huffs. What kind of games is he playing?

EJ begs Sami to let him help her with the twins. She has been on her feet all day. He’s also sorry for upsetting her earlier by asking her to join forces with him. Sami is trying to understand what EJ is going through. His father has been a constant source of torment for her family for years. EJ knows that, but he wants to look to the future and have hope for it. He is going to fight to make sure nothing happens to either her or her son. Sami says she trusted him once, but she doesn’t make the same mistakes twice. She’s not saying she’s going to trust him, but she will help him fight Stefano.

Chloe flashes back to her conversation with Phillip about coming back to Salem. Shawn interrupts her reverie and brings her a beer. Chloe explains that she went to Phillip because he has power and influence. She just couldn’t freak her parents out with this, and you know what? Phillip came through for her. She wonders if Shawn believes her. He asks her point blank if she had something to do with Brady’s disappearance. She says no. Shawn thinks she was acting weird. She came back for a reunion, and outed Belle, but never showed much concern for Brady. She explains to Shawn that the people that kidnapped Brady threatened her. If she was extradited back to Vienna, they would have nabbed her right away. As for the Belle and Phillip thing, she found out about that by accident. He’s a good guy and she hated to see them take advantage of him. He deserves so much better.

Belle doesn’t know what to believe. Phillip warned her that he was in danger, and then he goes and helps the number one suspect in her brother’s disappearance. Phillip says he doesn’t believe Chloe did anything wrong. He knows the guys that took Brady aren’t messing around. He is afraid for both her and Chloe. Belle snaps. So he’s worried about Chloe? Belle had no idea he cared so much. Phillip asks her if she’s jealous.

EJ tells Sami the movers returned his furniture, although he’s never seen a bed in a kitchen before. Sami tells EJ she has to take a nap now, but she is willing to help EJ stand up to Stefano. EJ said he has given it some thought, but he really needs to do this on his own. A knock sounds at the door. Marlena, Bo, and Hope stand there. Marlena is so glad to see EJ there.

Chloe and Shawn play darts. She misses by a mile and Shawn pokes fun. Chloe grumbles. How good is “the dart master” at singing arias? Shawn snickers. At least he knows which way to aim his voice. Chloe sighs. Brady used to tease her about her hand-eye coordination. Shawn soothes her. He thinks Brady will turn up. Chloe says she still loves him, even though they were talking about getting divorced. Feelings don’t just vanish overnight. Shawn knows exactly what she means. He suggests another game. The winner will buy the next round of drinks. Chloe agrees.

Belle scoffs. She is not jealous of Chloe. She came on to Phillip, and it paid off. Good for her. Phillip tells her to give him a break. There will never be anything between the two of them. They are just friends. Belle whines. That’s just fine with her. He and Shawn can be friends with Chloe all they want. Phillip sighs. If she cares about it that much, then he wont hang out with Chloe anymore. He’s only interested in Belle, anyway. Belle won’t let it go. She wonders why Phillip even helped Chloe to begin with if that were true. Phillip thinks she’s making a big deal out of nothing. Belle nukes. How dare he pretend like this doesn’t matter! It matters to her!

Marlena tells Sami and EJ that John is alive. Stefano has him. She’ll fill them in on all the details later. Right now, they have to get into that mansion. Sami asks if Roman knows. Marlena tells he is trying to get a warrant to search right now. They’re not sure if time is on their side, so Marlena doesn’t want to wait on the warrant. But she needs EJ’s help to do that. She pleads with him to tell her if he knows if John is alive. EJ sighs. He is sorry, but he can’t help them.

Shawn thanks Chloe for helping him with Claire and hopes they can do this again soon. Chloe enjoyed it, too. It’s nice to have a friend in town. She promises to send him the pictures she took of Claire, and he apologizes for bringing Brady up. They both agree they should hang out more often.

Phillip asks Belle if they can talk about this at his place. Belle scoffs. What will they talk about, trust? Phillip admits that not telling her about Chloe may have been a mistake. Belle needs someone that she can rely on, and Phillip is clearly not that person. She can’t believe he would do this after everything they have been through. If she can’t trust him, they have nothing. Phillip rolls his eyes. She isn’t being rational right now. Belle huffs, collects Claire and tells her they’re leaving.

Bo smirks. EJ can’t help them, or just won’t? Marlena knows they are asking him to betray his father, but she can see that he isn’t like Stefano. She heard that he wants to change, and she believes that is true. Can’t he prove that here and now to all of them? Sami tells them that she and EJ just discussed taking a stand against Stefano. If he says he doesn’t know anything, then they should believe him. EJ stops her. Actually, they shouldn’t believe him, because he does know something. They’re right. John isn’t dead. Everyone gapes.


Nick tells Chelsea, “Girls, we're going to vote on the theme for the Valentine's Day ball. Then we have to figure out to do with the frat guy we killed.” She whispers, "Would you shut up?"

Phillip asks Belle, "What do you want me to do? Name it." Belle glares, "You can help me to put my marriage back together."

Rolf tells Stefano, "He is progressing very nicely." Stefano replies, "Good. Our friend here can embark on his mission even sooner."

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