Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/10/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/10/08


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At her apartment, Sami rages about Lucas telling Will about the shooting. EJ asks if she has spoken to him. Sami says no. Carrie and Austin won’t make him talk to her. EJ thinks he will come around, but Sami doesn’t. He blames all of this on her. She imitates Carrie, using a high-pitched, wheedling voice, “He just feels like you broke up his family, Sami, and he doesn't understand why you married EJ, Sami.” She scoffs. Like she needs that. The last thing Will told her was to tell Lucas that he loved him. She loves Will, too, but she’s afraid that he has given up on her. She sniffles. She may as well have pulled the trigger herself.

Lucas meets up with Kate at the police station. He grumbles about her coming after he forbade her to do so. She thinks Lucas needs his family. Even though he changed his name, he is still half Roberts. Just as Lucas threatens to go back to his cell, Phillip breezes in saying he was just having a conference with Lucas’ legal team. They have a plan. Lucas is all ears. Phillip tells him he needs to plead not guilty by reason of temporary insanity. Lucas grins. They’re both crazy. Do they know that?

Bo and Hope sit outside Crystal’s store, posing as a homeless couple. Bo jokes about Chez Rouge being booked up and offers Hope her favorite coffee, half-foam, hold the cow…Hope finishes, “Dry on land, blah, blah.” Bo tells her he needs her to try to snap a picture of Rob if she can. They think he’s working with Crystal. Rob shows up. Bo snores loudly, pretending to be asleep. Hope huddles under her blanket and snaps pictures of Rob with her cell phone camera.

At her place, Marlena flips through a family photo album and sighs. Roman walks in and startles her. He explains that he tried the bell, and then let himself in with his key when she didn’t answer. He sympathizes with her about John and their great love. She doesn’t know how she will go on without him. Roman thinks she will be fine. She has a lot of years ahead of her, and John would want her to move on eventually. Marlena says she still senses something, but it isn’t grief. She feels like John is out there somewhere. Roman thinks she just wants to believe that. Marlena sulks. What if he is alive?

At the mansion, Stefano tells John how important his mission is. Once he’s started, there is no turning back. John nods. It’s understood. John wants to know when he can get out of here. Stefano sighs. They’ve gone through this. He can’t be seen in this town. John wants to know why.

Rob walks over and tells Bo and Hope that there is a shelter down the street. Hope says it’s full. Rob grumps. That’s just too bad. They can’t stay here. Hope asks acidly if Rob owns the place. He says he doesn’t. She glares. Then they’re staying. There’s nothing he can do about it. Rob huffs off, saying “We’ll see.” Bo asks Hope if she got the picture. She said she did. Bo wants to show it to Belle. If she recognizes it, then they can haul the guy in.

Marlena thinks there is a chance that John is still alive. Look at Stefano. How many times have they thought he was dead? It has to be possible that John is still alive. Roman sighs. She witnessed his accident. She was there at the hospital, and she was there when he died. Marlena insists. It isn’t logical for Stefano to be alive, but yet he is. Roman says if there was any way to bring John home, he would do it. At this point, all he can do is swear to her that they will catch John’s killers. Roman says he has to go keep an appointment, but promises to call. He asks her to let go of John and leaves. Marlena whispers that she can’t.

Stefano tells John that it’s too dangerous for him to go out. John asks if he knows people in Salem. Is that why? Will he be recognized? Stefano sighs. As he has already said, John is a wanted fugitive. He cannot leave. Rolf comes in as John demands to know why he is being held here. Stefano tells Rolf to take John back to his quarters. Stefano pulls Rolf aside and tells him John is asking too many questions. Can he up his meds? Rolf doesn’t think so. Perhaps John is looking for something or someone. Stefano grumps. He is not supposed to remember anything from his past. Rolf tells him not to worry. John will be ready when the time comes. He leaves with John, telling him that they’ll make Stefano proud.

Lucas refuses to plead temporary insanity. Phillip pleads with him to at least hear them out. He doesn’t have anywhere better to go anyway. Phillip explains that the police have the proof that Lucas shot EJ. Their only chance is to present mitigating circumstances. They’ll even have psychiatrists testify. Lucas shakes his head. He wasn’t insane at all. Kate tells him not to be embarrasses. What he has put up with from Sami for the past few months is enough to make any man snap. Lucas sighs. What do they want him to do, stand up in front of a judge and tell him his wife drove him nuts? Phillip shakes his head. No, they want Sami to do it.

EJ praises Sami on her parenting skills as she soothes Johnny. Sami whines about Will and how he’ll never forgive her. All Will wanted was a normal life with two parents, and Sami could never give him that. EJ offers to talk to Will for her. He’ll explain what happened and take full responsibility. She tells him she doesn’t want him anywhere near Will. He has done enough already.

Lucas refuses to blame Sami for this. He was the one that brought the gun to the church and pulled the trigger. Phillip thinks the fact that Lucas thought he could get away with this proves his temporary insanity. Kate rehashes what Sami did. She got pregnant, and the divorced Lucas almost the second she found one of her children was father by her rapist. Who would marry someone who raped them? Phillip thinks Sami made a fool out of Lucas. Lucas freaks. He’s nobody’s fool! Do they hear him? Phillip scoffs. He sure is acting crazy. He winks and says he has a meeting to attend. He leaves. Kate tells Lucas that she knows he wants to take responsibility for his actions, but it could be disastrous. He needs her help. Lucas tells Kate that Sami isn’t speaking to him. Kate suggests that he write a letter. Kate will deliver it herself.

Hope shivers and wishes that Crystal would show. Right on cue, she does. Bo throws off his blanket and hurries up to her. He tells her he is with the Salem P.D. and has a few questions.

Nick shows up at Marlena’s place. She thanks him for coming over and says she has a favor to ask him. However, this is a family matter and completely confidential. Nick understands. Marlena tells him that she needs to know if John is dead. Nick gulps. Does she want him to exhume his body? Marlena shakes her head. His body isn’t in his grave. Nick gapes.

Bo wants to look at Crystal’s ID, but she says she doesn’t have it on her. What does he want? Bo tells her they have reason to believe that she has information on a hit and run that led to a death, and possibly an abduction in Europe. Crystal tells him he has the wrong woman. Hope reminds her of what she told Marlena about John and what she told Hope about Marlena being in danger. Crystal sighs. She’s a psychic. She sees things, that’s all. Bo tells her she’s about to see the inside of a police car. They’re taking her downtown for questioning. Crystal protests as Bo and Hope haul her off.

Marlena explains that John’s body was exhumed and cremated at her request. She did it because she didn’t want the DiMeras to get it and start playing mind games with her family. She hands Nick the urn containing the ashes and asks Nick if he still has access to the hospital lab. Nick tells her he’s used the university lab ever since he got fired from the hospital. She wants him to test the ashes. Nick doesn’t get it. Does she have reason to believe they aren’t his? Nick tells her that he can’t test for DNA. About all he can do is let her know if they’re human or not. Nick promises to be discreet and heads out, bumping into Roman, who has returned. He tells her that Bo and Hope picked up Crystal and are bringing her in for questioning. Marlena wants to go down there. Roman promises to arrange it if she tells him why Nick was leaving with what appeared to be a crematory urn. What’s going on?

Kate shows up at Sami’s place and asks EJ about her. EJ points to the bedroom and sees some men moving a couch out of his apartment. He rushes out to speak to them as Sami comes out of the bedroom. She goes outside and asks what’s going on. He tells her that Stefano is repossessing his furniture. After the brouhaha at Mythic with the SEC, he signed most of everything over to his father. EJ asks the men to move his couch back into his house and hands them a wad of bills. He thanks them for their time and trouble and tells Sami he has to go take care of this. She turns back to Kate who asks why Sami is throwing Lucas to the wolves. Sami doesn’t wan to talk about Lucas. Kate explains that Phillip’s lawyers are working, but he cant get off if his own wife turns against him. Sami sulks. His ex-wife, she means. Kate scoffs. She really is a DiMera now, huh? She hands Sami the letter from Lucas and tells her that she’ll help now--when he needs is most--if she really cares about him. She leaves in a huff. She reads Lucas’ letter. He apologizes for doing this to their family. All he wanted was for them to all be able to live in peace. He misses her and their family. He tells her he needs her help and asks her to call Phillip. The lawyers will explain everything. She has to remember that they’re a team and they can beat this together. Sami sobs.

Marlena explains to Roman that she had John cremated to protect his remains from the DiMeras. She just wants Nick to test them to be sure. Roman shakes his head. They went over this. John is dead. She cant really believe this psychic. Marlena thinks she knows things, but Roman thinks the DiMeras may have told her all she knows. Marlena frowns. So he thinks this is all part of some twisted plot? Roman grins. There’s only one way to find out. They head off.

EJ comes into the mansion to find Stefano relaxing and enjoying a drink. Stefano offers him a drink and asks about his evening. EJ scoffs. It would be nice to have a shot as the last of his furniture is being hauled away. Stefano chuckles. EJ put it so eloquently himself. What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is yours. EJ glares. Is he referring to his son? Stefano rages. EJ is lucky he didn’t bump him over the head for the way he treated him. How dare he keep him away from his own grandchild? He doesn’t care for furniture or any of it. Its not important without family. EJ grimaces. His sofa for his son, eh? Stefano screams. Does EJ think this is a joke? He has no idea what the stakes are. EJ doesn’t care. What’s going on downstairs is despicable and he knows it. Stefano says it’s none of his business. EJ folds his arms. They’ll just see about that.

At the police station, Crystal complains about being dragged down there. Hope accuses her of threatening Marlena’s life at the pub. Crystal explains that she was trying to warn Marlena about her daughter. She’s just a psychic. Bo thinks she works for Stefano, but Crystal denies it. She’s self-employed. Bo tells her that her building is owned by a DiMera. Crystal claims she found the place to rent through an agent. Hope asks about Brady, whom Crystal says is in danger. Bo asks about her boyfriend. Crystal scoffs. They can either arrest her now, or let her go. She’s finished talking.

Sami shows up at the station, looking for Lucas, but Phillip tells her he thought it would be best if she met with his head counsel first, Cameron Reese. Cameron explains that she’ll need to take the stand in Lucas’ defense. Sami scoffs. Everyone knows he’s guilty. He confessed. Cameron waves her hand. She knows Lucas isn’t innocent. They have to prove that he’s not guilty, which is different. Cameron believes that Lucas was, in fact, temporarily insane. Sami groans. No offense to Phillip, but Lucas’ mother is the only nut job. Lucas is the sanest person she knows. Phillip explains that they’re just trying to keep Lucas out of jail. Cameron tells her that rational people van be driven crazy by extenuating circumstances. Cameron goes over a list of Sami’s misdeeds from the past year. Sami whines. She feels like she is the one on trial. Phillip asks Cameron to go get coffee and tries to explain things to Sami himself. He knows she is angry, but come on. Does she really want Will and Allie’s dad locked up behind bars? Sami sighs. So they want her to testify that this is all her fault. This sure won’t help her case with Will. Sami sniffles and feels sorry for herself. After she has worked so hard to change, she has to go and admit that she still destroys people’s lives. She looks up and refuses. Lucas didn’t even come ask her himself, so to hell with him and Phillip.

EJ wants to know if this was supposed to be some kind of warning. Stefano chuckles. Yes, but a minor one. Stefano tells him that if he tells anyone what he knows about his project, he’ll destroy everything EJ loves dearly. EJ sighs. He wants everything back. His cars, stock portfolio--even his trust find. Stefano smirks. And if he refuses? EJ says he will go straight to the police and let them know who is living in the basement.

Marlena rush into the police station just as Crystal readies herself to leave. Marlena stops her for a moment. She said her husband was alive and his son was in danger, then she ran. Why did she run away? Everyone starts talking at once. Marlena yells over them. She just wants to know if John is really alive. Crystal stares.


Phillip tells Sami, "Sami, he's out of options. You're it. And that's to show you how desperate he is. You have to help him."

Marlena asks Nick, "Did you get it?" He replies, "Yes, but you're not going to like it."

Stefano tells EJ, "If you walk out that door, you won't walk back in."

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