Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/9/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/9/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the sorority house, Stephanie thrashes in her bed and dreams about her rape. She wakes up shrieking and Max, who is sleeping nearby, rushes over to soothe her. Everything will be alright. She just had a nightmare.

At the pub, Hope and Kayla talk about how great Caroline is for sitting Ciara and Claire all the time. Hope asks about Kayla’s appointment with the fertility doctor. Kayla gushes about Dr. Walters. He was so supportive of her, and he even has a great success rate with women her age. Hope gasps. Kayla isn’t that old! Kayla nods. She admits it. She’s a bit over the hill. Basically she just has to take her temperature to see when she’s ovulating, and just keep trying. Of course, Steve also has to go get checked out, too. Kayla can’t believe Steve hasn’t tried to get out of it yet. Hope thought he was already on board. Kayla says he is, but she worries he is only doing this to make her happy. She wants him to want to have a baby on his own. She wishes she knew for sure if that were the case.

Across the room, Abe, Bo and Roman fill Steve in on the situation with Brady’s disappearance, Lucas’ assault, and the building owned by C.B. DiMera. Steve shakes his head. So this psychic, Crystal, is mixed up with the DiMeras? Roman isn’t sure. The building was rented a few months ago under a dummy corporation in South America. The problem is that they don’t know who C.B. DiMera is or what their connection to the DiMeras is. Steve asks if they’ve searched the place. Roman tells him the judge denied the warrant on the basis of probable cause. Bo scoffs. Stefano being alive should be enough for probable cause.

At the DiMera mansion, John sits quietly and puffs on a cigar. Stefano wants him to study a dossier and memorize it. John sulks. Stefano asks what’s wrong. John says he wants to go out. Stefano shakes his head.

At her place, Marlena flashes back to telling Stefano that she will become his killer. Belle comes out saying she has to pick Claire up at the pub. Shawn is at the academy all day, so Hope is sitting her. Marlena sympathizes. She knows Hope is the last person Belle wants to see right now. Belle sighs. She’s sure the feeling is mutual. Marlena thinks she will get over it. She is just trying to protect Shawn. Belle knows Hope won’t cut her any slack, so she wants to get this over with as soon as possible. Belle asks if Marlena can come with her, but she says she has an important appointment. Belle runs into the officer on guard outside, and he tells her he has to accompany her to the pub. Belle smiles wanly. She does need some protection from her mother in law. They leave. Nearby, Rob and Crystal fret about Belle’s guard. Crystal makes a call and tells the person on the other end that the police are all over Belle. What are they supposed to do?

Neither Bo or Roman want to tell Marlena about the search warrant. When Steve asks why, they tell him about Marlena’s meltdown from the day before. Steve knows a way to do a little snooping without a warrant. He’ll be available to do that for them if they want to keep their hands clean. Kayla walks over and tells him he isn’t doing anything today. He has that appointment at the doctor’s office. Steve thanks her for reminding him and heads out to go to the appointment. Kayla asks him if he really wants to do this. Steve wonders why she keeps asking this. He is starting to wonder if she doesn’t believe him.

Stephanie apologizes to Max for breaking down like that. She feels like an idiot. Max asks if she has considered talking to someone, like a professional. Stephanie says she would go to Marlena, but she has taken a leave of absence. Her mom wants her to go see someone named Dr. Whitney. Max encourages her to go. Besides, doesn’t she want her nightmares to stop? Stephanie isn’t sure. She doesn’t want to dig up all of those bad feelings. Max tries to make a comparison. He knows that sometimes to fix a car, you have to take it apart, piece by piece. He knows she can do this. She just has to give it a try. Stephanie quails, so Max offers to go with her.

Stefano lays into John. Every time he has been out, he has been spotted. They were lucky no one saw his face. As Stefano has told him before, he is a wanted fugitive. They don’t want John getting arrested and thrown into prison for life. Rolf comes in and tells Stefano that Marlena is at the door. Stefano tells Rolf to get rid of her. Rolf says he can’t, so Stefano tells him to stall her. Stefano hands John a small device so he can listen in on Stefano’s conversation. He instructs John to go hide nearby. John leaves just before Marlena strides into the room. She demands to know where Brady is.

Kayla is just worried because Steve changed his mind about having a baby so quickly. She just wants a final assurance that this is what he really wants. Steve knows she knows about his past. He could never bring a child into this world that he didn’t want. Kayla sighs with relief. She’s glad. It’s just that once they go through with this, there’s no turning back. Steve promises that they’re on the same page.

Stephanie tells Max she was able to make an appointment with Dr. Whitney. Max seems relieved, and tells her he thinks she’s doing the right thing. He offers to drive her down to the hospital. Stephanie thinks he has done enough, but she insists. She thanks him profusely for being so nice, especially after the horrible way she treated him. Max says they’re friends. He said he would be there for her every step of the way and he meant it.

Stefano says he knows nothing of Brady’s whereabouts. Is he missing? Marlena knows he’s up to his eyeballs in this. She peppers him with questions about Brady, Chloe, and the psychic, Crystal. Stefano claims innocence. The only psychic he knows is Celeste. Marlena ticks off a list of his crimes, from John’s death and Lucas’ assault to Lexie’s kidnapping. She thinks it’s funny how so much goes around here without him knowing a thing. Stefano can’t help her, so he asks Rolf to escort her out. Marlena pulls out her pistol and says she isn’t going anywhere. She warns Rolf to step back.

Bo and Roman agree to go out to Crystal’s storefront and see if someone is there. If so, they may be able to get inside using a little intimidation. Outside, they run into Belle and Roman tells the officer to keep his eye on her. As Bo and Roman head off, Belle flashes back to her fight with Hope about Hope’s gossiping and her affair with Patrick Lockhart. Belle sighs heavily and walks into the pub. Hope tells her that Claire is in the kitchen with Caroline. Kayla goes off to get her. Hope asks about Marlena. Belle says she is as good as can be expected. Flustered, Belle stammers. She knows this is all her fault. She is so sorry. Hope nods. Yes. It is her fault.

Marlena taunts Rolf and Stefano. She loves this gun because it was John’s. It’s also untraceable because the serial numbers have been scraped off. She smiles. She could blow him away so easily. No one even knows she’s here. Stefano is desperate. He tells her Rolf will know. Marlena scoffs. She meant to save a bullet for Rolf, of course. Isn’t it funny that he’ll be killed by the gun of the man he killed? That’s how she likes her irony served up. Stefano tells her to go ahead and do it, unless of course, she can’t. John flashes back to Marlena holding the gun on him outside her car. Shots ring out.

At the hospital, Steve walks in and asks the receptionist where Dr. Walker’s office is. She points down a hallway and Steve heads off. Stephanie comes up moments later and asks for Dr. Whitney. She thanks Max again for coming with her. Dr. Whitney comes over and Stephanie asks if what she says will go back to her mom. The doctor assure her everything she says is kept in strict confidence. Stephanie is just worried her dad will find out. He would freak if he knew she was here. The doctor assures her everything will be alright and they walk off.

Belle doesn’t blame Hope for being happy that her marriage is over. Hope says she isn’t. Shawn is devastated and Claire is upset. Hope hurts for all of them, Belle included. She’s glad that the truth is finally out in the open. Kayla comes back with Claire. Belle takes her and they leave. Kayla asks what happened, and Hope tells her what she said to Belle. Kayla nods. That’s for the best. She shouldn’t alienate her. After all, she and Shawn may work things out. Hope agrees. There is always a chance.

Bo and Roman snoop around Crystal’s store. Bo thinks he sees someone moving around inside. Roman bangs on the door. He yells to the person to open up for the police. Rob opens up, looking bewildered. He’s just here to work on renovations. Roman smirks. He has no tools or materials. Rob gets defensive. He was just here checking things out today. The job hasn’t yet officially started. Bo and Roman want to speak to the owner, but Rob claims they’re out of the country. Bo asks if C.B. DiMera sounds familiar, but Rob only thinks it does because the last name has been in the papers. Some company pays the bills, but he cant remember the name. Bo asks if they can search, but Rob wants to see a warrant first. Bo tells him it was nice chatting with him. Rob leaves.

Hope and Kayla talk about Marlena and how she’s been dealing with John’s death. Hope knows it hasn’t been easy after what has happened with Brady and Belle so soon after John’s death. Kayla worries that she may take matters into her own hands.

Stefano gapes at his desk, splintered before him. Marlena smiles. She said she would shoot, and she meant it. She thinks he should call the police, but she know he won’t, because they would want to poke around the place. Stefano tells her to leave. She tells him the shots were a warning. She wont miss next time. She leaves. She stops in the foyer as if she senses something. John watches her from his hiding place. Stefano laughs. Marlena is really something. John stares.

Bo knows something is going on here. Roman agrees. Their friend was none to anxious to leave his name with them. Roman thinks they should stake the place out. Bo volunteers for the night shift.

Max sits in the waiting room and flashes back to Stephanie’s confession about her rape. Dr. Whitney comes out with Stephanie and says they’re off to a good start. Stephanie will be coming in twice a week, so she’ll see her in a few days. Stephanie tells Max about her appointment. It felt good to talk. The doctor asked about her wreck last year, and told her that people are meant to heal. That’s why she remembers the pain from the accident, but doesn’t feel it anymore. Max thinks it’s great she decided to come. He offers to buy her lunch. Dr. Whitney comes back out and hands Stephanie her prescription for sleeping pills. Steve overhears and asks Stephanie what’s going on. She tells him that Kayla set up the appointment. She hasn’t been sleeping well lately, and she just needed to talk about some stuff. Steve gets it. It’s a girl thing. He won’t pry, but he wants her to know he’s there for her. She thanks him and asks why he’s there. He tells her it’s just for a check-up. They hug and he leaves. Stephanie sighs and tells Max that she knows her dad. He’s going to go straight to her mom and he wont stop until she tells him what’s going on.

Bo comes back to the pub and asks Hope if she has plans that evening. Bo wants her to spend a romantic evening with her favorite guy. Hope jokes. He’s out of town. Bo laughs and says he was thinking about having some hot coffee in a cold car. Hope sighs with relief. Thank goodness it’s a stakeout. She was afraid he wanted to do dinner and dancing. Hope asks when shell be debriefed. Bo flirts. How about now? Kayla rolls her eyes and then rushes to meet Steve as he comes in. She asks about his appointment and he tells her everything went well. Is she ready to make a baby? They hug and we flashback to the birth of Stephanie.

Max wonders if it would be so horrible if Steve knew the truth. There’s not really a whole lot he can do to Ford at this point. Stephanie still think he will go nuts, and neither her or her mom can handle that right now. Stephanie says she has to call her mom and do damage control.

She calls as Kayla and Steve talk about adopting if they can’t conceive. Kayla answers her phone and Steve gives her some privacy. Stephanie tells her about running into Steve at the hospital. He knows she’s seeing a shrink, and he’s going to try to milk Kayla for information. Kayla tells her Steve hasn’t said anything and he’s right here. She should give her dad a little credit, and besides, Kayla wont say a word without her permission. Stephanie thanks her and they hang up. Steve suggests they go home and practice some techniques he learned at the office. They kiss.

Stephanie cant believe her dad kept his promise. Max thinks people can come through when you least expect it.

Belle leaves her guard at the door and greets Marlena. She tells her it could have been worse with Hope. She actually feels sorry for Belle instead of being angry with her. Belle asks about her meeting with her friend. Marlena smiles. He isn’t exactly a friend, but she thinks she made her point. Marlena offers to go make tea, but Belle insists she will. She heads into the kitchen with Claire. Marlena smiles.


Lucas asks Phillip, "What do you want me to do, stand up in front of a judge and tell them the woman I love drove me nuts?" Phillip replies, "No, you want Sami to do it."

Roman asks Marlena, "You want to believe that John is still here?" Marlena frets, "What if he's alive?"

Stefano tells John, "Once you start this assignment, there is no turning back." John nods, "Understood."

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