Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/8/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/8/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Billie tells Kate that they’re dealing with a nightmare situation on campus. Kate hopes Chelsea isn’t involved. She only has time for one crisis now that Lucas has been arrested. Billie asks for what. Kate sighs. He shot EJ. Billie exhales heavily. She isn’t surprised. She suspected as much, but didn’t know what to do. Kate wants Billie to convince Lucas to see her. Billie doesn’t think Lucas will listen, but Kate urges her to try. Lucas’ life could depend on it.

At Marlena’s place, Phillip plays with Claire as Chloe looks on. Shawn shows up and asks for Claire’s things. Phillip explains that Belle had an emergency situation, which is why he is watching their daughter. It had something to do with Marlena. Shawn huffs. He is Claire’s father. Belle should have called him. Phillip explains that Belle didn’t want him to miss orientation. Shawn rolls his eyes and sarcastically notes how sweet that was of her. Chloe asks if Shawn wants her to go get Claire’s stuff, but he cuts her off and glares at Phillip. Phillip may have stolen his wife, but there is no way he’s going to steal his daughter, too.

EJ bangs on the door of the mansion. Rolf answers and EJ demands to see his father. Rolf tells him Stefano isn’t at home. As he starts to close the door, EJ hears a noise and stops him. Who is that, their houseguest? Who is he, and why are they holding him hostage?

Marlena, Belle, and Sami burst into Abe’s office. Marlena confronts Abe, Roman, and Bo. She wants to know what they are going to do to keep her family safe. Abe promises her they are doing everything possible. Marlena cuts him off. Have they arrested Stefano? Abe says they haven’t. Roman tries to soothe her. They all know how worried she is. Marlena stomps. She is actually angry. John’s son is missing and Belle and Claire were nearly abducted. Lucas was practically beaten to a pulp in a jail cell. She wants Stefano arrested, and she won’t stop until he is.

Chloe takes Claire over to look at the fire while Shawn and Phillip argue. Phillip sighs. He knows Claire is Shawn’s child; he was just doing Belle a favor. Shawn fumes. Sure, Phillip won Belle over, but he won’t do the same with Claire. Chloe interrupts and asks if she can get Claire’s things for Shawn. Shawn says he’ll do it. He huffs off, telling Phillip that he hopes he enjoyed watching Claire, because this is the last time. Chloe glares at Phillip. He seems pretty pleased with himself. Phillip smiles and says everything is working out just as he planned.

EJ presses Rolf for details to no avail. Rolf keeps mum, and tells him he has to come back some other time. Stefano calls for Rolf. He looks around desperately and tells EJ to leave. As EJ turns to go, grumbling that he will be back, Stefano shouts out for Rolf.

Billie thinks Kate is being dramatic, until she fills her in on Lucas’ run-in with Stefano’s henchman. Billie freaks. Was Lucas hurt? Kate says EJ managed to stop the assault before it got too far, but he almost got killed in the process. Billie breathes a sigh of relief. She’d never thought she’d say this, but thank God for EJ. Kate says Lucas isn’t out of the woods just yet. Stefano will most likely send someone else. Luckily, Kate has a plan. The less Billie knows the better; Kate just needs her to make sure her name is on Lucas’ visitors’ list. Billie says she will try, but can’t guarantee anything.

Abe doesn’t know what to tell Marlena. They’re working on building a case against Stefano. Marlena fumes. Meanwhile, he walks the street, capable of hurting her family. The depth of her grief is unspeakable. She doesn’t know how much longer she can carry on. Roman soothes her. They have some really promising leads. Bo jumps in and tells her they are all angry about what has happened. Marlena huffs. No one is angrier than her. If they can’t make this happen by the book, then she thinks they need to consider another alternative.

EJ uses a credit card to break into the mansion.

Phillip tells Chloe what a good job she did with Shawn. Now he needs her to do something else. When she heads back to the pub, he wants to talk badly about him in front of Shawn. He wants Shawn to get angry enough to lose it in front of Belle. Chloe doesn’t get it. Phillip tells her that Belle thinks Phillip is the reason her marriage fell apart. He thinks Belle and Shawn broke up because they don’t belong together. If Shawn loses his cool, it makes Phillip look better. Chloe says the way his mind works scares her sometimes. Phillip sighs. He isn’t trying to be a bad guy; he just loves Belle. He knows she has feelings for him, and he wants to clear the air.

Abe asks Marlena if she’s talking about becoming a vigilante. If she takes matters into her own hands, she’ll go to jail. Is that what she wants? Belle and Sami try to calm Marlena down. Belle thinks she needs to go home and rest. Marlena freaks. She is lucid and clear-headed. She came here for answers, and she’s getting the run-around. Roman says they all know how she feels. How many times has Stefano slipped from their grasp? Sami explains that they all just want John’s killer caught before he becomes a distant memory. Marlena agrees. She wants justice. She is also worried about Brady. Chloe knows something more than she is telling. Abe promises that they will work on both cases. If there is a common denominator, they’ll find it. Belle and Sami convince Marlena to go home. Roman promises that none of them will rest until Stefano is put away. Roman pulls Sami aside and asks her to keep an eye on Marlena. Sami says she will do her best, but she thinks his best bet is to arrest Stefano as soon as possible.

Phillip wants more details on what went down between Brady and Chloe in Austria. Chloe snaps. It’s none of his business, and it has nothing to do with what’s going on here. Phillip apologizes. He doesn’t want to force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do. He just loves Belle. Chloe softens. She’s glad to hear that. And maybe Phillip is right about Belle. Who is she to judge him? Chloe agrees to continue helping Phillip and they go over their plan again. Shawn comes out with Claire and leaves. Phillip smiles.

As Marlena leaves Abe’s office, Kate stops her. She knows she must be angry with Lucas for breaking the truce. Marlena smiles. On the contrary, she thinks he should be given the keys to the city. A flustered Kate agrees. Marlena thinks they are both just trying to take care of their families. She leaves. Billie comes over and tells Kate that Lucas has refused to see her. Kate doesn’t care. She’ll get in somehow. Billie suggests that Kate give Lucas some space.

EJ sneaks down to Rolf’s lab. He hides behind a door and waits for Rolf to leave. As soon as he does so, EJ comes in to find a figure under a sheet, cuffed to the table. EJ draws back in horror, then finds the courage to pull the sheet back. It’s John Black lying there, his chest covered with electrodes and monitoring devices. Stefano chuckles behind EJ. He’s a magnificent specimen, is he not? EJ wants to know how this is even possible. Does he have any idea what he has done? He shakes his head in horror. Stefano brags. This is his greatest creation. Plus, he has managed to secure a future for Giovanni. EJ tells him the only ting he has done is assure that he and Sami will never have a future. Stefano says he only did what was necessary. This man was bred for a purpose. EJ vows that Stefano’s purpose will never see the light of day. He rushes upstairs with Stefano in pursuit. EJ reaches the living room and grabs the phone. Stefano yanks it away. EJ is not going to turn against him.

Roman worries about Marlena. He thinks they need to have an officer around her at all times. Abe agrees but asks them to keep working on the case. They have to nail Stefano. The clock is working against them. If the don’t close this case now, Marlena or Stefano will do it for them.

Kate thinks Lucas needs her, but Billie thinks he needs space. Kate is aghast. Lucas almost died tonight, and Stefano is going to keep coming after him. She has to speak to him--she has to protect him. Billie begs Kate to give Lucas a little time. Kate gave her the same advice about Chelsea about a year ago. Doesn’t she remember that? Billie says it was the best advice Kate ever gave her. Billie says she has to go and promises to call. Kate muses.

Marlena and Belle arrive back at her place to find Phillip. Marlena goes into the other room to make a call about the security system. Belle tells Phillip how worried she is about her mom. She lost it today in Abe’s office. Phillip says Marlena is one of the strongest women he knows. It may take a while, but she’ll get through this rough patch. Belle asks about Claire and Phillip tells her Shawn came by and got her. Belle thought he had orientation, but Phillip thinks he must have finished early. Anyway, he was not happy she left her with Phillip. He told Phillip it would be the last time he was with Claire and then he left with Chloe. Belle frowns. Chloe was there? Phillip shrugs. Maybe they’re hanging out now. Belle cant believe this. She thought she was doing Shawn a favor and he’s mad? Marlena strides in and accosts Belle. What did she expect, letting a man she had an affair with watch their child? What was she thinking. Belle flushes. Phillip says he should leave and beats a hasty retreat. Marlena sits down and sighs. She doesn’t know what is wrong with her. One minute she’s calm and rational, and the next she’s angry enough to explode. Belle says it’s ok. She knows Marlena didn’t mean it. Marlena says she did mean what she said, although she should have said it in a different way. Belle should have left Claire with Maggie or Caroline, not with Phillip. Why did she think Shawn would be ok with that?

Back at the pub, Shawn comes downstairs and tells Chloe that Claire is upstairs brushing her teeth with Caroline. Chloe thought he might have changed his mind about that beer. He says he hasn’t. He had to read Claire a story. Chloe gushes. She thinks he makes such a great dad. He tells her that being a parent is an amazing experience. The only reason he didn’t lose it today with Phillip was because Claire was there. He lost Belle, but he’ll always have his daughter. Chloe is so sorry about what happened. Shawn tells her not to apologize. She didn’t do anything wrong. Chloe fails at trying not to look guilty.

Bo slams a book of mug shots closed and declares that Crystal isn’t in any of them. Roman says the computer isn’t offering any hits either. Roman decides to go back to the cleaners, where Marlena first saw Crystal. He tells Bo he’ll be right back.

EJ tells Stefano that he will not allow him to torture that man any longer. Stefano scoffs. Where is his son? EJ thinks he is Stefano’s conscience. He thinks he’s out of control. Stefano growls. There will be severe consequences if EJ tries to stop him. He will lose everything he holds dear. What he has seen today goes beyond Salem and far beyond anything EJ thinks he knows. EJ shakes his head in disgust. Stefano is not the man he thought he was. He turns to go. Stefano asks him to give him a clue if he’s going to turn against him. EJ huffs off.

Belle hangs her head. Marlena is right. She should not have left Claire with Phillip. Marlena thinks she’s going to have to ask herself why she did that eventually. She doesn’t want to judge Belle, she just doesn’t want her to make the same mistakes she made. Belle really wants to talk about this, but not now. She wants to talk about what happened earlier. Marlena really scared her back at the station. Marlena sighs. She is just trying to hold the family together. Belle knows they will get through this, but Marlena thinks it’s hard to be optimistic. Belle thinks she should let John guide her. Marlena agrees. Her phone rings and she excuses herself.

Shawn thinks Chloe looks upset. She says she was just thinking about how different Phillip and Shawn are. She thinks Shawn is more real than Phillip. Shawn is confused. So she thinks Phillip is fake? She nods. Shawn thought she came back to town to hook back up with Phillip. What changed her mind? She says one date changed her mind. He’s not like he used to be. She really respects the way he handled things with Belle, and she thinks he’s a great father. Shawn asks if she’s been thinking of Brady. She tells Shawn how much she misses him. She guesses she just has to have faith. They toast to faith.

Phillip sighs. He is getting tired of meeting Kate at the police station. She fills him on what happened to Lucas. She really needs his help to convince Lucas to see her. He refuses to talk to her, so Phillip has to change his mind. Phillip rolls his eyes and says he’s leaving. She says his brother’s life is in danger, and she needs his help to get him out of prison.

At her apartment, Sami chats on the phone with her brother, Eric. EJ interrupts asking about Johnny. Sami hangs up and asks what’s going on. EJ tells her that his father drew a line, and he just crossed it. He fears that Sami and Johnny could be Stefano’s next targets. Sami asks him to slow down and tell him what happened. EJ tells her that he went to the mansion, and well, he saw a side of Stefano he didn’t know existed. Now he thinks he might be some kind of sociopath. Sami groans. Is he just now figuring this out? Sami has known that her whole life. Stefano doesn’t care about anyone--not even his own flesh and blood. EJ knows she’s right. As long as Stefano is alive, no one is safe.

Roman comes back to the office waving a piece of paper. He got the title for the building that Crystal purportedly worked in. Bo asks who owns it. Roman grins. A DiMera does. Bo asks if it’s Stefano. Roman says no and tells Bo to take a look at the title.

Stefano instructs his guest to study a dossier. Everything is there that he needs to know, including information on the woman who keeps secrets. One secret in particular would rob him of everything his father worked so hard to build. This woman is his mission, his destiny.

Chloe tells Shawn she has had enough beer, but she wishes they could hang out more often. Shawn suggests they start tonight. Caroline and Shawn are with Claire, so he and Chloe could go shoot a few rounds of pool if she wants. She tells him to get ready to get his butt kicked from here to Chicago. Shawn laughs. Is she that good? Chloe flirts. She tells him to watch and learn. Shawn says he’ll watch, but he doubts he’ll learn a thing.

Phillip sighs. Lucas isn’t going anywhere tonight. Kate huffs. They cant just leave him here. Phillip doesn’t see much choice. Kate thinks. They’ll have to help him escape. Phillip tells her she’s crazy. Kate frets. Lucas was nearly killed. Stefano will try again. Phillip offers to post his own guard, but that’s all he can do. Lucas will be fine for now. If she is so worried, she ought to go talk to Stefano herself. Otherwise, she needs to let his lawyers do their jobs.

Sami urges EJ to give her details on what made him so upset with Stefano, but EJ is reticent. He flashes back to finding John and tells Sami that just saw his father in a different light, that’s all. EJ worries Stefano will try to hurt Sami or Johnny. They need to do something now. Sami thinks he should go to the police. Surely he knows something that will put Stefano away. EJ shakes his head. He cant live on the run for the rest of his life. He tells her Stefano is planning something big--bigger than anything he has done before.

Belle gets a text message from Shawn saying Claire is asleep and he will call her tomorrow. Belle sighs and sits down with Marlena. They both dig into a carton of ice cream. Belle really misses hanging out like this. Marlena says she loves Belle and she is so glad she’s here. Belle hopes Marlena doesn’t feel alone. She has all of her friends and family, even if John is gone. Marlena would like to believe that, but she fears Stefano is out there, waiting to attack. Belle doesn’t think they can let dear rule their lives.

As John stares out of the window, Stefano lectures. His guest will help him restore his empire. They’ll teach this woman a new meaning for the word vengeance.

Bo stares at the title and says it doesn’t make any sense. Who is this? Roman isn’t sure, but it looks like there’s a new player in the game. Bo scoffs. Yeah. C.B. DiMera.


Max tells Stephanie, “We're friends, all right? What I said last night about me being here every step of the way, I meant it.

Crystal talks on her cell, “The police are all over Belle. What do you want us to do?”

Marlena points a gun at Rolf and Stefano and says, “I'm not going anywhere. Step back from me right now. I'm going to have some answers.”

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