Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/7/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/7/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the sorority house, Chelsea asks Stephanie to make herself scarce. Nick is coming over, and she needs to talk to him about something important. Stephanie chides her. They all swore they wouldn’t tell anyone about Ford. Chelsea huffs. Nick isn’t just anybody, and besides, she has to tell him something. He knows something is going on. The doorbell rings and Chelsea tries to shoo Stephanie away, but she insists on saying hello. Chelsea opens the door to find Nick and Max standing there. Nick explains that he saw Max at the deli and brought him along. Chelsea frowns. This is supposed to be a private party. Nick tells Max that that is his cue to scram. Max groans. Nick sure did throw him in front of the bus. Stephanie interrupts. She could use a little company, if Max doesn’t mind hanging out with her.

At the pub, Hope videotapes Shawn as he prepares to leave for his first day at the police academy. Shawn groans. This isn’t his first day of kindergarten. Hope makes Bo squeeze in so she can get a shot of them together. Then she asks Shawn to say a few words for Claire. Shawn sighs. He tells Claire that he loves her and always wants to be her hero. Hope oohs and ahs over how sweet Shawn is. Bo wants to go get a doughnut with Shawn, and Hope asks for a French cruller.

Phillip shows up at the police station to find a frantic Belle. She juggles Claire and tells him that Marlena went off to meet that mystery woman from Sami’s apartment. She isn’t answering her phone, so Belle and Roman are going to go look for her. Phillip warns her to be careful. If it really is the same woman from Sami’s apartment, she’s dangerous. Belle knows Roman won’t let anything happen to her. Phillip asks if he can see Claire for a while. Belle says he can. He can take her over to Marlena’s if she gets tired. There’s an officer on duty. Can he stay until she gets back? Phillip wonders where Shawn is. Belle tells him he has orientation for the academy today. Belle tells Claire to be a good girl and leaves. Phillip smiles at Claire. It feels like old times. Maybe they can remind her Mommy what they’ve all been missing.

At the police station, Sami demands to see Lucas, but the officer on duty tells her that visiting hours are over. Sami huffs. She’s not leaving until she sees him. The officer shrugs. Rules are rules. Sami bats her eyelashes and asks him ever-so-sweetly to bend them.

In the holding cell, Carmine tells EJ to stay out of his daddy’s business. He heads menacingly towards EJ. EJ tells him not to make a huge mistake. Carmine wails on him anyway. EJ grunts and doubles over. Lucas shouts for a guard. Sami hears him and looks pleadingly at the officer. That’s Lucas!

At her car, Marlena aims the pistol at the mysterious figure. She threatens to shoot if they don’t stop. Her phone rings, but it goes unheeded.

Back at the pub, Crystal waits for Marlena and urges her to answer her phone. Nearby, Hope snaps pictures of a disgruntled Shawn. Bo presents him with a gift. It’s a St. Michael medal, the patron saint of police officers. Caroline gave both Bo and Roman one when they joined the force, and they’ve had them ever since. Shawn thanks him. He never would have gotten this far if it hadn’t been for Bo. Bo laughs and agrees. He tells Shawn to be safe. Shawn smiles. He promises he will be, but today is just orientation. Hope wonders if he will be ok. He says he will be. It’s a brand new year, after all. Hope is sorry she didn’t tell him about Belle and Phillip. He says it’s ok. It wouldn’t have changed much, anyway. Hope wishes she could make everything perfect for him. He tells her to concentrate on Ciara. He has his own life to build, starting right now. He leaves.

Chloe shows up at the police station and complains to Phillip about having to meet there. He tells her it’s either this, or Marlena’s place. He asks if she has heard about Shawn and Belle. She nods. Bad news travels fast. Phillip scowls. This still doesn’t change their arrangement. It’s possible that Shawn will forgive Belle once his ego heals. Chloe scoffs. Does he really think that Shawn would ever take Belle back? Phillip tells her it’s her job to give him a reason not to.

The figure approaches Marlena with a knife. She gasps and jumps into her car. The man uses the knife to clear her windshield wipers and runs off as Roman and Belle come rushing up. She tells them about the man with the knife. He was wearing a ski mask, so she couldn’t see his face. He didn’t try to hurt her, though; in fact, he helped her. Roman tells Marlena how concerned Belle was when she didn’t return from her meeting with that strange woman. Marlena gasps. She forgot all about Crystal. Roman offers her a ride, and she accepts.

As the officers restrain Carmine, he tells Lucas and EJ to watch their backs. The guards drag him off. Sami demands to know how this monster got into Lucas’ jail cell. Lucas tells her to ask EJ. After all, he knew the guy was sent here to kill him. Sami gasps. OMG! Stefano is after him already! EJ grumbles. He saved Lucas’ life. Lucas snorts. It was more like the other way around. Lucas knows this whole set up was probably just a play for Sami’s affections. It was easy for EJ to swoop in and look like the hero. EJ snaps. If his idea of courage is shooting a man in the back and lying about it, then he’s a braver man than EJ could ever be. EJ tells the guard to get him out of there. Lucas huffs, “Happy trails.”

In her room, Stephanie buzzes around the room chatting about how happy she is to be rooming with Chelsea. She offers Max a drink. He wants her to sit down for a few seconds and talk. She sighs. They can’t just pretend their lives are normal. Max thinks there has been something wrong with her for a while now. Even before Ford’s accident, she was acting strangely. Stephanie doesn’t know where to start, but it may have all gone downhill when he started dating Morgan. When she caught them making out, she took off, looking for somewhere to party. She thought if she found someone new, she could handle it. Max asks if she found someone. Stephanie hangs her head. It was Ford.

Nick kisses Chelsea. Can’t they talk later? Chelsea pushes him away and insists it’s important. She sniffles. They promised not to keep secrets anymore, right? Nick frowns. Is she breaking up with him? Chelsea says she isn’t. She loves him. Nick says they can handle whatever it is. Chelsea knew he would feel that way. That’s why she has to tell him what really happened the night Ford Decker disappeared.

Bo and Hope toast to Shawn. Hope thinks he will make a fantastic cop. She just wishes he could find a woman that would fight for him. Bo thinks he might already have found that woman. Belle and Shawn’s marriage isn’t over until it’s over. If Shawn can forgive her, will Hope be able to? Hope says she would be their biggest supporter if they could end up as happy as Bo and Hope have. Bo knows what would make him happy. He moves in for a kiss.

Crystal pulls out her phone and makes a call. She tells the person she can’t wait much longer for Marlena, but will keep trying to reach her on her cell. Hope walks over and says she couldn’t help but overhear her conversation. Is she referring to Marlena Evans? Isn’t she the psychic Marlena met? Crystal admits she is an acquaintance. Hope wants to know why she told Marlena that John was alive. Crystal changes the subject. She needs Hope to relay a message to Marlena. Marlena has to be extremely careful. She’s in danger.

Stefano and Rolf stumble onto the scene of Marlena’s encounter with their guest. Rolf shakes his head. The man is a powerful specimen. He gave him the maximum dosage of drugs. He should be in a passive state. Stefano snaps. He isn’t passive, he’s reckless. Rolf is failing him. Stefano needs a faithful servant. Rolf has one more chance to mold this man into the soldier he needs. Rolf swears he will not fail Stefano. Stefano nods. That’s good. If their guest is useless to him, then what good is Rolf? Rolf gulps.

Sami crosses her arms and huffs. She talked to Will. She can’t believe that Lucas told him what he did. He is a child, and the burden of this secret should never have rested on his shoulders. Lucas sulks. He didn’t tell Will anything. He must have figured it out for himself. Besides, he is not going to keep lying to the people he cares about the most. Lucas promised Will that he would confess if things got really bad. Sami snorts. What about Allie and Johnny? Will Lucas offer them an explanation during their weekly visits to the state penitentiary? Lucas begs her not to make him feel worse. He feels badly enough already. Sami says he will when his only contact with his children is through a glass barrier. Lucas says he didn’t fail Will, and he won’t fail the twins either. Sami says he already has.

Bo asks Hope if she is sure Crystal is the same woman Marlena referred to. Hope thinks so. She was talking about meeting Marlena at the pub. Then she told Hope that Marlena was in danger. Bo’s phone rings. It’s Abe, telling Bo that Stefano got a plant into the holding cell with Lucas. Believe it or not, EJ showed and saved Lucas’ life. Bo agrees to come down right away. Bo fills Hope in on the news and leaves.

Sami sighs. She doesn’t think they can fix this. Lucas grumps. He isn’t the one who put their kids in the middle of the Brady-DiMera feud. Sami huffs. That is totally different. Even married to EJ, Sami could still spend time with the babies. Lucas sighs. She would be no freer married to EJ than Lucas is now. Why can’t she see that? Sami turns to leave. She guesses they will never find out. She huffs off. Lucas sighs.

Hope, Marlena, Belle, and Roman all discuss Hope’s conversation with Crystal. Belle worries that Marlena’s life could really be in danger. Roman asks about Bo, and Hope fills them in on what happened earlier at the police station with Lucas and EJ. Roman says he has to get down there. He offers to take Marlena with him, but she wants to come along to the station. Roman wants her to let the police handle this, but she refuses. She will no longer play the part of the victim.

Nick tells Chelsea that he cares about her. He could care less if Ford Decker ever comes back. Chelsea says he isn’t coming back. Nick asks how she knows. The last time she saw him, he came over drunk. Chelsea sighs. He didn’t just come over. They invited him.

Max is incredulous. Ford invited Stephanie up to his room? Stephanie knows what she did was dumb. But she was mad and lonely. She thought she could take care of herself. Max wants to know what happened. Stephanie shies away. Max tells her they are friends. No matter what happens, he won’t judge her. What happened the night she was with Ford?

Lucas explains to Marlena that he was the one that pulled that guy off of EJ, not the other way around. Marlena asks if Sami saw this. Lucas says she did, but she still thinks the whole thing is his fault. Marlena says she is just upset. She knows that isn’t true. Lucas snorts. Try telling Sami that. Marlena frowns and tells him not to worry. She will.

Bo goes over EJ’s story with skepticism. He had himself thrown in jail to save Lucas? Bo wants proof that Stefano planted Carmine, but EJ doesn’t have it. EJ admits that he has done a lot to hurt Bo’s family, but he has finally drawn a line with his father. He has said no to all violence. Bo thinks that’s sweet, but unhelpful. Even if he transfers Lucas, he can’t guarantee his safety. Sami interrupts. She’s afraid. He soothes her. Abe is calling the D.A. They’re going to try to cut a deal and get him released. EJ nukes. He can’t be serious. The man shot him, and they’re just going to let him walk away? Bo thought EJ wanted Lucas to stay alive. He wants EJ to tell Stefano that someone will be coming for him if he harms Lucas. EJ groans. Does Bo knows what Stefano will do when he finds out EJ intervened to save Lucas? It’s a huge betrayal. If Bo thinks he’s out of control now, he hasn’t seen anything. Marlena walks in. She knows exactly how Stefano feels.

Roman asks Abe for word on the D.A. He tells him that she has agreed to a meeting and is on her way. Roman frets. They have to get Lucas out of Stefano’s reach. He can’t let his daughter become a widow with three kids.

Belle comes to Sami and asks about Marlena. Sami tells her she’s talking with EJ. They both ask how the other is, and both agree that they’re doing terribly. Sami sniffles. At least Shawn isn’t in jail and can help with Claire. Belle nods. He’s a good dad, but so is Lucas. Belle knows he loves Sami and the kids. Sami sobs. Then why did he shoot EJ? Belle isn’t sure. Maybe he didn’t see any other way out. What Sami can’t understand is why he kept it a secret, after years of lecturing her to be honest. All those times he wouldn’t forgive her--why should she forgive him now? Belle reminds her that Lucas forgave her at their wedding. Sami thinks that’s different. Roman interrupts. Why is that? Because she says so? There are a lot of people, including himself, who could be sitting in that cell instead of Lucas. She needs to cut him a break. Roman asks about the twins. When Sami says they’re with Maggie, Roman suggests Belle and Sami go across the street to the diner. They can catch up, and if anything changes, Roman will let them know. He’ll keep an eye on Marlena, too. They thank him and leave.

Nick doesn’t understand why the girls would invite a rapist over. Chelsea explains that they lured him over there with the promise of an apology, but then they spiked his drink. Nick asks what with. Chelsea tells him they used the same drug Ford did. Downstairs, Stephanie chokes back a sob and tells Max that Ford slipped something into her drink. Chelsea tells Nick that Ford planned to rape her. He slipped a drug in her drunk. He didn’t hurt her, but when he found out, he came after her. Stephanie cries. Her head felt so heavy. She tried to stop him, but she was too weak to fight back. Chelsea tells Nick that Ford lost his balance chasing her up the stairs and fell. Stephanie tells Max she felt like she was drowning. Everything was in slow motion. Chelsea cries. They all stared at Ford’s body for the longest time. Stephanie breaks down. Ford ripped off her dress, and then he raped her. Nick asks Chelsea what happened after Ford woke up. Chelsea says he didn’t. He’s dead. Nick gapes.

Abe, Bo and Roman go over the incident with Carmine. Roman tells them that the guy swears Lucas just ticked him off. Bo doesn’t buy it. The D.A., Bev, interrupts them. Bo thanks her for coming by. They want to plead down Lucas’ charges. Bev is suspicious, but agrees to listen. They briefly explain that Lucas was under extreme duress because of Sami’s forced marriage to EJ, a criminal. Bev sighs. None of this can be proven. Many men chase after other men’s wives. Abe pleads with her to work with them. Stefano DiMera has already sent a man to try an kill Lucas. EJ was actually the one that saved him. Bev tells them there’s no chance unless EJ will testify against his father. All she can suggest is tighter security and less visitors. Bo makes one last plea, but Bev cuts him off. He needs to save it for court. Lucas will needs all the character witnesses he can get. Bo huffs. So Lucas stays in jail? Bev nods. Her guess is for a very long time.

Marlena asks EJ if Stefano sent him here to impress Sami. EJ swears he will not carry on his father’s legacy. He doesn’t want his son growing up afraid of him like he was with Stefano. Marlena wants him to prove it by offering Roman some evidence that will stick so he can put Stefano away for good.

A breathless Rolf rushes up to Stefano and tells him he’s canvassed several blocks. There is no sign of the patient. Besides, he can’t control everything. This man is a person, not a machine. Stefano grumbles. He better find him or he’ll turn Rolf into a machine. Someone grab Rolf from behind and chokes. Rolf gasps and begs for help.

Nick peppers Chelsea with questions. She tells him the others know, but they all swore to keep it a secret. He asks about the body. She tells him it was in the basement, but he doesn’t know where it is now. Max took care of it. Nick nukes. Max knows too? Chelsea sobs. They didn’t know what to do. Nick huffs. You’re supposed to call the police, tell the truth, and let his family know what happened. Nick thinks. Maybe it isn’t too late. Chelsea can still call her dad. Chelsea says she can’t. Nick plays the guilt card. Ford’s parents are on TV every night. His mom looks half-dead. Chelsea grimaces. She’s sorry, but this isn’t her fault. It was an accident. Nick is master of the obvious, “But you did kill him, Chelsea.”

Bev tells him the gun and bullet match up. They have the magnetic images. Lucas can argue his character in front of the judge. Bo doesn’t want it to get that far. Bev huffs. Kate Roberts and Marlena Evans Black were already offered generous deals. She is getting a lot of heat for that. People are saying this department is abusing the system to protect their family. Bo gapes. Roman huffs. It’s for good reason, if so. Bev stands her ground. Lucas tried to kill EJ with evident malice. That is how he will be prosecuted. No deal can be made. She stalks out. Bo smiles crookedly. He thinks that went well.

Belle and Sami bring Marlena rolls and coffee, but she isn’t interested. She tells them that EJ tried to persuade her that he was a new man. Sami asks if she believes him. Marlena believes that Lucas is a good man. He’s a good husband, and father, and he loves Sami. He put himself a great risk to protect her. Sami whines. What kind of life will they have now? Marlena frowns. Lucas is a member of their family, and they will do all they can to protect him.

Chloe runs into Shawn and compliments his uniform. He chats about his first day of classes and offers to get her a drink. She says she just came by to give him a message from Phillip. Belle had some kind of emergency, so Claire is at Marlena’s with Phillip. Shawn can pick her up there.

Chelsea cries. Would Nick have been happier if Ford had just raped her instead? Nick says that’s not true, but what the did was still wrong. His family thinks he may still show up one day. Chelsea says she feels awful, but Nick doesn’t think she feels awful enough to tell the truth. Chelsea begs him not to give her that look. Nick shakes his head and starts to leave. A man is dead, and he just can’t be a part of that.

Stephanie reminds Max that he could go to jail for helping them. Max vows not to walk out on her. Ford hurt her, and he is still hurting her. He wonders the last time she had a good night’s sleep. She doesn’t remember. Max coaxes her to lie down and covers her with a blanket. He promises to stay by her side all night, and he’ll be right here when she wakes up in the morning.

Crystal pulls out her phone and makes a call. She tells the person about her run-in with Hope. They are running out of time. They’ll have to take Belle and Claire by force.

Bo, Abe and Roman discuss their options for keeping Lucas safe Marlena bursts in and demands to know what their plan is to keep her family safe. Bo says they’ll do whatever they have to. Abe interrupts. Within the law’s limits. Marlena snorts. She has lost faith in the law. Now, what will they do to keep her family safe?

Rolf chokes and wheezes. Stefano orders the patient to release Rolf. He smiles. He has done well, and proven that he has a future in the DiMera organization.


Shawn tells Phillip, "You may have stolen my wife. There’s no way you're going to steal my daughter, too."

Marlena tells Abe, Roman, and Bo, "All of you listen to me. I want Stefano arrested, and I won't stop until he is."

Sami tells EJ, "Stefano doesn't care about anyone but himself." EJ replies, "And as long as my father is alive, no one is safe."

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