Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/4/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/4/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At Marlena’s place, Belle comes downstairs after putting Claire down for a nap. She frets about her encounter with the strange woman the at Sami’s apartment. The woman had such a sense of urgency in her voice. She recaps the tale for Marlena. The woman was with her husband, and said it was very important that Claire and Belle come with them. Phillip interrupts. By the time he showed up, the couple was gone. He thinks this is all a little too coincidental, based on what Chloe said. The guys that took Brady were interested in Belle’s picture. He wishes he knew why. So does Marlena. First her husband is murdered, and now someone is coming after her daughter and grandchild. What the hell is going on?

At her apartment, Sami calls Carries and asks to speak to Will, but he is out ice fishing. Sami groans and asks Carrie to have Will call her. She hangs up and curses. Roman asks her what’s going on. Sami says that Will is always too busy to take her calls. And come on, ice fishing? When is the last time Will went fishing, period? Sami thinks Will is just being bull-headed. Roman chuckles. He wonders where he got that from. Sami asks him to be serious. She has to tell him his father has been arrested so he can hate her even more. She sees now that this is all her fault. Now there’s no telling what the DiMeras have planned for Lucas.

EJ shows up at the police station and says he needs to see Lucas Horton. The cop tells him he can’t see Lucas unless he is on the list. EJ understands all of that, but if he doesn’t see Lucas, he will be in serious danger.

At the mansion, Stefano sips a drink and answers his cell phone. He demands to know if the job is finished. He listens carefully and scowls. He rages. He has had enough with this procrastination! Lucas must pay for what he did to EJ.

In a jail cell, Carmine and Lucas stare each other down. Carmine asks what he’s in for. Too many traffic tickets? He guffaws. Lucas scowls. He doesn’t feel like talking about it. Carmine understands.

Belle tries to calm Marlena. She doesn’t think there is anything to worry about. Phillip disagrees. When he walked up, Belle was pounding at Sami’s door and screaming for her life. Marlena agrees with Phillip. They need to take this seriously. Phillip wants Belle to have a bodyguard. Marlena agrees to call Roman. An officer can tail Claire every time she leaves the house. Belle tells them both to stop. Why don’t they ask her what she thinks?

Roman tells Sami not to worry. Lucas will be safe at the station. As for Will, well, he will come around eventually, too. Sami thinks he wants to hate her forever after what she did to their family. Roman thinks she should have Lucas call Will and explain the situation. It may soften the blow. Sami thinks that would be great, but Lucas can’t make overseas calls. Roman promises to pull some strings to make it happen. Sami embraces him gratefully.

The officer tells EJ that Lucas is in a holding cell and is fine. EJ demands to speak with Roman, Bo, or Abe. Kate shows up and EJ accosts her. Her son is in serious danger. He thinks Stefano sent someone after Lucas. Since this idiot won’t let EJ speak with him, he was hoping Kate could pass the warning along. Kate tells the officer that she is Lucas’ mother, and would like to see him. He heads off to ok it. Kate wonders why EJ is so concerned with Lucas’ welfare. EJ says he cares about Samantha. He doesn’t want to see her get hurt. Kate huffs. If Stefano lays a hand on her son, Sami won’t be the only one getting hurt.

Stefano hurls his drink into the fireplace. Rolf comes over and tells him they need to discuss their houseguest. Stefano says he has other priorities at the moment, so Rolf has to handle this himself. Right now, he has a pest in a jail cell that must be squashed.

Carmine asks Lucas for a smoke, but Lucas doesn’t indulge. Carmine tells him not to pick up the habit. It’s a nasty one. Lucas growls. No offense, but he isn’t really looking to make new friends here. An officer comes in and tells Lucas to come on. He has a visitor. Lucas beams. He’s sure it’s Sami. He goes out into the waiting area and can’t disguise his disappointment at seeing Kate. He grumps. He thought she was Sami. Kate smiles, “No darling, it’s your mother.”

Sami plays with a ball and glove and tells Roman she means to send it to Will, along with some cookies. He left the glove here when he packed up. Roman thinks that would be nice, but Sami worries Will won’t open it if he sees it’s from her. Roman tells her to hand him the phone. He’ll call Will right now. He knows he will talk to him.

Kate asks Lucas if he has had any unusual run-ins since he has been incarcerated. Has anyone threatened him? Lucas says there’s a bug guy in his cell that tried to talk his ear off, but that’s about it. Kate says she is worried about Stefano. She makes Lucas promise to watch his back, even though he is pretty sure he’s safe in jail. Kate promises that Phillip is working on it. He’ll be out of here soon. Lucas scoffs. That fancy lawyer couldn’t even get bail set for him. Kate sighs. They will just have to work on another strategy. Lucas is skeptical about Kate’s help, and she whines. He isn’t even grateful. Lucas sullenly thanks her. Kate scowls. She was fixing everything until he let Sami stand in the way. Lucas fumes. That’s it. He is going back to his cell. Kate stops him. He will hear her out if he wants to see his family again.

Belle tells Marlena and Phillip to stop making decisions for her. She does not want a bodyguard. Claire calls out for Belle and Belle goes off to tend to her. Marlena snaps at Phillip. She will be the one to care for Belle. Is that clear? Phillip apologizes. He just wants what’s best for Claire. Marlena tells him to leave if that’s true. Belle comes back and Marlena takes Claire to the kitchen for some crackers. Phillip sighs. Marlena isn’t very happy with him, but he cannot stand around and just do nothing. Belle says she has everything she needs right here. Phillip gets it and starts to go. Belle tells him to wait.

Roman and Will chat about Christmas. Will talks about skiing, and how he missed everyone over the holiday. Roman says there is someone who would really like to speak with him. He hands Sami the phone encouragingly. Sami makes small talk until Will asks to speak with Lucas. She tells him his dad hasn’t called because he’s in jail. Will huffs. He knew Lucas would get caught. Sami nukes. How does he know? Did Lucas talk to him before he left for Switzerland? Will asks Sami to tell Lucas that he loves him. Sami agrees to do so. She tells him not to worry. Lucas will call as soon as he can. Will hangs up. Sami sobs.

Kate doesn’t understand why Lucas is fighting her on this. He needs all the help he can get. He’s just impossible. Can’t he see she is trying to save his life? Lucas knows one thing, and that’s that every time Kate tries to help him, it turns into this huge disaster. Kate whines. She is just worried about him. Lucas rages. He knows if he lets her help him, she is going to do what she always does, which is make him choose between her and Sami. Kate says he already proved his point. He chose Sami and look where he ended up.

Stefano’s guest smokes one of Stefano’s cigars. Stefano tells him to make himself at home and not to be shy. He sees Dr. Rolf has made progress. The guest puts out the cigar, picks up a newspaper, and leaves. Stefano chuckles. Very nice. Very nice, indeed.

Belle sighs. She appreciates the fact that Phillip wants to help, but how will she ever fix things with Shawn if he is always around? Phillip tells her that if something happened to her or Claire, he could never forgive himself. He still feels a responsibility to keep them both safe. He tells Bell that if she ever needs anything to call him. There are no ulterior motives; it’s just one friend helping another. He hugs her and leaves. Marlena’s cell rings and she asks Belle to answer. It’s Crystal, apologizing for scaring Marlena’s daughter. Belle gasps. Who the hell is this? Marlena asks who it is. Belle hands her the phone and tells her it’s the woman from Sami’s apartment. Marlena gets on and Crystal apologizes. Marlena demands to know why Crystal attacked her daughter. Crystal swears that she was just trying to help. She tells Marlena that Belle is in danger, but she can’t discuss it over the phone. If Marlena wants answers, she needs to meet Crystal at the pub in fifteen minutes. She hangs up. Belle asks what she wanted. Marlena has no idea.

If Kate’s idea of helping Lucas is to trash Sami, then she can just forget it. He tells the officer to take Kate’s name off of the visitors’ list. Kate begs, but Lucas won’t hear it. He doesn’t want to be around her. That’s why he changed his last name. Doesn’t she get that? Kate huffs. If Will was the one behind bars, Lucas would never stand by and allow him to throw his life away. That gets Lucas’ attention.

Sami rages. She can’t believe that Will knew about Lucas’ arrest this whole time. If Lucas needed to get what he did off of his chest, he should have told Kate or Billie, not their son. And then he ships him off to Europe. No wonder he was so secretive about the whole thing. Roman thinks Lucas was just trying to protect Will, but Sami fears her son will never want to come home. Why would he want to? It isn’t as if he has to put up with this crap from Carrie and Austin. Roman soothes her and tells her not to worry. They will all make sure Will gets taken care of. Sami frets. Now he’s probably an accessory to Lucas’ crime. Roman sits her down. He knows Sami is frustrated and hurting. It’s easy to use Lucas as her punching bag right now, but she needs to remember how much she loves him.

Kate tells Lucas that he is her son. She is not going to stop loving him just because he made a mistake. Lucas grumps. He doesn’t need her love. Kate gets nasty. No, he just needs Sami’s love and she won’t even return his phone calls. Phillip told her all about it. She knows Lucas is hurt, but it’s over between him and Sami. She made that clear enough last night. Lucas tells Kate to get out of here right now. She agrees, but tells him to remember that when the chips are down, she’ll always be here for him, no matter how mad he is. She goes out to the waiting area and tells EJ that no one has threatened Lucas as of yet. EJ is still convinced they need to be vigilant. They both know what his father is capable of. Kate thinks this is just another opportunity for him to play the hero with Sami. EJ tells her not to ignore his warning.

Roman asks if the twins are still sleeping. Sami says they are. She worries that they will never have a normal childhood. When she had Will, she was so young and irresponsible. After all the years Lucas missed out on Will’s life, she swore she would do things right this time. It’s supposed to be her second chance. Roman thinks this was all out of her control, but Sami disagrees. Now Allie and Johnny will have to deal with the DiMeras their whole lives. Now because of what Lucas did, the vendetta is back up and running. Roman thinks Lucas did all this for her. In a twisted way, Lucas thought he was doing the right thing. Sami tells Roman to cut it out. Lucas lied to her for so long. How could he do that after everything they have been through? Roman thinks they need to work through this for their children’s sake. Sami huffs. Whose side is he on?

Belle asks Marlena if she is crazy. She’s not going to meet that woman, is she? Marlena says she has to. She warns Belle to lock up after she leaves. Roman is sending an officer over to keep an eye on her. Belle wants to know why this is so important. Marlena claims that she just wants to warn Crystal to leave Belle and Claire alone, but Belle isn’t buying it. Marlena says she has to do this on her own terms. She promises to be back soon. She tells Belle to lock the door and leaves. Outside, Marlena takes a pistol out of her purse.

Rolf talks to Stefano’s guest about the fog out tonight. He pulls out a hypodermic needle and approaches him. He tells him this won’t hurt a bit. The guest pushes Rolf away.

Roman tells Sami he is on her side. He always has been. He’s not condoning what Lucas did, but he clearly did not have time to think the consequences through. He followed his instincts, and the outcome of that wasn’t pretty. Sami sighs. Is he trying to say that Sami has made a lot of mistakes she has been forgiven for, but she can’t let Lucas’ mistakes go? Roman was just thinking that Lucas is the father of her children. He knows Sami loves him, and she needs to go be with him right now. Belle interrupts by calling Roman. She tells him about Marlena running off to meet Crystal. Belle tells Roman she will meet him at the station. She can’t keep waiting here. Roman agrees and hangs up. Roman tells Sami he has to go track Marlena down for Belle, but that everything is fine. Sami wants more information, but Roman tells her to take care of her own problems for right now. He asks Sami to think about what he said about Lucas.

Carmine tries to offer Lucas a girlie magazine, but Lucas declines. He doesn’t read that stuff. Carmine tells him to suit himself. He can stare at these walls all day if he wants to. Lucas flashes back to the moments before his arrest. He remembers arguing with Sami, Kate begging him to hurry, and finally, Roman cuffing him. Lucas sighs heavily.

Phillip knocks at Sami’s door. He tells her they need to talk about Lucas.

EJ thanks the officer for his help, and notices Carmine’s mug shot amongst a stack of others. EJ asks if this man is in lock up. The officer gets nasty. Why should he tell EJ that? EJ punches him in the gut in lieu of a reply. Other officers rush in and cuff EJ. The smart mouthed cop wheezes and tells EJ he’ll have a chance to see who is in lockup for himself. They haul EJ off.

Sami tells Phillip that she has no interest in talking to him about Lucas. Phillip sighs. He and Kate have hired lawyers, but they need Lucas’ cooperation. He knows he and Sami have had their bad moments, but she doesn’t want to see him in jail anymore than Phillip does. Sami huffs. She hopes Lucas rots in jail for the rest of his life. He didn’t want her help. He got himself into this mess, and he can get himself out again. Phillip says he won’t be able to without some help. All she has to do is talk to him and convince Lucas to work with them. Sami refuses. Phillip rages. If she won’t do this for Lucas, then she needs to do it for Allie and Johnny. Sami reconsiders. Phillip is right. She will go see Lucas and give him a piece of her mind. Phillip asks her to go easy on him. Sami tells him she knows exactly how to handle her ex-husband.

Carmine moves in on Lucas, but the cops haul EJ into the cell before he can attack. The cops tell EJ to play nice and leave. EJ glares at Carmine. He knows who he is. Carmine snarls, “What are you going to do about it, pretty boy?”

Marlena tries to start her car to no avail. She jumps out and bangs on the hood. Belle tries calling, but Marlena can’t get to her phone in time. Footsteps approach. Marlena yells at the person to stop right there. She pulls her gun out and aims. She screams, “I said STOP!”


Phillip tells Belle, "Be careful. If this is the same woman who tried to grab you and Claire, she's dangerous."

Stephanie tells Max, "Uh, Max, I could use a little company, I mean, if you don't mind hanging out with me." Max grins.

Crystal tells Hope, "Give Marlena a message. She's in danger."

Chloe asks Phillip, "Did you really think that Shawn would take Belle back?" He replies, "Your job is to give him a reason not to."

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